Head Teacher Young Sex Slave - Chapter 1

It was an early September morning, a couple of weeks into the new term at Bishop Brown Secondary School, and Mark Little was sitting in his office looking out the window, watching the leaves fall off the trees, as the sunrise started to light up the school.

Mark sat back in his chair and started to remember how hard he had worked. Now, finally, he had qualified as a Head Teacher, the Headmaster of the School. This was his first posting and he smiled to himself with the satisfied thought that "he'd made it."

Mark stood up and walked out of his office, heading towards the school gates to make sure nothing happened when the students began to arrive. His well-built, six-foot frame, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair somewhat belied his thirty-six years.

Mark had started teaching when he was twenty-six and had spent the last ten years working his way up. He was very proud that he was one of the youngest Head Teachers in the country.

There was a dark side to Mark. He loved young girls, those between the ages of nine to fourteen, and especially with them wearing school uniforms. Of course, he had never touched any of them nor done anything with them for fear of someone finding out that he was a paedophile.

A couple of times when Mark was teaching at other schools, he'd had a few encounters with some of the older girls, but nothing serious, and he hadn't been caught. He loved teaching, but he was always nervous about what might happen if he was alone with a young girl.

Mark arrived at the school gates around eight in the morning, just as some of the students began to stream through them. He smiled at them and tried to be friendly and talk to them.

Some of the students smiled back; others said, "Good Morning, Sir" or "Hello, Sir," their attitude acknowledging his strictness about them wearing the school uniform. He'd told some students off for not following the rules, including girls wearing too much makeup.

Half an hour later, Mark was closing the gates when he heard a young girl yell, "Don't close the gates yet, please!" Looking up, he saw a young girl running towards him and he stopped.

As soon as the girl approached him, she said, in a breathless voice, "Thank you for waiting for me, Sir," and then walked in through the gate.

Mark smiled, said to the young girl, "Try not to be late tomorrow," and finished locking up the gates.

Returning to his office, Mark began organising the usual last-moment items. He was busy all morning and did not notice the school bell ringing for each lesson period.

At 10:00 AM, he heard a soft knock at his door. He said, "Come in," in a serious voice.

The door opened slowly and in walked the young girl that Mark had seen that morning. He noticed she was very nervous and was holding a note.

The girl approached Mark's desk, held out the note, and said in a nervous voice, "I'm supposed to give this to you, Sir."

Mark opened the note and was surprised and shocked to see what had been written:

"Headmaster Little,

I caught this young girl masturbating in my class. I do not think it appropriate for a young girl to do that in my class or in school.

Please, can you speak to her parents about this, as this is the third time it has happened"

It was signed

"Miss Potter"

Mark looked at the girl and asked in a serious voice, "Is this true young lady? Were you masturbating?"

The girl looked at the Headmaster and whispered, "Yes, Sir".

Mark could feel his cock growing from looking at this sweet young girl, but he knew he had to be strict. He folded his arms and looked into her eyes. Waiting a moment for the suspense to build, he asked the young girl, "What's your name and how old are you?"

The girl snapped out of her trance and stammered, "My name is Abi Sand and I'm twelve years old."

Mark looked at her for a moment. Abi had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and was around four foot eight inches tall. She reminded him of a young child model called Sandi.

"Well, Ms Sand, I want to know why you did that in Miss Potter's class."

Abi looked at the Headmaster and wondered why he wasn't shouting at her and why he hadn't picked up the phone to call her parents.

She was brought back from her daydreaming when he heard him say, "Well, young lady? Why were you doing this, and, if I do not get a good reason, then I'll be obligated to call your parents."

Mark could see she was thinking, trying to come up with a good reason. Then she began telling her story in a small, nervous voice.

Abi told the Headmaster that, during the summer holidays, she had turned twelve years old and had started to develop breasts, which she felt proud of. Also, she had discovered that touching herself between her legs and playing with her young breasts, especially their sensitive rosy nipples, felt amazing.

Abi went on to tell the Headmaster how she noticed that when any adult men or women and even her parents told her to do something, she felt wet between her legs and needed to find somewhere private to touch herself with her hand and find release.

As Mark listened, relaxed in his leather chair, he found Abi start to be more confident, as if she'd wanted to tell someone this for a while. Mark let her continue talking. He was enjoying what he was hearing as well as seeing the young girl blush as she talked about sex in front of someone and even used a few forbidden words.

Mark started to imagine what the young girl would look like naked in her bedroom, playing with her pussy. Mark could feel his cock getting harder as she told him her reason for pleasuring herself in class.

Mark listened without saying anything so the girl would continue to talk. All the while, under the desk, he was discreetly stroking his cock through his trousers so Abi wouldn't see it.

Abi told the Headmaster how she also had watched, and liked, a few videos on the internet of adults having sex and young models, dressed up as schoolgirls, having sex.

She told the Headmaster how, a few times, she had dressed up in her new school uniform and pleasured herself.

Carrying on talking, Abi went on to explain how, when she was out in public, she had noticed boys, girls, and even some men and women looking at her and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Then, in an alley way or a quiet area and sometimes even in the ladies toilet, she would begin to rub herself, either in an alley way or a quiet area and sometimes even in the ladies toilets.

She had noticed her feelings felt stronger on these occasions, but she wasn't sure why.

All summer, Abi was scared and not sure what to do. She didn't feel comfortable talking to her parents or her friends, and hoped these feelings wouldn't happen when she started secondary school. However, she had been wrong and now couldn't stop herself. Most of the time she played with her pussy in the toilets, but on the times she had rubbed her pussy in class, she had been caught by Miss Potter.

Miss Potter had caught Abi this morning. She was told to visit the Headmaster, all in front of the class. She had felt embarrassed but noticed her pussy was dripping wet. By the time Abi had finished telling her story, she was upset and crying, but, somehow, it felt good to talk to this man, a complete stranger, although she was sure he would call her parents. Between sniffles, she said, "I'm a bad person and I don't know why I do this. I can't help myself!"

Getting out of his leather chair, Mark came round and tried to console her, smelling her sweet blonde hair. He helped her to sit in the chair in front of his desk and knelt down in front of her.

Mark took hold of her hand and comforted her until she stopped crying. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a hankie and gave it to her. She took it and used it to dry her eyes.

Mark looked at her face and could see that she was confused and scared. He said to her in a comforting voice, "Abi, I understand, and you're not a bad person. It's just that you're what some people call a submissive and possibly an exhibitionist."

Abi looked at the Headmaster through her puffy, red eyes. She asked as innocently as possible, "What's a submissive and exhibitionist?"

Mark started to think about what he could say that would make sense to her without confusing her. He took a deep breath and said, "A submissive, or sub, is a person that likes to give up control and take orders. An exhibitionist is someone that likes to do things - sometimes sex things - with people watching. There are women that are one or the other, and some that are both."

Abi looked into his eyes and smiled. "You mean, I'm not a bad person and there's nothing wrong with me?"

Mark replied, "No, you're not a bad person and you've found out what you like about sex early."

Abi said, "But, I didn't know that there are other things to do with sex. And, I'm still a virgin."

When Abi said that she was a virgin, Mark almost came. His cock was aching but he fought to keep control.

Mark replied to Abi, "It doesn't matter if you're a virgin. You can still be a submissive and a virgin or an exhibitionist and a virgin; you will decide when you lose your virginity and to whom."

Mark's cock was rock hard as he leaned forward and gave her another cuddle, as he felt she needed it. He couldn't resist her and all this talk about sex. He decided to take a risk; he knew he'd be taking advantage of the young girl for his own pleasure, but he was sure she would enjoy it.

Mark had an urge to see her body, so he looked at her and said "Abi, I have an idea. Why don't you show me just what you were doing in class and in your bedroom while I watch? I won't say anything to your parents and I'll smooth things over with Miss Potter. This will be our secret if you promise to be good when you're in Miss Potter's class."

Abi looked into his eyes, uncertain, but then slowly said, in a nervous voice, "Yes, I'd like that and I'll be good, Sir. I promise."

Mark smiled to himself when she said that. He said to Abi, "Go lock the door and stand in front of my desk."

Mark walked around his desk and reached for the telephone. He dialled the receptionist, said in his professional voice, "I am in a meeting with a student and I am not to be disturbed," and hung up.

With Abi standing in front of him, a little nervous, Mark smiled and nodded to her.

Abi started rubbing her hands all over her young body, feeling her young breasts through the school blouse. She slowly started to do a sexy dance like the ones she had seen in some of the videos and slowly removed her blazer and threw it on the floor.

Abi started languidly undoing her school tie. Mark could see that she was starting to enjoy herself; as he watched, he saw her smile. Abi took the tie off, letting it drop on the floor, and then seductively opened her blouse, one button at a time to reveal cute, small tits and their hard, puffy, pink little nipples.

Mark was surprised that she was not wearing a bra; He felt his cock twitch in his pants. He wanted to take his cock out, but wasn't sure how Abi would react.

Mark could not believe the show this pre-teen girl was putting on for him. He started to rub his hard cock through his trousers while he sat behind his desk, thinking how he would love to suck on those nice young tits, and maybe even force his cock into that sweet, little mouth.

Abi smiled at the Headmaster and said, "Are you enjoying this, Sir? I have something to show you." She slowly started moving her hands down to her skirt, teasingly lifting her skirt.

Mark gasped as he watched Abi lifting the skirt higher, showing the tops of her black thigh-high stockings, and revealing some sexy panties that had an obvious wet spot.

Behind the desk, Mark opened his trousers, taking out his hard cock and beginning to stroke it. Mark knew it might scare her, but he couldn't hold back any longer. He continued stroking as she continued showing off her young, tight body. Then, Abi slowly pulled down her sexy panties and revealed her hairless slit for the first time.

Abi came to the corner of the desk, in front of the Headmaster, and spread her legs. Abi said in a sexy voice, "Watch me cum, Sir. Watch me be naughty for you." This was the first time she had talked dirty to a stranger.

Slowly putting a finger in her mouth, Abi started to suck it, then moved her finger down and pushed it into her wet pussy. She added two more fingers and started to move all three fingers in and out very fast.

Mark watched this pre-teen girl pleasuring herself. One hand was busy playing with her tits while the other hand was moving very fast going in and out of her pussy. He could see her pussy was tight as she only managed three fingers. He could also see how wet her pussy was getting. Then, she moved the hand that was rubbing her tits down to rub her clit.

Mark couldn't take much more. He moved back from the desk to reveal his hard cock. He told her, "Look what you've done."

Abi gasped and began to move her hands faster on her clit and in her pussy as she saw her first real life cock.

Mark couldn't take much more, so he said, "I'll take over, Ms Sand," and very quickly buried his head between her legs. He began tasting this young virgin pussy, something he'd wanted to do for a very long time. She tasted so sweet.

Mark began to move his tongue in and out of her young pussy until she was screaming and moaning with pleasure. Mark looked up to see her head back, her eyes closed, and her small hands rubbing her young firm tits and pinching her hard nipples.

Mark began to lick this pre-teen slut's love button and, with his mouth over it, he began to apply suction. This drove the young girl wild and soon she screamed, "I'm cumming, Sir. It feels so good!"

After Abi had cum, Mark said, "Spread your legs further!"

Abi did what the Headmaster asked and watched as the Headmaster started jacking off faster. Looking into her eyes, Mark said in very urgent voice, "I'm going to cum all over that sweet wet virgin pussy!" He groaned loudly as white spurts shot out of his cock, splattering all over the young girl's stomach and pussy.

Mark sat back in his chair and looked at the girl with a smile on his face. He said, "Remember our deal. This is a secret."

The young girl smiled and said, "I know, Sir, and I will be good, I promise." With that she got dressed, unlocked the door and left. Mark put his deflated cock back in his trousers and zipped up his fly.

Suddenly feeling ashamed and guilty about losing control and abusing the trust of the young girl, Mark wasn't sure what to do. He pulled himself together, went to the toilet, and came back, sitting down in his chair. He began working again and tried not to smell the aroma of sex in the air.

Mark heard the school bell ring and the rush of students that meant that school had finished for the day. Mark stayed later than usual, not wanting anyone to see him.

When he felt that everyone had left, Mark put some papers in his briefcase, made his way to the car park, and began the drive home.

He started thinking about Abi and what had happened in his office. He was ashamed of himself for losing control and taking advantage of the young girl. Still, he could feel his cock getting harder by the minute.

Mark could see a lay-by just ahead, and decided to pull off. He took a deep breath, and said, "What am I going to do now?"

Mark felt he needed release again, so he undid his seat belt. He knew what he was going to do was a huge risk, but he just didn't care. Pulling out his rock hard cock, Mark started to jerk himself off.

It felt good as Mark stroked his shaft up and down slowly, thinking about the young girl and the strip tease she had done in his office. Mark wished he had been braver and fucked the young girl's tight little virgin pussy. He had held back because he was frightened of what the young girl might have done or said to one of the other teachers.

Mark started to imagine what could have happened, and started to think about what it would have been like to pop that young girl's cherry and shoot his load in her tight pussy.

He was about to cum when he saw movement in his rear view mirror and muttered, "Shit," under his breath. He reluctantly put his cock back in his trousers, carefully avoiding catching it in his fly.

His rear-view mirror showed a young girl approaching, wearing the uniform belonging to his school. As the girl got closer, Mark was shocked and surprised to see it was Abi.

Opening the window, Mark called out, "What are you doing here, Abi?" As she drew even with the car, he added, "It's not safe!"

Abi replied, "It's OK. I live not far from here. When I saw the car in the lay-by, I thought I recognised it and came to see if it was yours or not."

Mark was about to ask how she knew what car he drove when Abi said, "I know what car you have 'cuz I phoned my Mum after I came home from school and she told me. It someone she knows at work."

Not quite believing what was happening, Mark was starting to get scared about what the girl might have said to her mother. He nervously asked, "Have you said anything to anyone about what happened in my office today?"

Abi shook her head and said, "No. It was our secret and I enjoyed what I did with you today."

She paused for a moment and said, "I've been thinking about what happened and what you got me to do. That's why I am here, because I wanted to ask you something important. So, I dressed up in my school uniform just in case it wasn't you."

Mark said, "I see, but won't your parents be worried?"

Abi smiled and said, "No. I told my dad that I was visiting a friend from school to drop off some homework."

Mark was curious about why she was here but, as he talked to her, he was becoming more worried that the sight of young girl in school uniform bending down and leaning through the passenger window of a parked car looked suspicious. He said to Abi, "Get in. Then you can explain why you are here and you can ask me what's on your mind before someone sees us."

Abi said, "OK, and thanks, Sir."

She opened the passenger door, sat down, put on the seat belt, closed the door and said, "If you want, we can go somewhere close by that is quiet, where no one will see us and we can be alone."

Mark took a moment to decide that would be the best solution; he was already getting worried about who might have seen them. He said, as he turned on the engine, "OK."

It was silent in the car and Mark could feel the atmosphere getting a little tense. Looking over at Abi rubbing her hands together, Mark could tell she was nervous and he thought about stopping the car and asking her to get out.

After a few minutes of driving, Abi told him to take a left turn, and then a right turn, and they arrived in a small, dimly lit, empty car park.

Mark parked the car and turned off the engine. He looked around and saw a few houses in the distance, surrounded by trees; he noticed a sign that said, "Car park closed due to redevelopment." It had a big picture of a modern tower block.

Mark looked over at Abi and asked, "Are we safe here?"

Abi said, "Yep, no one ever comes here. We are all alone."

They released their seat belts. Mark relaxed and looked at Abi, enquiring, "So, young lady, what do you want to ask me?"

Abi said confidently, "Well, you know how you suggested that I show off my body for you, and you wouldn't tell my parents or Miss Potter?"

Mark replied, "Yes, I know. Tell me what's on your mind."

Abi then said, "Do you remember when you shot your cum all over my...pussy? I really liked that a lot. It was so kewl. When I got home today, I did some research on the internet about what you told me about being a submissive and I think you were right, so I've wanted to ask you something..."

Pausing to take a deep breath as this was the moment of truth. Abi looked into the eyes of the Headmaster of her school, asked, "I want you to teach me more about sex, and for you to be my Master and do anything you want to me and my body."

Mark was blown away by what Abi had just asked. He could not quite believe that this young girl was offering herself as his sex slave in return for teaching her about sex. Mark knew he should say no, of course. He knew if anyone found out he would not only lose his job but would never be able to work with children again. He could even end up in prison.

While Mark was thinking, he noticed that it was silent apart from a few birds chirping. Mark looked at the nervous expression on Abi's face while he was trying to decide if he should accept her offer and take her to be his sex slave.

Mark knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfil his dark fantasies and desires. However, he was also aware that her Mother knew someone who could possibly identify him. If that person were to find out about their relationship and say something to Abi's parents or the police, there would be serious trouble for him and Abi.

Mark needed more information. He asked Abi in serious voice, "Before I answer your question, how does your mother know what car I drive? You see, if this person finds out about us and says anything, then we could be in lot of trouble and I could go to prison for a very long time."

Abi paused to think for a moment and then told Mark, "My Mum told me that was someone called Claire. Don't know her surname."

Mark went cold and his face went blank. Claire was his girlfriend's first name. Thinking back, he vaguely recalled her mention the name Lisa Sand a few times when they were together eating dinner and she was talking about her day at work.

He had to confirm his suspicions. He asked Abi, "Is your mother's first name Lisa?"

Abi was surprised and replied, "Yes, my Mum's name is Lisa. How did you know?"

Mark replied, "My girlfriend's first name is Claire and she works with your mother."

Abi had never considered anything about the handsome man she wanted to be her Master and to teach her about sex.

Shocked and desperate, she started to beg and plead her case. "Please! I'll do anything for you, anything you want! Please help me! I want you to teach me, I want you to be my Master, and I promise not to say anything!"

Mark listened to the young girl begging to be a sex slave, pleading her case with her hands together, praying to him. Mark could feel his cock growing again. Thinking, Well, I will only get this opportunity once so, to hell with anyone else! he decided.

He knew he was taking a huge risk, but he could not refuse this twelve-year-old beauty.

Mark said to Abi, "Yes, I'll teach you about sex and become your Master. First, you must promise me that you will not say anything to anyone. That includes your parents. Now, there are a few issues and other things we need to talk about."

Feeling excited that her request had been accepted, Abi replied, "Whatever you say, Master."

Mark looked deep into the pre-teen girl's eyes and said in a stern voice, "Meet me tomorrow at lunch time in my office, and we will have an important talk about what's going to happen."

Still excited that she was going to learn about sex and also become a sex slave, Abi could hardly wait for tomorrow to arrive. She had no idea what there was to talk about but was happy that the Headmaster, Mr Little, had accepted her offer.

It seemed obvious to Mark that Abi's willingness to become a sex slave should be tested. He got out his hard cock. In a commanding voice, he said, "Suck on my cock, slave!"

Abi looked surprised at his command and was not sure what to do. She saw his throbbing cock standing to attention for the second time that day. It looked a lot bigger close up than it had in his office.

Of course, Abi had never sucked a cock in her entire life, but had seen the women in the porn videos that she had found on the internet sucking cock and knew it was called a blowjob. She had wondered what it was like.

Mark saw Abi staring at his cock, transfixed. Desperately wanting her mouth on his cock, he repeated his command, "Suck my cock NOW, slave! Or you can forget having me for your Master!"

Abi stopped staring, and without another word leaned forward and started to lick his cock up and down slowly. She moved her head to the head of his cock and, while staring up into his eyes with worship and a little fear - Was this what slavery would be like? - She used her tongue to lick his cock.

Abi had her very first taste of pre-cum and licked the creamy substance off the top of his cock. It tasted salty, with a sort of exciting tangy flavour she found she loved. Engulfing her Master's big stiff cock in her mouth, she began to bob her head up and down while sucking at the same time.

Abi was copying what she had seen women do in the videos and had practiced a few times, using her Mum's dildos that she had found in her Mum's bedroom cabinet.

Abi gagged a few times when she tried to take all six inches of his hard, throbbing cock into her mouth, but she soon got the hang of it and got into a rhythm. She started to realise that all the practicing with her mum's sex toys was so different to what it was like with a real cock.

While Abi was sucking, she heard him moan with pleasure, so she knew she must have been doing something right. She started to move faster and, as she got more confident, she began to use her tongue on his cock inside her mouth. She began to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock as she was sucking.

Mark could feel her mouth and tongue doing a good job on his cock and was quite impressed with how well she was doing for her first time! Apart from gagging, a few times she was doing very well.

Mark wanted to know more about his new slave. In tomorrow's talk, he would find out where she learned how to give such a good blowjob.

Letting out a moan of pleasure as he was enjoying his new slave's mouth sucking on his cock, Mark said, "Fuck, that's good! Keep that up, my slave, and I'll cum in your sweet little mouth!"

Mark could smell the aroma of sex filling his nostrils, and saw a small puddle of her cunt juice had formed between the young slut's legs and had soaked into the passenger's seat. It was clear to him that this pre-teen slut was really enjoying herself sucking his cock.

The combination of the smell of pussy in the air, coupled with the feeling from what this young slut was doing to his cock, sent him over the edge. Mark felt his balls tighten and, through gritted teeth, said, "Here it is, you fucking slut! Oh, fuck... Fuck...Fucking hell! I'm cumming in your fucking mouth, you filthy, fabulous, fucking little cumslut!"

As Mark finished saying those words, he grabbed Abi's head and started shooting the biggest load of cum into the young girl's mouth.

Abi could feel his hands holding her head and then, as she felt his cock swelling and pulsing in her mouth, she felt two spurts of something hit the back of her throat, which made her choke and start struggling to let go of his cock, but it was no use.

Feeling a few more spurts shoot into her mouth, Abi found the only way not to choke was to swallow this stuff. As she did, she could taste that it was salty with a tang to it. It soon became clear to Abi that she had swallowed his cum and this made Abi feel so sexy and grown up.

Mark suspected this was her first blowjob. He was impressed that she hadn't choked and had swallowed all of his hot cum. He knew his first lessons would be to teach her to take all of his cock down her throat.

Mark really needed to piss and was about to get out of the car and go by the trees, but then had a nastier idea. She had said she would do anything if he'd let her be his sex slave.

Mark kept hold of her head, with Abi's mouth still filled with his cock. He relaxed his bladder and let his piss flow into her mouth.

Abi wanted to get up and get some air, but he was still holding her head on his softening cock. Then, she felt more liquid flowing into and filling her mouth with a strange unusual taste.

While Abi was trying hard to swallow it all, she was also trying to guess what this liquid was. In a flash, it hit her: her Master was pissing in her mouth.

Abi had tasted her own piss a few times out of curiosity and had not really liked or enjoyed the taste. However, she was now drinking piss from a stranger and she found she was enjoying the taste.

Mark couldn't believe that not only was this little slut drinking his piss but was not even choking or fighting to get off his cock. He had tried to get his girlfriend, Claire, to drink his piss a few times, but she had refused every time.

Feeling his piss stream slow down to a trickle and then stop, Mark released Abi's head and helped her back into the passenger seat.

Seeing a smile on her Master's face, Abi knew that he must have enjoyed what she had done and she smiled back.

Abi now felt a wet patch between her legs and noticed some liquid had soaked through her skirt and into the car seat. She was shocked when she realised it was her pussy that was so wet. Abi had been too busy sucking her new Master's cock and drinking his piss to notice.

Mark smiled and said, "Well, not bad for a first time and, from the look of things, you enjoyed it, too. Remember, I want to see you tomorrow at lunchtime in my office, and don't be late. Otherwise, you'll be punished. Oh, and one more thing, I don't want to see you wearing any underwear except those sexy stockings that you wear. Now, get out of my car, slave."

Abi looked down submissively and said, "Yes, Master. I understand."

Abi got out of the car and then watched as her new Master drove out of the car park.

Abi began to head towards the trees and back to her house. She let a smile creep over her face; she was feeling really good and could hardly wait for tomorrow when she was going to be learning about sex from her new Master.

As Mark drove to his house, he thought that tomorrow would be an interesting day.

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