On Friday morning, Kim woke Tom. She and Tom got out of bed and dressed so they could work out with Sally and Jack. Kim walked into Jack and Sally's room to make sure they were up. They were dressed and ready to go.

It had been three days since Sally had given herself to Jack. More importantly, since Jack accepted her as his. Other than telling Sally how to dress each morning, their relationship was much the same as it had been. On a couple occasions, Jack had told Sally to do something sexual. She complied without a moment's hesitation.

This was the third workout for Jack and Sally. It was the second time for Kim and Tom. Jack pushed Sally as well as himself, adding reps and weight each time. Sally didn't complain about her sore muscles. She knew Jack wanted her to do it or he wouldn't tell her to.

After going through their routine, the four teens went to the pool to swim laps. Each morning, Jack added two laps to their swim. He also told Sally he wanted to finish in the same amount of time. Tom and Kim followed the routines Jack laid out.

"I'm not as sore today as I have been," Sally said while she washed Jack in the shower.

"Good, next week, we're going to make our workout a little harder. If we keep pushing, we'll be ready for fishing," Jack said. He playfully smacked Sally's butt. "We don't want your ass getting fat either."

"We don't have big butts," Kim said.

"That's right, and if we keep working out, you and Sally won't have," Jack said. "Both of you look great. I'm not saying you don't. I think we need to be stronger. We want to fish and we have the yacht. From what Jeri had told Tom and me, working on the yacht can be hard work."

"I agree with Jack, working out can't hurt us. We used to, but slacked off when we were in Florida. We need to get back at it," Tom said.

"I miss working out, I'm glad we're doing it again," Sally said.

They finished in the shower and went to their rooms to get ready for school. Jack picked out Sally's outfit. He selected white tights, a white bodysuit, and a pink skirt. Sally was happy with his choice. She was even happier he was picking out what she wore each day.

At the breakfast table, Jack said, "Tom, do you mind driving your truck too. Sally and I have to make a stop on the way home."

"No, I don't mind. I hope it starts; I don't think I've used my Expedition since we got back," Tom said.

"If it won't start, we'll take my truck, Tom."

"Good morning, kids," Marge said when she walked into the kitchen. "Don said we're leaving at five to go up north. We'd like to see you before we leave."

"We'll be home, Mom," Jack said. "Sally and I have an errand to run after school, but we'll be home before you leave."

After eating, the four teens left for Mrs. Phillips house. Tom's truck started without any trouble. On the way, Sally sat next to Jack. He stoked her leg and told her how much he liked the way she looked in her outfit.

"Thank you, I'm glad you're pleased with the way I look," Sally said.

"I am more than pleased, Sally. You look very sexy to me. Lift your ass, I want to feel it."

Sally leaned toward the passenger door, lifting her bottom off the seat. Jack ran his hand under her skirt and over her bottom. The tights made Sally's butt feel firmer that it really was. After a few moments, Jack removed his hand. Sally remained as she was until he told her she could sit normally.

"Do you like the way my ass feels when I wear tights?" Sally asked.

"Yes. It makes it feel nice, not that your ass doesn't feel nice when it's naked too."

"Want me to pull my tights down?'

Jack chuckled and shook his head.

The four teens met at the Phillip's house for classes. Dianne gave each of them their morning assignments, helping them when they had questions. Jack couldn't keep his eyes off Sally. She noticed him glancing at her and smiled. Sally wiggled in her seat, causing her skirt to rise on her legs.

During lunch, Brad said he had a surprise for Jack, Kim, Tom, and Sally. When Kim asked what it was, Brad said he wouldn't tell them, but they would find out tomorrow.

The afternoon moved quickly for Jack, but Sally's anticipation of what Jack had in store made her day drag. She wanted to ask, but didn't think it was her place. Sally smiled when she thought what the consequences might be if she did. Maybe she would get a spanking.

"Kids, because you're been working so hard, it won't be necessary for you to come here tomorrow," Mrs. Phillips said. "I'm giving you a little extra work for the weekend, but not too much more than usual. Have a good time at your party."

"Thank you, Mrs. Phillips. We'll make sure the work is finished on Monday," Jack said.

Mrs. Phillips dismissed the teens. Jack said goodbye to everyone and ushered Sally out to the truck. On the way to the unknown destination, Sally had trouble holding still.

Jack pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall. He held the door for Sally while she slid out. Jack smiled when she opened her legs to give him a view of her covered crotch.

While Jack walked toward the stores, Sally lagged behind him. He stopped and waited for her to catch up.

"What are you doing back there?" Jack asked.

Sally shrugged her shoulders.

"Sally, you may be submissive, but you are not subservient. When we're together, you will walk next to me, not behind me. Do you understand?" Jack said.

"Yes, Jack, I'm sorry," Sally said.

Jack led Sally into a jewelry store. He told her to wait while he talked to the jeweler. After a moment, he waved Sally over to him. Jack introduced the man and then they followed him to the backroom of the store.

"Are you sure this is what you want," the man asked Jack.

"Yes, very sure," Jack replied. He turned to Sally. "Close your eyes until I tell you to open them."

Sally stood with her eyes shut. She felt something around her neck, something cool. The man told Sally to be very still. Jack held Sally's ponytail away from her neck. She shivered when she felt something held against the back of her neck. When the jeweler finished, Jack released Sally's hair.

"You can open your eyes, Sally," Jack said.

Sally let her eyes open. She blinked a couple times and then turned to Jack. She could feel the object around her neck, but she couldn't tell what it was. Jack picked up a handheld mirror. He held it for Sally so she could see what the jeweler put around her neck.

Jack smiled when he saw tears in Sally's eyes. She put her fingertips to her neck, feeling the gold chain Jack wanted her to wear. There was a J woven in the chain. The necklace was three eights inch thick. It laid snuggly around Sally's neck with enough slack to be comfortable.

"Sally, Jack asked me to solder the chain. The only way to remove it is to cut it. You can clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you need it made larger, you'll have to come back," the jeweler said.

Sally nodded. Her fingers remained on the chain as she committed the unique design to memory. Looking very close, Sally could see figures. On closer inspection, she realized they were of a girl. The girl was kneeling with her hands behind her back. The detail was so delicate that you had to look very close to notice.

Jack paid for the chain. On the way out of the store, Sally couldn't contain her joy. She put her arms around Jack's neck. Kissing him, she thanked him.

"Thank you for my collar, Jack. You have no idea how much this means to me," Sally said.

"You are mine. Now everyone that knows the meaning of your collar will know."

Jack walked down the storefronts until he came to a pet shop. He guided Sally into the store and toward the leaches and collars. "Now we'll get you a collar you will wear when I want you to. This one will only be used in private."

Jack selected a black dog collar. He fit it around Sally's neck, making sure it would fit. After making sure it was equipped with a hasp for a padlock, Jack decided to buy it.

"Pick out a leash, Sally."

Sally giggled and began going through the leashes hanging on the rack. She picked a thin black one. Showing it to Jack, she handed it to him when he nodded. Sally stood next to Jack at the counter. She was practically prancing while she watched him pay for her leather collar and leash.

On the way home, Sally couldn't keep her hands off the gold collar. She thanked Jack repeatedly and told him how happy she was.

"I wish we had time to go to the mall. I would love to show Celia my collar," Sally said.

"Not today. We have to get home so we can see our parents before they leave."

"Okay, maybe you can take me some other time."

"I will if you behave," Jack said, trying hard not to chuckle.

Jack and Sally walked into the house. Marge and Anne were in the kitchen, having a cup of coffee. When she saw her mom, Sally almost ran across the room. She stood with her hands behind her back and her head held high.

"Hi, Mom. Are you guys almost ready to go?" Sally asked as she twisted from side to side.

Anne furrowed her brow, trying to figure out what was up with her daughter. Suddenly, she caught a glint of light from Sally's neck. She stood up, moving close to Sally. Anne reached out and ran her fingers over her daughter's new collar. Looking past Sally, Anne winked at Jack.

"Look what Sally has, Marge," Anne said.

Marge walked up to Sally. She looked at the necklace and then kissed Sally. "Congratulations, Sally. I hope you have what you want."

"I have what I need, Aunt Marge. Isn't it beautiful?" Sally said.

"Yes it is. Jack has very good taste," Marge said.

Anne nodded and gave Sally a hug. "Run along, I think Jack wants you."

"Thanks, Mom. Can I show Dad and Uncle Don?"

Anne sighed. She knew her daughter was no longer hers. "Sally, you have to ask Jack."

Nodding, Sally gave her mom a hug. She went to Jack and looked into his eyes. "May I show my dad and Uncle Don my collar please?"

"Yes, and Sally, you should also listen to your parents. For now anyway, Honey. Hurry back."

Sally went to the office. She knocked in the doorframe and waited for her father or uncle to answer. Don looked up and invited her into the room.

"Dad, Uncle Don, look what Jack gave me." Sally lifted her head to display her collar. "Isn't it wonderful?"

"Yes it is, Sally. Sit down for a moment," Don said.

Sally obeyed Don's request. Marc sat next to Sally while Don sat sidesaddle on the desk.

"Sally, you have made a very important decision about your life. I've talked to your mom and dad about this and they feel the decision is yours to make. I want to know how you feel about it," Don said.

"I made the decision of my own free will. Jack didn't want to own me at first, but he finally said he would. He gave me the rules and I agreed to them. I love Jack and want to be with him for as long as he wants me," Sally said. She smiled and held her head high as she spoke.

Don glanced at Marc. When Marc nodded, Don smiled. "So be it. I hope you enjoy your position. Whatever happens, you have to resolve it with Jack. Your parents, your Aunt Marge, and I will answer questions for you, but we won't advise you. If you disobey Jack, he may punish you. You know how to end it if you want to."

Marc gave Sally a hug. "Go see Jack. We have to finish a couple of things and get going. I'll see you before we go, Honey," Marc said.

Sally gave her dad and uncle a hug. She skipped out of the room and went to find Jack. Sally stood next to Jack in the kitchen, waiting for him to tell her what he wanted. Glancing down, Jack said, "Have you shown Tom and Kim your gift yet?"

Shaking her head, Sally said, "No, may I?"

"Yes. I think they're upstairs. After you show them, wait for me in our room," Jack said.

Sally headed upstairs. She walked into Kim and Tom's room and started giggling. Sashaying across the room, Sally said, "Look what I have. Jack bought it for me."

"Wow, that is really pretty," Kim said. "Let me try it on."

"You can't, sorry."

"Why not, Sal?"

"It doesn't come off."

Kim went over to Sally and inspected the necklace. "There isn't a clasp. Why would Jack give you a necklace that you can't remove?"

"It isn't a necklace, it's a collar. Can you see Jack's initial?" Sally said.

"What's going on, Sally?" Tom asked.

Jack came into the room. He put his arm around Sally, holding her close to him. Looking at his sister and Tom, Jack smiled.

"The collar is a symbol. It represents my ownership of Sally. When she gave herself to me, and I accepted, I decided to buy it for her."

"You two are really serious about this, aren't you?" Tom said. He got up and went to Sally. "Sally, I guess you have decided you want this. I will support you anyway I can," Tom said.

"The best way to support Sally is to let her be what she is. Sally is my sub and I will take care of her needs. If you want to understand, do a search on the web. I think you'll find out it isn't what you think it is," Jack said.

Kim grinned and said, "Jack, will you lend her to me when I want to fool around with a cute girl?"

"You can ask me. If I feel Sally has been good, I'll gladly lend her to you," Jack said.

"What about Sally, doesn't she have a say in this?" Tom asked.

Sally looked at Jack. He winked at her and she said, "No, Tom. I don't have a say in it. If Jack gives me to Kim, or anyone else, I'll do what I'm told." Anticipating her brother's next question, Sally said, "Tom, this is what I want. It's what I've wanted for a long time. You don't have to like it, but it would help if you were happy for me."

"If it's what you want, I am happy for you. I'll do what Jack said. I'll learn about this so I can try to understand. Sally, you're my sister and I love you. Right now, I feel helpless because I don't think I can help you."

"Tom, I don't need help. I love you too. Whatever you decide you want out of life, I'll support. Please do the same for me," Sally said.

Tom nodded. He started toward Sally, pausing to look at Jack. Jack nodded and smiled. Tom took his sister in his arms. He hugged Sally and she hugged him back. When they broke their embrace, Jack sent Sally to their room.

"Tom, Kim, please don't worry about Sally. I promise I will protect her-even from herself if necessary. You need to know that I may have to punish Sally. It goes with the territory. Please do a little research. I guarantee you will be enlightened-I certainly was."

Jack left Kim and Tom. They sat on their bed and looked at one another. "What do you think about this, Kim? I'm having trouble with it again," Tom said.

"I think we should do what Jack said. We should learn about their relationship. That way we might understand," Kim replied.

Nodding, Tom went to the desk to get the notebook computer. They turned it on and waited while it booted. Tom went to a search engine and began to look for information.

Jack went into his room. Sally sat on the edge of the bed, her hands folded in her lap. Smiling, Jack said, "You may change your clothes. Put on whatever you want to. Later, I will pick out your outfit for the party. Do you have anything you'd like to wear?"

"No, what you want will be fine, Jack."

Sally removed her clothes. When she was naked, Jack called her to him. Sally moved quickly, standing in front of Jack. He traced the collar with his fingertip and said, "Do you like it?"

"More than I can tell you, Baby. It's okay if I call you baby, isn't it?"

"Yes, you can use terms of endearment when addressing me, Sweetie." Jack smiled and gave her a kiss. He picked up the leather collar from his desk and fastened it around Sally's neck. Once he was sure the collar wasn't too tight, he led Sally to the mirror.

"You look good in this collar too. If I keep it a little snug, I can see both of them," Jack said. He snapped the leash to the ring. "You are so sexy like this."

While Jack and Sally were admiring the new accessories, Anne knocked on the door. When she announced herself, Jack invited her in. Anne smiled when she saw Jack holding the leash attached to the leather collar.

"We're almost ready to leave. Are you going to bring Sally down so she can say goodbye?" Anne asked Jack.

"Yes, we'll be down as soon as Sally is dressed."

Anne nodded and left the room. Jack disconnected the leash from the leather collar, but left the collar in place. Sally put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt when Jack told her what to wear. Together, they went downstairs to tell their parents goodbye.

Tom and Kim came down a few moments later. Kim spotted the black leather collar around Sally's neck, but didn't say anything. The teens told their parents goodbye. Marge told them there was food in the house or they could order carryout. When the adults were gone, Jack, Tom, Kim, and Sally talked about what they wanted to eat.

"Kim, Sally, why don't you guys see what there is to eat," Tom said. "Oh shit, can I say that?"

Jack laughed. "Yes, you can ask Sally to do things just like she can ask you. This doesn't change things much. The real difference is that Sally will do what I tell her to do. She may or may not do what you ask her."

Tom chuckled. "So she can still tell me to fuck off?"


"The exchange of power is only between you and Sally, right?" Kim said.

Jack chuckled. "That's right. I see you have been reading."

"Yeah, Tom and I are checking things out like you said. To tell you the truth, it isn't anything like I thought. When I thought about it before, I visualized a dungeon full of weird contraptions. You know a rack, whips, and chains."

"There are many facets to the lifestyle. Some people engage in the S and M play. Others only practice dominance and submission. Sally and I don't have a master - slave relationship," Jack said.

"You said you might have to punish Sally. Isn't that a form of sadomasochism?" Tom asked.

"In a way it is. It's kind of a fine line. The infliction of pain for pleasure is a more accurate description of S and M. It refers to people that get off by inflicting pain and people that enjoy receiving pain."

"Sally likes to be spanked. How can you use that to punish her?" Tom said.

"I guess that would depend on how hard she was spanked," Jack said.

Kim shook her head while Sally stood next to Jack and grinned. Sally didn't care if her brother and Kim knew about her kinks. She was happy with her desires and didn't feel she had to hide them from anyone in the family.

"I guess it would," Tom said. "Let's get something to eat, I'm starved."

Kim and Sally found left over meatloaf in the refrigerator. Sally asked Jack if it would be okay for dinner and he said it was. Tom agreed and the girls began heating it.

After dinner, Jack and Tom cleared the table and rinsed the dishes. Kim and Sally went out to the pool to wait for Jack and Tom. When Tom asked why Jack didn't have Sally take care of the dishes, Jack gave him a look.

"Sally isn't anyone's slave, Tom. Our chores don't change. Please don't keep at this thing. It's between Sally and me," Jack said.

"Sorry, I was just kidding around, Jack."

"I guess I'm a little sensitive about it, Tom. This is something I'm still sorting out. Look at it this way. If Kim asked you do get her a soda, would you do it?"

Tom nodded.

"What if she asked you to rub her back?"

"I'd do it, you know that."

"That's right. The difference between Kim and Sally is Sally doesn't want me to ask her. She wants me to tell her. Sally wants me to tell her what to wear. She wants me to tell her what to do in some areas of our lives. It's what she wants, that's what I'm giving Sally. What she wants."

"When you say it like that it doesn't sound too bad."

"It's only bad if Sally or I think it is, Tom. She made a request. I thought about it for a long time before I agreed. This isn't a game, not to us," Jack said.

"Did you have to make her wear that necklace?" Tom asked.

"When I had it put on her, Sally cried. She couldn't thank me enough. She is proud of who and what she is. The only people that will know what it means are those we tell or have knowledge of the lifestyle. Everyone else will think it's a necklace, not a collar."

"What's the deal with the leather collar?"

Jack chuckled. "That is part of the play. Subs wear collars like that one when they're involved in a scene. I have a matching leash for the leather collar."

"You wouldn't take Sally out in public with that on her, would you?"

"I don't know. If I made her wear the right clothing, everyone would think she was one of those punk chicks."

"That's true. No one would think she was different, would they?"

"You know, if you would stop worrying about what people are going to think about you and let Sally be happy, things would be much better, Tom."

"I'm not worried about what people think about me."

"Yes you are. You're worried that people will think you're weird because of what Sally is doing. Be honest, Tom."

"Well, maybe you're right."

"As I said, it'll be fine if everyone leaves us alone. Remember, this what Sally wants," Jack said.

"I'll try to understand and let my sister live her life the way she wants to. I have to tell you, it isn't going to be easy for me," Tom said

"Thanks, Tom. Sally will appreciate it. I will too."

Jack and Tom finished in the kitchen. They went out to see what their sisters were doing. Kim and Sally were sitting at a table. They were talking, but they stopped when Jack and Tom came toward them.

"What's up?" Tom asked.

"Nothing. Sally and I were talking," Kim said.

Jack looked at Sally and raised his eyebrows.

"I was telling Kim about being a sub. She wanted to know if I really liked it," Sally said,

"Do you?" Jack asked.

"Yes, I like it very much. You are so good to me, Honey," Sally said as she fingered her collars.

"God, Sally! We can't talk about anything anymore. Are you going to tell Jack everything?" Kim said.

"Yes, if he asks I will. I won't keep anything secret from Jack," Sally said.

"Sally, let's go up to our room. I want to get our homework finished so we don't have to worry about it this weekend," Jack said.

"Okay. See you guys later," Sally said as she stood up.

Jack and Sally left for their room. Tom sat at the table next to Kim. They looked at one another and then Kim smiled.

"Sally is happy, Tom-as happy as I've ever seen her. I might not agree with what she's doing, but it isn't my life," Kim said.

"I know. Maybe it's just a phase. Maybe she'll wake up and realize she's making a mistake," Tom said.

"I wouldn't count on it. Don't you remember when she wanted Brad to do the same thing Jack's doing?"

"What are we going to do?" Tom asked.

Kim giggled. "We're not going to do anything, Tom. There isn't anything we can do. Sally has made her decision. Like it or not. I think we should do our homework too. Besides, I want to do some more research. If Sally and Jack are going to live in that kind of relationship, I want to understand it. At least I want to try."

Kim and Tom went up to their room. When Kim passed the doorway to Jack and Sally's room, Kim glanced in. Jack sat at the desk. He was reading his history book. Sally was on the bed, working on a paper. Other than the collars around Sally's neck, things looked as normal as they could be.

When Kim pointed at the room, Tom glanced in. He saw Sally and Jack studying and smiled. Putting his arm around Kim's waist, he led her into their room.

Jack and Sally had been studying for an hour and a half. Jack closed his book and put it away.

"Come here, Sally," Jack said.

Sally jumped off the bed and stood in front of Jack with her arms at her side. He stood up, telling her to turn around. She turned her back to Jack and waited. He removed the leather collar from her neck and placed it on the desk.

"Take off your shirt and shorts, Sweetie."

Smiling, Sally undressed. Jack put his hand on her sides. He kissed the back of her neck while sliding his hands up to her breasts. He took her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, rolling them. Jack kissed Sally's ear and then whispered to her.

"We're going downstairs and sit in the hot tub," Jack said. He turned Sally around and kissed her. "I love you."

Sally leaned her head against Jack's chest and said, "I love you too, Jack."

Stepping back, Sally began to undress Jack. He watched as she lowered his pants, lifting his feet so she could remove them. Jack told her to kiss his penis and Sally did.

"Do you want me to suck it?" Sally asked.

"Not now, you can do it later."

Sally finished removing Jack's clothing. They went to the hallway and started toward the stairs.

"Go tell Tom and Kim we're going to the pool," Jack said to Sally.

Sally went to Tom and Kim's room. She knocked on the door, waiting until Kim told her to come in before opening it.

"Jack and I are going to the pool. He wanted me to tell you," Sally said.

"Thanks, Sally. Tom and I will be down in a minute," Kim said.

Sally bounced down the hall to where Jack was standing. He took her hand, leading her down the stairs and out to the pool. They went to the pool house. Jack turned on the hot tub before they went to shower.

Jack and Sally showered. She washed him and then he washed her. Once they rinsed, Jack felt his testicles. "Sally, my balls need a shave."

Standing with his hands on his hips, Jack watched Sally kneel on the floor. She applied shaving gel, rubbing it into lather. While she was shaving his genitals, Tom and Kim came in.

"Do we have a new barber?" Kim asked as she stood under the spray.

"Does your pussy need a shave?" Jack asked.

Kim rubbed herself and nodded. She felt Tom and said, "So does Tom."

Jack smiled. "When you finish with me, shave Tom and Kim," Jack said to Sally.

Sally finished Jack and then shaved Kim and Tom too. Jack felt Sally's crotch and told her to shave herself too. Smiling, Sally sat on the bench and shaved her vulva. While she carefully trimmed around the one inch of hair on her mons, Jack watched.

When Sally finished shaving herself, she spread her legs so Jack could inspect her. He knelt on the floor and used his tongue to test the smoothness of her skin. Taking the razor from Sally, he scraped off a few hairs she missed.

Sally apologized for missing the hairs. Jack nodded, telling her to be more thorough or risk punishment.

The four teens went to the hot tub and got in. Sally sat next to Jack while Kim and Tom sat across from them. Kim began talking about having their friends over the next day. She reviewed the menu with Sally and discussed what time they would eat. Jack and Tom added their ideas.

After a half hour, they got out of the tub. Sitting around the table, the four teens continued talking about the party. Tom and Kim didn't bring up Sally's decision to be what she wanted to be.

Later that night, when they were in bed, Jack took Sally into his arms. He began kissing her tenderly and stroking her breasts. Sally moaned into Jack's mouth and rubbed his back. Jack made love to Sally. It was slow and loving. She responded to his tenderness, enjoying the intimacy.

Sally had two orgasms before Jack entered her vagina. His movements were steady. Sally hooked her legs around Jack, pulling him into her as deeply as she could. After hovering over Sally for a while, Jack flipped over. Sally rode his erection and Jack thrust up into her. When Jack came, he pulled Sally to his chest. He held her close, his penis still embedded in her sex.

"Should I clean you?" Sally asked in a whisper.

"Not tonight. I don't want you to move."

Sally cooed and kissed Jack's neck. He ran his hands up and down her back for a moment, letting them come to rest on her bottom. They snuggled together and fell asleep.

When Sally woke up the next morning, she felt Jack's morning erection against her leg. She moved down on the bed, rested her head on Jack's stomach, and took his member in her mouth. Jack woke up to the feeling of Sally slowly moving her mouth up and down his penis.

Jack clasped his hands behind his head and watched Sally. When she glanced up, she locked her eye with his. Sally didn't remove her mouth until after Jack ejaculated.

"Good morning, Baby," Sally said as she rubbed his wet member against her cheek.

"Good morning, Sweetie. That was a nice blowjob."

"I'm glad I pleased you. Is there anything else you want?"

"Not right now. I need to piss and then we have to swim."

Sally kissed his penis. She crawled out of bed and stood waiting for Jack to get up. Jack sat up, stretched and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He went to the bathroom and then told Sally she could go.

Tom and Kim were already in the shower when Jack and Sally came in. They greeted each other while washing. The four of them swam their lap and then rested on the side of the pool.

"Are you and Jack making breakfast?" Kim asked Tom.

"Sure, what would you like?" Tom replied.

"Bacon and French Toast," Kim said.

Jack and Tom agreed to make breakfast. They all showered again and then went to their rooms to get dressed.

"What color tights should I wear today?" Sally asked Jack.

"You're not wearing tights today. Not right now anyway. We have to clean the house so you can wear anything you want," Jack said. "After breakfast I'm going shopping for the food we need."

After breakfast, Kim and Sally started cleaning the dishes and the kitchen. Jack picked up the list of things he and Tom needed to buy. They told the girls goodbye and left.

"Why are we stopping here?" Tom asked when Jack pulled into a strip mall.

"I have to take care of something," Jack replied.

Tom followed Jack into a pet store. Jack had a small brass tag engraved and attached to Sally's leather collar. He also bought a small padlock. Tom asked Jack what was up.

"You'll see later, Tom," Jack replied.

Jack and Tom went to the grocery store. They picked up the items on the list and then headed home. After putting the food away, they helped Kim and Sally with the cleaning.

Finished with their chores, Jack, Tom, Kim, and Sally sat around a table in the pool area.

"What time are they coming over?" Tom asked, referring to Brad, Paul, Megan, and Lisa.

"At one. We have an hour and a half before they get here," Kim said.

"Sally, would you get me a soda?" Jack asked.

Sally nodded. She got up and asked Kim and Tom if they would like one. They said they would and Sally went to the kitchen to get the sodas.

"What are you going to wear today?" Kim asked Sally when she returned.

Sally looked at Jack.

"Sally is wearing one of her sundresses," Jack said.

"Are we wearing our bikinis?" Kim said. This time she looked at her brother.

"I haven't decided if Sally will wear her suit today. You can do what you want, Kim," Jack said.

During the exchange, Sally sat quietly. She smiled while Jack spoke for her. Seeing how happy his sister appeared, Tom began to accept her choice. He decided that Sally was going to do what she wanted to, but Tom was also going to make sure she wasn't hurt.

"We better get going," Jack said while looking at Sally.

When Jack stood up, so did the rest of the group. They went upstairs and into their rooms.

"I had a chance to talk with Sally while you and Jack were shopping," Kim said as she undressed.

"She looks happy," Tom replied.

"After reading the information we found, I'm beginning to understand. I don't really think this a phase for Sally. How would we feel if someone tried to tell us how we should live? I know I wouldn't like it," Kim said.

"Neither would I. I'm just worried she's going to end up getting hurt."

"You know damn well Jack would never hurt her, or let her be hurt."

"I know, but she is still my little sister. I worry about her."

"I wouldn't worry. She could end up with a guy like Todd-remember him?" Kim said.

"Yeah, don't remind me," Tom said.

"I know what you mean, those guys, Todd and Frank, were real jerks! Anyway, I read that a submissive person can end up with someone abusive. At least we know Jack won't do anything to really hurt Sally." Kim giggled and then said. "Well, he won't hurt her emotionally. Sally told me she likes to be spanked."

Tom smiled, remembering the few times he had spanked his sister. He also remembered how turned on she became when he did. "Yeah, Sally likes her ass slapped. The harder it is, the better she likes it."

Kim and Tom began getting ready. They changed their clothes, taking time to fool around a little before getting dressed.

"Which sundress do you want me to wear?" Sally asked Jack.

Jack went to the closet and began searching through Sally's clothes. He found a power blue sundress that buttoned up the front.

"Wear this one, Sweetie. Oh, no underwear."

Sally smiled as she took the dress from Jack. She striped off the shorts and tee shirt she was wearing. After putting on the sundress, Sally stood in front of Jack. He unbuttoned the top few buttons. The top of the dress revealed her cleavage, but didn't show too much.

Jack took the leather collar out of his drawer. He held it up, showing Sally the brass tag he had added. When Sally read, "Sally - property of Jack," she giggled. Sally put her arms around Jack's neck and kissed him.

"Thank you so much, Baby. It's perfect! Am I going to wear this today?" Sally said.

"Yes, today is sort of your coming out party." Jack smiled and fastened the collar around Sally's neck. He snapped the small padlock on the hasp and said, "There, how do you like it?"

Sally looked at herself in the mirror. She grinned while adjusting the leather collar so the gold collar showed too. When she turned around, Jack attached the leash to the collar. He pulled Sally closer and gave her a kiss.

"You're ready. Sit on the bed and I'll come get you later," Jack said.

Sally went to the bed and sat on the edge. Jack lifted her dress, peeking at her naked sex. He smiled, gave Sally a kiss, and dropped the dress. "You can get up to use the bathroom, but other than that, stay here."

Smiling, Sally nodded. Jack left the room, closing the door behind him. He went downstairs to wait for the guests to arrive. Tom and Kim came down and Kim asked about Sally.

"Sally is in our room. I'll get her later," Jack said.

A few minutes after one, the doorbell rang. Kim went to answer the door, letting Brad and Paul in.

"Hi, how are you guys today?" Kim said.

"Great, we have a surprise for you," Brad said.

"Really, what?" Kim replied.

Brad opened the door and waved. A moment later, Craig and Cindy came in. "Look who came to see us," Brad said as he put his arm around Craig's waist.

"Hi, Craig, hi, Cindy, it's nice to see you guys again. Come in," Kim told them.

Kim led the four of them to the pool area. Tom and Jack greeted Paul, Brad, Craig and Cindy. After a brief exchange, Kim said, "Where are Megan and Lisa?"

"They'll be here in a few minutes. They were right behind us," Paul said.

"When did you guys get here?" Tom asked Craig.

"Last night. I flew to Ohio. Cindy and I drove up yesterday and stayed with Paul and Brad," Craig said.

"How long are you going to be here?" Jack asked.

"I'm here for good. I graduated in January and decided I couldn't take it at home anymore. Brad asked me to come up and stay at his house. Mr. Phillips is putting me to work at the golf course," Craig said.

"I'm moving here in May, as soon as I graduate. I've got a job at the course too," Cindy said.

"That's great. It's really good to see you two," Kim said.

The doorbell rang again. Kim said, "That must be Megan and Lisa. I'll go get them."

Kim left the pool area to answer the door. Jack excused himself and went to get Sally.

"Are you ready?" Jack asked Sally as he picked up the leash.

"Yes," Sally replied, smiling up at Jack

Sally stood when Jack tugged on the leash. Before leading her to the door, Jack put his hands on Sally's shoulders.

"Sally, are you sure about all this? If you want me to take the leather collar off, I will. Our relationship won't change, but we'll keep it in the family," Jack said.

"I'm yours, Jack. Do what you want with me," Sally replied.

Jack removed his hands. Holding the leash, he led Sally to the door. Jack opened the door and Sally followed him into the hallway. The closer to the pool area he got, the more excited Jack became. Over the past few days, he had come to accept his role, but now he was enjoying it.

Holding his head high, Jack led Sally into the pool area. The rest of the group was standing around talking, but fell silent when they saw Jack leading Sally by the leash. Jack led Sally to the group and stood with Sally at his side.

"Say hi to your friends, Sally," Jack said.

Sally said hello to Brad and Paul. She gave Cindy and Craig hugs, telling them how happy she was to see them. Lisa and Megan came over to say hello. Lisa gave Sally a hug and whispered in her ear. When Sally looked at Megan, a big grin formed on her face.

Megan and Sally hugged tightly. They held on to one another for a few moments before finally separating. Jack looked at Megan and then did a double take. Around Megan's neck was a black necklace. When Jack looked closer, he noticed an L charm on it. He looked at Lisa and she winked at him.

Jack had seen the necklace before, but had never paid any attention to it. Now it was clear that Megan was wearing a collar. It wasn't anything he would have questioned, but after learning about the significance of the collar, its meaning was clear.

Sally lifted her head so Megan could see the gold collar she also wore. Lisa smiled at Jack, nodding her approval. Once the initial shock wore off, the group began talking again.

Megan looked at Lisa and asked if she could talk with Sally for a moment.

"Yes, as long as it's okay with Jack," Lisa replied.

Sally turned to Jack. She waited for him to let her know if it would be okay for her to talk with Megan. Jack unsnapped the leash from the leather collar and said, "Go ahead, Sally."

Megan and Sally walked to the other side of the pool to talk. Jack felt a hand on his arm and turned to see Lisa.

"Let's get a soda, Jack," Lisa said.

Jack and Lisa went into the kitchen. Jack took two sodas from the refrigerator, handing one to Lisa. They sat at the kitchen table and began to talk.

"How long has Sally been your sub?" Lisa asked.

"Not long, not officially anyway," Jack said. "How about you and Megan?"

"Since we returned from Florida, Jack."

"I didn't know Megan was submissive."

"Yes you did. You just wouldn't accept it. Megan tried to tell you when we were at the resort. Jack, that's why you lost her. Because you wouldn't give her what she needed. I would and that's why we're together now. If you really love Sally, you won't make the same mistake," Lisa said.

"Did you break up with Tom to be with Megan?"

Lisa shook her head. "Not completely. Tom and I weren't a good fit. I loved him, I still do. Tom and I would have never found a middle ground. I'm strong willed. Tom isn't controlling, but he isn't submissive either." Lisa giggled and said. "I guess you could say he's normal."

"We're not?" Jack said.

"I think so, but there are many that wouldn't."

"How many people know?"

Lisa giggled and said, "Well, until today, no one really knew. Megan and I kept it concealed. Now it seems to be out in the open. I must admit, I wish I had the guts to take Megan out in public with her leash on."

"It was a tough decision for me, Lisa. I wasn't sure how Sally, or anyone else, would take it. After thinking about it, I figured what the hell. Sally chooses the way she wants to live. If she wants to be a submissive, she shouldn't hide it. I gave her a chance to back out and she didn't."

"Is Sally into S and M too?" Lisa asked.

"We haven't explored it. I don't know if we will. I don't mind being dominate, but I'm not into the whole pain scene. Sally wants me to spank her and she's mentioned being tied up."

"Megan likes it when I tie her up. She loves it when I spank her. Do you and Sally have a safe word?"

"Yes we do. We have a safe word, a caution word, and a signal she can use if she can't talk."

"That's good. Megan and I have a safe word, but not the others. I'll have to see that we get a caution word and a signal. It's a great idea."

Lisa and Jack glanced out to the pool. They saw Megan and Sally engaged in an animated conversation.

"I'm glad Sally and Megan are talking. Sally was insecure about Megan and me."

"There was no reason for Sally to worry. Megan isn't going to try to get back with you, Jack. If you don't give Sally what she needs, you'll lose her too. You and Megan would still be together if you would have listened to her."

"Lisa, as far as I'm concerned it's all worked out for the better. I love Sally. I loved Megan, but not as much as I love Sally. I hope you and Megan are happy together. As far as Tom goes, he and Kim are getting along great.'

"That's good. Kim and Tom will make a good couple. They have very similar personalities. I think they will be good for one another," Lisa said.

Jack chuckled and said, "Yeah, Tom seems okay putting up with Kim's shit. She is strong willed."

"Tom is easy going so he should do well with her. He won't let her push her around, but he won't get in her shit either," Lisa said. "One of these days we'll have to get together so our subs can play."

Jack and Lisa giggled. Jack nodded and said, "You'd let Megan fool around?"

"Sure, why not." Lisa smiled and said, "Maybe you and I could play too. It's been a while for me, getting laid that is. If you're up to it, you can take care of all three of us."

"Why don't we tie them up and let them watch us?" Jack said with a chuckle.

"Mmmm, I like that idea. I think we should do it. Megan and I are moving into my parents' old house at the end of the month. Once we do, the four of us will get together."

"You don't think Megan will mind?" Jack said.

"It isn't up to Megan. She'll do what I tell her to do. Jack, so will Sally."

"It sounds like you get off on this," Jack said.

Lisa smiled and said, "I get off on Megan. I love her and want to make her happy, so I do what she wants. Being dominate wasn't completely my choice. It was hers. Now that we have been in the relationship for a while, I find I like my role."

"Like I said, I'm getting used to it. I have learned quite a bit about it by researching the internet. I guess Sally and I will work it out over time. I'll find out what she likes," Jack said.

"Maybe I can give you a few pointers. Some of the things Megan likes," Lisa said and she giggled.

"I could use some. I'm afraid I'm not very creative yet."

"Okay, how about this? I like to tie Megan to the bed. I get her going, and then when she is close to coming, I stop. I'll leave her tied to the bed while I leave the room for a while. Then I come back and do it again. I use my mouth and a dildo to get her hot. Sometimes, I sit on her face and make her lick me. It drives Megan nuts. Before I get her off, I make her beg for it."

"How long to you do that to her?" Jack asked while imagining Sally tied to the bed.

"It depends on how much time we have. We've done it for five or six hours. One night, I kept Megan tied up while I slept next to her. That time I restrained her for over twelve hours. The only time I let her up was to use the bathroom. I've been thinking of getting a bed pan for Megan."

"Megan doesn't complain?"

"Megan has a safe word. If she wants me to stop, she knows how to do it. When I start playing, I do it until I want to stop," Lisa said with a grin. "We should go out and see what our little minxes are up to."

Jack and Lisa walked out to the pool. Sally saw Jack and came over to him with Megan right behind her. The two girls stood facing Jack and Lisa and smiled.

"Are you two behaving?" Lisa asked.

"Yes. Sally and I had a very nice talk," Megan said. "Thank you for letting us."

"Thank you, Baby," Sally said to Jack.

Lisa moved closer to Sally. She inspected the gold collar and then smiled. "She can't remove it, can she?" Lisa asked.

Jack shook his head. "No, I had it made so it would have to be cut off. I wanted something Sally could wear all the time. I was going to get her one like Megan's wearing, but she would have to take it off to swim and shower."

"Show Jack the chain you wear all the time, Megan," Lisa said.

Megan lifted her right leg while supporting herself with her hand on Lisa's shoulder. With her leg up, Jack could see Megan was naked under her short skirt. Megan pointed at the gold chain around her ankle. The thin chain had a small charm with Lisa's initials.

"Megan wears the ankle bracelet all the time," Lisa said. "Okay, you can put your leg down, Hun."

Jack chuckled and said, "I see you don't let her wear panties."

"Not when we're out." Lisa grinned. "I like having easy access to her pussy."

"Sally, show Lisa your pussy," Jack said.

Sally lifted her skirt, showing Lisa she was sans panties too. Sally stood with her skirt pulled up until Jack told her to put it down.

"Lisa and I talked about getting together after she and Megan move into their house. We're going to have a party with just the four of us," Jack said.

Lisa and Megan grinned. Jack could tell Sally wanted to know the details, but he decided to let her wonder.

Kim came over and said, "Can Megan and Sally join Cindy and me? We're talking about what's happened since we were at the resort."

"Sally can go," Jack said.

Lisa told Megan she could join the other girls too.

"That was cool; Kim asked if Sally could talk with her and Cindy," Lisa said.

"It seems my sister is beginning to accept Sally's and my relationship."

Lisa nodded. "I'm going to gossip with the girls. We'll chat later, Jack." Lisa put her hand on Jack's arm. "Take good care of Sally. That girl will do whatever you want her to. She needs you."

"I'm beginning to realize that, Lisa. Thanks for talking with me. I'm not going to make the same mistake twice."

Lisa walked to the table where the other girls were sitting. She pulled up a chair and joined in the conversation. Jack sat down with Brad, Craig, Tom, and Paul.

"Sorry for being rude. Lisa and I had a few things to talk about," Jack said.

"No problem," Craig said. "This is a great house, Jack. Tom and Kim gave Cindy and me a tour."

"We like it. Our parents are up north looking at a new place. My dad wants to sell this house. We have a place in Florida where we're going to live. The new house is going to be our summer home," Jack said.

"Tom has been telling me about the yacht. It sounds great," Craig said.

"We're looking forward to its finish. We can't wait to take it out. It will be used for charters most of the time, at least we hope it will, but we'll have a chance to use it too," Jack said. "How have you been, Craig?"

"Okay now, but the last few months have been bad. My old man hasn't talked to me except to yell. I got tired of the name calling so I decided to leave." Craig put his hand on Brad's arm and smiled. "When I was invited to come up here, I jumped at the chance. Brad's mom and dad don't judge me."

"How long are you going stay at Brad's house?" Tom asked.

"Through the summer for sure. I'm looking forward to working at the golf course. I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but I don't mind hard work," Craig said.

"I'm trying to convince Craig to go to Wayne State so he can stay here instead of moving to Ann Arbor," Brad said.

"UofM is about an hour drive. You could commute," Tom said.

"That's true. I could buy a car and pay for gas with the money I'd save," Craig said. "I could probably find a cheap apartment around here."

"That's crazy! You know you can stay with us," Brad said.

"How are things going between you and Cindy, Paul?" Jack asked.

"Cindy and I are just friends. I don't know what's going to happen between us," Paul said.

"I don't know how you feel about Cindy, Paul, but I do know how she feels about you. We had a nice long talk on the ride up here yesterday. Cindy would like things to be a bit more than just friends," Craig said.

"No kidding! Wow, I didn't think she wanted a relationship," Paul said.

"Cindy told me she has only dated a few guys since getting back from the resort. She also said she hasn't gotten involved with any of the guys she dated," Craig said. "Frankly, I think the girl's horny."

Paul grinned and said, "I know I'm horny."

Sally walked over to the table and stood near Jack. She waited for Jack to acknowledge her before she spoke.

"Jack, the girls are going swimming. Would it be okay if I went too?" Sally asked.

"Sure, go ahead," Jack said.

"They're going to go skinny dipping. Do you want me to put on a suit or may I swim naked?"

"You can swim naked, Sweetie," Jack said. "Come here."

Jack stood up and moved behind Sally. He unlocked her leather collar and removed it from around her neck. Sally gave Jack a kiss and thanked him before returning to the other girls.

Kim, Sally, Cindy, Megan, and Lisa went into the pool house. They all striped before going into the large shower room.

"This is great!" Cindy said as she stood under one of the many showerheads. "I haven't been naked with other people since the resort."

Cindy went over to Sally and began washing her back. "Remember the fun we had at the resort?" Cindy asked Sally.

Sally nodded and said, "It was fun. I'd like to fool around, but I can't unless Jack says I can."

"Okay. I can still wash your back, can't I?" Cindy said.

Giggling, Sally told Cindy it would be okay. The girls giggled and horsed around in the shower.

They left the shower room and went out to the pool. The five girls stood at the edge of the pool holding hands. Kim counted to three and they all jumped in feet first. They swam to the shallow end and began splashing one another.

Paul watched Cindy's breasts jiggle and bounce as she jumped around in the shallow end of the pool. He stood up and said, "I'm going to join the girls."

Tom also stood up, followed by the rest of the guys. They went to the pool house to shower and then go swimming. In the shower room, Craig and Brad took turns washing one another. Tom noticed them and chuckled.

"Not something you could do in Texas, Craig?" Tom said.

"Shit, I used to get beat up for walking into the shower room. I had to wait until the other guys were finished. It made me late for my next class. You have no idea how nice it is to have friends. Friends that aren't homophobic," Craig said.

Tom moved closer to Craig. Chuckling, he reached for Craig's penis and began fondling it. "No, we're not homophobic," Tom said.

"Hey, find your own cock, Craig's is mine," Brad said as he pushed Tom's hand away.

"What's the matter, Brad, don't you want to share?" Tom replied as he grabbed for Craig again.

Craig began to laugh, but suddenly stopped. He glanced at Brad and then at Tom. "You guys are too much."

Tom removed his hand. Brad put his arms around Craig and hugged him. After a moment, Brad pulled his head back so he could look at Craig's face.

"Craig, you're not in Texas anymore. You can be who you are without worrying about getting your ass kicked, or having people calling you names. Not with our group. I just hope you don't mind if we get a little crazy once in a while," Brad said.

"I guess I know that. All of you treated me well at the resort. I must admit I have been a little apprehensive about coming here. Even though we've talked, Brad, it's different actually being here. I was worried that you didn't really mean the things you said," Craig said.

Brad smiled. He put one hand behind Craig's head and gave him a kiss. The kiss lingered and Craig relaxed. While Brad and Craig embraced, Tom, Jack, Paul finished showering.

"Craig, I meant every thing I said. I'm so happy you're here and we're together," Brad said.

"I'm happy too, Brad," Craig said softly.

The guys went to the pool and jumped in. Tom swam over to Kim, hugging her from behind. Paul stood next to Cindy, waiting to see what she was going to do. She put her arm around Paul's waist, resting her hand on his hip. Cindy pressed her side against Paul's and giggled.

"Paul, if you want to be all shy and shit, that's fine. I would rather have you screw me the first chance we get," Cindy said.

"Um, I didn't know how you felt about me," Paul said.

"I don't really know either, but I do like you. Who knows, we might get together. Right now, I'm horny and need to get laid. I haven't had any cock since the resort," Cindy said.

Paul chuckled and said, "I'm at your service, my dear. When we get home we'll have some fun."

Cindy giggled. She moved in front of Paul and grabbed his penis. After stroking him for a moment, Cindy said, "I'm hoping that we're going to be too tired to do anything by the time we get home."

The teens paired up and began to make out. Jack held Sally, watching the others for a few minutes. While he watched, Jack gently rubbed Sally's bottom. He turned to Sally and gave her a kiss.

"I love you, Sweetie," Jack said.

"I love you too, Hun. I'm oh so happy," Sally told Jack and then she kissed him.

"Why don't we have some fun? Let's start a splashing war," Jack said. "We'll start with Cindy and Paul."

Jack and Sally started laughing. They charged Paul and Cindy, splashing them when they were close enough. A moment later, everyone was splashing and dunking each other. Lisa went after Sally. She wrapped her arms around Sally and pulled her underwater. Jack grabbed Megan and did the same thing.

The teens played for a while. They decided to take a rest and left the pool. Jack dressed and said he was going to get the grill ready to cook the burgers and hotdogs.

Tom helped Jack cook the food while the others set the tables. Kim and Sally placed food from the refrigerator on the counter so Megan and Lisa could take it out to the pool area.

The group sat at the tables and ate while chatting. The girls talked about clothing while Jack and Tom talked about offshore fishing and the yacht.