Below is my list of stories. Please heed the warnings listed in the descriptions - some of them can be pretty harsh. Anything with a WARNING symbol on it is something that, if you don't like strong fantasy matter, you should think twice about reading. Your feedback is always welcome. If you like these stories, or any of the stories on the ASSTR site, remember that you can nominate that author for a Silver Clitoride award.

There are people who like to steal stories and put them on PaySites. I do not allow my stories to be put up on ANY paysite with out my expressed permission - which I have not given to anyone at this time. All these stories are copywrited. If you find a story on a pay site that you think is mine, please let me know. Thanks

Newer Stories

Avatar: Establishment, Book 1

Ever wondered what it would be like to be the Avatar of a Goddess of sex? Well, this story explores that concept. What would you do if you could experiece sex with anyone you wanted? Sounds great, huh? Well, not everything is what it seems.

This story will have events that match current events in the real world. However, they might not occur at the same *time* that they happened in our world. This story does have a plot. Really. But there's a LOT of sex in it and a lot of hard core BDSM. Also, WS, young teens and anything else I feel like adding.

My thanks to the following people for proofreading assistance(in the later chapters!): MWTB, Felinicus and, the guy who actually edits this crap to make it more readable KB. Thanks guys! Of course, I get to claim any mistakes that were still left because, after all, I was the one who caused them.

Note: The background I used for Avatar came from

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The Law

Hello all. I just thought that I'd warn you. This is *not* my usual type of writing. It's ugly, non-consensual and contains rape, interracial, anal, piercing and a number of other things. It's the non-consensual part of it that made it difficult for me to write.

It's a story about laws and a bit of a political statement as well.

It's a predictable story. It's cliché and obvious, something I try to avoid in my writing. Many of you will not read beyond the beginning. But I'm angry and this is a good way, I think, to get that anger out.

The Law Part 1 HTML
The Law Part 2 HTML
The Law Part 3 HTML
The Law Part 4 HTML
The Law Part 5 HTML
The Law - Entire Story, Text only Text

Office Games

I had a lot of fun writing Office Games and I got a lot of feedback as well. People seemed to like it and that made me happy. It contains M/f interaction, online play, solo BDSM, voyeurisim and some w/s. Enjoy and remember I love reading your comments. Oh, and just because many people asked, there is a possiblity that I'll do a follow up to it.

This story was nominated as a Silver Clitoride finalist in August of 2002. Thanks to all you people out there for nominating it!

Office Games was also won the 2003 Golden Clitoride for best BDSM story. It shared the spotlight with Her Cabin Boy by Sharon Richards. Thanks to all of you who voted for it!

Office Games Has Been Removed From This Site!

Office Games has been removed from the site because I've put it up on a pay site. The story has been up here for years, but I've re-edited it and am releasing it in its new form. If you ever wanted the story as a complete, formated, Word document, here's your chance. It's not up yet, but when it does go up, I'll post a link in my blog

Buffy Fan-Fic

This set of stories is Buffy fan-fic. However, they center on Dawn, Spike and Willow. I'd never written any fan-fic before and this was my first attempt. It was fun. Perhaps I'll do more some day...

Hunger Pt. 1 (F/f, f-solo BDSM) HTML Text
Hunger Pt. 2 (M/f, BDSM, some ws) HTML Text
Hunger Pt. 3 (F/f, BDSM, ws, fist, food) HTML Text

Stand Alone Stories

These are stand alone stories. Things that caught my fancy that I wanted to write about. Please heed the warnings.

Festival 1 (MF/f, BDSM,WS,Mens) I had planned to have more then one of these, but I sort of lost the thread of it after part one. WARNING: Very rough and high squick factor HTML Text
Sets (M/f, BDSM,WS) Sets is a nice little Husband and wife romp. HTML Text

Older Stories

Note: The following stories are all older stories. Some are of a series that I never finished (the Terry and Sandy stories, for instance.),

Margie Stories

Marge 1 (M/f, BDSM)
Marge 2 (The only way this story relates to the other one is the name. This is not part 2 of the above story and there is nothing but vanilla sex in it.)

Misc Stories

Note: There are several stories with a Kim in them - they are not a series. I just happen to think the name Kim is sexy...

The Next Morning (MF/f, BDSM,Tort,WS,Mens) WARNING:This story is not NC, but it is quite extreme. Think carefully before you read!
Kim (M/f, BD)(This is nowhere near as extreem as Next Morning)

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