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Hi there. If you have found your way here, then you should know that this site contains writings of an Adult nature. I wouldn't presume to judge whether another person is an adult based on just their age - I've known many 21+ year old people who certainly wouldn't qualify - but if you are not a legal adult, you shouldn't be reading this. If you are too young and you get caught, I don't want your parents to blame me because they can't keep track of you! If you are offended by sexual literature (such as it is) then visit another site.

This site is always under construction and contains my growing collection of writings. They are all original works and they are copyrighted. They may not be posted anywhere without my expressed premission. Most especially not on a pay site.

Almost all stories contain BDSM/ws/tort and subjects of that nature. With one exception, there are no N/C works here. There are no mutilation or snuff stories either.

Stories are posted in HTML format, but there is usually a link to simple text for easier downloading. I hope that you will like what I've written. If you do read any of the stories, please email me. The only pay back most of us get is your email telling us what you thought of our story. Due to the asshole spammers in the world, my email address is not on this site. However, there is a form you can use to send me email.

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Last updated October 29, 2005