Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill

My Sister's Bottom

My Sister's Bottom by Darius Thornhill

I’ve always been a ‘bum’ man. Not that I don’t appreciate the other soft and seductive parts of a woman’s body. I like firm and pert breasts and long shapely legs. A smooth, shaved cunt that opens like a flower when I part a woman’s thighs and is wet and ready to be fucked is pretty close to heaven. But for me there’s nothing quite as luxurious as a woman with a perfect rounded arse. Fit, firm, full and prominent cheeks, a teasing little valley between them and a lovely brown, star-like anal pucker just asking to be stroked and kissed – heaven!

I don’t know if I was born with this passion for women’s backsides or if something in my childhood triggered it. If it was something - or somebody – I reckon it must have been my sister Janie. She was four years older than me and pretty good looking. As she grew through her teenage years her figure filled out and her behind grew just a little bit fuller than the rest of her. It wasn’t big, although she’d frequently complain that it was. She just didn’t understand that most men don’t like skinny women. Sylph-like models might look great on a catwalk but in bed they’re downright uncomfortable!

She always regarded me as her ‘much’ younger brother. She used the diminutive ‘Matty’ instead of my full name, Matthew. One major advantage of our age difference – from my point of view - was that she was comfortable walking round the house wearing very little clothing. Me being an awakening 12-year old and then a very horny teenager, I don’t think she realized that my long lingering gazes at her breasts and especially her full and beautiful backside when she’d pass me in the hallway wearing panties and a bra held more than curious innocence. They were the secret catalyst that fleshed out my masturbation fantasies and filled my wet dreams. Even then I had lustful thoughts of seeing her totally naked and being able to touch her sexy body. Of course I wouldn’t have known what to do with it back then.

I took every opportunity I could to see her body. I used to sneak peeks at her through her partially open bedroom door, or in the bathroom. In the sports hall at school I used watch her bouncing breasts and mobile bottom encased in her tight athletic shorts and, during holiday’s at the beach, her bikini revealed almost, but not quite, everything my lustful heart desired. I’d add all these images to my mental collection along with some real pictures, sneaked from my parent’s photograph album, which I hid in a secret place in my bedroom - to be taken out and groaned over during my frequent wanking sessions . It wasn’t until my sister left home for university and I’d started to date my first girlfriends that I found out that the reality was even better than the fantasies.

My early sexual experience was all pretty conventional up to the age of 25 when I met a girl who was open to experimentation and I had my first anal sex. She enjoyed it as much as I did. I was amazed that she could have an orgasm when I fucked her behind without either of us touching her clit. It was incredibly erotic to feel her uncontrollable writhing and jerking as I filled her bum with my sperm. I was totally addicted and after her I wasn’t totally happy with a girlfriend who didn’t also enjoy anal sex, at least occasionally. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy vaginal sex too, but a deep, tight and well lubricated anal penetration between two beautiful, firm arse cheeks is just perfection - the chocolate icing on the cake. Even then, even when I was having sex with one of my girlfriends, my thoughts always came back to Janie’s cute bottom and what I’d like to do with it. Combining my dreams with that reality, now that would be something!

Which brings me back to my sister; we’d kept in touch as our lives developed. She’d married and divorced quite amicably with no children and now she seemed happy developing her career. I’d had a number of long-term, ‘live-in’ girlfriends but none I felt was the one to spend the rest of my life with. By some strange quirk of fate Janie and I both ended up working and living in Chicago which meant I saw her more often. She was now a beautiful, mature woman in her mid thirties. She still had that superb bottom I fantasized about, although now, when we’d meet for lunch on workdays, it was encased in tight-fitting skirts or in tight jeans or shorts when she was at home. For someone who thought her bum was big she seemed to have no qualms about displaying it in tight clothing. I noticed, and I suspect she did too, that many men would take admiring glances as she passed by.

I had a call from her one day saying there was going to be a pre-Christmas school reunion back home in a few months time – did I want to go for a long weekend and visit our parents as well? I told her it would be fun. My sister, always the organized one, booked a rental car. It was a long drive but we could make it in a day if all went well.

We set off early from Chicago chatting, laughing and enjoying the holiday. Fate however has a way of undermining the most careful plans. About 8 hours into the journey as we climbed a low range of hills we hit snow. Although it was light at first it soon became heavier and eventually we decided we’d have to stop and stay over; carrying on was getting stressful and we had plenty of time. The next town we came to was a small place with a church, a post office, a general store and a couple of hundred houses. We pulled into the store parking lot and went in to ask the owner if there were any hotels in the town.

“Well there ain’t any hotels as such but the lady in the blue house by the church takes paying guests sometimes.” We thanked her for her help. Then she added, “You folks married?”

“No, we’re brother and sister.”

“Oh well if you’ll take some advice from me you’ll tell her you’re married. She only has the one room and she’s a bit funny about letting it to non-married people. I don’t rightly know how she’d take to letting it to a brother and sister, but if I were you I’d keep things simple if you know what I mean?”

We drove the few yards up the road to the house. Before we got out of the car I asked Janie if she had a problem sharing a room with me.

“Well we got along OK at home. I’m sure we can manage for one night. You can have the cushions on the floor!”

“Oh thanks, very generous of you.” We were walking towards the door when I added, “And anyway you should have the floor – you’ve got more padding than me!”

“What do you mean?” She said with a mock-shocked look. I patted her behind and said “You know what I mean.” She giggled as I rang the bell.

The room at the top of the old house was small and dry but none too warm, but we had no choice. It held a queen-sized bed, a closet, a desk with two chairs and an adjoining bathroom. The religious icons on the walls were a clue to why we had to pretend to be married. There were no cushions. We looked at each other and shrugged as the landlady explained about the breakfast and dinner arrangements and left us alone. Call me slow but it was only then I realized that I was about to spend the night in bed next to my sister’s sexy bottom – the same one that had loomed large in my sexual fantasies and, if I was honest, still did.

“Oh well,” I thought. “I’ll just have to apply some self control. No masturbating!”

I asked Janie if she wanted to use the bathroom first. I sat on the bed while she had a shower and then emerged from the bathroom wearing her night clothes. I had difficulty not doing a double take. Her ‘pajamas’ were short, pink-trimmed, grey cotton shorts. The thin fabric managed to hug her bottom cleavage but hang loosely round the top of her legs – the perfect combination to encourage you to slide your hand up inside them and fondle her pussy and backside. These were complimented with a matching short top that only just covered her breasts.

She shrugged apologetically making the top ride up and reveal the lower swell of her breasts. “Sorry,” she said “this is all I bought. I didn’t expect to have to share a bedroom with my brother!” I mumbled something about it was fine with me and just made it to the bathroom before she could see my growing erection.

Now I had a problem. I usually sleep naked so I had no pajamas. I’d have to wear my boxer shorts. When I was ready I flipped off the light and went into the bedroom. Janie was lying completely covered. A muffled voice came from under the duvet. “Hurry up; it’s bloody freezing in here.” At least that spared me the embarrassment of Janie seeing me in my underpants with a semi erect cock hanging out. I lifted the duvet and slid into bed next to her. The next thing I knew she grabbed me and pulled me towards her and said “Warm me up before I die of cold!” I just managed to push my erection down between my legs before I was face to face, or more exactly, chest to breast with my sister. She wrapped her arms and legs round me and squeezed saying “Oo, you’re lovely and warm!” We lay like that for what seemed ages. In reality I didn’t dare move otherwise my cock would have popped out to say hello to my sister without a proper invitation. My face was close to her and damn it, she even smelled sexy. My cock was bent painfully down between my thighs.

Eventually she warmed up enough to want to go to sleep. She squeezed me and gave me a little kiss on the lips with her soft mouth and wished me good night.

“Good night sis,” I whispered as she turned over and at last I could release my erection from its purgatory. I rolled over so we were back to back and tried to fall asleep.

How could I sleep? The sexual heat radiating from my sister’s body was channeled straight to my cock. The thought of her bottom just a few inches from mine was exquisitely exciting. My cock just got harder and harder. I heard her breathing relax and she gave a few little whimpers and jumps as she fell asleep. After a while she moved and wiggled and suddenly her soft bottom was pressed against mine. The swell of her cheeks caressed me as she breathed gently in and out. It was so stimulating I couldn’t stand it. I just had to relieve the pressure in my balls. I gently started to rub my cock through my pants and then I slipped my hand inside and rubbed it directly. I was already so turned on I started to come almost immediately. With tortured slowness so as not to wake Janie I stroked myself to a stunning climax. I made no sounds but my hips did make some involuntary thrusts and my breathing stopped then relaxed as I came, filling my underwear with my sticky semen.

What a relief, but now I had another problem. I carefully lifted the sheets aside and got out of bed.

“You OK?” said a sleepy voice.

“Yes, I just need to pee. Its OK, go back to sleep.”

There was an “mmmm” from Janie as she subsided back to sleep. I cleaned up in the bathroom and washed my pants, but now I had nothing to wear in bed – my clothes were all in my suitcase and getting a clean pair would definitely wake Janie. I’d just have to wake up early and get dressed before she woke up.

I slipped back into bed trying not to touch her and finally fell into deep, but not dreamless sleep. In my dreams I followed Janie’s neat arse up endless steps watching the way it moved seductively in a pair of backless shorts that left her cheeks bare. As hard as I tried to reach her she was always a few steps in front, not seeming to notice me racing to catch up.

I awoke with a start. It was still dark outside and it took me a few moments to realize what had woken me up. I was lying on my back and Janie had rolled over in her sleep and was now pressing her breast against my side. Her hand was across my chest and her leg was lying across mine. I could feel the pressure of her pubic mound against my leg. My cock was already hard and getting even harder. This was torture – exquisite torture. If it got any bigger it would nudge her arm and then I’d be in trouble. I whispered very quietly “Turn over Janie.” and pushed her arm a little. Luckily she rolled over onto her other side but somehow she’d taken my arm with her so I couldn’t stop rolling with her. My cock was now trapped between me and the subject of all those fantasies. How could I resist? I just had to push a little bit until the tip of my cock found the little fabric covered valley between her beautiful arse cheeks. I lay there not daring to move. My cock quivered with excitement but I forced myself to lay still. This was too much! I eased back until my cock wasn’t touching her and finally fell asleep with the exhaustion of being so sexually excited for so long.

When it grew light I awoke. This time I found I was cuddled up to Janie with no pretence about not touching her. My arm was round her waist and her hand was closed over mine. My cock was nestled between the cheeks of her bottom outside her pajama shorts, but the bottom of them had pulled up so I could feel her naked flesh against my balls. My cock was leaking pre-cum and the back of her shorts was already very wet with it. And worse she was waking up.

I lay still and prayed she wouldn’t notice. Some hope. I felt her tense and then her hand moved to the back of her shorts brushing my cock as it did so.

“You’ve made me wet!”

“I’m sorry Janie. It just happened while we were asleep. We ended up cuddled up and it was just too much. Sorry.” To her credit she laughed.

“Well I always thought you were a horny little sod. Now I know for sure!”

“It’s kind of embarrassing.” I said.

“Well I can’t say I’m surprised.”

“Why not?”

“After you wanking last night.”

“Oh! How did you know?”

“For God’s sake! I know what it sounds like and the smell of semen is pretty distinctive don’t you think?”

“Um, err…” I stammered, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind. It’s only natural after all. Just make sure none of it gets near me – I’m not on the pill at the moment.”


“Well who knows what my randy little brother might get up to when I’m asleep?” She laughed again. “No seriously. It’s OK, but now I need some clean knickers!” With that she climbed out of bed and treated me to the incredible view of her pert round bottom in her grey pre-cum soaked shorts pulled up her crack exposing the lower part of her rounded cheeks. God! Did she know what she was doing to me!

Over breakfast we chatted about the weather. The forecast was for it to get worse and traffic advisories were issued requesting people not to travel unless they had to so we decided to stay put. We walked to the store but they had no newspapers due to the bad weather but we bought a bottle of wine to drink with our dinner that evening. There was nowhere else to sit in the house so we ended up back in our room sitting on the bed, then getting under the covers as it was still cold. Janie had stripped down to her silk French knickers and bra because she didn’t want to crease her clothes so naturally I stripped off too. So there I was again, in bed with my scantily dressed sister feeling randy.

By early afternoon we’d decided to open the wine and were feeling pleasantly drunk. The conversation slowly became more basic and then downright sexual when Janie asked me about masturbating.

“Do you do it as much as you used to?”


“Well do you?”

“Not quite as much as I did when I was a teenager but I don’t have the time any more!” She laughed.

“How about you?” I asked.

“None of your business!” she teased.

“Yes it is. I told you, now you tell me or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” She taunted me.

“Take you pants down and smack your bum!”

“Oh yes? And does spanking turn you on? I always knew you were kinky!”

“It would if it was your bottom.” I said before I could stop myself.

“Just you try it little brother!” she shot back. So I did. We ended up play fighting like we used to when we were kids, except wrestling with my fully-developed, semi-naked sister in a bed was more fun than I could ever have imagined when I was 14. Her body was lithe and smooth, warm and sensual. I managed to turn her over and land one smack on her bottom but as she twisted away from me her bra strap caught in my hand and pulled undone letting her full breasts swing free just as I over-balanced and fell on top of her pressing her face down onto the bed. My cock was semi erect and she must have felt it.

Suddenly we stopped. We’d both realized this wasn’t really ‘proper’ and didn’t really know what had happened.

“Sorry Janie. Got a bit carried away.” I said shifting my weight so I was lying beside her.

“No please don’t. It was me too. I didn’t think….”


“Well that I err, that you umm… would get excited.”

Maybe it was the frustration of being so close to the object of my sexual fantasies for so long or maybe it was the wine but I said something I’d never thought I’d be able to say to my sister. “You must know you turn me on big time, and I don’t care if you do know. You’re the most sexually exciting person I’ve ever known. There... now I’ve told you.”

There was a long silence while she looked at me in shock. My thoughts went from elation at having committed myself to the truth, to deep apprehension of her likely reaction. But Janie just looked at me. Then she said something which surprised me.

“Touch me. Touch my back, please.”

I gently stroked her back while she pushed herself up on her elbows and let her breasts hang free – sensuous swellings just asking to be kissed. Her panties were pulled tight over her perfect bottom. She looked at me for a long time. There was no anger in her face just some confusion. Her eye’s filled with tears and one or two droplets trickled down her cheek. I knew enough not to say anything but just carried on stroking her back to give her the time to work through what ever it was.

“Oh fuck Matty!” She exclaimed. “I don’t know what to say.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ve upset you.”

“No I’m not upset. I just don’t know….” she said, shaking her pretty head.

“Look, just tell me what’s bothering you.”

“Oh fuck!” she said, more quietly this time. “I can’t!”

“Yes you can. Just tell me - then you won’t have to worry any more.”

“Jesus, if it was that simple!”

“It is that simple. Trust me. Tell me.”

“Oh fuck!” She said again, only more resigned than before. “Listen, you mustn’t laugh at me OK?”

I squeezed her shoulder with my hand and promised I wouldn’t laugh.



“It’s about this morning when you wet my knickers.”

“Hmm, yes. Sorry about that.”

“No, don’t be sorry. You see it wasn’t entirely your fault. I umm, I sort of err, helped a bit.” She looked embarrassed and hid her face in the pillow.

“You did? But how?” I asked.

She looked at me again with her soft eyes. “I woke up before you did and I felt your umm, thingy...”

“My cock?”

“Yes, against my leg. I moved so it was next to my bum and umm, squeezed it a bit. It was just to tease you really.” She looked sheepish.

“You did? Well it more than teased me. It made me incredibly wet. I don’t think I’ve ever produced so much pre-cum.”

She took a deep breath and said “Yes, well…. it wasn’t all your’s, the umm, wetness. I didn’t really mean it to happen but it felt nice and then I got a bit wet too.”

“A bit wet?” I repeated, dumbfounded.

“A lot wet actually.”

“You mean it excited you?” I was awe struck.

“Yes.” she admitted.

“Having my cock pressed against your bottom turned you on?” My hand moved lower and started to stroke the base of her back just above the waistband of her panties.

“Yes, yes it did. I only meant to tease you a bit. I never thought it would excite me too but it did. It just happened and now I can’t forget it.” With a sudden movement she turned over, took my hand and placed it on her breast. “I want to… to….” she hesitated.

“You want to what…? I whispered, feeling the weight of her ripe breast in the palm of my hand. Her nipple was firm and hard.

“Oh fuck Matty! I don’t know. I want to... to…” she hesitated, “to do what we were doing this morning.”

“You want me to rub my cock against your bottom?” I asked, stunned at this development. She gave an apologetic little shrug and nodded.

“Is that wrong of me Matty?”

“No it’s not wrong Janie. You know you turn me on don’t you?” She nodded again. “And you know I’d like to do more than just rub it against you don’t you?” She nodded again.

“I want to feel you come,” she whispered, hiding her head in the crook of my shoulder.

I couldn’t believe this! My horny sister wanted me to rub my cock against her sexy bottom and come over her arse. My cock had escaped from my pants and was rigid with anticipation.

“Don’t be embarrassed sis. I think that’s incredibly horny, and very brave of you to tell me.” I said, breathlessly. “Look,” I said taking her hand and putting it on my cock.

“Matty…” she said, scared and elated at the same time. I didn’t want to lose this moment

“Turn on your side please sis. I want to feel you, feel your bottom next to my cock.”

As she turned over I kept my hand on her breast and moved so my cock was pressed upright between her cheeks, trapped against the soft silky material of her French knickers. The warmth of her beautiful bottom encased me in a haze of lust and instinctively I started moving my cock between her globes. And would you believe my randy sister moaned and started to squeeze me and massage me with her bottom? After so many hours of being so close to her perfect arse I was masturbating myself with it, and she was enjoying it too!

Her hand pressed mine more firmly against her breast as we moved together to trap and stroke my cock. Her knickers were getting wetter and wetter as my pre-cum soaked into the fabric. It was so warm and very wet between her cheeks that I could hardly feel the fabric at all. My cock was harder than it had ever been, so rigid it hurt. The tip was almost too sensitive to touch but I thrust it firmly in long strokes between her cheeks. I was in my own private heaven. Then heaven became even better; I felt her wriggle a bit and her hand guided my cock under the loose leg of her knickers and between the cheeks of her bottom so it was sliding over her anus and along between her naked, wet cheeks.

I whimpered with pleasure as she matched me thrust for thrust and squeezed my hand onto her breast. I knew I couldn’t last long; it was just too erotic, too arousing feeling her cheeks wrapped round me. As I felt the rising in my cock I kissed her neck and told her I was going to come.

“Yes, come. I want you too.” She moved faster and faster against me as I groaned aloud. I held it as long as I could. I didn’t want this to end. But I had no choice. My cock responded to my sister’s movements and to its own need. The warmth, the wetness and the firm flesh of my sister’s bottom squeezing and milking my cock were too much to tolerate. Suddenly I was coming. I shot my liquid tribute to my sister’s beautiful arse all over the object of my desire and lust. I filled her knickers with cum. I came more than I had for ages, since those teenage fantasies of playing with her backside; and now here I was masturbating with the real thing. My cock spurted and spurted all over her knicker-covered bum. I kept spurting until I was empty and satisfied with the best orgasm I’d had in ages. I lay between her cheeks twitching as I gasped and panted and she squeezed my hand hard.

“Fuck Matty, that was so horny! I’m all wet.”

I slid my hand down to her knickers. “I want to make you come too.”

“Mmmm! Yes please.”

I lifted the waistband of her knickers and felt for the first time her soft, downy pubic hair. She parted her legs as I slipped a finger between the folds of her cunt. She was so wet! Her clit was erect with excitement and she gasped when I circled it with my finger. Leaning over her I kissed her. I kissed my sister like I’d never kissed her before, deep, passionate and heavily sexual. Her naked breasts thrust her erect nipples against my hand and possessed me in their soft warmth. She was panting and wriggling as I played her delicate clit with all the passion she’d given me and the whole reservoir of obsession that had built over the years. I slipped a finger towards her cunt but she grabbed my hand and pulled it back to her clit.

“No!” She whispered between gasps. “All your sperm is down there and I’m not protected.”

“OK sis.” I whispered and continued to rub her clit faster and faster. Soon she was bucking and moaning aloud while her hips beat a rhythm in time with my finger. Her hips lifted off the bed and her thighs clamped together as she started to come. I felt the waves of pleasure riding up between her thighs as she gasped “I’m coming!” Then she gave a series of low grunts and a cry. Her whole body jerked and spasmed as she came and came for what seemed like minutes.

After she had relaxed and was cuddled up to me I said, “OK?”

“Oh Matty, that was amazing. So fucking horny! I came and came. I could hardly stand it.”

“Sorry about trying to put my finger in you.”

She kissed me. “No, I wanted you to, but I meant what I said this morning. I’m not on the pill and my knickers are all wet with your sperm. I don’t want to be impregnated by my own brother. That’d take some explaining!” she giggled.

“Perhaps we’d better clean you up?” I suggested. I helped her remove her wet knickers and watched her naked bottom retreat towards the bathroom. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She did have the most perfect backside. It moved with a little rolling flick that made me groan with lust.

I had no idea what would happen next. Perhaps she’d have second thoughts. Perhaps she’d feel guilty at mutually masturbating with her brother. Perhaps she’d be angry. I could only wait and see.

When she came back she was wearing some clean panties and a blouse. I had hoped she would be naked and want to play some more sexy games, but the spell was broken by her being partially dressed. She squeezed my hand and suggested we go down for dinner. I hadn’t realized the time. My disappointed look must have said it all because she smiled.

“That was fun Matty. Thank you for my wonderful orgasm.” Then she squeezed my arm and said with an air of finality “You’d better get changed. Our landlady might be a little old-fashioned about serving dinner to a man in cum-soaked underpants!” I laughed and the moment was gone. The moment when I’d at last got close to my sister’s bottom and given her a great orgasm. Oh well. I’d been fortunate to have got that far. I resigned myself to that being the first and last time I’d be intimate with my sister.


Dinner was served in the dreary dining room with lots of fussing by the landlady and endless unwanted chatter about the local, small town goings on. I suppose I was a bit distracted, a bit depressed that we’d had such a dreamy, steamy, stimulating afternoon and now it was all back to normal. Janie did nothing to suggest that she was either sorry for what we’d done or happy about it. She was nearly her normal self, but a little subdued and self-absorbed though.

After dinner we went back to the room. It was a bit awkward as we moved around the cold room not really knowing what to do. Eventually I decided I’d have to just talk to her about it.

“Look Janie. This is silly. We had a fantastic sexy afternoon and now it all seems to have evaporated. Are you upset? Are you angry with me?”

“I’m not upset Matty, and not angry. Not at all. I’m just thinking about things.”

“What are you thinking?”

“About the fact that I just had sex with my brother. I’m not sure how I should feel.” I walked to where she was standing and held her arms, looking at the confusion in her eyes.

“I’m not either Janie. I’m not sure there is a correct way to feel. I only know it was fantastic. I loved being close to you and I don’t feel sorry at all.” I pulled her closer. “In fact I’d like to do it again.” I’d committed myself now.

She sighed and said “That’s the problem. So would I.”

“Well let’s do it again silly girl!” I kissed her and felt her respond.

“Oh Matty, I do want to, but I’m worried. It’s not just that you are my brother. I don’t think that’s an issue for me, but if we go any further it will be dangerous. Like I said I’m not on the pill and I don’t suppose you have any condoms?” I shook my head.

“The store will be closed by now and in any case I’m not sure that I could go down there and buy condoms. We said we were brother and sister didn’t we? It’d be a bit obvious wouldn’t it? ‘Excuse me have you got any condoms? I want to sleep with my sister.”

“You know what small towns are like. They’re probably used to that round here.” We both laughed at that and I felt her relax a bit.

She held me close for a few moments and then said “Take me to bed Matty I want to feel you close again, but will you be careful please? You mustn’t get anything near my pussy.”

“Janie I’ll make sure you don’t get pregnant.” I promised, although if I was honest the thought of impregnating my own sister held quite a secret and erotic thrill. The vision of her belly swelling with my babies made me quite hard. ‘Kinky bastard’ I thought.

I led her to the bed and this time I took off her clothing. She held up her arms and lifted her bottom to help me as I removed her clothing and bra and knickers revealing her superb body. She watched me as I hurriedly pulled my clothes off and then, as I laid her down on the bed, she reached out and pulled me on top of her. Her legs were closed and my cock nestled between them with the tip buried in her soft pussy hair. Her soft warm body felt alive, nubile and stimulating under my weight. We kissed each other with passion and a kind of sexual hunger that made my cock instantly hard and start to leak drops of clear liquid that lubricated her enough for my cock to slip between her legs and touch her pussy. One little push and I’d have been inside her, fucking my sister properly.

I pulled back and slid my cock backwards and forwards between her closed legs. She parted her thighs a little for me and my cock touched her pussy again. She was very wet and so ready to be fucked. Our tongues were playing ‘fuck-me now’ with each other’s lips as we thrust against each other in simulated fucking. I couldn’t stand it. I had to move down so my cock wasn’t near her pussy otherwise I would have slipped it into her. I kissed her breasts and found her hard nipples with my mouth. Sucking them and biting lightly seemed to excite her even more. She moaned and pulled me up again kissing me and putting my cock in direct line with her pussy. I couldn’t help it. It slipped inside just a little. The feeling was exquisite, warm and moist… but so dangerous. The thought stopped me in my tracks just as she said “Matty …” with a sort of frustrated desperation and slowly, regretfully I pulled out. This is stupid I thought to myself. If we carry on like this I will fuck her and come in her. I rolled to one side and held her close.

“Fuck Janie! That was so close. I so wanted to fuck you.”

She sighed and pulled me close, kissing me hard on the lips. Her hand slipped down to my cock and squeezed it firmly. “And I wanted you to. I really did. I almost didn’t care. Matty I do want you to fuck me but I just can’t, we mustn’t.”

“I know Janie. It’s OK”

My hand was playing with her bottom as I kissed her. My fingers were sliding down round her cheeks and stroking her pussy. I pulled her legs apart a little and she turned onto her front to make it easier for me to reach. Her bottom was firm, round and smooth and she moved it as I massaged her buttocks and pussy.

“You know you have the most fantastic bum don’t you?” I said after a few minutes playing with her and letting things cool down a bit.

“It’s too big.”

“No, it’s perfect. Just the right size and shape. I love your bottom.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Janie, I’ve had wet dreams about your backside ever since I was 12.”

“Really?” She giggled and her buttocks moved seductively as she laughed.

“Yes, really. I have always fantasized about touching you and playing with your bum, especially here.” I let my finger trail some of her own wetness over her anus.



“You’re kinky!”

“I am where your sexy arse is concerned.”

“You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yes my sexy big sister. I’ll show you how much I love your bottom.” I pushed her thighs apart so I could kneel between them with my face hovering over her bottom. God she had a fabulous backside. I’d dreamed about this moment for years. Her cheeks were perfect rounded globes of mobile sensuous flesh; smooth and flawless moons orbiting in my heaven. Her bottom cleavage curved seductively in towards her hidden secret, the dark star of her ultimate taboo. Her pussy bulged enticingly between her legs, so close but so unattainable.

“This is what I think of your bottom,” I said again as I began to kiss her cheeks gently at first and then with increasing passion as I became more excited. My mouth covered her sexy arse like I was kissing her breasts. She giggled. When I began to lick her twin globes she wiggled her bottom. I let my tongue slide down between her cheeks and felt her tense a bit.

“Open your legs Janie.” I said firmly.

“What are you doing Matty?”

“You’ll see.” I said, giving her firm cheeks a couple of gentle smacks with the flat of my hand and pushing her legs apart with my knees. She giggled a bit but opened her thighs for me. I took one of her rounded bum cheeks in either hand and massaged them. She squirmed and moved even more so I knew she liked it. I gently pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her anus. It was immaculate; a little circle of smooth, dark flesh with lines radiating from the tightly closed centre. Carefully I lowered my face towards her little pucker and breathed in the erotic, earthy aroma of her bottom mixed with the musky heat of her pussy. My cock was painfully hard as I lowered my mouth to kiss her anus fully, passionately, just like I had kissed her mouth. She whimpered and moaned as my tongue stroked over and round her hole. Her backside pushed up to meet me. I eased the tip of my tongue inside her delicious tightness. She gasped in surprise and clenched her cheeks, but then immediately relaxed and pushed her bottom upwards to encourage me to do it again. I lay between her legs in paradise licking her anus and sliding my tongue into her. The taste, smell and sensuousness of her around my face were overwhelming.

I could have worshipped her backside like that for hours, but my cock had other ideas. Having been dipped, however briefly, into my sister’s cunt it was still painfully hard and needed to be inside her.

I knew what I wanted so I slowly kissed up my sister’s back until I was laying full length on top of her with my cock between her legs rubbing her clit.

I want to be inside you Janie.” I whispered. She groaned and said “I know, I know. But we can’t.” But her body betrayed her. Her hips moved so my cock slipped between her lips and caressed the wet entrance to her vagina. It was too tempting, too sensual.

“I want to fuck you Janie.” I said again still teasing her with my cock.

“Oh fuck Matty! I want to feel you inside me but we can’t!”

“We can Janie, it’ll be OK.”

“I’m right in the middle of my cycle. It’s not safe.”

“It is if I don’t fuck your pussy.”

“If you don’t…? Oh! You want to fuck my …?

“Yes I want to fuck you here,” I said, as I moved the tip of my cock to the entrance of her back passage and let it nestle there.

“Oh Matty! I’ve haven’t, you know, not had…”

“I’ll be gentle sis. But I want to be inside you. I want to fuck your sexy bottom. I want to feel you round my cock and you want to don’t you?”

She nodded, gave a little ‘ooh’ sound and squeezed my aching cock with her cheeks, trapping it between them while I gently rubbed the pre-cum covered tip over her already wet anus with little fucking motions. I couldn’t believe I had my cock between my sister’s naked cheeks, or that there was no frustration or hesitation any more. I was going to penetrate the bottom that had floated tantalizingly in my night and day dreams for years, always there and never quite in reach.

Her soft, warm and full cheeks caressed my cock like a pussy. I could have come right there and then quite easily, covering her bum with my ejaculation, but I wanted to fuck her properly. I could tell she was totally committed to the idea of having my cock in her backside. She was moving against me, encouraging me and flexing her anus round the tip of my cock to help me start to fuck her. With just a little pressure I eased the tip into her tightness.

“You feel so big!”

“Your fault sis. You shouldn’t have such a delectable backside. Push out for me, it’ll make it easier.” I felt her open a little and a bit more pressure let my cock ease her apart a little more, opening her anus, preparing her backside for the full length of my impatient cock. She felt tight, but smooth and slippery as I worked my cock gently in and out, just the tip penetrating her.

“Push a bit more Matty,” she whispered. “It feels OK.”

“You’re sure sis? I want so much to fuck you, but I don’t want to hurt you. Relax as much as you can….” As I felt her muscles ease their tension I applied more pressure and we both felt that exquisite moment as the tip slipped past her ring and was sucked inside her bottom.

“Fuck Janie! That feels so good.” I felt an involuntary spasm round my cock as her anus reacted to my invasion and then relaxed.

“Take it out and do it again Matty,” she pleaded. I eased my cock out of her with a little slip and rubbed it between her cheeks again. I was so close to coming I didn’t dare do it for very long. Running my cock between her lubricated cheeks the tip found her arsehole again and slid more easily inside. Again I slid it out and back in, each time it was easier as she relaxed and became more excited.

“Is that OK?” I asked. It was a rhetorical question. Her movements and sounds told me she was ready for me to fully penetrate her virgin bottom. She was tight, but wet, open and ready to be fucked. I hesitated, savouring the anticipation of what we were about to do. Then with exquisite slowness I slid the full length of my cock deep into my sister’s bottom until her cheeks pressed firmly against me and my balls massaged her cunt.

We both sighed with relief and satisfaction. We were there at last. For me, years of lusty dreaming were replaced by the reality of the smooth depth and heat of her backside. For Janie the excitement of having her anus penetrated for the first time, and that time by her randy little brother, and finding that she enjoyed it made her relax and become more aroused as any doubts she had faded. We lay there for a few moments, my cock twitching deep in her backside but not really fucking her, just gentle little movements.

“It feels so good Matty. I never knew!”

“If you only knew how many times I masturbated thinking of being inside your sexy arse!

“You’re kinky.”

“So are you now. You’re encouraging your brother to fuck your backside. How kinky is that?”

“Umm, I’m not sure. You’d better do it some more so I can make up my mind!” She started moving her backside against my body and squeezing her cheeks round my cock. I couldn’t stop myself starting to fuck her with deep penetrating strokes. The tight slippery wetness of her back passage made my cock even harder. It ached to release its load into her. The thought of coming in Janie’s backside stimulated me even more. I pulled my cock almost right out, so the tip was just in her anus and fucked her quickly just a few inches in and out, then thrust it back inside her again firmly and deeply to feel that totally enclosed tightness that only comes when having deep anal sex with a woman who has a full and rounded arse that just cries out to be buggered. And Janie’s bottom did just that. She was squeezing and thrusting in time with my incestuous penetrations. We both gasped and cried out as the force of our lust made us lose any inhibitions. We fucked faster and faster until Janie gave a long low moan and went rigid for a few seconds, clamping my cock with her bottom cheeks. Then she took off like a wild horse, bucking and writhing so I had to grab her hips and hold on to keep my cock in her as she fucked me as hard as I was fucking her beautiful arse. As her orgasm overtook us both, my balls went tight and my cock started to spasm.

“Fuck Janie! I’m coming….” I gasped as my cock started to spurt and fill her bottom with the product of years of fantasy and erotic dreams. I forced my cock as far up her backside as it would go and then pushed harder still, groaning and moaning like someone in pain. She pushed back against me as her orgasmic spasms milked my cock to wave after wave of brotherly emissions.

“Yes Matty, yes!” she gasped.

My Sisters Bottom I implanted a great flood of my incestuous semen deep into her tight and waiting bottom, filling it with my liberal tribute to her perfect arse. I wanted this moment to go on forever; my erupting cock deep in her beautiful, willing, orgasmic backside. Her full round cheeks enticing me to bigger and better ejaculations, my spasming cock exciting her deepest, most hidden passions; each elemental force circling back and driving the other in a tightening spiral of incestuous lust until I went rigid and held her so tight I was afraid I’d hurt her. My cock gave two or three massive final spasms and I felt her backside begin to calm down to twitching jumps as we both started to float down from our highs. We lay in a gasping, panting tangle of arms and legs, our bodies wrapped closely around each other as my cock grew smaller and she relaxed her grip on it.

Finally it popped out and I turned her on her side to kiss and caress her.

“Janie that was incredible! Just fucking amazing! You are so sensuous, so sexy, and so fucking horny!”

She squeezed me and kissed me. “You’re not so bad yourself little brother!” We both giggled at that.

Afterwards we lay and talked late into the night. She admitted that she’d known about my sexual obsession with her because she’d once caught site of me masturbating over her bikini pictures. She told me that she’d thought about that quite often since and it had excited her, and that she thought perhaps subconsciously she’d wanted this to happen. After all why did she suggest renting a car rather than flying?

I told her I wasn’t sorry; it had felt absolutely right to me and I wanted to do it again. I looked into her eyes and saw a happy little smile there. She kissed me and said “Yes Matty, my sexy, obsessive randy little brother. I’m glad it’s me you’re obsessed with, and my bottom. I wasn’t sure about anal sex but you made it fantastic for me. Thank you."

“Does that mean that you’d like to fuck again sometime?”

“I’d like you to fuck my pussy as soon as we can find some protection, but for now I want you to fuck my bottom as soon as you are ready again.” She shrugged and smiled a helpless, sexy smile. Her lips found mine and her hand found my cock. She started stroking it back to hardness.

It didn’t take long.


We eventually made it to the school reunion and spent an interesting weekend at a hotel catching up with old friends, drinking too much and not getting much sleep. We stayed back at home with our parents and there wasn’t really any opportunity for us to get close, although we did manage a brief passionate kiss before going off to our separate bedrooms. Lying there in my old room brought back some horny memories and I masturbated myself to sleep. Janie told me later she did the same. I had intended to get up early and sneak into her room but my parents had other ideas; they woke us up early for breakfast so we could spend some time with them.

Around midday we left to drive back to Chicago. It was a perfect winter’s day, cold but clear with deep blue sky stretching from horizon to horizon. As we left town Janie leaned across and kissed me. She slipped her hand between my legs and felt my cock starting to get stiff. “I don’t like the look of this weather. We’d better find a hotel soon,” she giggled.

We pulled into a large hotel and booked a room. As soon as the door was shut we grabbed each other kissing, laughing, touching and stripping all at the same time. I pulled a packet of condoms from my pocket just as she did the same from her bag. We fell onto the bed and couldn’t get one on my cock fast enough. Shortly afterwards she sighed deeply as my erect cock slid easily into her waiting pussy. Foreplay wasn’t an issue. We’d already had years of that! We spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the night fucking like neither of us had ever fucked before. I spent ages playing with her beautiful bottom while she lay face down with a plump pillow under her hips. I kissed it, tasted it, licked it, lubricated it and finally fucked her backside at least three times. We both came more in one day than we ever had before confirming and sealing our incestuous lust.


So what happened next?

Well we still live in separate houses in Chicago and are both still single. We do sleep with other people occasionally but we save the best for each other. My sister won’t let anyone but me fuck her bottom and I’ve kind of lost interest in other girl’s backsides. I save up until I can fill Janie’s pussy and her tight, rounded behind with my semen again and again during one of our long sexy Sunday’s.

One day in late summer I was lying naked in her big warm bed. We’d had our first urgent ‘it’s been three days and I want you inside me’ fuck and Janie was sitting on the edge of the bed, her breasts looking firm and warm in the sunlight, stroking my cock, kissing it and cupping my balls in her hand. She stopped for a moment and looked at me. “I don’t know why, but it is better, sexier when it’s with you. Maybe it’s the excitement of breaking taboos, maybe it’s how kinky you are about my bottom or maybe I just love you more.”

Then her mouth enclosed my growing cock and the conversation became more primitive for a long while.

It is said dreamers should be careful what they wish for; their wishes may come true. Have your dreams, make your wishes and hope they do come true. Mine did.

Darius Thornhill
Copyright 2006

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