Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill

Lucy, My Niece.

Lucy, My Niece by Darius Thornhill

Chapter 1
The bedroom door creaked open. Lucy, my 16 year-old niece, stood there in her school uniform. Her white cotton blouse, normally fastened primly to the neck, was now open showing the uplift of her pert breasts which had grown nicely since I'd last seen her to a nice tight stretch across her chest. Her short grey skirt was cut well above her knee showing a nice expanse of long teenage leg.

'I thought you'd like some coffee Steve.' she said smiling and showing me the tray she carried. She often used my first name.

'Well thanks Lucy. That's very thoughtful of you. Put it down here.' I said indicating the bedside table. She bent down to lower the tray showing more of her creamy white breasts. I tried not to look, honestly I did. But I didn't try too hard as she sat on the bed beside me. She has been growing exceptionally well of late and is turning into a little stunner.

'Mum said you'd probably sleep in. Your flight was late wasn't it?'

'Yes it was. I could stay in bed all day. Aren't you supposed to be at school?'

'Revision day. I'm meant to be studying for my exams next month. And anyway I wanted to see you this morning.'

'Supposed to be studying?' I queried.

'Its boring. I thought you might like to help me if you don't mind?'

'Of course I'll help you.' Before I could say anything more she jumped up. Her skirt bounced as she skipped out of the door showing a brief flash of her bottom cheeks clad in white cotton knickers. I suppressed a groan. She certainly was a lovely, lively teenager and I couldn't help my body reacting to her youthful beauty.

'I'll get my books and bring them here then you won't have to get out of bed!' she called. I sipped my coffee while contemplating the pleasure the day would bring. I had nothing planned after long trip abroad and now I was to spend the time relaxing in the company of a beautiful, intelligent young girl. OK, so Lucy is my niece, but that didn't cause me a problem. You can look at the menu can't you?

A few minutes later she came back with a small pile of text books and a note pad. She sat down on the bed, her two slim legs pressed together. She smiled her big-eyed smile and I thought again how many men would be putty in her hands when she was just a little older.

'OK, so what are we studying?' I asked pulling myself up in the bed. I was glad I wore shorts in bed when I was at my sisters house.

'Oh well I've got a few things to do: some English, but that's an essay. I'm doing French this evening with Mum. Maths is easy and I've already done History.

'Well what do you think is your weakest subject?' I asked.

'Oh, Science definitely. I hate Science and the teacher is a real perv. Even Mum says he is!'

'Oh really. Why do you call him a perv? And where is your mum by the way?'

'She's out at one of her meetings. They're organising some show or other down at the village hall. She'll be gone ages. They drink tea and talk and talk like anything. And he's a perv because he looks up my skirt!' She giggled and went a bit red in the face. I didn't say anything. By Lucy's standards I was a perv too.

'Right then young lady, what's it to be? What part of your science curriculum can I help you with?' A funny look passed across her face. She looked down, hiding her face behind her long hair. She mumbled something I didn't quite catch.

'Sorry Lucy, I didn't quite....'

'Biology...' she blurted out, '... human biology. You know, reproduction and stuff.'

'Oh!' I said. 'At least I know something about that. You don't need to be shy, we can work through the book or you can just ask me what you need to know.'

'Can I ask you anything?'

'Yes and I'll give you the best answer I can, I promise.'

'You won't think I'm silly?'

'Lucy, of course not. Just ask.'

She took a deep breath, grabbed a book and it fell open at a much-studied page with outline drawings of a penis with testes on one page and a vagina with womb and ovaries on the other. The text below explained how the sperm was 'introduced' into the vagina and fertilised the egg there.

Pointing to the word 'introduced' she said 'It's that bit I don't understand.'

It was my turn to take a deep breath. Here was a desirable and very sexy young girl sitting on my bed wearing a short skirt, oblivious of her fresh young breasts peeking out of her blouse and asking me to explain fucking. I gathered my wits.

'Well Lucy, its like this. The man's penis becomes bigger and hard. Then he puts it inside the woman's vagina. The sperm is transferred and the egg is fertilised if they're lucky. It doesn't happen every time.'

'So it gets hard and just goes inside, the sperm falls out and that's it?'

'Well it's a little more involved than that. The man and woman have to make it hard first and then they kind of work together to make the sperm come out.'

'How do they make it hard?'

'Sometimes it just gets hard, err.. at the thought of being inside and sometimes it needs to be touched to make it hard.' What she didn't know was that my cock was stirring at the thought of what we were talking about and because of the closeness of her nubile young body.

'Isn't it painful when it swells up?'

'No it feels fine.' There was a long silence. Lucy's head was down again and her face hidden. In a very small voice she said those fateful words. Those words I can never quite believe she said despite all that's happened since. If she hadn't said them we would have continued the lesson like any other caring uncle would and things would not have changed forever.

What she said was 'I want to know what it looks like.'

'You mean a penis, a hard penis?'

In an even quieter voice she said 'Yes. Can I see your penis get hard?'

'Lucy! I don't know if that's....'

'But I just want to know!' She said in a burst of speech. Her eyes blazed teenage confusion, curiosity and a bit of anger. 'Everyone talks about it all the time at school. All the boys joke about it, but they're just idiots. The books just show these stupid diagrams. I just want to see one!'

'Well Lucy perhaps we could find some pictures...'

'No! I want to see a real one. I want to see yours.' she wailed, her voice on the edge of tears.

'But Lucy I'm your uncle . I wouldn't be right for me to show you my penis! Suppose your parents found out?'

'We don't have to tell them! I just want to see, that's all. Please uncle, please.

'Oh Lucy' I said, but my weakening resolve was already showing in my voice and my resigned shrug. 'I suppose it would be ..... well, OK then, just a look.' Could I have resisted being asked to show my erect cock to this sexy young woman no matter what the risk was? We were alone in the house. We'd be fine and anyway I was just going to show her my hard cock. Nothing else would happen.

'Oh uncle, thank you, thank you, thank you.' She smiled that smile. A little more of my resistance evaporated. Eager anticipation spread across her face.

'Put your books on the floor and I'll... just, um...' I didn't really know what to do so I just pulled the covers down and pointed to my semi-erect cock in my shorts.

'Its in here.' I said rather lamely, but Lucy goggled staring at the growing bulge. I slipped my hand inside my shorts and lifted my cock clear and into her gaze.

She gave a little giggle but her face was hidden by her hair so I couldn't see what she thought.

'It's so big!' she said, giggling again.

'Well it gets bigger and harder before it goes inside.'

'Wow! Make it get bigger then!' she demanded excitedly. Now she was staring straight at my growing cock which didn't need much encouragement to grow because Lucy was leaning forward to get a closer look. Her school blouse gaped open revealing a smooth white cotton bra enfolding two delicious small breasts and her cute cleavage.

My hand gently lifted and stroked my cock which rapidly grew to a good hard erection, perhaps harder and thicker than for sometime, such was the effect of her young body. When it was fully hard I took my hand away and showed her the result: my big proud cock standing up straight, hard and long. I have to say I was proud of it! And of course it was thinking for me because I heard myself say 'What do you think?'

'It's amazing! uncle , can I touch it? And like a good uncle, but more like a man thinking with his cock I said 'Of course you can.'

'It's kind of scary,' she said not moving. 'Doesn't it hurt to have something that big inside you?'

'No Lucy. Both the man and the woman produce some slippery fluid that lubricates it. They wait until it will go in easily.'

'It won't bite' I said. 'Come and sit here.' She sat close beside me. She couldn't take her eyes off my now huge cock. I lifted her hesitant hand and pulled it unresisting towards my cock. I laid it gently palm down on the back of my cock then sat up in the bed a little so it sprang straight up from my stomach. The soft warmth of her hand made my cock even harder.

'Ooh! It's warm and soft and smooth and hard all at the same time!'

'Thank you Lucy.' I said weakly, not knowing how else to respond.

Where does the sperm come out? she said. I showed her the little hole and she giggled. 'Is that where the other fluid comes from too? The stuff that makes it easier to go in?' I told her it did and was wondering how long before a demonstration of pre-cum became inevitable. 'Can you make it do it?'

'Yes if you like. You can um... help a bit... if you like...' I'm sure that was my cock talking. It can't have been Lucy's caring uncle. He'd never had said that.


'Just squeeze it gently and move your hand up and down at the same time. A bit firmer... yes like that, that's good, Lucy, that very good....' My cock was in heaven and my normal brain was in full retreat, a vague whisper somewhere in the background said 'But...' I ignored it.

Lucy's eyes were fixed on my cock as she gently stroked me, so I had all the time and opportunity to notice her breathing coming a little faster and her nipples beginning to poke through the thin fabric of her blouse. God! It was turning her on too. As she shifted to get a better position her skirt rode up exposing the little white vee of her panties nestling between her legs. For the first time I thought about her teenage vagina. I wondered what it looked like and whether she shaved her pubic hair. She squeezed her thighs together unconsciously and then relaxed them. She was getting excited too!

'Is that it uncle ?' she asked looking at the clear drop of pre-cum that had magically appeared at the end of my cock.

'Yes.' I managed to croak. 'Um... you'd better stop now.'

'Why? Don't you like it?'

'It's a bit too good Lucy. If you don't stop I might get a bit carried away and you'll see more than just pre-cum.'

'Oh!' she exclaimed and stopped moving her hand. But she didn't stop holding my cock which was twitching under her hand. I know I should have ended it there but I didn't. My excuse was that I was distracted by her tight little breasts, by the smooth contour of white fabric stretched across her pubic mound and by her bright smile when she looked straight at me and asked with a new confidence, 'Can I see... you know...?'

'What Lucy?'

'The sperm. I want to see how it comes out and what it looks like. They never tell you that in the books. I just want to know. Please.' What could I do? I should have said 'no' but it had been a few weeks since I'd had sex and my cock was still in control. A deep breath.

'OK Lucy. But you must make sure your parents never find out. They'd kill us both!' She giggled.

'They won't'. she said conspiratorially. 'What do I do?'

'Just what you were doing before. Just rub it gently up and down.' And she did. My sexy 16-year old niece was wanking my huge cock perfectly. The look of concentration and the smile on her face was wonderful to see as I became more excited. Her gentle hand rubbed along the length of my shaft as I watched her breasts lifting and subsiding. Her breathing became faster. Her legs squeezed and opened and without thinking I placed my hand on her waist. She snuggled a little closer and I felt my hand slide round and stroke the side of her breast. What was I doing? Touching up my own niece is what I was doing. Unable to resist I was fondling her little breast, feeling her nipple grow under my fingers. She seemed not to notice as she concentrated on stroking my cock. Her face was a picture of earnest concentration and excitement. Her legs squeezed rhythmically together as she became sexually excited too. It couldn't last long.

'The round bits at the bottom have gone funny, sort of tight.' Lucy said breathlessly.

'Yes,' I grunted 'It's going to happen, I'm going to come.'

'Ooo, really?'

'Yes Lucy I....' but I didn't finish the sentence. The feeling that had started when my balls tightened as they readied their load overwhelmed me and my sperm-rich semen shot out of my cock in three or four heavy spurts all over her hand and onto her blouse. Lucy said 'Wow' and continued to rub me furiously.

'Argh! Slow down Lucy, slow down. Too much.' She did as I asked and I opened my eyes to see her big bright smile.

'Did I do that uncle ? Did I make you come?'

'Yes you did. Very effectively as you can see.' I said, pointing to the semen dripping down the front of her blouse onto her grey skirt. She didn't seem to care.

'Really? I made you do that? I made all that come out? That's amazing.'

'Yes Lucy it was amazing. Thank you. But you'd better do something about your blouse and skirt.' In my wildest dreams I couldn't have predicted what she did next. The new-found confidence she'd discovered by making her uncle come also made her much less self-conscious. She just popped the buttons on her blouse and shrugged it on the floor then stood up and dropped her skirt.

'There.' she said brightly. Her smooth white bra covered her perfect little tits and both her nipples were excited, hard and obvious through the thin fabric. Her narrow waist with just a perfect hint of a rounded belly, the perfect place to fill with babies I thought instinctively. The swell of her hips rounding out to her white cotton knickers that closely fitted her curves and in between her legs.... 'Uncle.' she continued, 'when I was touching you, you put your hand on my...'

'Ah yes. I'm sorry about that. I got a bit carried away.'

'Does that mean that I excited you, you know – like that... ?'

Well yes you did, of course. That's why I came like that. But I'm sorry I touched you.' I lied.

'I, um... liked it.' Her face had disappeared between her long strands of hair again. 'It made me, um... sort of you know, tingle.'

'Lucy that's great. I didn't want to upset you or scare you. It's like that when two people are this close. That's how it works. Your body and mine both want to feel good. It's perfectly natural. The excitement, the 'sexy' feeling, makes it easier all round.'

'I wasn't scared. I just didn't know....'

'I know love. It can all be a bit overwhelming at first. It's hard to sort it all out. The best thing is just to be honest and open.' I patted her arm. She put her hand on mine and squeezed it hard.

'I um.. wanted... I thought... Oh God!' she blurted out.

'Lucy what is it? You can tell me. You can say anything to me. It will be OK I promise.'

She managed to overcome her shyness and in that small voice of hers said 'I liked it. I want you to do it again.' and she lifted my hand to her breast. Oh damn! I was for it now. Lucy my sexy niece wanted me to play with her little tits and I wanted too. I wanted to strip off her bra and suckle her nipples, to run my hand between her legs and rip her panties aside, feel her young cunt and... Oh bugger! She was my niece. I couldn't do that to her. But I could please her by fondling her breasts, just a little. No harm in that.

I turned her toward me and pulled her a little closer so I could reach more easily. She was sitting with one leg crooked up on the bed displaying her pubic mound and a sexy little strip of white cotton covering vagina. Her leg was touching mine and it was my turn to feel a tingle as my cock began to recover. Her little breasts nicely filled her small bra and just asked to be stroked and squeezed. I lifted both my hands to cup them gently in my palms and let the weight of them lay their spell on me before my fingers found her nipples and rolled them a little. She gasped and grabbed my hands, but then relaxed. I massaged her some more with firmer circular motions gently pinching her nipples with each circle.

'Is that OK Lucy?' She nodded, her eyes closed and a secret smile on her face. Her firm tits felt wonderful under my hands and she was very obviously enjoying it. Without thinking I slipped her bra straps from her shoulders and exposed her perfect breasts. They where pert, firm and smooth. Her nipples were small nuts set in large puffy areola. God! She was beautiful. I smoothed and folded them in my palms, stroking their delicately curved sides and flicking her nipples with each pass.


'Hmm?' she said in a dreamy voice.

'Is this nice?' Do you feel good?'

'Mmm yes. Do you like them? Are they big enough?'

Lucy, they are the nicest breasts I have ever seen. You are truly beautiful.' She didn't answer but she smiled and moaned a little and I noticed her rocking her hips backwards and forwards rubbing her pussy against the bed and her leg against mine. Christ! That was so horny. I was sure she masturbated, what 16 year-old didn't? I just couldn't help myself. I let go one of her breasts and took her hand, placing it between her legs. She groaned louder this time and immediately began rubbing her vagina with small circular motions. She was far to far gone to feel shy. After a short while I watched her slip her hand inside her knickers and rub her clit directly. The sweet scent of her arousal was in the air between us. My cock was fully grown again and asking for attention but it wasn't going to get any just then. Her breath started to become ragged and her hips thrust against the bed. Her nipples grew harder in my palms and her tits bounced with the rhythm of her coming orgasm. Suddenly she squeaked and bit her bottom lip, then gasped as her climax came with a series of big thrusts against an imaginary cock. Then she collapsed onto my chest trapping my now huge erection between her perfect little tits. I squeezed her hard and stroked her back and hair.

'Lucy, Lucy! That was amazing. You are such a sexy young woman.' But I felt her shoulders shake and a sob escaped her. I felt tears on my chest. 'Oh Lucy. It's all right, everything's OK.' I soothed her, but it was all too much for her. She needed time to get used to the idea of what had happened between us so I held her and comforted her as her tears subsided.

'I'm sorry uncle . I didn't mean it to...'

'No, Lucy, really it's all right. It's fine. In fact it was wonderful and I feel privileged you shared your sexiness with me. It's an honour to be so trusted.' I needed to change the subject. 'Now lets get up and see about some food shall we? You've made me hungry!' She giggled and sat up lifting the sheet to hide her breasts modestly. I slipped my cock back into my shorts and smiled at her. 'Lucy it really is all right you know. You must promise you won't worry.' She smiled again and nodded. 'Now go and get dressed and we'll see about the rest of the day. She stood up and lifted her bra back up to cover her breasts and then walked towards the door showing me her beautiful, nicely-rounded little backside enclosed in pretty white knickers. From the door she looked back.' Thank you uncle .' she said and smiled at me.' I knew then everything would be all right.


Chapter 2.
Over a late breakfast Lucy was quiet and kept glancing up at me and blushing. Sometimes she giggled a little and covered her face with her hair. When I asked if she was OK with everything she nodded, quite enthusiastically I thought and smiled at me too. Then the bombshell:

You know you said that the man and the woman have to 'work together' to make it happen, err... inside?'


'How do they do that uncle?'

'Well you saw how easy it was to make it happen with your hand? Can you imagine how nice it would be for the man if his penis was, um enclosed inside a vagina? It's much better than a hand, especially if the woman really wants to as well.

'Why wouldn't she want to?'

'Ah Lucy! Sex is fantastic, but it also gets very complicated sometimes, very emotionally fraught if it's not handled correctly by two people. At it's best when two people really care for, trust and respect each other it's heaven. At it's worst it can be devastating.'

Then she looked at me with a steady gaze for a few seconds before blushing and dropping her head. 'I trust you.' I didn't miss the invitation.

'Lucy, do you know what you're saying? Are you sure you want to....?' She nodded and I reached across the narrow table to touch her hand.

In a whisper she said 'I want to know what it's all about, and I want to learn with you. I don't care about anything else! I want to know.' I had to try to dissuade her, even if it was for the sake of my conscience.

'You have just paid me the greatest compliment you possibly could, but have you really thought it through - fully? I'm you're uncle and it would be incest and that's illegal. It's a very adult decision and we'd have to make sure no one found out. You couldn't tell anyone - ever.'

'I don't care. Anyway I am an adult now. I'm 16. Don't you want to?'

'Lucy you are an incredibly attractive young woman. You are sweet, warm and very sexy. Of course I want to, but I have to make sure that you won't regret it afterwards if we did. Once you do it, it's done forever so it's a really important choice.'

'I know that. I still want to and I want you to be the first one. I won't be sorry, I know I won't. Please.'

'Oh Lucy! You don't need to say please. I want you. How could I not? I just had to make sure.' She looked at me with a mixture of relief and a little fear. 'Oh Lucy!' I stood up and steered her around the table towards me. Her arms went round my waist and I pulled her to me. I felt her small breasts firm against my chest and breathed in the fresh girly smell of her hair. I kissed her head and stroked her back and shoulders until I felt her relax a little. 'It's all right.' I whispered. 'I love you dearly and I want you as much as you want me. In fact I've wanted you for years.'

'Really?' she said looking up at me. I kissed her properly for the first time. Not the chaste peck on the cheek of a fond uncle, but the deep longing desirous kiss of a lover. My tongue played across her lips and instinctively she opened them and returned my passion ten-fold, thrusting herself at me and pushing her body at me. For a while I let her play and then gently eased her away a little, looking into her eyes.

'Yes really, but I would never have approached you. I might have scared you. You'd have thought I was a perv!' She giggled and shook her head.' I kissed her again this time more gently, stopping now and again to kiss her cheeks, eyes, nose and forehead while she got used to this intimacy. After a while I realised that of course she would stand there forever letting me kiss her as she had no idea what to do next. I would have to lead her all the way.

'Lucy, would you like to start now, start where we left off?' She blushed at the thought but nodded agreement so I took her hand, put a comforting arm around her and lead her upstairs to my bedroom. Without letting go of her so she would always feel in touch with me I slipped her clean blouse from her shoulders and then unzipped her school skirt letting it fall. She stood there her in bra and knickers instinctively dropping her shoulders and covering herself as best she could with her arms.

Taking her forearms I gently lifted her arms away from her body so I could look fully at her superb young shape. As she stood in front of me. I gently traced the parts of her body, running my fingers over each part as I told her what I thought.

'Lucy, the first thing you have to know is just how lithe and sexy you are. You are a beautiful young woman with a body to be proud of. Your hair is long and silky, you have warm and sexy lips and you kiss beautifully. Your breasts are firm and full and just the right size. You have a lovely little waist and just the right amount of sexy belly to be attractive. Your legs are smooth and I just can't wait to be in between them. Here I pulled her too me and kissed her again as she giggled and went red. My hand slipped round behind to cup her perfect little bottom. 'And you've got a dead sexy arse too!' I laughed with her at this slight crudity. 'Now, where were we? Oh yes, I remember....' I slipped the catch on her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her tits stood out firm. Her proud nipples, erect, asking to be sucked. I pulled her towards me letting her nipples caress my bare chest and kissing her while I stroked her back and bottom. The kiss was deep and full of promise. Her tongue now found my lips and soon she was sucking my tongue into her mouth in anticipation of what was to come.

My cock was hard, standing erect in my shorts, pressed between our bodies. I eased back and gently turned her round so her back was now close against my body while my hands massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. She laid her head back on my shoulder and sighed. As I kissed her head one hand moved lower until I found the waist band of her little white school-girl knickers. She tensed as my hand moved further down outside her knickers to stroke and circle her mound. She jumped a little as my fingers brushed the top of her lips and pressed lightly against per clit. I couldn't feel any hair so supposed she shaved. Now my other hand slipped down and under the waist band of her knickers and I was delighted to find she had the softest downy hair covering her mound so fine it was hardly there. Further down between her legs she was smooth and hairless. My hand stroked her lips inside her knickers and she started moving against me, pushing as I teased her with my finger ends. A little pressure and my finger popped between her lips to find she was already wet with anticipation. Now she gave a little groan as I started to masturbate her with one hand and play with her nipples with the other. Her cute little bottom was massaging my cock as we stood there in an increasingly passionate embrace. My finger moved faster and faster over her clit and then just gently dipped into her well lubricated little cunt. She jumped and wriggled sexually against me as I moved from clit to cunt with increasing rapidity. Suddenly she went rigid and cried out as her orgasm exploded within lifting her further, higher, the first time anyone else had made her come. Then she collapsed moaning into my arms. I gently laid her down on the bed and enclosed her into my arms, kissing her shoulders and neck and whispering small reassuring things as she relaxed.

We didn't rest for long. She amazed me then, and continues to amaze me now, how fast she recovers from one orgasm and is ready for another. She turned over, stretched her body out against mine, kissed me and said 'Thank you', while reaching to pull my shorts down and release my semi-erect cock. Her hands quickly enclosed it and started to stroke it like she did before. 'Is that nice uncle?'

'Perfect Lucy, but let me show you how to make it even better.' I lifted her up so she straddled my legs sitting across my thighs. She giggled as my cock sprang up in front of her. I sat up slightly so I had a perfect view of her naked tits bouncing as her small hand moved up and down my cock. The thin white strip of fabric was stretched tight between her now wide open legs. The material had gone semi transparent where her wetness had soaked it. I could clearly see the outline of her lips and little cunt. She smiled at me as she followed my instructions and concentrated on my now fully erect cock. She kept one hand cradling my balls while the other almost enclosed my cock, although she couldn't quite get her fingers right round it. The feeling was so horny with her warm hands enthusiastically wanking me while I took my time watching her fit young body moving enticingly in my lap. My cock grew bigger and harder as I became more and more excited. As my balls tightened, winding themselves up, anticipating, she instinctively stroked more quickly. She had a half-smile on her face and a look of fierce concentration. A little drop of her clear fluid formed between her legs on the outside of her knickers. Her breasts bounced in syncopation with her hands, her nipples waving wild circles in the air. Her breath came in short bursts and she rocked her bottom backwards and forwards on my legs as she pulled me towards orgasm.

'Yes Lucy.. that's perfect...' I managed to say between groans. “I'm coming, you're making me come.... oh fuck!' and my cock stopped trying to resist, to extend the greedy pleasure. The first thick white stream of cum shot out covering my stomach and Lucy's hands as my balls started to empty themselves. More and more followed. I was coming like a teenager again. My balls ached with the effort of coming and Lucy slowed down to long slow pulls, milking me, urging me to give her all my cum. I the end I had to put my hand on hers to stop her as it became too much to bear. 'Oh fuck Lucy,' I said, 'that was amazing! You're so good at it!'

She looked pleased and giggled. 'You said 'fuck' uncle. That's naughty!'

'Sometimes 'Oh fuck' is the only thing that describes the feeling Lucy!' She was looking at the white fluid dripping from her hand.

'Be careful with that it's dangerous stuff. Don't get it near your vagina. I'm serious!' I said, as she teased me by pretending to rub her hand across her knickers. 'It would take some explaining if I managed to make you pregnant. I'm not sure your parents would be too amused. It would bad enough from their point of view that we are having sex, but if I managed to fill your cute little belly full of baby they would definitely have a sense of humour failure.'

'Could you, you know... make me pregnant... without doing it properly?'

'Yes, easily. So be careful.'

'OK uncle.'

'Let me clean you up a bit.' I lifted her up and swung my legs over the side of the bed and kissed her, my cock was trapped between our bodies. I really would have to be careful. It would be only two easy to get carried away and accidentally impregnate Lucy. The thought made my cock jump... hmm ... my baby making her little belly swell and grow... me fucking her while she was pregnant... Christ, what sexy thoughts. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! What was I doing? Guilt? A little. Fear? Definitely. Excitement? Bucket-loads. Horny? In spades. I couldn't resist this sexy, willing, beautiful girl even though it was dangerous.

I steered Lucy to the bathroom where we cleaned up. Very shortly we were back on the bed, Lucy still in her white, slightly damp knickers and me naked with a nicely satisfied cock slowly leaking the remains of my cum. She looked at me expectantly as if to say 'OK, what's next'.

What was next was me burying my face between her legs and licking her cunt and clit until she screamed for mercy. Not that I was that bullish. I gently laid her down, placed her arms above her head, opened her legs and stroked her inner thighs. She sighed with pleasure and moved her legs open a bit further inviting my touch. Slowly my caressing hand worked it's way up between her legs, almost but not quite touching her cunt, but then moving away, teasing and tantalising her. Then a light brush across her smooth mound followed by a gentle stroke across her clit and cunt lips. Lucy caught her breath, grabbed tight hold of the bed head and arched her back in response. God! She was so sexy and willing. My finger now caressed her more firmly, pushing the fabric between her lips and a little way into her vagina. I moved so I was kneeling between her wide open thighs and lowered my head towards her sex. The aroma of her arousal made my cock twitch and begin to grow hard. My lips touched the fabric of her knickers and I tasted her excitement. I took the folds of her lips trough the fabric and squeezed the. She rewarded me with a gasp and a little jump of pleasure. The time had come. I pulled the fabric aside and exposed her cute little cunt to my lusty gaze. It was my turn to gasp. She was so petite and beautiful! Her perfect naked lips enclosed a small pink slit. Her clit was quite prominent and her vagina a darker redness within the depths of the pink. She was wet, very wet and it flowed down over her anus as she lay exposed on my bed.

I lowered my lips again, this time to kiss her cunt lips just as if they were her mouth, and with as much feeling and sensuality as I could. She squeaked, groaned and for a moment clamped her legs around my head. Her hands flew to my head and held me still.

'Oh my God! That's... I want... no... yes... please... oh...! I eased her legs apart and this time took her little bud of a clitoris between my lips and sucked it gently while running my tongue round in circles over her most sensitive organ. She cried aloud, opened her legs further and pulled me into her. I licked and sucked with varying speed and firmness and she began to respond, pushing her cunt up towards me as I penetrated her tight little cunt with my tongue. Then her hips matched thrusts with my invading tongue as I plunged my tongue as deep inside her as I could. She was nearly coming so I again took her clit, flicked it and sucked it as she began to shake. Her legs went rigid and then suddenly clamped around the back of my neck forcing my face into ever deeper contact with her cunt. I held onto her hips and rode with her as the natural reproductive baby-making force overcame her and she fucked my tongue like it was a cock waiting to impregnate her. Her violent thrusts continued for second after second until with couple of huge thrusts which almost broke my neck she screamed 'Fuck.....! Fuck.....! Fuck....!' at the top of her voice, then subsided with a huge sigh as if all her passion had drained away in that instant.

Breathing deep and fast she kept whispering quietly 'Fuck, oh fuck, that was incredible, amazing, oh....... fuck!' As she calmed down she giggled and looked at me with a slightly quizzical gaze. 'Uncle, you made me say fuck!'

I smiled at her. 'Like I said Lucy, there's times when only 'fuck' will do.'

'That was the best ever. The very best I never realised it could be so exciting!'

I moved up between her legs my cock now pressed firmly against her, only the damp knickers stopping it sliding into her wet vagina. Wait until you feel this inside you my sexy little niece, just wait until I fuck you properly.' She squirmed against me and I felt her hand between legs pulling her knickers aside. My cock felt the delicious wetness and the tight entrance to her virgin cunt. The tip pushed gently against her entrance and my cock expanded to a rigid baton at the thought of it penetrating her.

'Fuck me uncle, Fuck me now......' What could I do? I eased the tip of my cock into her tightness. She tensed and then relaxed as a couple of inches of my cock slid into her. She was so wet and ready there was no resistance. The smooth walls of her cunt held me in an erotic embrace as if they were made for me and my cock. I moved in and out a little and knew it wouldn't be long before I came, even with only a couple of inches in her.... before I came! Oh shit! I couldn't do that, not take that risk. I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her teenage cunt. Never had I used more self-control than that moment. She moaned in frustration.

'Lucy, we mustn't. It's too risky.'

'Oh uncle! We can, please.' Disappointment showed in her voice.

'Lucy, at sixteen you're very fertile. I just can't do this to you. We must find some condoms. Then we can, as much as you like.... As much as I like too.' She smiled and nodded.

'spose you're right.' she said. Then giggled in that girlish way of hers. 'I can just see mum's face when I tell her I'm up the duff and the baby's yours!' We both laughed at that but it did bring me down to earth a bit.

'Listen,' I said 'lets get up and go out for lunch. My treat, then I can buy some condoms for later.'


Chapter 3.
We had lunch in a little pub out in the country. Luckily it had a condom machine in the rest room so I used up all my loose change buying as many packets as I could. When I went back into the bar I whispered that I'd found some and was rewarded with a big smile and then a nice modest blush as she realised what that meant.

'Can we go home now?' She asked. 'I want to continue my revision...' She smiled that sexy little smile I have come to know so well. The one that says I want to fuck your brains out, now! But neither she nor I fully understood back then what we were getting into.

As we arrived back at the house Lucy said 'Oh mum's home – that's her car.' and slumped in her seat dejected.

'You'd better look pleased to see her otherwise she may get the idea something's happened.' Lucy was a good little actor I have to say. She bounced in and kissed her mum, chatting and telling her how helpful I'd been with her revision. My sister apologised for leaving me to look after Lucy.

'No it's fine I'm happy to help in any way I can.' I said.

'Are you sure because I could stay. I don't have to go back.' Go back? She wasn't staying then – perfect. I hurriedly reassured her that it was fine and over her shoulder Lucy did a little jig of happiness. You promise you don't mind baby sitting?

'Mum! I'm not a baby. uncle Steve says I'm a young woman!

'You are that all right,' said my sister, 'too much of one sometimes.' But it was all said in jest, just family banter. It wouldn't do to read too much into it.

My sister finished her lunch and and said OK I'll be back around 6.00. Dad will be late – it's his squash night.' I tried not to let my pleasure show. All afternoon in bed with Lucy. Time to revise the full examination course in depth and penetrate to the core of the subject...

As the car tyres crunched on the gravel drive Lucy was in my arms, pulling me upstairs and undressing me all at the same time. I removed her skirt and blouse as we tumbled across the landing to the bedroom. By the time her mother was at the end of the road I was naked kneeling beside Lucy who lay on the bed wearing only little flowery panties, much smaller than her white school knickers, and a matching bra that only just covered her little tits.

I kissed her. She pulled close to me and moved her little body against my already hard cock. She giggled as she felt my erection stroke her leg. I kissed her while slipping her bra catch undone to expose her cute breasts I just loved her puffy nipples and she gave a little moan as I took them in my mouth and sucked gently. My hand now found her panties. She lifted her hips and helped me to slide them down her smooth legs until she was laying naked and willing beside me. Her little cunt was wet with excitement and anticipation. She smiled at me and seemed to have no fear. Her hand moved to my cock stroking it and pulling it towards her, urging me to penetrate her. But my conscience interfered. I had to make sure she really was willing and knew what she was doing.

'Are you sure Lucy? Do you really want this? You know you'll no, longer be a virgin, you'll have been seduce by your uncle and we'll both have to keep this secret forever?' For an answer she pulled me on top of her as she opened her legs and kissed me hungrily.

'Yes I know. It will be all right. I want to. I want you to.. you know.....'

'Tell me Lucy, say it. Tell me what you want.'

Lucy taking her panties off'I want you to fuck me uncle, fuck me.... now, please.' She panted with excitement and her hands pulled my cock towards her virgin cunt. I quickly sat up and told her I had to put a condom on. She watched wide-eyed as I opened a packet and rolled a thin condom over my cock. Then I was ready and the temptation was to plunge my cock straight into her. I already knew her virgin vagina was tight, but she was very wet and ready to be penetrated by my big cock. I took a few moments to look at her lying there, the secret smile, her arms pulling me in, her naked breasts thrust up and waiting to receive the weight of her first lover. Her legs parted, eager for me and her delicious little cunt open and moist with the aroma of her arousal impregnating the air with desire. God! She was perfect. I lowered my body onto hers and my cock found her opening straight away. She moaned and pushed up to meet the tip of my cock as it slid gently into her taboo entrance. I didn't need to ask if she wanted it because her legs wrapped round my thighs and she was already pushing against me, moving the tip of my cock within her tight cunt, stimulating herself and me with her lithe movements.

I gently pushed forward so a little more of my cock slid into her. Then I looked at her smiling eyes and said 'My darling Lucy, I'm going to go all the way in but slowly so it won't hurt you.' She bit her bottom lip and nodded. Slowly I eased my cock into her, savoring the feeling of her tightness as her cunt eased to accept my deflowering cock. She tensed a bit and squeaked a little as the thickest part of my cock reached her entrance and then sighed as it popped inside with a sudden release of tension. She whimpered as I slid my length all the way into her so I lay still kissing her and enjoying the feeling of her body around mine and my cock now fully inside her. I gently moved my cock inside her and she immediately started reacting to me with little thrusts and pushes. Her whimpers turned to sighs, her sighs to moans as we moved together, each movement increasing the depth of my stroke in and out of her wet, tight passage. My cock felt delightful resistance as with each thrust I slid it from the entrance to fully inside her. Automatically she parted her legs and lifted her hips so my cock reached even further up her naughty cunt as I fucked her and fucked her. Harder now, and harder still as I felt my balls ready themselves and Lucy start little groan and a rapid little see-saw motion with her hips that I knew meant she wasn't far off. Neither of us could last long this first time, it was just to damn stimulating to be sustainable, and now I didn't care I just wanted to feel her coming around my cock and to come inside her.

Lucy moaned a long deep cry of joy and satisfaction and changed her rhythm to match mine thrust for thrust. Each time my cock buried itself deeply into her cunt she moaned and thrust back. In perfect unity we fucked each other until suddenly Lucy screamed, her nails clawed my back and I felt the first spasm of her orgasm clamp my cock in a vice-like grip. That pushed me over the edge and my balls reacted by unleashing torrents of cum into her as she bucked, screamed and writhed. Wave after wave of spasms gripped her young cunt and my cock encased inside it; she pulsed and I spurted, five six, seven times. I hadn't come like that since I was a teenager. Lucy hadn't come like that at all. My thrusts seemed to make her come more so I fucked her harder still and deeper. Deep primitive moans came out of her as her waves of pleasure subsided and my thrusts slowed and became more gently. Then I lifted her legs over my waist, buried my cock as deeply in her addictive cunt as I could and lay between her legs kissing her and making small movements with my hips but not withdrawing my cock.

We didn't say anything. We didn't need to. It was obvious to both of us that we had both had the orgasm of our life and that a barrier had been breached. Lucy felt as if she'd become a woman and I felt closer to this young girl that I had ever felt to anyone.

Eventually I had to pull out, carefully making sure the loaded condom came out without spillage. I took her to the bathroom and we showered together. Washed her nubile body all over very carefully and she did the same to me. Here was lots of laughs and squeaks as we washed some bits very carefully indeed.

Then believe it or not we went downstairs to work on her revision.

That's where her mother found us when she returned in the evening. A perfect uncle helping his niece to grow up. What she didn't know of course was the conversation Lucy and I had earlier.

Lucy had looked at me, mature and confident, and said, 'You know mum and dad want me to go to university?'


Well I thought that if I went to the one near where you live I could live in your flat.... with you.'

'I see... and....?'

'Then you could help me with my work every day!'

'Lucy that's two years away yet. You may think differently then.'

'I won't. I want to live with you Steve. I want to do that every day.'

'Do what Lucy?' I teased.

'Fuck you, silly!'

'You fucked me silly this afternoon!' she giggled, then looked serious.

'I mean it. I want to live with you while I'm at uni and then afterwards I want to stay!' And here she blushed like she had that morning when she first told me what she wanted. Her face disappeared again as her long hair swung forward to cover it. Then, quietly but clearly she said, 'And I want to have a baby with you.'

It was no use arguing with her. She was adamant and certain that she wouldn't change her mind. In the end she knocked down all my arguments and I was left saying 'We'll see, Lucy.'

'Oh good, that means 'Yes' doesn't it uncle Steve?'

And that's how it happened. Over the next two years Lucy came to stay when her parents went away for a second honeymoon and on other holidays. I was a frequent visitor to her house and her bed, but we had to be careful then. During that time we explored each other sexually. Lucy now enjoys anal sex. She often comes when I fuck her backside. She loves to play wet games, giggling and peeing easily when we are fucking or when I'm licking her perfect little cunt. She calls me 'my pervy uncle Steve' when I tell her I want her to oil her anus or to straddle me after I've put protective sheets on the bed.

Pregnant LucyShe finished her course at a local university and now lives with me. Three months before her final exams she came off the pill and we chucked the remaining condoms away. That night we fucked for a baby. We fucked all night and hit the jackpot. Her little baby bump was just beginning to show as she took her last exam. She passed easily, majoring in Human Biology and now teaches part time at the university. Our three kids are happy and healthy thank God. I'm not sure my sister ever really believed that Lucy had become a hard-line feminist and had decided to have children 'without the millstone of a man round my neck' as she explained it to them. But they are happy I'm looking after her and helping bring up 'her' kids. The kids though look on me as 'Daddy'.

'Out of the mouths of babes and innocents....'

Darius Thornhill

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