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'Lucille' an erotic story

Lucille by Darius Thornhill

(Author's note: Lucille is a minor character in my erotic story 'My Sister, My Lesbian Love' who told such a sexy tale she seems to have developed a life of her own.)

When I was young I lived on a farm with my parents and my three brothers in a remote corner of the Cotswold Hills in England. Looking back now at the girl I was then I smile to myself. She was so naive, so eager, in such a hurry for experience and to understand how the world worked. Well she found out all right exactly how good and bad it can be, back then in the summer of 1931.

1931 and I was sixteen year's old. I had become aware of my body over the winter that preceded that long, hot summer. You might think this is rather late for a girl to become aware of herself in a sexual way, but back then we really didn't grow up as fast as girls now. Now you see 12 year-old's in 'fuck me' clothes flaunting their budding bodies everywhere. I had taken to sneaking into my parents room when they where out, to examine my developing body in their looking glass. I would lift my top to see how my breasts were developing and smooth my skirt and see that my bum was beginning to look quite shapely. My hips were filling out. No longer was I a tomboy, a fourth brother who couldn't work quite as hard as her older brothers. An attractive young women stared back at me and egged me on by twirling and sticking her tits and bum out to make them look bigger. I laughed at the girl in the mirror who did such saucy things.

Spring came with the usual explosion of growth in the fields and mating among the beasts. We kept a few cattle, sheep and some horses. Horses... yes those horses, that's what started it all, I remember those horses...

My twin brother John and I were leaning on a paddock fence watching the horses. The big stallion was sniffing around one of the mares and his cock was showing interest. Now I'd seen horses mate before but somehow this year it made me feel different. I watched fascinated as the stallion's cock grew bigger and bigger and felt quite flushed when he reared up and penetrated the mare. She stood her ground while he covered her and when he'd finished his cock dropped out, still big and dripping. I was bright red and feeling quite strange, especially between my legs which felt quite weak. I was quite embarrassed but I sneaked a look at John. He was blushing too and I noticed his hand was in his pocket clutching his own cock. He suddenly looked at me and we stared at each other for a few seconds before he croaked an excuse about some work he had to do and went off towards the big barn. I stayed there thinking about the stallion, the mare, my brother's strange reaction and above all that tingly wet feeling between my legs.

In bed that night I rubbed my pussy while thinking of the stallion's big cock, but unbidden, as I became nearer my climax the thought of John feeling his own cock overtook the stallion and rode me to my orgasm. In my sexual fantasies I was kneeling like the mare and John was covering me with his great big dripping cock. Funnily enough I didn't feel guilty about dreaming of fucking my brother, I just went to sleep with a grin on my face and a wider one between my legs.

Over the next few days I thought John was avoiding me, but he may not have been as there was always plenty of work on the farm. At night though he increasingly sought me out in my dreams and I was making myself come three or four times a night thinking of him. In my naive and confident way I just assumed this was normal. That was when I started to play games with him.

I'd let him find me kneeling on all fours like an animal while I did some cleaning, or bent over at some task with my rounded bum stuck up in the air. I made sure I wore my tightest clothes and brushed against him. He often flushed and stammered before rushing off, usually to the barn. One day I ran round the back of the barn and up a ladder so I could see what he got up to in there. It won't come as a surprise to you that he was in an empty stall with his cock in his hand wanking furiously. I was pleased that I was having that effect on him. What really surprised me was the size of his cock. It was long, straight and thicker than I thought it would be. I nearly wet myself as I watched his long strings of cum jet from the end of his cock before he looked round furtively and packed it away in his breeches. In fact I did wet myself, but not with pee, with a nice flow of wetness in my panties.

That night I came two or three times thinking of John with his big cock and then it hit me like a thunderclap. I didn't just have to imagine it every night. I could get him to do it for real, I could seduce him, make him fuck me. The thought, once it was freed would not be contained and I sweated and masturbated for another hour before deciding that I was going to try and see what happened. If he rejected me I could just say it was a game...

He shared a room with my other two brothers Mark and Joe so sneaking into his bed was out. I would have to get him into my room, or maybe in the barn, and with enough time to let it happen. While I planned I continued to excite him and watch him run off to the barn.

In the end I had a stroke of luck. My mum asked me to get some boxes from a dark store shed. I couldn't quite reach them but was standing on a box and stretching up and they were just about to over balance when I heard a step outside. I yelled 'help' and John answered as he came into the shed. I asked him to get the boxes before they fell on my head. To do so he had to stand close behind me with my bum at the same level as his cock. He reached the boxes easily but I didn't let go. I just held my arms above my head and started to wiggle my bum a bit. John froze and then grunted softly. I wiggled a bit more and was rewarded with the feeling of his cock growing in his breeches. I wiggled some more and by then it must have been clear what was happening; I was now holding the shelves and moving quite obviously against him.

Still he hadn't moved, but his cock was enormous. I brought my hands slowly down and lifted my skirts up at the back so my bum cheeks squeezed his cock through my cotton panties. He groaned again and lowered his hands to my hips. I grabbed them and brought them round to my breasts just so he could have no doubt I wanted this to happen. It was as though I had opened the floodgates because suddenly he was kissing my neck, squeezing my breasts and grinding his cock against my bum. My hands went to his breeches and pulled at the buttons trying to release his cock. His hands dropped to my waist and ripped my panties off as if they were so much gauze. Bending at the waist I dropped to all fours, whipping my skirt above my waist and exposing my naked arse to him. I whispered 'mount me John, cover me' and he grunted. He fumbled with his buttons and then I felt it! His big cock sprang out and slapped my arse. It felt huge and heavy. Wetness was dripping from my cunt in anticipation of my sexual fantasies coming true. He positioned himself between my thighs and I felt his cock head kiss my cunt lips. I whimpered as John drew himself back for a thrust that would take my virginity and break me in with one, glorious, incestuous penetration of my willing and taboo hole.

“Lucille, have you found those boxes yet?” My mother's voice echoed across the yard. I froze.

“Lucille? Where are you girl?” John jumped up and stuffed his cock back into his breeches and I stood quickly letting my skirts fall and cover the evidence of my lust. John had the presence of mind to grab the boxes to cover his erection and be half out the door as my mother crossed the yard. He talked to her about some farm matter to give me time to arrange myself and let the flush subside.

All the rest of the afternoon and over dinner in the evening we held our secret and tried not to look at each other. I know I felt that the rest of the family would know what had happened just by looking at us, but the conversation was the same as always; the farm gate prices, the work to be done tomorrow, the local gossip.

I went to bed in a state of excitement hoping John would come to me. I wasn't disappointed. He slipped into my room and stood uncertainly by the bed. When I sat up and held out my hand her knelt beside the bed as if to pray, but instead he pulled my torn panties from his pocket.

“You forgot these...” I giggled and pulled him towards me. For the first time our lips met in an incestuous kiss. A kiss we held and developed as we both became more excited. I bared my breasts for him and he looked at them longingly before kissing them gently saying “No, no, we can't!”

“I want to John, I want to.”

“Yes I know. I want to, Oh God! I want to, but not here, it's too close, we'll be heard.”

He was right of course. The walls in that old house were thick stone, but somehow every little squeak and ping of a bed-spring would echo their betrayal of our lust through the dust and dimness.

The frustration was almost intolerable but we had no choice.

“Tomorrow? I can't wait!”

“Yes, tomorrow, I'll find a way, we'll find a way...” and he kissed me again before whispering “I must go Lucille or they'll know....” and then he left me to another night of masturbation, but now I had more than just fantasies. His lips on mine and the weight of his cock as it slapped my bum... ooh... I came in no time and fell asleep with my hand comfortable and comforting between my thighs.

It was very early the next morning, before dawn, when John came to me. He kissed me as I lay in my bed, sleepy but receptive to his passion. The sheets were pulled aside and I felt his strong body lift me up, cradle me in his arms and walk silently through the house. I see that journey now as if in a film. The camera follows us down the dark passageways, John sure-footed, strong, in command. My arms are about his neck and my face pressed close to him breathing in his manliness, his virility.

A high-wide view of the farmyard as we emerge from the door and John carries me effortlessly toward the barn, his prize, his pride, the first hint of dawn is deep blue in the sky above. This can't be a film though because I can smell the animal warmth of the barn, empty now apart from bales of hay. John's arousal is bumping against my taught body. I'm ready for him, my wetness calling out to his size, his power to take me. He placed me on a platform of hay bales. I knelt and lifted my nightdress over my head revealing my virgin nakedness to him. John is tearing his own nightclothes, exposing his cock, massive, slightly scary in the half light. He's naked now and I see his young muscled body reaching for me, turning me over, pulling me onto my knees and pushing my legs apart.

He wants to take me like an animal - on all fours. It's all he knew then. Subtlety would come later, but for now his passion dictated that he took his pleasure forcefully, demanding. I felt his cock questing, thrusting for my entrance. Reaching between my legs I took hold of him - my small hand couldn't go right round his hugeness – and guided him towards my cunt, showed him my wet opening . “Wait John, let me just, yes that's it, now push.... ooh!” I groaned and he grunted as his cock found my little hole and slid in one smooth movement into my virgin tightness. I squeaked with a brief flash of pain, but that was quickly overwhelmed by the exquisite feeling of fullness, of completeness, that his cock gave me.

That film again... I see my body head down on the hay, my eye's tight shut and my mouth open in surprise and passion. I see my little round arse stuck up in the air, my anus a small brown star flexing as his great slippery cock slides into my moist cunt. I see, I feel, his balls slapping my clit as he thrusts into me. I see his hands on my hips pulling me towards his hungry demanding cock. I feel in my cunt, even now as I describe it to you, that feeling of pure lusty pleasure as his cock lunges into me. I feel helpless but happy, supremely happy and deeply fulfilled with this incestuous fucking. I can't remember now how long it lasted. It seemed like seconds and it seemed like hours.

Time was suspended as my brother fucked my willing and helpless cunt deep and hard. We both rose to our climax grunting and thrusting like animals, my splayed legs forcing my arse backwards against his penetrations. Instinctively, when I felt his cock start to pulse, I knew he was filling me with his sperm. I could feel each ejaculation as he held me still and tight, his cock fully, deeply embedded in my body. I felt each spasm, each ripple of power as he planted his incestuous seed in my body. My world twisted, realigned; my body went rigid for a few seconds, my cunt clamped hard around John's cock causing him to moan aloud. Then my body surprised me with it's power and violence as I went wild, helplessly wild, I shook and screamed and fucked and fought to get his spurting cock even deeper into me. Spasms racked my body with delicious pain. I couldn't breath, I couldn't think. Instinct made me no more sophisticated than a beast of the field, rutting because that was the only thing I could do. My climax came when the pain and pleasure became unendurable. It left me shaking, limp and weak, supported only by John's hands on my hips and pinned by his spent cock relentlessly but gently sliding in and out of my satisfied cunt.

Eventually I subsided onto the hay, turned over and spread my legs again for him. He smiled as he entered me and we fucked a second time, gently, lovingly, a delicately coloured and erotic reminder of our recent overwhelming passion. He kissed me as we fucked and whispered his care and love for his twin sister. Happy to have him inside me, I lifted my legs to settle his size deeper and let him love me physically and mentally. At that moment I could not have been happier. We were in a state of absolute bliss.

The bliss lasted nearly all that summer. We fucked whenever we could, discovering the joy of other positions and other ways of making love. He filled my cunt, my mouth and on one memorable morning we both enjoyed his cock opening my tight little bum, stretching it, deflowering it and leaving a trickle of white semen when he eventually pulled out. We discovered other things, things that at first we weren't supposed to know...

John put his finger to his lips and motioned me to follow him. That's how we saw my two older brothers in a grassy glade, hidden in a copse at the edge of our farm. They were naked. Mark was on his back and Joe knelt over him and each was sucking the other's cock.

As we watched in rapt fascination and not a little excitement they swapped positions and Joe lay face down while Mark slide his cock into Joe's arse. After he came they swapped over and Joe came in Mark's arse. Afterwards they dressed and we watched them kiss and smile at each other.

John told me afterwards that they'd been doing that for a year or more and that he wasn't supposed to know. He said that they also fucked local girls when they could so they weren't exclusively homosexual. (The word 'gay' had yet to be usurped back then.) I admitted to him that the sight of my two older brothers having sex was quite exciting and after some embarrassed mumbling John told me that it excited him too. That was how we agreed that we should invite them to join us.

At first they were a bit sheepish but in the end they admitted that the idea of all of us together could be 'fun'.

Oh boy! Was it fun. When my parent's went to market one day we pushed the hay bales in the barn into a large bed and covered it with clean blankets. We played all day, the first of many days, learning just how many ways there are of fucking with three strong healthy bi-sexual brothers and one flexible and willing sister. My favourite has to be kneeling over John with his great cock fucking my wet cunt while Mark knelt behind me sliding his cock into my lubricated bum. My cries of pleasure are muted by Joe's cock buried deep in my throat and John is licking Joe's balls and anus to complete our incestuous circle of pleasure. As they all fuck me together and often come at the same time I have the best orgasms of my life – clitoral, vaginal and anal all at the same time. If you don't believe there are three different types of climax you should try it yourself sometime.

I suppose in the end we got careless. It could have been worse though. How? Because when the stuffy, moralistic seed merchant walked in on us John was fucking me and Mark and Joe were only watching. It was our bad luck that his vehicle had broken down and he'd walked up the track giving us no warning of his approach. It was our good luck that only John and I were caught fucking. You see he assumed that what he saw was purely incest, which it was. What he didn't see was homosexual sex and that in those days was seen as a worse crime. Incest was illegal, but somehow understandable – a lapse, the temptation of Eve, the sinful sex. Homosexuality was regarded as an abomination and evil, and society reacted as such.

That was how I ended up at St Agnes. After the the local priest had been called and visited my parents and we'd all been interviewed it was decided that I'd have to be sent away to the school for 'moral delinquents' as it was called. The farm couldn't run without my brothers so, as my parents saw it, there was no choice but for me to go. My father was speechless with rage at the scandal, but my mother was more understanding and conciliatory. Year's later she told me that before the First World War she'd had an affair with her older brother which had only ended when his life was wasted, sucked down into the mud and trenches of the Somme. “It won't last dear. This is only temporary.” she said as I was driven away.

St Agnes School was grim, intolerant, but I met some nice girls including Elizabeth a 'posh' girl who liked girls rather than boys, but OK for all that. She was the first 'lesbian' I had met. I had fun helping her meet another girl in the laundry store and I was there when her big sister Charlotte marched in and put the Chief Dragon in her place. After that memorable day the writing was on the wall for St Agnes and it closed a few year's later.

I left before I was 21. My brothers arranged for me to work on a farm in the next valley where I met and fell in love with a nice young man who didn't care about the whiffs of scandal that followed me.

He'd had some sexy fun with his cousin so he was quite open minded about my occasional visit to the glade where we first saw my brothers fucking.

They'd be waiting for me there, my three, big, strong brothers. Soon I'd be happily, helplessly impaled on their incestuous cocks.

They could still give me the best multiple orgasms a girl could wish for, and maybe more. I look at my middle child sometimes and wonder; he does so look like John.... and my current bump could well be one of theirs.

Then there's my husband's pretty young cousin who comes to call when she can. I pat her on her neat little bottom and tell her my husband's waiting for her in our bedroom.

The laughing and giggling and rhythmic thumping of the bed against the wall makes me smile. And now her little belly is filling out with my husband's baby. She looks so cute. I wonder what her young pregnant body looks like naked? What it feels like? What she smells and tastes like between her legs. Maybe I'll find out one day soon - she seems very responsive when I pat her little bottom.

Oh well, that's how it is in the country. You city folks don't know the half of it.

Darius Thornhill
Copyright 2007.

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