Dancing Satyr's Erotic Stories

For in the beginning there was nothing...then God created Adam and all the shit started.
written and dreamt by: PMH


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Paula the Fetishdoll
Pert darn near the best looking thing on the internet and part inspiration for this site.

Harriet's Place
A freaky little Brit who likes to call me strange because I write stories about things that aren't real.I keep daring her to send me a picture and prove she is.

Stranger in a Strange Story
Matthew 1:1 In the beginning there was a great nothing and it had to be filled with an American seeking a job in England. Such was Matt placed in the path of Harriet.
Matthew 1:2 And upon this situation was placed a sister. This sister was not only his blood, but his lover.
Matthew 1:3 And there shall be homophobia and with the homophobia shall go a man trying to keep from being labeled.
Matthew 1:4 Beware the dreams of man, for he is dangerous and horny and someone is likely to get fucked.
Matthew 1:5 And when he had created woman, he decided to make them young and have this urge to go out and make men act stupid.
Matthew 1:6 And there shall be all manner of creatures and he shall watch over them and hope that his creations are smart enough not to screw with the wrong ones.
Matthew 1:7 And women shall tempt him and want to play games and he shall get hard-ons and want to fuck woman.
Matthew 1:8 And men shall create business and thus act like greedy morons, upon which smart ones can become brave and get lucky with women.
Matthew 1:9 The beasts of the world shall make themselves known and the beast shall have a name.
Matthew 1:10 The only way they shall remember shall be through dreams.
Matthew 1:11 Man shall know the flesh of woman and if there are two women, then he shall rejoice and praise the names of all heaven!
NEW! Matthew 1:12 Woman shall also come in the form of a demon.
NEW! Matthew 1:13 Hell hath no fury...