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Stories by DS (hosted by ASSTR.ORG)

Welcome to my collection of completed stories. Please feel free to browse the list; for each story a short synopsis is given, as well as the main themes you can expect from the story and an indication of its length in words. To find out more about the author (me), please click the 'about' link in the top right of the page. Feedback/criticism on the stories is always appreciated, and can be made through the 'feedback' link, also in the top right of the page.

Weston: Broken Home
(8 chapters, 22.043 words)

Researcher Nathalie Weston finally snaps; her old lover Lydia Brooks who had been extorting her for years finally pushed her too far, and she wreaks a terrible vengeance: rather than kill her, she makes sure Lydia can never leave her again... I intended this story to be a bit darker than my usual fare, but although it is more extreme in its gory theme, it actually ended up with a happy end of sorts. Oh well.
Contains: lesbian sex, humiliation, amputation, non-consensual, babification, body modification

Weston: Broken Prison (8 chapters, 22.397 words)

The sequel to 'Broken Home', the story of Nathalie Weston continues as she finds her research may have attracted too much attention, and gets caught up in the company politics she had been trying to avoid. While I originally didn't intend to continue 'Broken Home' from where it ended, I'm glad I was encouraged to write a sequel; the challenge of envisioning a second plot following the original ending was quite enjoyable.
Contains: lesbian sex, humiliation, amputation

Kerinkov: Letting Go (2 chapters, 13.567 words)

A prequel to One Simple Task, taking place 15 years prior. After the death of their parents, Elena Kerinkov has abandoned her younger siblings to come to terms with herself, trying to discover her purpose in life. With Natasha's aid, she managed to enroll in an art college, eager to discover if she can be just as creative as her younger sister. I wrote this story for the stuck enthusiasts on sticky-site, and while I'm indifferent to this kink myself, it was a pleasure to write more about the tragic Kerinkov family.
Contains: stuck, humiliation, non-consensual

Kerinkov: One Simple Task (original) (2 chapters, 19.279 words)
Kerinkov: One Simple Task (clean) (2 chapters, 15.675 words)

When Vanita landed a temp job answering costume designer Natasha Kerinkov's phone, she should've stuck to her simple task instead of miss Kerinkov's finest work. The story was revised for contribution to the website that inspired it, necessitating a thorough cleanup of the explicit material in it, but gained more background story as well. Both the original (smutty) and revised (clean) version of this story are listed.
Contains: humiliation, costumes, transformation. Original only: masturbation, lesbian sex

Happiness is in the Heart (4 chapters, 21.021 words)

Erin enters an expensive rehab clinic hoping to score some free drugs to get her through the night; she soon discovers the clinic has a unique and humiliating treatment for curing addiction, and whoever paid for her admission intended for her to sit out the full treatment. But does she really want to get better so soon? A light-hearted story about a girl's return to innocence, and search for true happiness.
Contains: masturbation, lesbian sex, humiliation, babification

In the Name of the Father (8 chapters, 31.606 words)

Lisa Fiore has it all: her family is feared and respected by everyone in town and she can get anything she wants from her rich dad. The only thorn in her side is the housekeep, but she plans to get rid of her soon enough; her efforts backfire on her however, and she discovers too late that while her father is gone, her grip on her life isn't as solid as she thought it was. A darker story, consciously based on the 'wayward daughter gets set straight' cliché in babification stories; this girl really had it coming though.
Contains: humiliation, non-consensual, babification, masturbation, body modification

In the Blink of an Eye (4 chapters, 21.583 words)

Marlene Andersson, head of the Finances department at GBOC, plans to cut funding to its Research department after discovering it has been underperforming for a long time. When Karl Engstrom, the head of Research, finds out about this, he decides to showcase Andersson just where all that money went. This was the first erotic story I wrote, and as such doesn't feel quite as solid as later ones, ending up a mixed bag of fantasies, with mind control/hypnosis at its core.
Contains: mind control/hypnosis, straight sex, lesbian sex, humiliation, babification, costumes

Carmen's Girls (6 chapters, 32.725 words)

John learns the hard way that pissing off Carmen, a friend of his mother, can have dire consequences for wimpy boys. My first feminization story, exploring as far into the scope of male humiliation as could still interest me, and thus allowed me to add in a lot of scenes and ideas that wouldn't have worked for my regular stories. A word of warning: compared to the rest this story might seem pretty gay, and I don't mean lesbian sex gay. If that kind of thing isn't your cup of tea, proceed at your own risk.
Contains: caution, humiliation, crossdressing, forced feminization, straight sex, mind-control, non-consensual, babification, tragic

Short Stories

Butterfly (single short, 4.458 words)

Vanya Belkina, a young doctor new to the rural village of Vershina, is confronted with a girl scarred by horrible burns. Without money for proper treatment, she is forced to make a decision between alleviating the girl's suffering and honoring her father's wishes. A shorter story, written to practice a condensed writing style; because of this it lacks erotic scenes, but considering the dramatic subject matter, this might not have been that appropriate anyway.
Contains: amputation, romance only

Catsuit (new, 4 chapters, 9.266 words)

Gloria, a driven businesswoman, seeks to satisfy her sexual urges through anonymous sex in the mysterious Velvet Mask club, but discovers the arrangements there aren't what they seem to be... A short, smutty story to give shape to one of my long-time fantasies, where a girl ends up simply being used as a fucktoy, combined with some costume play to give it even more of an erotic charge.
Contains: humiliation, costumes, orgasm denial, domination/submission, MF, FF, rubber

Freedom (dark) (new, 3 chapters, 11.367 words)
Freedom (light) (new, 3 chapters, 11.731 words)

Saeri, a young dark elf slave, is being prepared for an auction in Ellyras, a city where her kind is reviled; because of her handicap, chances of her getting sold look even worse, and she knows her Master's patience with her is running out... A short story set in the world of Belial, requested by its creator Demon-Man. Warning: this is not a happy story at all, dealing with intense, dark humiliation and cruelty. At the request of Demon-Man, I wrote an alternate 'happy' ending to mellow out the sadness a little; choose wisely.
Contains: humiliation, amputees, futanari, fellatio, bestiality, orgasm denial, non-consensual. Dark only: tragic

Maid and Mademoiselle (single short, 2.733 words)

Maid Odette's mistress Thérèse has been really on her case lately, in no small part due to the fact that to save Thérèse's life, Odette agreed to share her body with her mistress... but how is she supposed to do her job with control over only half of their body, and Thérèse commanding her around all day while not lifting a finger herself? And how does her mistress cope with their new situation? A short, humorous story written for conjoinment enthusiasts.
Contains: comedy, conjoinment, masturbation

Proof by Example (4 chapters, 10.764 words)

Valerie can't take it anymore: her hot coworker Holly is a horrible cock-tease, seducing everyone in the department to do her work for her, but unknown to Holly, Valerie gets similarly frustrated by her little games, and decides to show Holly exactly how distracting arousal can be on the workfloor. A shorter and more 'mainstream' story, this was a fun experiment with first-person perspective recounting the events after they happened.
Contains: lesbian sex, domination/submission, humiliation, non-consensual

Warmth in Winter (3 chapters, 10.140 words)

Eveline and Sandra, students at Queen's Solace college, agree on a very sexy bet - with one being even more competitive than the other, they both go to great lengths to make sure they don't lose, no matter what the consequences... A less serious and smuttier story, written as a self-imposed challenge to come up with an explanation for a rather bizarre drawing by Gamera, I think this turned out quite well, although maybe it ended a little too suddenly once the explanation was done.
Contains: comedy, futanari/female sex, magic, amputation, humiliation, orgasm denial