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As i walk through the valley of death i see the Demons of evil cower in fear of me, retreating to a safe distance as they sense their possible destruction, watching as i cross the valley. The forces of good cautiously await my passing, but then step back as my path leads me past them with only a glance of my dark purple glowing eyes giving rise to worry in their own blue eyes. For while they the soldiers of good, battle the red eyed forces of evil, I am the lone wolf, who is the master of both the light and the darkness, and servant of neither, carving my own path through the territories of both in my own design. For the one who combines the powers of both good and evil, can conquer both, and bend the powers of darkness to the service of the light, or warp the light into a new level of darkness, with only the power of his will.

I offer readers a glimpse into the world inside my mind through the readings of its creations. You may find some of it fantastical, dark, heartfelt, loving, and even disturbing at times as you make your journey deeper. Some events in my stories are based on real events, others are strictly fantasy, while yet others are metaphorical expressions based on actual events and hardships faced, or parts of lifes experiences. In my mind lives entire other worlds, and civilizations that i hope to slowly and over time commit to paper in here.

A heartfelt nod goes out to Kristen(The Kristen Archives) as ive been following her collection for years, and it has no doubt influenced my own works.

These works are my intellectual property exclusively, and any mirroring, copying, pasting, or otherwise cloning or duplicating them to other places on the internet is forbidden without my express written approval!

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Un-Tamed in Texas - Work in progress, 11 Chaps so far | Updated: 08-12-2018
A farm raised loner has a chance sexual encounter with his sisters sexy young friend which quickly evolves into much more. Along the way he starts to discover an animal side lurking in his subcontious, he slowly learns to coexist with the animal within by allowing it to sate its own urges through himself.
(M/F-teens, underage, beast, 1st, reluc, sci-fi, zoo)
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Chapter 1 - Posted 10-08-2017
Chapter 2 - Posted 10-08-2017
Chapter 3 - Posted 10-08-2017
Chapter 4 - Posted 10-08-2017
Chapter 5 - Posted 10-08-2017
Chapter 6 - Posted 10-08-2017
Chapter 7 - Posted 10-15-2017
Chapter 8 - Posted 01-16-2018 - Finished 02-26-2018
Chapter 9 - Posted 03-04-2018
Chapter 10 - Posted 03-10-2018
Chapter 11 - Posted 08-12-2018
Chapter 12 - Posted ??-??-2018 - Coming Soon!