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Occasionally I'm asked who the best authors of the group are. While I'm unsure that I'm an adequate authority on the subject, I do offer the following list of authors. You can be reasonably assured that all of the authors listed here produce quality erotica that tickles the mind, the largest sexual organ any of us possess.

Crimson Dragon
(what did you expect?)
Purple HeraldWiseguyDryadKenny Gamera
Uther PendragonSelena JardineAnne DouglasGary JordanLord Malinov
Celia BatauShon RichardsArtieHenrik LarsenH. Jekyll
Matt TwasselSmilodonBradley StokeKalisha ConnorsMeme Misspelt
OoshSouvieDeltaKatie McN 
Alexis SeifertVulgar ArgotDesdmonaKelly Adams 

This is a living list, of course. Authors may move in and out as I find time to maintain this list.

Home · Review Archive · Top Stories · Reviews by Author

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