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So, What Do Reviews Really Mean?

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So. What exactly do the Crimson Reviews mean anyway?

Not much, actually. As I state on every review, this is only my opinion. While I've been writing erotic stories for a long time, it certainly doesn't qualify me to judge other's work. I wouldn't score some of my own stories highly, to be honest. These reviews are only my personal opinions on some of the elements of what I deem to be an erotic story. This is a subjective matter, and I always encourage all readers to peruse the stories themselves and form their own opinions.

While I review erotica, my ideas of erotica probably don't match with everyone. Specifically, I look for more in the stories I review than the average pump and grind mentality that has permeated the industry since time began. My reviews concentrate not necessarily on the sexual aspects of the story, but on the character, and the storylines, and the plot, the things that make a piece of writing a story.

There are places for stroke fiction -- I won't deny it. But it isn't the only way to write erotica. There are many great authors out there that put far more into a story than a description of how Tab A fits into Slot B. This is for what I review.

A basic score based subjectively on how I perceive the overall English language talent in the story. The language in a story is what communicates with the reader. If one can't spell, or doesn't care how punctuation works, that makes it difficult to communicate. That, in turn, affects how people are able to understand what is being presented, and the ability to enjoy the story. A ten scored here means that I didn't see a single mistake in the story -- that doesn't mean that there are no flaws, but merely that I didn't see any. A nine means only a few mistakes that I saw, and they didn't distract from the story. Even an eight indicates a readable story. It goes downhill from there.

This is not the ability of story to arouse or an indication of quantity of sexual description. There are many forms of Eros ranging from the bump and grind to the more subtle beauty of anticipation. This is a subjective score based on a variety of elements in the story that I deem to be erotic or human. That covers more than pumping hydraulics. Sometimes a story without so much as a single sex scene may score a ten, while, if I feel the sex was over-described, Eros will actually be reduced.

A combined score, depending on the story, that indicates the depth of it by looking at the quality of the characters, and the plot behind it all. If there is no plot, or the characters are one-dimensional sex machines, the score will tend to be low. Fully fleshed out characters and a fun or meaningful plot will raise the score.

A purely subjective score -- how much I liked the story regardless of the technical/characters/eros of the piece.

Scores can be very misleading -- stories are more than the sum of their parts. I score things to help me understand what I'm saying, but really they shouldn't be taken as gospel. Read the stories yourselves, and form your own opinions.

What do Crimson Reviews really mean?

About as much as any opinion means. Not much. I don't expect everyone to agree with my reviews, everyone has different tastes, and the world is a better place because of that. Read the stories yourself, and form your own opinions.

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