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Choosing Stories for Review

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Some people have asked me how I choose stories to review.

Simply put, I choose stories that I think that I'm going to like. I don't like giving poor reviews any more than authors like to see a negative spin cast upon their stories.


Only stories that are posted to are elegible for review. This is to ensure that the stories are freely available and encourages contribution in ASSM.

What Types of Stories?

I like a wide variety of story types, including vanilla male-female and female-female tales, romance and even some stroke fiction. I'll consider reviewing lighter bondage tales and even the odd poem. Depends on my mood and the author. Stories with character, plot and some depth tend to catch my eye more than pure sexual fantasies.

It would be unfair of me to review stories that contain fetish elements that don't appeal to me. For example, you will rarely find me reviewing stories containing male-male, paedophilia, heavy bondage and/or sado-masochism, watersports, snuff, torture, heavy incest or bestiality. These fetishes may appeal to many people, but in general do not appeal to me. Such topics would invariably cause a biased opinion which is neither fair to the author, nor to the reader.

I will review reposts of stories, if they are posted by the original author. I will not review stories reposted by archivers.

Requesting Reviews

To request a review, place the symbol <*> in the subject line of the story. Authors may also e-mail me to request a review. Needless to say, a request does not guarantee a review -- it only makes me more likely to look at a particular story. Stories sent directly to me will not be reviewed.

But I don't want to be Reviewed

If you'd prefer not to be reviewed in Crimson Reviews, e-mail me with a polite request to that effect.

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