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Currently my stories focus on teenage girls with lots of scat.  There are other things in there as well, let me know what you think!  What turns me on the most is the thought of girls who are so horny that they'll do anything and everything to get off, no matter how naughty or dirty it is.  I like young girls who are just discovering themselves as sexual beings.  Hopefully my stories reflect that.  Have something that you'd like to see in one of my stories?  Let me know!  NOTE:  These stories are works of fantasy and are completely ficticious.  I do not condone sex with minors or any illegal activity!

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Request:  While my artistic ability is limited to bad stick-figures, I'd absolutely love to see artistic renderings of any of the people or scenes from my stories!  If you have the talent and the will to do this, please send me your drawings, and I'll try to post them here.  Thanks!

Emily's Adventure
     This story follows the erotic awakening of Emily, a 16 year old suburban girl who discovers her attraction to other girls.  She also discovers the joys of being 'naughty'.  She meets 14 year old Sara and they find that they share the same perverse fetish and they start to experiment together.  Soon Emily's 12 year old little sister, Anna, finds out about the two and joins in the fun.  Finally, Anna is humiliated in a diaper in front of her soccor team - but finds the youngest member of the team, 9 year old Megan, finds Anna's infantile habbits arousing, not disgusting!  These stories include the following subjects:  fsolo, ff, fg, ffg, ffgg, gg, scat, ws, vomit, ped, inc, voy.  Only read if you're looking for a messy good time!

You can view my first series, Emily's Adventures, as text, here:


Here are links to individual chapters:

Part One  (fsolo)
Part Two  (fsolo, scat)
Part Three  (fsolo, ff, scat, vomit, ws, inc)
Part Four  (ff, ffg, scat, inc, ws)
Part Five  (ffg, scat, ws, puke, inc)
Part Six  (ffg, scat, inc, snot, puke)
Part Seven  (ffg, scat, inc, ws, puke,)
Part Eight  (scat)
Part Nine  (ff, scat, exhib)
Part Ten  (ff, scat, exhib)
Part Eleven (ffgg, scat, inc)
Part Twelve  (almost caught!)
Part Thirteen  (fsolo, scat, voy)
Part Fourteen  (fg, ws)
Part Fifteen  (fsolo, scat, exhib)
Part Sixteen  (fsolo, scat, exhib)
Part Seventeen (ff, scat, exhib)
Part Eighteen (ff, fg, exhib, scat, ws)
Part Nineteen (ffgg, exhib, scat, inc)
Part Twenty (ffgg, scat, exhib, food, inc)
Part Twenty-One (ffgg, sscat, gsolo)
Part Twenty-Two (scat, exhib)
Part Twenty-Three (scat, ws, exhib, food)
Part Twenty-Four (diaper, exhib, fg, ws)
Part Twenty-Five
Part Twenty-Six
Part Twenty-Seven
Part Twenty-Eight

Part Twenty-Nine

Emma's Farm

Emma (13) has just moved out of the city and to a farm with her mother.  Emma has become incredibly horny and without her friends to talk to, must deal with her new desires alone.  This series will contain the following subjects (labeled by chapter);  fsolo, Ff, beast, ws, scat, splosh.

Directory Link:  http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Craven_Raven/Emma/

Chapter links:

Part 1 - (fsolo)
Part 2 - (fsolo)
Part 3 - (fsolo, ws)
Part 4 - (fsolo, splosh)
Part 5 - (fsolo, beast, scat)
Part 6 - (fsolo, beast, scat, ws)
Part 7 - (fsolo, food)
Part 8 - (Fsolo, scat, ws, fsolo, splosh)
Part 9 - (Ff, inc, splosh)
Part 10 - (Ff, inc, food)
Part 11 - (Ff, ws)
Part 12 - (Ff, ws, scat, inc, splosh)
Part 13 - (Fsolo, Ff, beast)
Part 14 - (Ff, beast, food)
Part 15 - (Ff, inc, beast)
Part 16 - (fsolo, scat)
Part 17 - (fsolo, scat, fg)
Part 18 - (fg, scat, ws, exhib)

Julie's Job
Julie(21) takes a new job as a secretary and finds the job requires more than just organizational skills!  This series wil contain the following subjects:  MF, FF, exhib, cum, Fsolo, Msolo.  Please see chapter descriptions for more specifics as to content.

Chapter One - (Exhib)
Chapter Two - (exhib, cum)
Chapter Three - (exhib, cum, fsolo)

Longing for Sara
Circumstances bring a brother and sister together - Love and lust become indistinguishable in this story.  mf, ws, inc, abdl. 

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Veronica's Messy Job


- Desperate for work, Veronica accepts a job at a marketing firm. The job turns out to be rather messy, but to her surprise she sticks around because it awakens the sexual being inside of her.  This series contains a lot of sploshing, some vomiting, and of course some wetting and pooping.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


-Craven Raven

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