My writings tend to have dom/sub and  fetish themes.  The majority of them are femdom.  I hope you enjoy. 



My Own Scarlett Letter


I'm writing again.  I'm not really sure how much longer this will be the case, but here's a new story.  This one is about a female professor and a naughty young co-ed. 

(FF, DS, anal)

Unknown Waifish Model Page Fifty-three Chapter 2 09/26/03 (TG, MM, mindcontrol)  There's a man in Dave's head.   The problem is that it's his lover's husband, and he has some very kinky ideas for revenge.
Sybian Training 09/26/03 (MF, humil, bondage)  Megan is a young secretary working in a male dominated workplace.  Things were tolerable until she got a new boss, a boss who doesn't tolerate frigidity, a boss who enrolls Megan in training . . . Sybian Training.
Puppet-Girl (F+F, Fisting, Reluctant) Puppet-girl is a new story about a young girl who is seduced by two of her co-workers.  It's kind of cute and   kinky. 



Unknown Waifish Model Page Fifty-three (TG, MM, mindcontrol)  There's a man in Dave's head.   The problem is that it's his lover's husband, and he has some very kinky ideas for revenge.
Harriet Hotter Ch.15 (FF,denial, magic)  Can Harriet's teammates reverse the Blackrobes hex in time for the Macrosse match final? 
Frosting (FF,flashfiction, food, humiliation) 
Rank has its Privileges (MF, Mdom)  A boss trains a young woman to be the best secretary ever. 
World for the Taking (FF, Femdom) A story about Taking things.  That girl from Beetlejuice would be proud.
Dixie Chicks Rule. (FF, pony) Yeah baby, Dixie Chicks *do rule*, and the people out there that are talking shit about them really need to stop.  I mean take a look at them.  Hot-hot-hot.  My favorite is Martie.  Lordy, would I love to make her sing . . . and her sister too. 

Reallllly, I think that is the real reason people are picking on them so much.   They're hoping to take them down a few notches so that maybe, just maybe, they can get a chance at the sisters. 

Batteries not Included   (FF)  Here's a cute story about two girls going back Catholic school after summer break.  One of the girls has a surprise for the other.
Entrapment (MF, Femdom, Strapon, CD)  It's Halloween and there's been a mistake with the costumes.  What happens is not so surprising given the codes above, but it's a lot of fun.
Mrs. Feldmans Cookies FF, humil (This is a cute story about a young supervisor who will do anything to keep up her employees morale.)
Drafted (No sex, sci-fi) That's right boys and girls.  NO SEX.  If you get off on this, then you've probably got a screw loose somewhere, and you need to quit reading so many stories ;-)   This story was inspired by recent events (ie Patriot Act and the war)  I feel that the current administration is using FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to take away the privacy, rights, freedoms, and the very lives of our citizens.  The good news is, that we are still in a democracy.  Write your representative and tell them you will not support people who vote for these sorts of things come election time.  Better yet, be sure to vote and get other people to vote for the next election and get these yahoos out of office.
So Dirty A fan from Literotica requested a story about a husband who wants his wife to take more control in bed.  He never imagines that she would take that and then some.  He never imagined she would make him feel dirty  . . .
Make that Date A TG satire based on the old Love Connection show.  It's different.  I wrote it in a transcript format. . .I hope you can follow it. 

Amazon dot cum Ch. 1

Amazon dot cum Ch. 2

Amazon dot cum Ch. 3

Amazon dot cum Ch. 4

Amazon dot cum Ch. 5

Amazon-dot-cum Ch. 6

Amazon-dot-cum Ch. 7


(FF, MF, blackmail, oral, anal, chastity, and a whole lot of other stuff).  The idea for the story came from a reader request.  She's from South Africa and has a new black female boss.  Strangely enough, so does the woman in this story.
Slave to Her Mistress A story inspired by an email correspondence with one of my favorite muses.
The Smell of Sex  

The Smell of Sex was my first story and also my longest series.   Originally, it was supposed to have had three chapters, but turned into twenty-one.

I've enjoyed writing this lesbian tale of the sexy and rather humiliating adventures of a young college student.

(FF, incest, humil)

Blowing Betty This story was the result of a contest to see who could write the best blow job story.  Well, the contest ended prematurely, but that was to be expected . . . after all, it was a blow job contest.  No winner was ever declared, but here is the story I entered, involving oral sex with a twist.

(FM, femdom)

The Haunting of Heather A rather dark and scary ghost story containing a lot of revenge.   Sort of a man marries woman.  Man cheats on woman.  Woman kills self and ghost gets revenge.

(FF, ghost)

Icing on the Cake I got the idea from this story from reading the A.S.S. newsgroup.   Some guy overheard a neighbor asking for oral sex with no strings attached.   He was wondering if he should volunteer.  I wrote a story based on this, because there are always strings attached.

(FM, Creampie)

Taming the Teach I wrote this story to enter into the Literotica Halloween contest.  I was very surprised when it won second place.  This is a sapphic tale about a teacher student affair.  By the way, I have decided to do a sequel to this story, due to the overwhelming requests of the readers.

(FF, F+M)

Harriet Hotter My take on the more famous Potter boy.  However, in this story the witch is a girl.  

(FF, fantasy)

The Skins vs. the Boys Growing up in my house there was a rivalry between the Redskins and the Cowboys.  I decided to use it for a set-up for a bet between a husband and wife. 

(FM, Femdom, strapon)

Jessie's Girl Stacy feels she is too good to hang out with her former friend and neighbor.  She says the wrong thing at the wrong time and gets put in her place.   If you like this story you may want to read some of the stories written by Cactus Juggler archived on

(FF, reluctant)

Breaking and Entering Loving wife decides to turn the table on her husband.

(FF, strapon)

My Wife the Womanizer Instead of getting a divorce, a wife decides to make husband pay, by forcing him to become her maid.(FF, FM, MM, TG)
The Cleaning Girl A maid turns the tables on her wealthy employer.  (FF, water sports)
Making the Scene Some people are willing to take advantage of a crush.  (FF, FM, reluctant)
French Lessons The new maid decides to transform the kept man of the house.  (FFM, Femdom, TG, Rom)
Denying Denise A woman's arms are broken in a car accident.  Her husband leaves her in the care of a dominating niece when he goes out of town on a business trip.  (FF, Femdom, orgasm denial)
WorldCon An employee discovers her boss's embezzlement and decides on her own methods of punishment.  (FF, Femdom, humil)
Beaches Two girls go to the beach and one of the girls lets her mouth get her in trouble with another woman.  From there, both girls learn a lesson.   (FF, Femdom, water sports, humil, blackmail)
Oh My Goddess! Okay, maybe I'm in my dark period.  I'm not sure.   Here's another story.  It's sci-fi and about what happens when you fuck with the wrong person, only to find out to late the person is a goddess.  This one gets rough in places, so I would advise caution for some readers. 

(FF, MF, Sci-fi,Femdom, mc, turned into an object, caution)  

The Fish Tank Written for the Fish Tank celebration hosted by Desdmona.  I hope to time it's release to the Fish Tank's.  This is a very short one, science fiction, and dark as well.  Okay, I promise to do some lighter stories next.


A Special Anal-versary Enough with the heavy stuff.  This one is much lighter.  

It's his anniversary and he's been promised anal sex.  Hot damn!

(MF, strapon, rom)

This Little Piggy


This is a story of revenge that involves on food.  There is a good bit of humiliation and some bondage as well.   It was written for a fan, who I hope is happy with the results. 

Here is to hoping that my favorite little piggy will start writing again.

(FF, humil, bondage, food)

Thalia's Prank


This next tale is my entry into the Sapphic Festival hosted by Kelly Adams.  I'm hoping that is an actual picture of Kelly on her website.  If it is, I would like to make a few more entries, if you know what I mean ;-)

In this story Thalia plays a joke on her sister Urania (Yes, that really is the name of the Goddess of astronomy)  A young girl stumbles onto the goddess and Urania makes a new discovery. 

(FF, anal, fantasy, rom) 

Georgia's Story

A Porn Writer's Tale

This is a story about Georgia...for Georgia.  I hope she likes it.

(MFF, anal, rom)