Uncle Luke Keeps His Promise

Fiction by Candy





Part 2 of My Uncle Luke



I was so glad Uncle Luke was here.  My dad’s youngest brother was a cool character—and very handsome too.  Now that I’m eleven the crush I’ve always had on him has blossomed into something altogether different.  His Mustang convertible was the coolest and he was going to let me drive it—never mind he was teaching me so much about sex.  It was all at my urging, so don’t be mad at him.  Uncle Luke was here for a week, watching me while my dad’s in rehab.  I love my dad, but he had to get better before things really got bad for him, and us.  The best part so far was taking off my bikini and soaking in the Jacuzzi with Uncle Luke.


He kept teasing, “Your virginity won’t last the week.”  So far we hadn’t gone all the way, though he taught me how to suck his penis, and he put his tongue in me and taught me about orgasms.


It was the fourth day of his visit and today like any other day he was lying on a poolside lounger, completely naked, getting a great overall tan.  By now he wasn’t at all surprised about me joining him there.


“Would you like me to rub some of that sunscreen on your…ah…cock?” I asked him (because that’s what he called his penis), snapping him awake from whatever daydream had swollen his penis measurably.  “You don’t want it to get sunburned, do you?”  The look on his face made me laugh.


He said, “Damn you, girl.  Didn’t you get enough yesterday to satisfy that curiosity of yours? —the curiosity that’s gonna put me in prison, for God’s sake.”


I dropped my top to the ground, and my bottoms soon joined it.  “Okay, if you don’t want sunscreen then maybe you can put some on me.”


He rolled his eyes back and then said, “Prison. That’s where I’m going for sure.”


I walked over and lay atop him.  “No you won’t, silly.  Not even if you take my virginity.”


I felt his stiff cock under me.  “You can’t keep teasing me like this,” he groaned.


“Who’s teasing?” I said.  “Now, what about the sunscreen?”  He scooted me up a little and kissed me.  I really loved these kisses. 


He rubbed the lotion all over me.  When he lingered at my little breasts and suddenly taut nipples, I couldn’t help moaning.  As his hand rubbed between my thighs, I leaned over and began playing with his rigid cock.  It was his turn to moan.  Just as I thought about putting him in my mouth like he showed me yesterday, he pushed me away and said it was wrong, and that instead we should go in the pool and cool off.  I pouted but followed him into the pool anyway.  We swam like we had the day before.  I kept swimming up to him and touching him, keeping his cock hard.  He kept pushing me away each time, but I knew it was only half-hearted.


“When you gonna let me drive your Mustang, Uncle Luke?”


“I suppose I have to…but only around the neighborhood, okay?”




He exhaled like he was exasperated, but I knew it was only a show.  “Let’s get it over with.  Come on.”  He climbed from the pool and I followed.


As he pulled on his shorts, he said, “Put something on, for Christ’s sake.  I can’t very well go out to the car with this boner.”


I giggled, “What’s the matter, Uncle Luke? Mrs. Jameson can’t come over and take care of it for you?”


He shook his head, “No, Marie’s husband just came home from his business trip and she’s stuck.”


I thrust out my hips and said with another giggle, “Then maybe I can take care of you.”


He shook his head once more.  “Never mind, get dressed and I’ll let you drive.  Damn, you’re impossible,” he said, though I know he was only teasing me back.


He let me drive around the block a few times.  Thankfully there weren’t many cars on the streets of my neighborhood.  I had to fold up a bunch of towels to sit on so I would be high enough in the driver’s seat to see out, and I had to have the seat all the way forward to barely reach the pedals.  Uncle Luke laughed and called me a “shrimp” for being so small.  I know he was nervous but he tried not to show it.  I bet he was worrying the whole time about me crashing his fancy car.


“Can we go in the Jacuzzi when we’re back home?” I asked.


“If you can get us safely back in the driveway without getting into an accident then I guess we can.”  He was quiet for a moment then said, “Shit, you’re going to tease me with that little body of yours again, aren’t you?”


“Who, me?”   I laughed.  “You’re the one who goes naked all the time around me, so who’s doing the teasing?”  I was watching the road so I couldn’t look at him, but I knew he was rolling his eyes or something like it.


When we got back, he praised me for my driving and went to fire up the Jacuzzi.  I was happy he didn’t do something silly like kiss the ground to kid me about my driving.  I loved him for that—treating me like a grown-up and not a kid.  I went into the house and got undressed.  No bikini for me today; I put on my silk bathrobe over my naked body and went out back to meet Luke.  I thought about sex—real sex, not just using our mouths—and I got all hot and tingly like I had the day before.  Uncle Luke called it being “horny” and probably that was it.  Right then I didn’t want to tease him anymore; I wanted him to go all the way with me like he did with Mrs. Jameson.  I felt my crotch inside the bathrobe and my fingers came away wet and slippery, and my nipples ached so much I had to touch them too.  I hoped Uncle Luke would touch me in the hot tub.


When I got to the Jacuzzi he was already naked and in the bubbling water.  I dropped the robe to the patio deck and watched my uncle’s reaction.  His face told me everything, including the fact his cock must be getting stiff underwater.  He was staring at my crotch like a starving person looking at food.  Considering how he ate me down there yesterday maybe it was like food.  I laughed to myself at that thought.  Uncle Luke had a really big ‘hot dog’ and I was ready to try ‘eating’ it again as well!


He whistled, and then said, “Girl, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I sure can see what you want me to do.”  He was pointing to my legs, so I looked down and saw like little rivers of moisture trickling down my thighs from my cunny.  It wasn’t sweat.


My knees became unsteady by the way he was looking at me and by how I was thinking about him, and I nearly toppled before I could step into the roiling water.  I didn’t need the Jacuzzi to get my body hot; I felt hot already.


After I was seated next to him, just like yesterday he asked me if I knew what seduction was.  “You know you’re seducing me but I don’t think you understand all the ramifications.  Do you?”


“We talked about sex before, Uncle Luke, and you know how much I love you and how much I want to feel like Mrs. Jameson feels when you do it with her.”


“You’re eleven—a very mature eleven, but eleven nonetheless—and besides the fact it would be against the law, I’m not sure you can handle the emotions that go with…er…making love.  You might feel as if it’s what you want now, but you might change your mind once we…ah…do it.”  He made another of his exasperated sighs, then added, “Anyway, you’re small and it would hurt.”




“Yes, baby doll.  In case you forgot, you are a virgin, and in case you haven’t noticed by now,” he said, lifting his ass up out of the water and pointing at his erection, “…I’m kinda big.”


“Isn’t that good…that you’re big, I mean?”


“Damn…Pumpkin…you’re driving me crazy!  Yes, I guess it’s good for any woman, but you still have a nicely intact hymen and besides that, your bottom is skinny so I would imagine your vagina would be impossibly tight.  Shit, I’m gonna cum just thinking about it.”


“What’s a hymen, and how do you know about mine?” I asked.


“Remember when I put my finger in you yesterday?  I felt the…ah…little circle of skin that’s your hymen.”  How could I forget what we did yesterday—what he called oral sex when I put his cock in my mouth and he squirted—and how I felt when he kissed and touched me down there.  He continued, “The hymen is skin that is inside all girls and it gets, I guess, ‘broken’ when she has sex for the first time.”


“Broken?!” I nearly shrieked.  “Is that why it would hurt?”


He chuckled, “It’s not that bad, but what do I know.”


“Oh,” was all I could say, pondering everything he told me, my whole body hot from head to toe, and I knew it wasn’t from the water.


I didn’t realize until then that I was touching his cock underwater.  It was so hard and again I remembered how it looked going in and out of Mrs. Jameson when I spied on them the other day.  I understood what he was warning me about, but I wanted it going in and out of me that way.  I kept rubbing his cock.  He murmured something and put his head back.  Maybe if I rubbed him until he was close to squirting I could get him to carry me into the house like yesterday and this time make love to me.  What he said about it hurting completely slipped my mind.


“Shit, we have to stop it, girl.  I can’t take this tease anymore,” he said, though his head was still back and his eyes were still closed like he hadn’t meant a word of it.  I could only hope.  I kept touching him.  He was so hard.


“Can I put him in my mouth?” I asked.


“No, but I know what I’m gonna do,” he said.  Then he pulled me to him and kissed me. 


This was a long, tonguing kiss like yesterday and I felt all the same emotions and then some.  I’m right against him!  I feel so hot!  I think finally we’re going to do it!  Oh, God, he’s touching me!  He put his fingers down there!  It feels so good!  Oh, I feel his hard cock touch me!  Yes!  Yes!  He stopped kissing me but his fingers were still doing things to me down there.  “Now…Please…” I begged.


He looked into my eyes for a few seconds, and then said the word I wanted to hear: “Yes.”


As he’d done the day before, he lifted me from the Jacuzzi and wrapped a towel around me before setting me down on one of the lounge chairs and wrapping another towel around himself.  He carried me into the house like that, (hopefully) safely away from the eyes of prying neighbors, especially his mistress, Marie Jameson.  He took me to the guest room—his bedroom—and set my feet on the floor, letting the towel slide from my hot and eager body.  I stood there shakily.  Would I still be a virgin in a few minutes?  He let his towel fall away as well. 


“I’m not thinking about it anymore, just doing.  Last chance to say no,” he said to me, sounding like a question instead of a statement.  I nodded, hardly able to breathe.


He coaxed me to the bed where he immediately went down between my thighs, which I spread for him, and began tonguing me.  Like yesterday, he went right to that same spot that made me feel so good—my clitoris—kissing and licking me.  I moaned, “Ummmmm” as his tongue did magical things.  Oh boy, that tension was back, the one which made me feel like a giant spring was tightening within me.  “Ummmmmmmm” I moaned again and again.  As he licked me his hand was playing with my little nipples.  He would lightly touch one breast then run his fingertips down my belly and around my navel then go back to the other breast.  Back and forth he went.  Added to what his tongue was doing, I was quickly losing it.


“Ohhhhh, Unnnnnncle Luuuuuuuke, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  That was MY voice screaming!


He whispered something—I heard “before” and “change” and “mind”—but the rest was lost within the tremors of my orgasm.  He taught me about that, and now he would teach me more.  Uncle Luke picked me up and cradled me in his arms like a baby.  “Girl, you’re the prettiest little thing when you cum,” he said.  “I’m not asking you anymore if you’re ready.  I’m going to make love to you…all the way this time.”  With that said he leaned down and kissed me again.


He was right—he didn’t have to ask me anymore.


While still kissing me he laid me down on the bed, him next to me.  His hands were warm and soft and did some magnificent things to me; so good I felt the same fire building, the same spring coiling deep within me once again.  He slid a finger deep inside me and moved it around.  For a moment I felt a twinge of pain but his finger also touched some nice places too.


“Yes, Uncle Luke, yes!” I murmured, “Mmmmmm, oh, I love you, oh, yes…”


I looked at him and saw him smiling back at me.  He silently mouthed, “I love you too, sweetheart.”  He reached for a little bottle that was next to the bed, and poured some of its contents into the palm of his hand.  He said, “It’s massage oil, and I’m gonna treat you like the special princess that you are.”  He rubbed the slick liquid all over my body.  It warmed me even more; his strong hands kneading the oil especially in some sexy places like my butt, tits, and inside my thighs.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation, the spring tightening a bit more.


From somewhere he’d gotten a condom packet and ripped it open.  “Would you like to put it on?” he asked. My face was red hot and I was all tickly down between my legs as he explained how to unroll the condom onto his cock.  As I did he lightly touched one of my breasts with one hand as the other caressed my neck under my ear.  When the condom was on all the way, he gently pushed me to the bed and lifted my legs by an ankle gripped in each of his powerful hands.


“I think we’re both more than ready for this,” he said, almost moaning the words.  He put the end of his cock at my opening and hesitated a few seconds before pushing just a little bit.


“Oooooo,” I murmured involuntarily as he began to stretch me down there.  “No!” I cried as he went in a little bit more.


He stopped pushing but didn’t say anything, just waiting.


“Yes, I mean, don’t stop,” I whispered breathlessly.


As he went a little deeper, I cried “No” and “Yes” alternately, and yelped when it hurt a little more.  He must be breaking my hymen like he explained would happen, though nothing I said could stop him now.  And I didn’t want him to, either.  I croaked, “Don’t stop.”


Before I knew it he was going in and out of me.  I remembered what it looked like seeing him doing it with Mrs. Jameson, and I wanted to see it now, so I lifted my head up off the pillow, straining to see.  My uncle was holding himself up by his hands so he wouldn’t be too heavy on top of me; he shifted his body a little so I could see down there better.  Wow, his condom-covered cock was all shiny like!  While still in me, he put his arm under me and lifted me from the bed almost like I was sitting on his lap, though he was still on his knees.  Even though I had a ‘full’ feeling in my vagina, it felt good now; I only hoped Uncle Luke was comfortable with me like that. 


He told me to “reach down and touch it.”  I touched his cock as it was part way in and it was all slippery!  He explained that it was shiny and slippery because of me.  He said I was “lubricated” from being horny and that helped him “enter” me though I was very tight.


Even though I was all excited, I giggled and said, “I guess I’m like as slippery inside as I am on the outside from the oil you rubbed on me.”  I thought about what he said about me being very tight, as well as how stretched I felt, and asked him, “Does it feel good?”


“You don’t know the half of it,” he groaned.  “How does it feel for you? Did it hurt?”


Through trembling lips, I answered, “Yeah, a little at first, but not now…”


He didn’t say another word but held me to him in what I figured might be an awkward position, my oily nipples touching his chest and tingling like crazy.  He kind of bounced me up and down on him.  Oh, yes!  I loved this: the warmth, the touching, the feelings inside of me.  It certainly didn’t hurt anymore, it just felt wonderful.  That sensation I can only describe as a coiling spring deep in my belly, which I now know is what leads up to an orgasm, is like ten times more intense than it was from his tongue.


“Ohhhh, Uncle Luke, I like it, I like it…”


I was going to say ‘Thank you’ but he began kissing me again and thus kept my tongue busy.  I was so warm—hot and tingly, actually—as we kissed and I bobbed on his lap.  I felt everything like tighten within me and my vagina seemed to tighten around him too.  He must have felt it because he groaned.  I was so hot I started bouncing harder and faster on him, frenzied, sweaty and completely out of control.


“Damn it girl,” he said, barely more than a grunt, “I can’t hold on any more…I’m cumming,” and then he groaned again, louder this time.


I felt every spurt coming out of him!  That’s when everything sort of let go inside me.  I cried out as the imaginary spring released all its tension.  Every contraction—like a ‘good’ cramp—made me cry again and again.  When he pulled off the condom, he showed me all the cum that was trapped inside. 


He wiped sweat from my forehead with the palm of his hand and brushed sweaty strands of my hair from my face.  “Was it everything you thought it’d be?”


“Yes, oh yes, Uncle Luke!  It felt so good!  Can we do it again?”


“Whoa, young lady, it takes me a little while to recover, even if I’m with the prettiest girl in the world.”


“Am I really? …Pretty?”


“You sure are, hon.  You don’t know how much willpower it took not to—” I knew he wanted to say ‘fuck’ but stopped himself.  “Though you’re my niece, I wanted to from the first moment after you took your bikini off out by the Jacuzzi.”  He took a deep breath and then said, “You know that what we just did can get me into a lot of trouble, don’t you?”


“I’ll never, ever, ever tell anyone.  Never.”   I meant it, too.  I loved my Uncle.  Even though it was early in the afternoon, we both fell asleep lying next to each other.  I felt so warm and secure, thinking I’m lying next to a man, after we made love! 


The shadows in the bedroom were long when I finally woke up.  Uncle Luke was already awake and looking at me with a smile on his face.  He asked me if I had a nice nap.  I asked him how long he’d been awake and watching me.  He said, “I like watching pretty girls.”  I love it when he says I’m pretty.


I reached over to kiss him, but first asked, “Can we do it again?”


He smiled and said, “Are you hungry? …At least for something other than sex?”


I smiled back and shook my head vigorously.  He laughed.  As we kissed I touched his cock and it quickly grew hard.  Goodie!  He licked me again but not for long.  I guessed I was ready.  He put on a condom and this time stayed behind me as I lay on my side.  He lifted my thigh to open me up and gently slipped into me.  Once again he muttered how tight I was before moaning.  He went deeper a little at a time then started going in and out.  He kissed the nape of my neck and reached around to tease a nipple.  He kept at it slowly, and it felt so great.  After a little while he moved his hands to hold my hips and steadily went faster.


Oh my God, I think I’m having an orgasm already!  “Aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeahhhhhh,” I squealed.


He must have felt me having an orgasm, or maybe it was my screaming, but for whatever reason he groaned and went really fast, so I knew it was his time too.  I felt him bump into parts of me deep inside that didn’t feel altogether pleasant, but it didn’t hurt either.  Besides, my orgasm was making me forget all about it anyway, as it seemed to go on forever.


“Sweet Jesus!” he swore, as he stopped thrusting and held my ass tight to him.  I felt his cock throb and knew he was squirting his cum—one, two, three, four big throbs—and I felt them all!  I absently wondered what it would be like if he hadn’t worn a condom.


“Oh my Lord, I’ll never get over this, girl!  You’re amazing!” he said.  He held me for a few minutes before sending me off to shower.  “Now it’s time for some dinner…I think it’s about time we feed that other mouth of yours.”  We both laughed at his joke.


He cooked dinner and after we watched some TV.  We didn’t talk much about what we did, and I think he was still worried I would tell my dad and he would get into trouble.  I have to make sure he understands that would never happen.  I love my uncle too much.  I asked if I could sleep with him, but he begged off.


“You may not think so, but that little pussy of yours is gonna be in a load of hurt by morning.  I think we should let it rest, okay?”


I thought he was exaggerating, but anyway I slept in my own bed that night. 


Oh boy, he hadn’t been kidding!  When I woke up I almost couldn’t walk!  During breakfast Uncle Luke kept saying “I told you so” every time he saw me wince.  Later in the morning (when I wasn’t so sore anymore) we went grocery shopping.  He wouldn’t let me drive but I didn’t mind.  This was our last day together since my dad would be coming home the next day.  As we put away the groceries, my uncle kept asking me how I was.  I told him I wasn’t as sore then as I had been when I awoke.  He took me to lunch at my favorite chain restaurant, and I felt real special talking and being with him.  He never talked to me like I was a kid.  Of course he couldn’t now after we made love yesterday.  Made love!  When I think those words I get tingly all over and remember all of it: his tenderness, his strength, the throbbing of his cock in me, and of course my fabulous orgasms.  I hoped others in the restaurant couldn’t tell what I was thinking, though I hoped Uncle Luke did.


He took me shopping and bought me some nice clothes.  Nothing sexy, but certainly clothes my dad would never let me buy myself.  At a drugstore he picked up some stuff in a small tube and a small box of something.  When I asked him what they were, he smiled and told me it was a secret for our last night.  Ooooooo!  I knew what that meant!


When we got back to my house, we got naked and went in the Jacuzzi.  He wanted to know if the hot water burned my sore pussy, but I assured him it felt okay.  He put his arm around my shoulders and held me close while we soaked.  After, we dove into the pool to cool off.  All the while, he was teasing and touching me, especially my titties; I think to make me hot for sex, though he didn’t have to do anything to get me like that.  I wanted him now.


We put robes on and went into the house.  He looked at me and didn’t say anything.  He knew I was ready.  He led me to his bedroom.  I took off the robe and jumped onto the bed and spread my legs so he could see my pussy.  I hoped he could see how wet I was.  He picked up the tube that he’d bought and showed it to me.


Reading the label, he said, “Says here this lubricant has ‘warming action’ that should be ‘pleasurable’ to a woman.  You want to try it out, little woman?”


“Lubricant?” I asked.   He called me a woman!


“Doesn’t matter how wet you might feel now, little woman, we better use some extra lubricant or you’ll be sorer than hell down there.  Damn, you looked like it hurt to walk this morning.”  He smiled, “Don’t want you complaining about me, right?”


“Please, Uncle Luke. I won’t complain.  Please,” I said, and I meant it. I wanted it so bad.


The box he’d bought was a new box of condoms.  They were all cool neon colors.  He let me pick out the color.  I chose one that was like shiny green, and giggled, thinking of how funny that color’s going to look like when it’s stretched out on his big cock.  Before he lay down with me, I looked at him and one more time marveled at his body, and how special I felt that a girl my age could have sex with a man like him and have it be so good.


He used his tongue on me for a long time, licking and kissing my clitoris until I knew I was getting close to an orgasm.  He must have known too because he eased up a little on the pressure while he made some “mmmm” noises like he was eating something really delicious—and maybe he was, me!


Please, Uncle Luke, no more.  Put it in me, please, now…”


He put on the neon green condom (it did look strange!) and used his fingers to put a lot of that lubricant around and in my cunny.  He rubbed some on the condom and made me roll over on my stomach.  He put two pillows under me, raising my butt in the air, and then straddled my legs and put his cock at my pussy.


“We can do it this way?” I asked.


“Don’t worry, hon, we can do it lots of ways,” he said. “And no doubt by morning I think we will.”


I was going to sleep with him and we were going to do it all night!   I was still a little sore when he went into me but the lubricant probably helped a lot like he said it would.  I closed my eyes while he went in and out, enjoying how great it felt.  This way felt different than the other ways we did it; his cock was like touching different places in me somehow.  I didn’t realize I was making noises until my mind registered what my ears were hearing.


“Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh—”  I kept saying, each ‘oh’ sound coming each time his cock went in and his hips bumped against my butt.


He kept groaning, “I can’t believe this…you’re too damn tight…I’m not gonna last…oh girl this is unbelievable…ugh…I’m getting close…oh God…”


“Uuuuuuuncle Luuuuuuuuke, ohhhhhhhhh” I wailed as the orgasm began.


“I’m cumming, darling,” he said before grunting.  This orgasm was so great, and I felt his cock spurt again inside me!  And he called me darling!


We took a shower together and I thought that was the coolest thing (besides sex that is).  After we dressed he ordered some delivery pizza and we ate while watching a DVD.  When the movie was over we talked serious like about me and sex and not talking about it with anyone.  I think he trusted me but he couldn’t help being worried.  I told him he was the greatest uncle any girl could have and that our making love would always remain just between us.  I realized he wanted to make sure my eleven-year-old brain could handle losing my virginity.


“I don’t want you to get messed up about sex, I mean, as you get older and meet boys you like,” he said.  I told him I thought I understood what he was saying, and though I’ve learned I really loved sex I wouldn’t go crazy and like do it with just anybody.


He wasn’t just anybody, that was for sure.  “I love you so much for how you treat me like a grown up, and for teaching me about sex,” I said.


“That’s okay, sweetheart.  You’ve grown up so much.”  He was quiet for a few moments before adding, “I hope your dad gets better…is better.”


“He will.  I know he will, Uncle Luke.”


“Yeah, I know he will too…because he has you.”  I saw a tear forming at the corner of his eye, and I was sure mine were watery too.  “You’re very special…for a shrimpy niece, that is.”


We both went from tears to laughter and we kind of wrestled on the sofa and tried tickling each other, but soon we were kissing, the kind of adult kissing I’m loving so much.  He carried me to his bedroom and we made love again, this time with a neon pink condom.  I told him how much I liked it from behind earlier and he showed me how to get on my hands and knees and do it that way—he called it doggie style, which got me giggling—giggling only the sweet feeling of his cock going into me would quell.


“Oh yes, Uncle Luke!  It feels good this way!”  His hands are on my hips, pulling me back as he was thrusting.  I’m feeling and hearing the slap of sweaty skin on skin.  I was orgasming almost as soon as he started going faster.


“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “Already?”


Oh, yes!


I wailed and moaned as he kept thrusting, until he shouted and stopped as deep as he could go into me.  He was cumming too.


We fell asleep and slept for a long time.  I awoke in darkness and looked over at the alarm clock to see it was 2:42.  His arm was around me and his body was nice and warm against my skin.  This was heaven, better than any dream.  I rolled over and kissed his lightly snoring lips.  He awoke slowly and kissed me back.


“Sleeping okay, sweetheart?” he asked.


“Of course,” I whispered.


His hand found one of my breasts and began to lightly rub and play with it.  I moaned, “That feels so good.”


He said, “Go back to sleep, before you ask me to fuck you one more time, okay?  There’s always the morning, you know.”


I fell back to sleep.  My dreams were sweet ones.


When we woke up I started playing with his cock and he got very hard again.  Another condom was unwrapped (blue this time) and I put lots of lubricant in me (I was sore, but I wanted to do it one more time no matter what) and he asked me if I wanted to learn a new position.  This time he lay on his back and he had me straddle him and let his cock slide into me.


I asked, “How will you move in and out of me like this?”


He chuckled and said, “That’s your job this way.”


He put a hand under each of my butt cheeks and lifted me a little before settling me back down again.  “Like that, baby doll,” he said.  “It’s all yours, hon.”


I got the hang of it fast as I bounced up and down.  He was bumping into something deep in me that didn’t feel that great, so I laid my chest on his and instead kind of lifted just my butt up and down and back and forth.  This felt even better.  He put his arms around me as I kept moving my vagina around his cock.  It took a while, maybe because I was doing all the moving, but eventually my orgasm hit.  It hit hard.  I held onto him tightly as my whole body shook in pleasure.


When he removed the condom I saw it didn’t have any cum inside.  “You didn’t?” I asked.


“Not this time.  I think you drained it all out of me.”


We laughed, showered, dressed and had breakfast.  My dad would be home later this morning, so we cleaned up the house, especially changing and washing the linens in the guest bedroom where Uncle Luke had been sleeping—and where we’ve been making love.  I helped him pack and we joked about the neon condoms as he placed the remaining packets and the tube of lubricant in his suitcase.  I actually felt a twinge of jealousy wondering who the women would be that got to experience these condoms next.


As my uncle was loading his bags into the Mustang for the drive home, we snuck one last kiss as soon as we knew my dad wasn’t looking.  “Bye sweetheart, be good…take care of your dad.”  I assured him I would.


In the driveway, I silently mouthed “I love you” to my uncle, much like he had to me the other day in bed.  He winked in response.  Dad and I waved goodbye as he drove away.  I was sad, knowing how much I would miss him and not knowing when I would see him again.


“Where you a good girl for Luke?” my dad asked.


“He told me I was the best,” I said, trying hard not to giggle at the hidden meaning.


As we walked back into the house, my dad said, “You’re walking funny. Did you hurt yourself while I was gone?”


I thought quickly.  “Yeah, I guess so. I slipped one time climbing out of the pool. I guess I like hurt my leg a little.”


He stared at me kind of funny but didn’t say anything.  Could he figure out what really made me sore?  Did he suspect anything?  I sure hoped not.  I consciously tried to walk like it wasn’t sore, even though it was very sore down there—the best soreness I could ever have imagined!


The End



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