My Uncle Luke

Fiction by Candy



My uncle Luke was coming to visit, and I couldn’t have been happier.  He was my dad’s youngest brother and a cool, handsome guy.  My dad’s been trying, really trying, since mom died, but he basically fell apart.  He’d been drinking a lot, losing his job in the process, and things were steadily getting worse.  He’d never been mean to me, his only daughter.  I still loved him tremendously, but he needed help.  Uncle Luke was taking care of that, adding to his ‘coolness’ quotient.


When my uncle drove up in his old Mustang convertible, I ran out to greet him, jumping into his arms.


“How’s my favorite ten-year-old niece?”


“I’m eleven, silly, and I’m your ONLY niece.”  I kissed him on the cheek.  His cologne smelled so good.


My dad came out of the house and they talked while carrying in Luke’s stuff for his weeklong stay while my dad was in rehab.  I stayed out in the yard for a while longer admiring the Mustang and hoping Uncle Luke would take me for a ride.


After dad had left in a taxi, Uncle Luke winked at me and said he was going to enjoy our pool, like he did every time he visited.  There were three things I counted on when Uncle Luke stayed with us: he would spend a lot of time in our Jacuzzi and pool; he’d take me shopping and spoil me with neat stuff; and he would have sex with Mrs. Jameson next door.  She was married but Uncle Luke said she didn’t get “her needs met” and he liked her a lot.  I didn’t know anything about “needs” but what was I to say about her cheating with my single uncle?


I got bored and decided to go see Uncle Luke by the pool and ask if he’d take me someplace.  When I went out onto the back deck, I was shocked to see him lying on a beach towel completely naked!  I was all set to say something but changed my mind.  I didn’t want him to know I saw him like that.  I stayed and looked though.  He was tanned all over, so I guessed he’d sunbathed nude before.  He had a nice body with nice muscles, and his penis was right there!  Except for times my dad slipped up and I saw peeks of him, this was the first time I ever saw a man naked.  I stared at his penis for the longest time.  While I watched I saw it twitch a couple of times.  What was that about, I wondered?  I went back in the house, forgetting about going somewhere but not forgetting about Uncle Luke’s naked body.  For some reason when I thought about him I got warm all over and felt a funny tingling in my stomach.


For dinner we called out for pizza.  While we were eating, the phone rang.  It was Marie Jameson.  She must have seen Uncle Luke’s car and figured it was time to have her “needs” met.  From hearing his part of the conversation I figured they were going to meet the next day for sex.  Her husband must be out of town.  I wasn’t going to go shopping with Uncle Luke tomorrow, I realized.


The next day came and so did Mrs. Jameson.  She arrived at the house wearing a beach wrap with a bikini on underneath.  They went into the Jacuzzi and pretty soon were kissing and touching each other.  Yeah, I spied on them.


The Jacuzzi was off to the side of our pool, and because of a fence and some shrubbery, was pretty private.  Nobody could see it from outside our yard.  I could see it though, from a spot near the deck’s edge.  Marie had slipped out of her top and Uncle Luke was playing with her big breasts while she drew her head back and moaned.  It must have felt good.  I knew how mine felt when I touched them, even though mine were small bumps just starting to grow.  I imagined sometimes having a boy touch mine like my uncle touched Mrs. Jameson’s.


I heard them talk.  She must have asked about me, because he said something about “she’s inside” and “we’re alone” before they got to kissing again.  In a few moments they both took everything off and she leaned over the edge of the Jacuzzi with her butt facing him.  He stood up in the water and I saw his penis was real hard and sticking out.  He touched her down there like he was checking something, then he put it in her.  His penis looked long but it all went in!  I couldn’t believe I was watching this—two people having sex!


Somehow I imagined it would be different, but it still was amazing how he moved back and forth so his penis would go in and out of her.  My uncle’s butt was kind of cute.  I saw his muscles ripple as he did it to her and it made me feel funny again.  She must be enjoying it a lot since she was urging him on very loudly, so loud I wondered if other neighbors could hear it.


“C’mon, harder, fuck me harder, Luke, you know I need it hard, HARDER,” she cried out.


He was going harder just like she asked.  He went in and out a few more times and then asked her, “Should I pull out?”


She kind of croaked, “Shit, no, I want it in me.”


I didn’t know what they meant, but right after that she cried out, “Oh God, Luke, aaaaaaaaah!” and he moaned he was “coming.”  I saw his butt muscles flex as he stopped while he was all the way in her.  I only had a vague idea what was happening, though it sure sounded like they enjoyed it by the noises they made.  When they sat back in the Jacuzzi, I snuck away so they wouldn’t know I watched them do it.


I went to my bedroom and pulled my pants down in front of the mirror.  The girls in school always called it their “cunt” or “pussy” but both words would make me blush if I said them.  I guessed pussy was better, since I was growing some fuzzy hair down there, though not much.  I’d been surprised to see that Mrs. Jameson had no hair down there at all, like me when I was a little girl.  She must shave it.  Maybe I’ll do that too someday if I get too much hair.  I studied my pussy (blush) in the mirror, not able to imagine having a boy’s penis go in there.  I pushed a finger inside but before I got very far it hurt a little.  If my finger hurt, then how could a penis like my uncle’s feel good?  Maybe that part of me, my vagina, still had to grow too.  Even though I took my finger out, I still rubbed the outside a little and was surprised to have those funny feelings in my stomach come back.  I guessed that maybe those feelings were part of sex.  I had a lot to learn.


I put my bikini on and went out to the pool.  Don’t get the wrong impression; my lilac-colored suit wasn’t that skimpy (my dad wouldn’t let me have one of those in a million years anyway).  The top was more a halter than a bra, and the bottoms were a lot more modest than the ones with the strings I see older girls wearing. 


I figured it was ‘safe’ now that they had sex.  When I got to the deck I found otherwise—they were doing it again.  This time it was different.  She was lying on her back on the big lounge chair with her legs in the air and he was between them.  Of course one thing that I figured was universal about sex was that he was going in and out of her, like before.  From my vantage point I watched, hypnotized by the whole spectacle.  His penis seemed to shine in the sunlight like it was all wet.  She made more noise this time than before.  When he said he was “coming” this time, she whimpered, “not there,” and she opened her mouth.  He pulled his penis out and with one hand holding it, moved up and put it in her mouth!  He grunted and then I saw white cream dribble from the edges of her lips.  I surmised that must be his sperm he was shooting out, but why in her mouth?  Yuck!  She seemed to have wanted it, and didn’t mind having him squirt in her mouth at all.


For the second time today I snuck away from the pool.  This time for some reason I was crying.  Did I really think he would spend all his time with me?  Was that why I was feeling sad, or was it something else?


After Marie Jameson went home, Uncle Luke wasn’t good for anything as far as I was concerned.  He half-heartedly threw some burgers on the grill and that was dinner.  Afterwards, he said he was too tired to go out so we watched television in different rooms.  I went to bed grouchy, but dreamed of what my uncle had done with Mrs. Jameson.  The next morning I was all sweaty and itchy.  I didn’t know why.


The next day he was back by the pool, naked on the lounge.  I wanted to be mad at him for not paying enough attention to me, however I also realized how it made me feel looking at him in the nude.  He had sunscreen on so his whole body glistened in the sun as he tanned.  He had put a lot of it around and on his penis since I figured that would REALLY hurt if it burned (giggle).  His penis looked more swollen today than before (not counting when it was hard and going into Mrs. Jameson).  Could that be from rubbing on the sunscreen?  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.


I got mad at him just the same.  I pulled my top off over my head and walked over toward him and picked up the tube of sunscreen he left lying next to him and rubbed a good dollop over my chest and tummy.  My breasts tingled when I rubbed the cream on them, my nipples growing stiff.  That felt good.  He seemed asleep so I spread out the big beach towel and lay down on it next to the pool.  I could get an overall tan too, I thought, even if I was too chicken to take my bottoms off.


“What the hell?” Uncle Luke’s voice jolted me just as I was falling asleep.  “You shouldn’t be out here like that.”


I picked my head up, and on one elbow said, “How can you talk, I mean, you’re all naked so why can’t I be topless?  Besides, I don’t have anything to show off anyway, not like Marie Jameson.”


As he was talking he had pulled on a pair of shorts.  “Keep Marie out of this,” he said, and then stopped suddenly, adding, “You watched us, didn’t you?”


“Yeah, considering I’ve been bored, I figured it’s like sex education and entertainment rolled into one.”


“Don’t be wise with me, little girl.”


“I’m not being wise, and I’m NOT a little girl.”


He looked at me for a few seconds and then said, “I guess you’re not.”  Wow, did THAT get my nipples stiff and my stomach fluttering again, the way he’d stared at my breasts.


I didn’t really know why, but something inside me decided to tease him.  “I know they’re not any way as big as hers, but do you like mine?” As I asked him, I put a hand under each one and lifted what little bumps I had.


“C’mon, it’s not right for someone your age to be naked in front of a grown man.”


“You’re not fully grown yet,” I said, laughing, “but I see you’re getting there.”


He looked down and saw what I saw, the bulge at the front of his shorts.  He thought for a second about how he would defend himself, finally saying, “What do you expect when you show your tits like that to me?”


“So that means you DO like them.” I chuckled again.


He laughed too, and then said, “If you were older, I’d know how to take care of you good.”


“Take care of me?  You mean like what you did to Mrs. Jameson?”


He rolled his eyes and tried to hide his blush.  He couldn’t hide the bulge either.  “That’s none of your business, and you shouldn’t have been snooping on us.” 


I got up from the towel and walked over to him.  He looked like he was going to die, staring at my bare chest.  “Sex looked like fun to me.  Is that how you would take care of me?”  I was still teasing him.  This close, looking at his tanned body and remembering what his shorts hid, could it be something more?


“You’ve gotta put your top back on, please,” he begged.


“I don’t think so,” I said, “but I AM gonna get in the Jacuzzi, and maybe I’ll take off my bottoms too and get all naked like you did.”


I giggled and turned to walk toward the Jacuzzi.  Before I took a step, Uncle Luke hooked a finger under the waistband of my suit bottom and said, “Hold on there, little girl,” keeping me from going anywhere. 


I spun back to face him, my bottoms having been pulled down a little from his tug.  Looking at him again I felt a shiver go through me, thinking about what I’d been hinting at with my teasing.  Oh God, did I really want to have sex with him?  All of a sudden I grew hot, as if every nerve in my body was on fire.  He was gorgeous—and the way he was staring at me!  I could hardly stand up my legs were shaking so badly; he was staring at my lower half now and not my chest.  What would it be like? —SEX —I was so hot could I stand the heat of the Jacuzzi?


I didn’t have to think about walking for he picked me up and threw me in the pool.  “Maybe that will cool you off, my niece the nymph.  In fact, I think I need cooling off too,” and he jumped into the pool after me. 


He swam after me, chasing me around the pool.  When he caught me he dunked my head below the waterline.  He tickled me, one time pinching a butt cheek and another brushing his hand against one of my breasts.  He knew what he was doing.  I raced toward the pool ladder, laughing as he tried to catch me again.  I climbed out first and ran to the Jacuzzi, jumping into the hot, bubbling water.  He followed, and shocked me by hopping out of his shorts before climbing in beside me.  Boy was I hot then—a combination of the water, and having him with nothing on and so close to me.


He smiled at me and said, “I thought you were gonna take everything off like I did?”


I gulped and reached down and pulled off my bottoms.  Ok, Uncle Luke…see?”


“Well, I can’t really ‘see’ since you’re sitting in the water, but that’s ok.”  He put his arm around my shoulder and put his head back, closing his eyes.


I couldn’t breathe.  There I was, naked, sitting right next to my naked uncle, our bodies touching, feeling hotter than the Jacuzzi’s water could do alone.


After several minutes, and without opening his eyes or moving, he said, “Pumpkin, do you know what seduction is?”


“Ah…I think so.”


“That’s good, because it sure feels like you’re seducing me.”


“I think I’m like, just teasing you.”


“Teasing can be seduction, you know.  What you’re doing—taking off your bathing suit, the teasing—isn’t much different than the things Marie did when she first met me.”


“Do you love Mrs. Jameson?”


“Wow, love…you’ll learn someday that sex isn’t always about love.  To answer you, no, I don’t love Marie Jameson.  I do like her a lot.  I don’t think she loves me either.  For her it’s about satisfying her sex…er…ah…some needs she doesn’t get from her husband.”


“You mean her husband doesn’t have sex with her.”


He opened his eyes and looked at me, saying, “You’re young, and when you’re experienced in sex you’ll understand.  Some people can have sex but not do it…good enough…like maybe they don’t know how…or don’t care that much about the other person enjoying it too.”


“I heard Mrs. Jameson when you had sex with her.  You made her feel good, so I guess you know how.”


He chuckled, “Maybe I do.”  He turned serious, and said, “Seeing that you’re the seductress here, what do you want me to do?”


I felt my face get even hotter than it was.  “I don’t know.  I, like, just wanna learn what it feels like, you know, feel like Mrs. Jameson did.”


“We can’t do that, unfortunately.  You’re my niece and you’re only eleven, and probably just being out here naked with you is a felony, and I could go to prison.  So, even if you are the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, and you do make me as hard as a rock, we’re not gonna do anything, especially out here in the open.”


Maybe in the house, I thought.  ‘Hard as a rock’—he means his penis!  Now I had the memory of it going in and out of Mrs. Jameson in my head.  “Do you really think I’m pretty?” I asked.  Wow, was I feeling funny all over!


“I have to believe you know something about the physical aspects of sex.  Yes, you’re very pretty.  I wouldn’t be like this if I wasn’t turned on being this close to you.”  He lifted his butt from the water so I could see that his penis was stiff and sticking almost straight up.


I moaned involuntarily at the sight of his hard penis so close to me.  I imagined having it go in and out of me, and I moaned again.


“Oh, damn, this isn’t right.  You’re as horny as I’ve ever seen a woman.”


A woman, he said.  I moaned again, and in a choking whisper said, “Can I just touch it?  Nobody can see back here.”


It was his turn to moan.  “Shit, this is going where it shouldn’t go, but yes, touch my cock if you want to.”


It was both hard and soft at the same time—his cock—stiffening a little more as I rubbed my hand up and down on it, feeling it, studying it with my hand.  He closed his eyes again and whispered, “Yes, oh yes, like that, yeah, feels good.”  He opened his eyes again and looked at me.  “You really want to, don’t you?”  I was forcing myself to breathe and my exhales were labored wheezes.  He pulled me closer and said, “You know, good sex starts with a kiss.  Ever kiss a boy?”  I shook my head.  He then said, “Then it’s about time you learned.” 


He pulled me on top of him and his mouth fell onto mine.  Oh God, my chest was right up against his!  Oh God, I was right there on his lap and I could feel his hard penis against my skin!  Oh God, his tongue was in my mouth, flitting against my tongue!  Oh God, he had one hand at the nape of my neck and the other at the small of my back, holding me tightly to him!  Oh God, I thought my nipples would burn off they’re so hot and tingly, touching him!  Oh God, he moved his hand from my back to cup my butt cheek!  Oh God, I’m so hot!  Oh God, oh God, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!


He stopped kissing me, and said, “Whew, you ARE horny!  I can’t believe it.”  He lifted me up a little, reaching his hand around my butt and between my legs.  He touched me!  He touched my pussy!  He whistled and said, “My oh my, you’re so damned wet, if you weren’t here in the Jacuzzi I bet you’d be dripping anyway.”


Wet?  Down there?    I didn’t know what he meant, but I certainly had never felt like that before.  “Oh Uncle Luke, it feels so good, will you have sex with me, please?  Make me feel good like you did with Mrs. Jameson,” I said in a hoarse voice.


“Shit, we can’t.  I mean it’s not right, and especially outside like this.  But I want to fuck you so bad,” he said, and I was surprised by his bluntness.  He did want me!  I was still sitting on his lap, my legs on either side of him, and our chests still touching.  I put my lips on his, wanting more kissing.  Oh God, yesssssssssssss!


We kissed for a long time before he said suddenly, “That’s it, I’m taking you in the house, and I’m gonna give you what you want.” 


He picked me up and sat me on the Jacuzzi’s rim.  He climbed out and put on his shorts before he lifted me to my shaky feet, wrapped a towel around me and carried me in his arms into the house.  He carried me like that to the guest bedroom where he slept and laid me on the bed, removing the towel and taking off his shorts.  His penis was hard again.  I was naked on my uncle’s bed, and he was going to have sex with me!  All of a sudden I wasn’t as ready as I was before.


“Oh, Uncle Luke, I don’t…I…maybe we shouldn’t…”


“How could an eleven year old be a cock tease?  I knew it, you’d get me all hot and bothered and then say no.”


His words sounded angry but his voice didn’t.  He started to put his shorts back on.  I whispered, “I’m sorry, I don’t want you to be mad at me, I just want you to…” I hesitated before adding, “treat me like you do Mrs. Jameson.”


He smiled, saying, “I have an idea.  You don’t know about oral sex but I bet that’s the way to…ah…introduce you to the…pleasures.”


“Oral sex?” I asked.


“Let me show you, ok?”  He spread my legs apart and put his head down there.  When he kissed my pussy, I froze.  “Relax, sweetheart, this will not hurt, but you have to relax or it won’t feel as good as it can.”  He kissed a certain spot and it did feel good.  He nudged my thighs a bit wider and put a hand under each of my butt cheeks.


When I felt his tongue flit against the same spot he just kissed, I couldn’t help but moan: “Urmmmmmm.”  He was right—it did feel good.  His tongue moved around and around, eventually going back to the original spot.  I was hot and tingly all over, especially down there.  The more he licked the hotter I became.  It was like a spring all coiled up inside me ready to unwind.  I heard myself making little noises: “Uh—uh—uh—uh—” as he licked me.  Suddenly it was like a waterfall of cool water crashed over me.  The spring inside me unwound, the most amazing feeling swept through me, and I found myself crying tears of joy as my whole body shook.


“Wow, that was a fast one.  I guess I haven’t lost my touch,” he said as he lay down beside me.  “I imagine that’s your first orgasm.”


“Is that what…it…was?”


“Oh yes.  That’s what makes sex so fantastic—the big O—and you just had a good one.  Damn, my chin’s soaked from your little squirt.”  I asked him what he meant, though I could see his wet chin and mouth.  He explained what he did and what happened.  He had me sit up and look down between my legs, where he pointed out my clitoris.  He said, “If you know what to do with that little nub, the kingdom is yours. Go ahead, touch it.”  When I didn’t right away, he took my hand and showed me ever so gently.


It did feel good, though not as good as his tongue did.  “So what you did to me was sex? —oral sex?”


“I’m not going to put my cock in you, you’re too small I think and if your hymen is intact it’ll hurt some, too.  I wanted to let you know what it felt like, having an orgasm.”


I didn’t want it to hurt.  I wanted it to feel like the feeling I just had.  My first orgasm!  “But, Uncle Luke, did you have any good feelings when your tongue was in me?”


“Er…no, sweetheart.  Look,” he said, showing me his penis, which was still hard and now leaking some clear liquid from its end.  “I need to cum bad. Maybe we can continue your oral lessons.”


I got it, remembering how he had squirted into Marie Jameson’s mouth.  “You mean in my mouth?” I asked.


“You WERE spying on us weren’t you?” he said, and chuckled. 


He got on his back and instructed me to lie on top of him, facing his feet.  He explained about putting his cock in my mouth and what to do.  It felt good having my breasts so warm against him, and having his cock right there, so close.  I held it like he said and I slipped the end into my mouth.  I moved my head so it went in and out between my lips while I rubbed the rest that wouldn’t fit in my mouth.  He made some groaning noises so I knew it was good for him.  He whispered “Faster” so I tried.  While I was doing that, I felt him put a finger in my pussy and he was kind of tickling me with it.  I found it hard to concentrate on what I was doing because of what he was doing to me.  I was getting so warm again.  My groin felt like before, as if that spring was getting ready to be sprung.


He mumbled “Oh God, I’m cumming,” and I could feel his cock stiffen a trifle more.  Suddenly my mouth was full of his juice as his cock throbbed three, four, five times.  I swallowed some of it just before I had another orgasm from his rubbing finger.  It wasn’t tasty, but it wasn’t gross either, though by that time my moaning throat and my writhing body didn’t care what his cream tasted like.


My uncle helped me clean up.  “You just had your first sex lesson. What do you think?”


I looked at him and smiled, “I liked it a lot.”


We put clean bathing suits on and went back into the Jacuzzi.  Uncle Luke confessed how much he wanted to have sex with me when I took off my suit earlier.  He was hoping that what we’d done would “satisfy” me so I wouldn’t tease him anymore.  He joked that he wasn’t sure if his heart could take the strain of “fucking” my tight vagina.


I went to him, whispering, “Before you leave here.”  We kissed like we’d done before, very deeply.  His hand found a breast and kneaded it.  My hand found a growing erection and stroked it.


He whispered back, “I won’t be able to sleep all night, I’ll be so fuckin’ rock hard.”


I smiled up at him.  “If you let me drive your Mustang around the neighborhood tomorrow, maybe I’ll put it in my mouth again.  You like that?”


“You’re right, little girl.  No way will your virginity last the week.”


I laughed.  I knew I’d have the best week of all with my Uncle Luke here.



          Later I’ll write about the rest of her week,



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