Shelly’s Mom



By Candy


There’s nothing like being the starting quarterback and star of the team.  In my high school I’m king.   Every girl in school wishes she was my girlfriend, though Shelly Wise was the only one who could actually claim that distinction.  Shelly had to be the cutest girl in school, and she dated ME!  I should have been the happiest, but there was one problem.  I was in love with Shelly’s mom.

I met Ava one late summer day when I went to Shelly’s house to pick her up for a date.  I stumbled over introductions, all the while figuring she was Shelly’s older sister home from college or something, and not her mother.  Except for television and movies, I’d never seen a woman as beautiful as her. 

Ava had long, blond hair I was sure hadn’t come from a bottle.  One thing I couldn’t be sure of was how natural her chest was.  She must have had D-cup tits that were barely contained by the sports bra evident under the tight tee-shirt she wore.  Moms weren’t supposed to wear clothes like that.

“I’m so glad to meet you, Bryan.  Shelly has told me so much about you,” she said, smiling a megawatt smile that burned through my soul.

“I hope she’s only telling you the good things,” I said with a nervous chuckle.  “I’m glad to meet you too, Mrs. Wise.”

“Now, silly, please call me Ava.”  One touch of her hand, her eyes boring into me with that smile—I was hooked.  That night, I masturbated to the image of what Ava might look like under her clothes.  I imagined those tits rubbing against me.  I hadn’t cum that heavily in ages.

Daydreams and wet dreams collided.

Between plays in our football games, I’d find myself scanning the bleachers to see if Ava Wise was in attendance.  One time I did spot her, and botched the signal-calling.  Coach was pissed, but I was just glad no one saw the bulge straining my jock strap. 

That’s about how the school year went.  I dated Shelly, and lusted after her mom.

Early in the following summer, just before school let out, I visited Shelly and we went swimming in her pool.  When Ava made her appearance in her white bikini I thought I would die, unable to catch my breath.  Mind you, Shelly looked great in her bikini, but her mom was in a different league altogether.  Like small triangles connected by strings, the suit barely covered anything.  Shelly plainly wasn’t happy to see her mom.

“Oh hi, Bryan, I didn’t know you were here,” Ava said.  She looked at her daughter and said, “Why didn’t you tell me he was coming over?  I would’ve put together some snacks or something for you.”

“That’s okay, mom.  We won’t be staying long.”

I looked at Shelly.  We didn’t have plans to go anywhere, so I knew the last comment was because of her mother’s presence.  Shelly didn’t look happy.

Ava said, “Oh, don’t be like that.”  She looked at me and added, “Stay as long as you like.  Swim, have fun.  I’m gonna catch some sun, so don’t let me bother you.”

She bothered me a whole bunch.  I found myself sneaking a glance at Ava every chance I got, knowing that sooner or later Shelly would catch me but I couldn’t help myself.  I watched her tits rise and fall as she breathed, and I fantasized how they’d look without the bikini top.  My erection was so solid it ached.  Thankfully, Shelly hadn’t noticed that.  I had to almost will myself back to flaccid before I could get out of the pool.

Shelly and I dried off and went inside.  As we walked by I swear that Ava was watching me, though with her dark sunglasses I couldn’t be certain.  Just imagining she was looking at me sent shivers down my spine.

Shelly got some sodas out of the fridge, and we sat on towels spread out on her sofa for a while and talked.  Before long we were making out instead of talking.  I never quite knew how to predict her moods, but today her kiss was very hot.  Unlike other times, when I slipped my hand inside her bikini bottoms this time she didn’t stop me.  Shelly hadn’t let me get very far with her yet.  I looked at her as a challenge; trying to score with the head cheerleader. I was inching downward, getting closer to the promised land, my fingertips happily not finding any pubic hair, when my mind inexcusably wandered to her mother, again imagining how she would feel if my hand was in her bottoms instead.  My cock was straining my bathing suit so much it hurt.

“You two better be good,” Ava said as she surprised us by walking through the living room.

I pulled my hand out quickly, and Shelly struggled to sit upright and straighten out her bikini.

Her mother stopped, and while looking at me, said, “I hope you’re not trying to take advantage of my little girl.”  Her sly smile told me she was kidding me a little.

Shelly retorted, “Stop it Mom.  Sheesh, I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“You’re still my little girl, so don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Ava said, talking to Shelly but really looking at me.  I saw her glance at the bulge in my bathing suit, which hadn’t gone down yet, and her eyes opened wider for a second.  She turned and walked toward what I assumed was a bedroom.  Just before she entered the room she reached behind herself and pulled on the string to untie her top.  As it fell to the floor, she looked back quickly at us before closing the door.  All I saw was a hint of the fullness of her breasts, but a hint was enough.

Shelly punched my arm, “Stop ogling my mom.  She teases everybody like that, and I’m sick of it.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, and then tried to make out with her some more, but her mood soured and she wouldn’t let me do anything more than kiss her.

The first thing I did when I got home was strip off my suit in my bedroom and masturbate to the memory of Ava’s top falling away, her bare back, and that hint of amazing flesh.  I was lying on my bed, and the cum went so far I got some on my forehead and shoulder!

After that day things between Shelly and I cooled.  Maybe Shelly was jealous of her mother after all, especially if she naturally flirted with her boyfriends like she obviously did with me.  That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when Shelly texted me one day to come over to use her pool.

When I knocked on her door no one answered, so I went around back to the gate leading to the pool.  I called out but no one answered me there either.  I went through the gate to their patio door, which was open so I knew someone had to be home.  I called out for Shelly again, and that’s when Mrs. Wise came to the door.

“Hi Bryan, what’s up?” she asked.

“Hi Ava, I’m looking for Shelly.  She asked me over.”

I was barely able to talk, and my knees nearly buckled looking at her.  Her hair was wet, like she’d just got out of the shower, and it looked like the only thing she had on was a long t-shirt nightgown-like garment that clung to her suggestively.  I started to get a hard-on.

“Shelly went out, but you’re free to use the pool until she gets back,” she said, but all I thought about was curves, legs, and poking nipples.  As if she read my mind (or more than likely saw the bulge in my shorts) she added, “I was about to fix myself a drink.  Would you like one?”

“I’m not old enough to drink,” I said, trying not to stammer.

“Bullshit, you look old enough to me.  Come on.”

I followed her into the house like she knew I would.  She went to a side table in their living room that was doing duty as a bar, and poured two glasses of Bourbon.  She handed me one and raised hers in a toast, “To a spectacular day.”  She clinked her glass against mine before taking a sip.  To me the Bourbon was too strong but I managed to take a sip without coughing, though it burned going down.  “It will be a spectacular day, won’t it Bryan?”

 I answered that it should be, but I kept wondering why Shelly texted me then went out.  What was going on here?

 “A big strong young man like you should be able to have a drink every once in a while, right?” Ava said after taking another sip of her drink.

I didn’t answer.  I was mesmerized by her barely concealed body, the oversized t-shirt thing she had on still clinging to her in ways that set my imagination spinning.

She got real close and said, “You are a big, strong boy, and mmmmmm, I can see how big and strong you are.  My daughter’s a lucky girl.”  Ava made no attempt to hide that she was looking at my crotch.

I didn’t know what to do.  Really, I didn’t.  I mean, sure I wanted to strip her clothes off and do to her what I thought she wanted me to do, but that was letting my imagination overtake my sanity.  That was letting my cock think for me.  Oh yeah, her daughter; “When will Shelly get home?” I asked.

Asking about Shelly somehow broke the spell.  She said, “I’m not sure when she’ll be home.  Why don’t you use the pool?  I’m sure she’ll be home soon.”  The seductive attitude fell away, and she seemed defeated.  I felt bad for doing that to her, since I really wanted her so much, my cock still stiff from seeing her like that.

“You can swim with me,” I said. “It’s hot so I bet you’d like to cool off too.”  OK, so now my cock was doing the thinking for me.

She perked up and went into her bedroom to change into her swimsuit.  Knowing full well that she wanted to give me another show, I watched her walk away, lingering long enough to catch a glimpse of her body as she pulled the oversized t-shirt up and over her head.

I dove into the pool after finishing my bourbon.  I wasn’t used to hard liquor, so it was having an effect on me.  In a haze, I swam around until she came out to the pool wearing a different bikini than last time, this one even more revealing.  I don’t think I ever felt more aroused.

She struck a pose, and said, “Do you like it?  It’s brand new.”

I told her that she looked beautiful in it, and I wasn’t exaggerating.  No woman her age should look that good.  My mom would die if she had to wear a swimsuit half as skimpy as the one Ava wore.

She climbed into the pool and swam to me.  “You’re such a sweet boy.  I like you a lot.  Do you like me?”

“Y…Yes, Mrs. West.”  Her breath smelled boozy, so I figured she belted down more bourbon before coming out of the house.

“Now, now, I thought we were on a first name basis.  Call me Ava, especially if we’re gonna be friends.”  She was right up against me now, her breasts pressing into me.  “I’m so glad you like me, since I’m hoping we can be more than friends.”  Her hand slid under the waistband of my swim shorts.

We both moaned at the same time as she palmed my stiff cock.

The next few moments were a blur.  Somewhere along the way her top came off and I was touching her breasts.  My swim shorts got pulled down and she was stroking me.  I came so quickly it shocked me, though it didn’t seem to surprise her as I sprayed stream after stream of milky semen into the pool.

“I bet that felt good,” she said.  “You know, it feels good how you’re touching me too.  Maybe we should go into the house and have another drink, and maybe have some more fun.”

I was too far gone, lost in the thought that my fantasy of her may be coming true.  I forgot Shelly.  I considered no consequences.  I pulled my shorts back up and followed her into the house like a zombie; Ava nonchalant in her toplessness.  After she poured us another drink, she casually pulled on the string and let her bottoms fall to the floor.  I think my jaw dropped right along with them.  She was shaven smooth.  She didn’t just stand there as she sipped her drink, she posed, turning seductively this way and that so I could get the full measure of her.

I gulped down my bourbon, almost choking on it as she got up close to me again and said, “You want me, don’t you?”

All I could do was nod my head, the liquor already taking hold of me.

She then said, “Then why don’t you get out of those wet shorts and take me to the bedroom?”  She didn’t exactly let me lead her, as it was more her pulling me along.  She slid my shorts off and let me fall to the bed, where she joined me with a lively bounce. She began playing with my cock while saying “Very nice.”  I grew hard immediately upon her touch.  I looked into her eyes, gazed upon her beautiful tits, her shaved pussy, and immediately wanted her—all of her.  I knew I was pretty buzzed, but that didn’t stop me from going down on her.  She tasted different than girls my age, though I wouldn’t have been able to explain the difference.  She made purring noises and grew very wet.  “Oooooooooooo, that feels soooooooooo good,” she moaned.

She started pulling at me to get on top of her.  With her legs high and wide and a sleepy smile on her face, I did just that.  She didn’t wait for me.  She grabbed my hard cock and made sure I knew where to go.  Even with all her natural lubrication (mixed with a bit of my saliva) she still felt tighter than I assumed she’d be.

Why I didn’t think I’d died and gone to heaven was beyond me.  Oh sure, my hungry dick took over and I thrust into her like the horny teen I was.  Maybe there was some guilt gnawing at my brain; small bites acknowledging that this was wrong.  My eyes swept over her, the big, beautiful tits wiggling, her eyes closed and her mouth open, and that guilt flew away.  I was cumming before I knew it was happening.

When she sighed and said, “That’s okay,” I knew it really wasn’t.  I’d failed her by cumming before she could.  I’d failed her by being a boy instead of a man.  I knew that a man would have been able to hold it until she had her orgasm.  Every cell in my body shouted for me to make it up to her. 

“Don’t let it bother you.  You’ll learn to control it, you will,” she said while holding onto my flaccid cock, “but for now you’re still good,” and my heart fluttered.

My cock fluttered too.  Even after cumming twice, I was getting hard again and she was ecstatic.  She went down on me, sucking greedily.  This was not a high-school-girl’s tentative blow job.  This was dreamland.  I understood the concept of deep throating, but figured it was like a porn myth.  What she was doing to me was no myth.  She took all of me deep into her mouth, and as I got harder still, she simply smiled, though the smile was mostly in her eyes since her lips were quite occupied at the time.

I was moaning away, it feeling so good, when she let me slip from her mouth and said, “We better stop that or you’ll cum too quickly again, and we don’t want that, do we?”

Okay, well I wanted that, cumming down that velvet throat of hers, but deep down I knew that this was my renewed chance to prove I was worthy of her.  I didn’t want to screw up that chance.

She cooed, “I like it doggie style.  Have you ever done it that way with Shelly?”

I answered “No,” leaving it to interpretation, since Shelly and I have yet to do it any way.

Ava got on her hands and knees on the bed and shook her ass at me.  “Do you like my ass?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at me yet focusing on my re-stiffened shaft, now pointing nicely to the ceiling.

“You have a great ass,” I dumbly answered.

“So, let’s do it!” she urged.

She coached me on how to hold on to her hips as I thrust.  She was more vocal in her appreciation doing it that way, telling me it was a favorite position of hers.  I didn’t care; ANY position with this beautiful woman was okay with me.  She was like directing me, telling me to slow down or speed up, or to get lower.  I did what she told me.  She knew what she was doing, since I was concentrating on doing exactly what she instructed and therefore wasn’t going to cum so soon.

I felt her fingers brush against my cock shaft a couple of times and realized she was touching herself as I fucked her.  I guess that magnified things for a woman, but what did I know?

Her moaning got louder until all of a sudden she cried out, “I’m cummmminggggg!” It was so loud it scared me for a second until I felt her vagina squeeze down around my cock.  I never felt anything quite like that; the sensation fired straight up my cock to my brain and I began to cum immediately. Strangely, I think my ejaculation made her orgasm some more, because she cried out again with an unintelligible shout at the same time I was cumming.

Done, she curled up next to me like being with me was the most natural thing for her.  We lay like that, quietly for a while.  Holding her like that in bed, feeling her warm, soft skin touching mine, spooning against me, was maybe the greatest feeling in the world short of the sex we just had.  Finally, she turned toward me and looked right into my eyes, very, very close.  “I needed that, Bryan.  I needed you.  You’re a good kid with a great body, so I just want to thank you for this afternoon.  Like I said before, Shelly’s a lucky girl.  She doesn’t need to know, right?”

I agreed.  Shelly need not find out I’ve been in bed with her mother.

Ava looked at the bedside clock and said, “You better get your suit back on and hit the pool before Shelly gets home.”

As I walked back toward the patio door and the pool, I noticed Shelly’s phone on an end table.  Well, at least that mystery’s been solved; Ava sent the text, not Shelly.  She wanted me that badly, I guessed, and the thought sent a shiver up my spine and stirred my cock.  What I didn’t know but needed to find out was if this afternoon was a one-time deal with Ava, or would I be able to make love to her again as I really wanted to do.  If this was love sickness, then I had it bad.

A dip in the pool cooled me but not my desire for Shelly’s mom.

I apologized to Shelly for the mix-up, saying I thought she’d be home so I used the pool while waiting.  I didn’t mention her mom, and thankfully Ava remained out of sight.  Whether she bought it or not was hard to tell.  Shelly went to change into her bikini, and while I waited for her, I swam laps hoping the new erection I got thinking about sex with Ava would go away.  Try NOT thinking about something like that!

I sensed Shelly believed something happened, but wasn’t sure exactly what happened while she was gone.  This got me wondering if Ava had a history of seducing Shelly’s boyfriends and that was why she was so suspicious.  I guessed up to that point I deluded myself into thinking I was special to Ava, but maybe I was just the latest in a string of teen conquests.  Would I let that idea bother me?  Hell no!  Shelly’s mom was gorgeous, and she was so experienced in sex I couldn’t wait for next time—if there was a next time.  Somehow, my money was on ‘yes’ to there being a next time.

I swam and hung-out with Shelly.  We kissed a lot, but when I tried to touch her breasts, she pushed me away, saying she wanted to “wait” before we “did” anything.  All I did was think of her mom after that.


When my senior year began, I was too wrapped up in football to think about Shelly or her mother.  That all changed when my cell buzzed during a team meeting.  The voice message was from Ava, and it was clear what she wanted.

I was nervous going to her house.  I figured Shelly wasn’t home otherwise Ava wouldn’t have invited me over.  But where was she?  Ava greeted me at the door in a satin robe.  I assumed she was naked underneath it, and my cock twitched in my pants.

“Ooooh, you’re all sweaty.  You must have been practicing earlier.  How about a shower to make you feel better?” I didn’t feel sweaty, but I let her urge me toward her bathroom and help me undress. 

She was indeed naked under the robe.  Under the hot spray of shower water, she fell to her knees, took my dick between her lips, and swallowed the whole thing.  God, did it feel good!  I didn’t have much experience, but her blowjobs had to be top of the line.  I’d heard the term ‘deep throat’ but didn’t really believe a girl could do that; and now Ava was stroking my cock head with her tonsils.

“God, I’m gonna cum,” I sputtered through the water.

“It’s okay, Bryan dear,” she said as she pulled her mouth away for a brief moment before taking me again.  She had a hand at each ass cheek and my cock deep in her throat when I let go with a deep moan.  I lost track of the number of cum-spasms as I pumped it all into her mouth, and she took every last drop.

Yes, I was in love.

After we got out and toweled off, she took me to bed and coaxed my cock hard again.  Just looking at her as I hovered above her, with her golden hair spread out on the pillow and her fantastic tits like two firm pillows, never mind the feeling of slipping into her hot and wet vagina, got me so damned aroused I fucked her faster than I thought I could ever move my hips.  I knew I came much too early for her again, but she didn’t seem to mind, saying how much she enjoyed it anyway.

She spent the next half-hour or so teaching me the finer aspects of cunnilingus.  It was weird putting my tongue down there and tasting my own cum I’d just deposited in good volume; however I tried to be a good student because I wanted to give her an orgasm so badly.  I was so proud of myself after a while when she pulled my head right into her wet pussy and quivered while screaming.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddd I’mmmmmm—!” never quite getting the rest out as she shook so hard.

Strange how after all the lovemaking and showering together, we then put our suits on and went swimming in her pool.

I told her how beautiful she was and how lucky I felt to be with her.

“I’m the lucky one, Bryan.  You’re quite the stud and you’ve made me feel years younger…like being a teenager again.”

We kissed for a long time in the pool, and I got hard again, but she insisted that we call it a day and “…save our desire” for another time.

I went home happier than ever.  Her words, promising a “next time” put a song on my lips, a grin on my face, and a boner in my shorts.  Not once had we spoken Shelly’s name.


I asked girls out on dates but their cold shoulder treatment had me wondering.  That’s when I started seeing tweets that I was the plaything of another student’s mom.  The guys on the team began bugging me about the details.  I wouldn’t talk.  Shelly was openly hostile, and who could blame her?  Though no names were used on Facebook or Twitter, everyone in school must’ve known who I was sleeping with.

Along with all the negatives, like discovery, my parents, and possible trouble for Ava, I discovered one positive.  I didn’t have to sneak around Shelly anymore.  I’d visit her house and jump into bed with her mother, all under her nose.  She fumed and refused to talk to me, but I didn’t care, I was fucking her mother, and that was heaven on Earth.

On one rare occasion where Ava was on top (she usually liked me to be on top—she said it was because she loved my “athleticism”) she wanted to know if my classmates were gossiping about us.

“What do they say?” she asked. (bounce…bounce…bounce went her big, beautiful tits) “…The guys on the team?”


She settled on top of me, with my spewing cock deep within her, purring, “Bryan, sweetheart, cum deep for me!  Fill Ava up with your hot cum, there…there.”  When we lay next to each other, spent and satisfied, she asked me, “Do you? ...Think you’re lucky?”

“I’m like the luckiest guy.  You’re so beautiful, and sex with you is…is…awesome!”

“Better than with girls your age?”

I must have blushed, feeling the heat of my face.  “I don’t have much experience, at least before—“

“…You met me,” she finished my thought.


“My daughter never wanted to, right?”

“No.  We like touched and stuff but no sex.”

“Her loss,” she said, and that made me wonder more if Ava wanted me for ‘me’ or just as something over her daughter.  She continued, “You’re a stud, you know.  You’re a better lover than you may think, even with a lot to learn.”

“I’ve got the prettiest teacher,” I said in reply, which she liked, though to my own ears it sounded like a childish line.

“Let’s see if I can teach you some more,” she said with her patented sexy, throaty laugh.  She got me hard again and then a whole new lesson plan developed.  I loved learning new positions, especially with someone as full-bodied and hot like Ava.  She was the lady of my dreams and I couldn’t fathom my life without her.  As I was cumming I thought about her calling me a “stud” moments before.  I think I came even more this time than last!


Everything would have remained heavenly if the football team were winning.  We weren’t, and though my play was part of the problem, it wasn’t everything.  Coach hollered at me about being “distracted” and I wondered if he knew about me and Ava.  I found out later he did.

It’s funny how those things work out.  If I was a girl and Ava a man, she’d be in jail by now, but instead I’m a sort of hero among the guys.  They’re always slapping me on the back and telling me how lucky I am and asking what it was like fucking an older woman.  Like I said before, I didn’t take the bait, for the most part keeping my mouth shut.

After another loss where I threw two interceptions, Coach called me into his office and asked me point-blank if I’d “screwed” the “lady” the night before the game.  When I reluctantly admitted that Ava and I had sex, he got angry and said that was the reason I was playing so poorly, “distracted” being his code word for my sin (in his eyes) of thinking pussy before football.

I thought he was just jealous that I was the one in Ava’s bed and not him.

And that’s exactly where I was after school on Monday—in Ava’s bed.  She was acting a little differently than usual, more giddy and laughing a lot.  I didn’t smell liquor of marijuana but I wondered if she was high.  She was particularly aggressive, riding me like a maniacal cowgirl, with her tits bouncing so much I thought she’d hurt herself doing it.  Maybe I was getting better at prolonging my climax, though I think it was more her doing that she orgasmed long before I did this time.  She screamed so loudly Shelly must have heard her, for soon I heard a door slam somewhere in the house.

Lying next to each other when we were done, she absently rubbed her belly.  “Bryan, I have something to tell you.”

I thought oh no, she’s breaking up with me, which was a silly way to think about our affair—a high school boy with a mom twice his age.

Instead, what she told me was much more devastating.  “I’m pregnant.”

“But…but…” I sputtered.

“I haven’t slept with anyone else sense that first time.”


“Look,” she said. “I’m not going to demand anything from you.  You’re too young for me to ruin your life.  It’s not even that I love you or anything like it.  I didn’t plan this, you know.  We’ve had some great sex, and maybe my body ripened because of it; and maybe I was stupid not to think I could conceive.  You’ll be a dad, but that’s all I’m asking of you.”

If Coach thought I was distracted before…


I won’t bore you with the details.

Ava had a baby boy she named after me.  He was a cute little devil, with a big dick for his small size.  I was proud of that.

I graduated from High School with plans for college but without any football scholarships that I’d dreamed of for so long.

I didn’t go to my Senior Prom, since every girl in school shunned me like I had the plague.

But when I came home during breaks, Ava’s bed was always warm, and her orgasmic screams were louder than ever, though now they woke up the baby.

I guess I’m still lucky.


The End


This story was begun by my internet friend and fellow author, Donna M.   She had put it aside afer she started it, not interested in finishing, so like my ‘Georgie’ story but in reverse, she sent it to me to complete.  She has read it and liked it.  I hope you did too.



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