Fiction by Candy

© 2010


I wasn’t happy when my mother started dating.  I thought it was too soon following my father’s death.  His heart attack didn’t just kill him; it sort of killed me too.  My name is Sarah, and I was thirteen years old when it happened.  I was always Daddy’s girl, and now that he was gone, it was like a part of me went with him.  A councilor at school had told me it was because of puberty and that somehow I connected my flowering sexuality with my dad.  What garbage, since I never would have done anything like that with him and he wouldn’t have touched me either.


My mom needed a man around.  I look back at that time understanding her sexual needs, but my feelings were about then, not now.  I know now that her haste wasn’t that she didn’t love my father or miss him as I did.  Back then, I didn’t realize any of that, it simply seemed wrong for her to be dating so fast.


I wasn’t very pleased with her selection process either.  In my opinion, none of them measured up to Dad (if anyone ever could).  In my own way I let her know, which didn’t improve our mother-daughter relationship.  One guy I pegged as a pedophile from the first time he looked at me.  Yuck!  I debated telling Mom but she dumped him soon enough.


Then she met Gary, and everything changed.  As much as an older man could seem, he was a dream.  My mom was smitten, and amazingly so was I.  He treated Mom with old-fashioned (I guess) courteousness, and unlike the other losers she’d dated, didn’t act condescending to me.


The first time they went out on a dinner date, he took me along, which amazed me and earned points.  Normally I’d avoid a situation like their date as if it was a disease, but Gary was looking differently than Mom’s typical boyfriends and I gave him a shot. He could actually use cutlery (unlike Mom’s usual Neanderthals) and seemed to know his way around a wine list (those before him were more comfortable around the beer list).  I was sold.


Mom was sold too.  One day when I came home from school, she sat me down and announced that Gary had proposed.


“I hope you said yes,” was my immediate reply.


Her wedding day was beautiful and I was a bridesmaid.  I was sure dad was smiling down from Heaven at how happy she was, and that she finally picked a good man.


What took getting used to was the noise.  We moved in with him—his house was bigger and had a pool.  Unlike Mom and Dad, Mom and Gary were loud lovers, as I often heard their lovemaking into the night.  Those sounds really did things to me.  I got to touching myself and learned to make noises of my own.  Of course, I had a cursory (sex ed.) understanding of intercourse but that only fueled my imagination.  What does it feel like, having a man inside me?  What did it look like—really, unlike those medical books my dad had?


Thankfully, my room was big, and Gary understood enough to avoid “little girl” decorating.  I had everything I needed, except for the unknown something my body craved every time I heard them going at it in their bedroom down the hall.


That’s how we lived, the beginning of “happily ever after.”


Then came that fateful day the following summer.  Gary had a week off from work but Mom didn’t.  When I returned from hanging with friends, no one seemed to be home, though Gary’s car was in the garage.  I thought I’d put on my swimsuit and go in the pool.  When I went out back, I was surprised to see Gary sunbathing in the nude.


I knew he was buff for someone his age, but wow, did he look good!  I couldn’t believe it, he must have been thinking about sexy things, or maybe it was the warming of the sun (did he rub sunscreen on it?) since his penis looked stiff, and wow did it look big.  Of course, what did I know about penis size, though it sure looked big to me.


I stood there on the4 edge of the patio, looking at him, not moving, not making a sound, afraid he’d catch me looking and tell my mom.  He wasn’t asleep, since several times he shifted positions on the large towel, which made his penis move.  I was hypnotized by it, with its funny looking end that looked something like a soldier’s helmet.  Without making any sound, I snuck back into the house, forgetting my swim.  Back in my bedroom, I took off my two-piece and was surprised to find that I was very wet between my legs.  I was nervous at first, wondering what it was, until I realized it was from watching Gary and his penis.  It felt so good I fell to the bed and began touching myself there.  Memories floated through my mind—Mom and Gary’s love noises, Gary’s marvelous body—and a tremendous spasm came over me that made me double over.  What pleasure!  I made the connection: wetness, arousal, sex, and pleasure.  Oh, wow!


That was an orgasm.  I felt stupid since I’ve heard about it and girls talk about it (even if they don’t know what it is either).  It was such a great feeling, much better—explosive even—than when I’d touched myself before.  So much for a swim, but the orgasm made up for it.


I debated whether I should say anything to Gary; I certainly would tell Mom.  What would I do the next time he was sunbathing like that?  I also wondered if I should feel ashamed of how I thought of Gary now that I’ve seen “all” of him.  Mom sure was lucky.


The following weekend when I went to swim, they both were out there nude!  Okay, I thought, I had to swim sometime, so I paid no attention to them and dove in.  Mom had a fit, simultaneously telling Gary to cover up, and yelling at me for invading their privacy.


“It’s my house too, so you shouldn’t be out here like that unless you wanted me to see you,” I said.


Gary turned to Mom and said, “C’mom, she’s a big enough girl to know what’s what.”


“We’re not running a nudist camp here, so it’s NOT okay,” was my mom’s silly answer.  Silly because in effect, they were being nudists.


I said, “If it’s okay for you then why isn’t it okay for me?”  Before she could respond, I untied my top and tossed it aside.  Mom freaked, and Gary laughed.


“You put that back on right now,” my mom barked.


I looked over to see Gary’s penis get hard as he stared at me.  Amazing!  Mom was so intent at yelling at me she didn’t notice, thank God.  I sure noticed him, and he knew what I was looking at since after all this time he finally decided to cover up, grabbing a towel and wrapping himself with it.  I showed my rebellious streak by ignoring Mom and jumping into the pool topless, swimming laps oblivious to my mom’s exasperated banter.  When I climbed out, I saw Gary still staring, and realized my nipples were stiff and sticking out from the cold.  His towel didn’t hide the bulge his erect penis was making.  I quickly grabbed my top and hurried into the house and up to my room, not caring about all the water I dripped on the floor along the way.


I knew what I had to do.  Lying on my bed, my fingers went to work as soon as I slipped out of my bottoms.  Pretty soon, I was whimpering and thrashing, imagining Gary, and letting the orgasm take over.


I heard footsteps and muted conversation outside my closed door.  How much noise had I made?  Had they heard me, or were they just talking about the nudity by the pool?  Thankfully, I’d thrown on some clothes by the time my mom knocked.


“You understand, don’t you?” she said.


“Sure, you and Gary are married and you have sex, so big deal if you want to be naked around the house.”


She nodded, “You are a big girl, and we’ve had talks about sexuality, so you understand how you being topless in front of Gary would…do things…to him.”


“Yes, Ma, I saw his hard-on, but he shouldn’t have one by seeing me if he loves you.”


“Please don’t use words like that.  Besides, he’s a man and it’s natural to be aroused by a pretty, young girl no matter what.”


“Okay, okay, I won’t do it again.  Thanks for calling me pretty,” I said, smiling.  “He should be looking at you, anyway.  You have a great body, and I’m surprised that you’re all shaved down there.  That’s cool.”


She blushed.  “So, we’re in agreement.  No more nakedness in front of Gary for you, and we’ll be more discreet.”


I told her I wouldn’t do it, but that’s exactly what I wanted to do.  I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to arise (funny word, arise, because that’s what I wanted him to do).


That night they were exceptionally loud, which made me ponder if he was thinking more of me than my mother as they did it.  I crept up to their door to listen.  The bed banged and his grunts were even louder than usual.  I thought I heard Mom ask, “What got into you?” but I couldn’t be sure that’s what she said.  She sounded just like me when I orgasmed.  She moaned and whimpered, every once in a while crying out “Yes!” or “harder!” or “Oh God!” in between.  Gary began saying, “Oh baby” repeatedly before Mom yelled, “I’m cummmmmming!”  She sounded like she had a great one.  Gary said one last “Oh baby!” very loudly so I knew he was having his orgasm too.


By the time I was back in my bedroom, my nipples ached and I was so wet some had dribbled down my leg!  My dreams that night were more vivid than ever, and he was getting into me.  I woke up wet and had to masturbate.


I was so fixated on my stepdad that the next time he was alone by the pool (in a lounger, wearing shorts this time) and Mom was away, I could barely walk, never mind dive gracefully into the pool.  When I climbed out, he was looking at me like before as he patted the adjacent chair and invited me to join him.


“I want to apologize for the other day, the nudity and such.  I suppose your mom talked to you about it.”




“It’s not my place, I guess, to get between you and your mother, but I did want to apologize.”


“You really don’t have to.  I understand all that stuff, okay?”


I wasn’t trying to tease him but it was obvious the way he kept staring at me in my bikini.  After some small talk, he made a comment on how I looked.


I said, “I saw you, when I was topless that day, so I know you like how I look.”


He moaned a bit, and said, “I guess I did…you look great in or out of that top.”


Now I thought of teasing him.  “What did you like best about me?”


“I can’t talk about this…I can’t,” he begged.


“Sure you can.  You said I was grown up enough to see you and Ma naked, and understand about sex and stuff like that, so please, tell me what you liked.”


He kind of choked but eventually said (nervously) “It’s hard for me to say, those breasts of yours are perfect, but your ass is perfect too.”


“Chicken!  You gotta pick one,” I teased.  “Besides, I know what your best part is,” I said, chuckling.


He blushed and actually looked down at his shorts, and yes, there was a bulge there.  I almost laughed at his reaction.  He said, “It’s my eyes, right?”


“No, silly, I see what happens when you look at me.”  He took another surreptitious look at his bulge, hopelessly willing it to go down in front of me.


“I bet Ma likes it, especially since I can hear you guys at night.”


“Oh, damn,” he said.


I brought up their night sounds because they’d been doing things to me—those sex things—and I wanted to get his reaction.  Would he be mad at me, or as I suspected would he be kind of thrilled he had an audience?  “Can I see it again?” I asked.




“Oh, I saw you sunbathing a while ago and it was cool; it was hard and it sorta moved.  I liked looking at it.”


“You shouldn’t have been looking,” he said halfheartedly.


“Why?  You shouldn’t have been, like out here naked, if that’s how you feel.”


“You sound like you have experience with men’s cocks,” he asked.


“A little,” I lied.  “Why don’t we sunbathe without clothes like you and Ma did?  Nobody will see or care, and I also do like an overall tan.”  I couldn’t believe I said it, and almost couldn’t say it anyway as my voice choked about half way through.


I couldn’t believe what he said either.  “Oh, if that’s what you want,” and he pulled off his shorts and tossed them aside on the patio.


I stood and pulled my top off then slid my bottoms to the patio stones.  I had to work hard not to stare at his penis, his cock as he called it (yes, duh, I’ve heard that name used before).  As soon as he saw me naked, it began to grow hard.  I guess he couldn’t help it.  I lay back down on the lounge chair and pretended to relax, attempting to be nonchalant while my insides were aflutter.  I was actually naked next to my stepdad!  My nipples were so taut they ached.  I knew I was wet like before and I was breathing as if I’d run a mile.


“Sarah, you must have boys all over you at school.  No steady boyfriend?  I know I haven’t seen anybody coming around.”


“I don’t have a steady one at the moment, just a few guys I hang with, nothing special.”


“Ummmm,” he said.  I knew what he was thinking, since I was thinking the same thing.  Could I be getting ready to have sex with him?  One sidelong look at his magnificent cock and his great body and I kind of knew I was.


“You know, you never really answered me before.  Can I touch it?”


“We shouldn’t,” he said.


“Yeah, you’re probably right, but since I’m here and naked and see how you’re looking at me, and how your…ahem…you would like to…touch me, then maybe we should…just once….”


“God damn!” he muttered, and then said, “Okay, come here and touch me.”


“Mom will never know,” I said as I went to him.  I sat on the edge of his chair and tentatively palmed his erection.  It was stiff, yet soft to the touch.  He had a little hair around there but mostly was shaved, which I thought was cool, a man trimming his pubic hair like girls do. 


As I rubbed my hand up and down on his cock, enjoying the new sensation, he moaned, “Oh God, yes, it feels so good.”  That’s when his hand went between my legs and touched me down there.  He moaned again, “You’re so wet, Jesus, I can’t believe this!”


He was so hard, and he was dribbling some juice out of his cock.  I didn’t know what it was, but it felt slippery, so it was something like my juices, I guessed.  He slipped a finger into me and said, “You’re a virgin?  Oh God.”


“What did you expect?” I said, though I knew a bunch of girls my age who claimed to have had sex.  I hoped that my being a virgin didn’t scare him off.


“Not here,” he said.  He picked me up and carried me into the house and up to the bedroom.  I thought I’m going to make love for the first time with my stepdad in my mom’s bed!  He was so strong.  I loved the way I felt as he carried me.  He laid me down on the bed and began to touch me all over.  He liked my breasts and my nipples.  He called them “perky.”


“They’re not as big as Mom’s,” I said.


“Oh, but sweetheart, they’re twice as nice,” he said as he gently squeezed one then the other.  “So firm.  Mmmmmmmmm.”


He ran his hands all over my body; my hips, my thighs, then back up again.  It felt so good I had goosebumps all over.  When he put his mouth down there I nearly died.  His tongue and lips massaged all the good places and soon I felt it coming, better than when I touched myself.


“Ooooooooooooooooooooooh,” I cried.


“Mmmmmmm,” he groaned.  I must have been very wet for him.  “I want to fuck you so bad, but I don’t have a condom, and no way am I gonna be that stupid.”


I was still trembling from my orgasm to fully comprehend what he meant.  He lay next to me and kissed me using his tongue in my mouth.  This was definitely a new hot way to kiss!  He slid his finger in me again and pushed it in and out real fast; so fast I felt another orgasm building within me.


“Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” I screamed.


When I was done (and breathing normally again) I said, finally understanding about the condom, “What about you?”


“You could give me a blow job, that would be great.  You know what that is, don’t you?”


I kind of knew, roughly, but I asked him how anyway.  He lay on his back and directed me.  He was a little too big for my tiny mouth so mostly I just put the end in there and rubbed the rest.  He was moaning so much I knew it felt good.  I did that for a while and then all of a sudden he groaned, “I’m cumming,” and a thick jet of his stuff spewed out, choking me.  Several more jets sprayed against my face as I pulled away in shock.  So much!


He helped me clean up, asking, “You okay?”  Which I translated to ‘you won’t tell your mom, will you?’


“I’m okay, Gary.  I just wish we could’ve, you know, done it all the way.”


He sighed.  “You and me both.  Someday, if you still want to, we will, but we have to make sure no one finds out.  I don’t want to hurt your mom, understand what I’m saying?”


“Yes, but don’t worry.  I won’t ever tell her anything about you, ever.”  I gave him a big kiss, using my tongue like he did.  I loved kissing like that!


We were dressed long before Mom got home.  I almost forgot my bikini by the pool but picked it up just in time.  All the rest of the day, I kept looking at Gary and thinking about what we did, and almost did.  He caught me looking a couple of times and blew me a secret kiss while Mom’s attention was elsewhere.


That night, their sex was even noisier than the last time.  Now I knew he was thinking of me, and that made me feel aroused and very special.  I fingered myself to orgasm but it was nowhere near as good as with his tongue or finger.


We had to wait almost two weeks before we had the house to ourselves.  I went to him wearing one of his t-shirts and nothing else.  The cloth (and my anticipation) made my nipples really hard.  He liked that a lot.  He tongued me a little like before and then I helped him put the condom on.  He had me lay on my stomach with my legs off the bed.


“This is best for your first time,” he said.  I wanted to look at him, but I figured he knew best.


I felt the end of his cock start to go in.  I held my breath.  Then it hurt.  “Owwww, don’t…take it out…take it out,” I cried.


“It will only feel that way until I get all the way in, then it will feel good.” 


I had to believe him.  He put it back in a little bit and then I felt something go ‘pop.’  This changed the feeling somewhat.  “No…yes…please…” I begged, not really knowing if I wanted him to continue or not.  He went in a little piece at a time until I felt filled up.  He was right, the pain went away and some pleasurable feelings had begun.


He kept saying, “Oh, Sarah, you’re so tight, I can’t believe this.  So tight, oh…”


Tight?  Could someone be loose?  I somehow knew he wanted to go faster but kept it slow for my sake.  “Can we do it another way?  I want to see you,” I said.


“Sure…sure sweetheart.”  He had me lie on my back and spread my legs, putting a heel on each of his shoulders.  I was agog at having a man so close, in me; I really did want to see him.  I watched his cock enter me before looking up and catching his eye.  Our eyes remained locked together as he started going in and out of me.  He had a hand under each of my ass cheeks and he squeezed as he thrusted.  I think it was as much from sight as from him being inside me, but the orgasm came so suddenly, I almost fainted.




“God damn,” he cried out, and I felt him throb deep within me.  After, he showed me how much of his stuff was inside the condom.


We showered together.  He couldn’t keep his hands off my breasts and I liked that.  Again, he nervously asked me if I was okay.


I was okay; oh yes, I was okay.


“Did you like that?”


“Did I make noises like Mom?”


“God, yes, but she can’t ever find out.”


“Don’t worry.”


The next time we were alone we were so aroused we never made it to the bed.  He took me standing up, as he lifted me onto his condom-encased shaft.  He did all the work, raising and lowering me onto him while my legs wrapped around his sides.  I saw his muscles bulge and that turned me on so much.


“Gar—reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I screamed as I forced him to lower me all the way down so he would be at his deepest while I orgasmed.  My orgasm must have triggered his as he let go, spasming inside me.


We made a game of removing the condom and seeing how much cum was inside.  “Do you squirt so much with Mom?” I asked.


He sighed, like it was hard to reconcile sex with both of us.  “I really don’t know.  I don’t use a condom with her.”


I had a vision of not using one with Gary.  I won’t, I know, since no way do I want to get pregnant, but the thought of his cum dribbling out of me like it does the condom got me hot.


I got so obsessed with having sex with Gary that I grew edgy when we went long stretches without doing it.  One day, Mom noticed and asked me if I was alright.  “Yes, I’m fine,” I said, though I heard the frustration in my voice.


During those times without sex, I masturbated a lot.  One day I think I did myself five times and ended up sore.


When we had our chance, we did it almost continually; in the shower, on the bed, on the floor, wherever we could.  I really was loving it from behind.  He called it doggie-style, which I thought was funny.  When we did it that way, it was like I orgasmed in seconds!


While Gary and I did it, I didn’t hear as many noises coming from their bedroom later.  I remembered him asking me by the pool that day if I had a boyfriend.  I giggled; maybe Gary was my steady boyfriend now.  Regardless of the position, I was really enjoying the idea of doing it on their bed.  I know, it must be something psychological, like supplanting my mom or something.  Well, that’s just what I was doing after all.


“She’s gone.  You wanna fuck?”


He smiled and asked, “Shower or bed?”


We ended up on the bed.  He used his tongue to get me going then slid between my legs and pounded away.  My legs were way up and back, with my ankles up around his neck.  He got really deep that way.


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Gary, I’m cummmmmming already!” I shouted.  I felt at least three distinct waves of blissful contractions before he moaned and unloaded.


“Oh, God…you’re perfect!”


“I’m, glad you’re my stepdad…and my lover.”


Wow, he was still hard!  So I got him back inside me for more.


Oops, no condom.


Oh well.  He’s mine now, Mom, not  yours.


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