Coach's Class

Hi. This is my collection of stories about teenagers having sex. Expect hard science fiction elements. Expect it to be science-positive, tech-positive, sex-positive, and teen-positive. Not that everything is always sunshine and flowers all the time, of course, but science, technology, sex, and adolescence itself will not be intrinsically evil things.

Future Sex Coach Michaels stories

Future Sex Coach Michaels 01
The sixteen students are required to remove their blouses. Fourteen-year-old Lisa is reluctant, as she isn't wearing a bra.

Future Sex Coach Michaels 02
A brief flashback to the first day of school. Sex ed in the year 2063 is a bit... different... than it is today. Abstinence-only? Nope. More like "Drivers Ed for Your Sexuality" It isn't called a "participatory course" for nothing. Do these girls realize what they signed up for?

Future Sex Coach Michaels 03
You can learn a lot about a girl by listening to her talk about her underwear.

Future Sex Coach Michaels 04
CAUTION: This chapter doesn't contain anything all that bad, but it did squick a few people, because of the extreme youth of Louise and Tina.

Future Sex Coach Michaels 05
Halloween. No academics today, just costumes, art, and fun. CAUTION: This could lead to dancing.

Future Sex Coach Michaels 06
Out of the classroom and to the Outbreak Club for a Halloween party. Just a bit of fun.

Naked in School Universe stories

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 01 (Sunday, Background: Anzu James)
Who is Anzu James? Where does she live, what is life like in 2109, and why has the Program come to her home in Space?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 02 (Sunday, Background: The Program)
Just in case you are new to NiS (Naked in School), and are not familiar with the Program, helpful Anzu will explain it here. Isn't she nice?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 03 (Monday, School)
Anzu begins the most interesting week of school in her life. How will she hold up? Can she count on her friend Botilda for support? What of Kevin, and what of the thousand or so other students she has to be naked in front of? For that matter, what of the other Program kids?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 04 (Monday, Evening)
School is over, and poor Anzu, having refused to take relief all day, now faces spoccer practice... and the boy's locker room! She's going to need a special kind of support from Botilda when that's over.

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 05 (Tuesday, School)
Ah, Tuesday: when the touching starts. What of Bret and his plan for revenge? What of Jeness, and her plans for general nastiness? And how about Anzu having to give in to the inevitable, and take relief... in class... with everybody watching?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 06 (Tuesday, Evening)
Martial arts training in half gravity! Steve and Western Civ! Fried green tomatoes and mushrooms! Where do the people living in space get their meat? Do they have herds of deer and cattle and such running around, or what?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 07 (Wednesday, School)
Miyuki can't wait to be in the Program. Rashida thinks she will be next week, but she can't know that... can she? What the hell is up with Jeness? And what is this new Program-related regulation? It's just that, I mean, like, you know, right?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 08 (Wednesday, Evening)
Back into the boys' locker room she goes, and this time there will be touching. Will a veegeewushu technique improve Anzu's spoccer? Is she turning into The Girl Who? Relative wealth over time. Skinnydipping. So that's a blowjob. Reality TV. Anzu and Botilda... is it really about convenience?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 09 (Thursday, School)
"Mr. Scott, do YOU need relief?" Diagramming a sentence, and synonyms. Anzu wears something: a spacesuit. Changing the date with Bret. Botilda nearly freaks. How long can Anzu hold that arch?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 10 (Thursday, Evening)
Low-G martial arts, with sparring. Did you have to kick me THERE!?! "Mom, Dad, this is Bret." Steve learns about anatomy. Carpaccio and panna cotta. Virgin no more?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 11 (Friday, School)
Happy birthday, Anzu! Last day of the Program in school, seventeen years old, virgin no more... now THAT'S worth celebrating!

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 12 (Friday, Evening)
Hey, it's still her birthday, and she's still in her birthday suit. Those orugball players are in for a treat. Pizza, yummy. “Grandmamma Carver,” I asked, “is it true you came to Space to get away from the Program on Earth?” Be careful with the brandy, Anzu. You know what it does to you. And what of Zomar the Barbarian?

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 13 (Saturday, Holly-Kon)
Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll! When I'm done writing it, at least. Not finished yet.

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 14 (Sunday)
All I really know for sure is that Anzu and the other Program kids (including Formers) will be walking the circumference of Mendocino Island, and that she and Steve will be talking about Thomas Jefferson and slavery. But there's got to be more than that! And there will be, as soon as I'm done writing it.

Anzu Jame: Naked in Orbit 16 (Monday, Morning)
Anzu puts her clothes back on. Other than that, well, you'll have to wait until I write it.