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My stories are about memory and fantasy, they sometimes recall people I have known, with qualities that they possessed, but the situations they inhabit, the behaviors they exhibit, and the emotions they express are all the product of my mind. And as such, they are not universal in their appeal or effect.

I do not consider my stories erotica, it pleases me to think of them as smut. Why? Because I cannot visualize them nestled in anthologies proudly displayed in urban bookstores, or read aloud in sophisticated reading circles. I can, however, imagine them printed on cheap pulp with line drawings of leering women sporting disproportionate figures towering over cowering boys on the cover.

It is my good fortune to be able to write in many different modalities, some with literary pretensions. Thankfully, this venue is not one of those. Hopefully, you will enjoy my stories in the spirit in which they were composed; as indigestible little nuggets of filth that lodge in your groin and smolder until released.

Thank you, ASSTR, for this webspace in which to house my glowing smutbits...