(FM/F, Humiliation, Slavery)

Cindy Silver Eyes





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“So, the double bacon cheeseburger it is!”

Cindy pretended to note down the man’s order – there was no real need for it, since the fat slob came to Gold’s Pub a good 3 nights a week, checked out the menu, and ended up always ordering the same thing:  Double bacon cheeseburger.  Cindy was quite certain he’d soon be heading to one of the strip clubs near-by as usual – Gold’s Pub happened to be a block away from the seedy part of the town, littered with strip joints, gay clubs, and even kinkier fare.  By this time of the night, there were hardly any people looking for an honest dinner before sleep at Gold’s.  It was more like fuelling for a long night.

Cindy turned around and headed towards the kitchen, knowing full well the man’s bug-like eyes were fixated on her ass.  The uniform didn’t help of course:  All waitresses were dressed in standard black minis and near-sheer white blouses – not to mention, Charlie Gold, the boss, had a way of giving the girls uniforms that were a good one or two sizes too tight... Impossibly high-heels and opened buttons were some of the tricks the other girls used, but not Cindy:  She took whatever modesty the uniform offered. 

She stopped at the table of her friends – Shannon, Jennifer, Jack, and Steve.  Well, she’d have to qualify Steve as a friend of a friend really, since he was such an obnoxious asshole and she hardly liked him…  Shannon, Jennifer, and Cindy had been roommates forever, Jennifer dated Jack, and Jack was in the same frat as Steve…  Normally, none of them would come anywhere near a place like Gold’s Pub of course, preferring the student hang-outs near Boston College.  But knowing the waitress had its advantages:

“Hi guys – you want another free pitcher on the house?”  Cindy asked.

“Oh yeah…” Steve gave out a hard laugh, extremely pleased with the fringe benefits of coming to a bar where the waitress has enough clout to throw freebies his way.

“Ok, coming right up then…” Cindy replied with a slight roll of her eyes, and made her way towards the kitchen even as Shannon and Jennifer both shouted “Thanks, Cin!”…

What a degrading job this was – she was a BC student majoring in Marketing for crying out loud; she should be doing an internship with a big corporation, not serving burgers and drinks to people in the seedy part of the town…  She hadn’t waitressed since she was 15.  But that was the idea, wasn’t it: The humiliating, servile nature of this job, having to take orders from everyone, having to be cute and sweet to everyone -  even if they are just checking out your ass, making lewd jokes, or just ordering you around for spite… 

But this was the job Tanya had told her to take.  She’d even hand-picked Gold’s Pub.  And Cindy was aroused even as she rushed from one table to another in her tight mini, to take orders and smile subserviently...

“A double bacon cheeseburger” she told the cook, “and a pitcher of Bud…”.

The cook smiled at her dirtily:  “Sure babe…” - he was a black man with a long criminal record, and that was enough to give her and most of the other waitresses the shivers. 

She dropped the pitcher at her friends’ table and made small talk with them, till she noticed another customer calling her over – it was a short, butch-looking lesbian.  Probably one of the dykes that liked to stop for a bite before hitting the lesbian or bondage clubs.  She made her way towards the butch, ready to take her orders with a smile, when she noticed the silver Mercedes convertible screeching to a halt in the parking lot of the bar.   

She all but froze on her feet – Tanya was here…  She was incredibly nervous all of a sudden.  It was no good for Tanya to be here.  She would not come without a purpose.  And Cindy knew she was going to be punished for that morning’s indiscretion, but why was Tanya here?

The license plate read “Russian Devil”.  She saw her getting out of the car, her big pointy leather boots stepping on the pavement forcefully.  Cindy knew Tanya was 39-years old, but with her jet black hair, and toned body, the woman looked nearly 10 years younger than that.  She was tall and fit as a fiddle. 

She walked in, her hot leather pants swishing as she marched.  She walked right towards Cindy, pulled her in, and squeezed her left buttock, planting a quick kiss on her lips. 

“Get me a drink slave” she said with a smile, loud enough for the couple waitresses near-by to hear.  “Double Jack, no ice…”

Cindy felt herself turning red head-to-toe, as Tanya took a table with a haughty smirk on her face…

Cindy rushed the Jack to Tanya’s table with a sinking heart, wondering in dread what was in store for her.  The woman was an evil bitch, a ruthless dominatrix dyke of Russian origin, that got off on humiliating her slaves - never mind Cindy knew Tanya was a corporate litigation lawyer with a growing practice downtown:  Power suit during the days, power trip at nights with her horny, craving little bitches – of which one of the newest was Cindy herself.  Even if she had shown some disturbing disobedience that very morning…

Tanya took her drink, smiled, got up, and suddenly jumped on the table with a swift move.

“Yo, listen up!” she screamed in her usual lightly accented English. 

There was near immediate silence, as the dozen or so patrons left in Gold’s Pub turned their head to the woman in black who was demanding their attention.

“This, here, is my little bitch, Cindy…  And she’s been a very bad bitch…!” Tanya spoke in her big voice.

Cindy froze in total mortification – suddenly she wanted to disappear into thin air…

“So, she will get a spanking tonight – right here, right now…”

There was sudden mumbling and murmuring in the room – by this time of the night, all the patrons that were left were either the men heading to the strip joints or the lesbians and homosexuals getting ready to hit the gay clubs in the area anyway.

Tanya jumped down:  “So, atta girl, bend over the table…”

She removed her leather belt as she said this.  There was widespread disbelief in Gold’s Pub – none were more shocked than the other waitresses or Cindy’s friends of course…  They were too surprised to even make a sound.  Shannon and Jennifer, in fact, seemed to be barely breathing from their mouths which hanged open in a mix of shock and outrage.

Tanya looked in Cindy’s eyes for a few brief moments – and that was all it took.  This was going to happen, no ifs, no buts, and the co-ed knew it.  She was a slut craving humiliation, and now she was going to get it, and more, as Tanya’s brand of punishment…

Her body shaking in sudden shame, the young blonde took a few steps ahead, feeling like she was trying to walk on pure ice…

“Chop chop…” Tanya said impatiently. 

“You ain’t gonna really spank her, are you?”  suddenly Mr. Double-bacon-cheeseburger asked, his voice half surprised, half dripping with glee…

“Oh yeah, Mister…” Tanya replied.  “I am strict with my slaves…”

There were more raised eye-brows at that word, ‘slave’…

Cindy heard Jennifer whispering ‘we should do something’ to her other friends as she laid herself on the table – just about everyone would have a good view of her in this position, but she did her best to turn her head away from her friends.  She could already see Steve grinning like a fool, his initial shock apparently fast leaving its place to an extremely horny thrill.

She turned her head in the other direction, only to be faced with also grinning Mr. Double-bacon-cheeseburger and a couple of expectant lesbians and a fiery homosexual man, who had probably expected to witness this kind of entertainment only later on and in much more make-belief form…  Cindy closed her eyes in total humiliation.

“Lift up your skirt slut!” Tanya ordered as she made her way to the back of Cindy.

The young blonde’s delicate hands traveled down and she lifted the short tight skirt, only to be further chastised by Tanya:  “All the way up, come on dumb slut…”

She heard Steve clapping and letting out a giggle – she was being called a dumb slut in front of her friends, and there was not a thing she could do about it…  She pushed her skirt above her waist, which revealed a pink lace thong, leaving her well-rounded ass essentially fully naked.  The other waitresses and the ex-convict of a cook had quickly lined up in front of the bar to catch the spectacle, and Cindy was sure they had a very good view of her naked ass which was close to getting a terrible trashing.  She bit her lips to not start crying already…  She was 21 years old, and about to get a beating in front of a roomful of people…

“What the hell’s going on here?” – it was Charlie Gold:  The owner, who doubled as the bartender, and who’d been in his office, probably snorting cocaine in Cindy’s estimation.  He was in his early forties, a hippie gone dirty, hiring pretty girls to spice up his second-rate establishment serving the kinky and sleazy crowd.  There was not a single waitress he did not try to fuck, and he’d had his eyes on Cindy ever since she’d taken the job and was given the tiny uniform. 

“Who the hell are you?” Tanya asked arrogantly.

“I am the fuckin’ owner of this fuckin’ place, and that is my waitress – so who the hell are you?  And what are you up to?”

“Well, I am the Mistress of your little slut of a waitress” Tanya explained helpfully to the complete humiliation of Cindy.  “And I am about to punish this bitch for insubordination…!”

“Here? In my bar?  In front of…” he looked around, “these people?”, though he must have realized there were not many among his patrons in a complaining mood, and the few college kids at one of the tables were too shell-shocked anyway.

“I don’t hear anyone complaining…” Tanya replied.

“I do! I complain…” Jennifer shrieked all of a sudden.

But Tanya’s response was just as sudden:  “Maybe you wanna be next, little college slut, huh, do you?” she snapped at her.  That was enough to silence the brunette…

“Why should I allow this spectacle in my place?  It’s perverse.” Charlie insisted.

“Hmm…  I guess that’s a fair point” Tanya seemed to ponder, and even though Cindy was bent over the table with her ass out in the open, she could still hear the talk, and realizing that Tanya was in a pondering mood was never, ever good…

“What if I let my little slut blow you after I am done with her punishment – it was bound to happen sooner or later anyway, the girl just can’t wait to get on her knees before anybody of authority and you are the Boss of her, no?”

“Blow job?” Charlie grinned ear to ear. 

He felt dirty discussing this, but the girl was fuckin’ gorgeous and the idea of sticking his cock in that uppity mouth of the little princess was just too good to pass…  Cindy wanted to scream, but she just didn’t have the heart – letting that asshole touch her was worse than any sexual act she could think of.


Charlie paused for a second:  “I’d better lock the door – you feel free to proceed…!”

The first smack from the belt hit Cindy on the ass, and she did what she wanted to do last:  She plain out screamed…

And then the 2nd smack came, drawing another shriek form the blonde co-ed…

3rd, 4th, 5th, all were followed by loud yelps, no matter how much Cindy wanted to put on a brave face…

“It will be 20” Tanya announced, evidently much to the approval of the audience.

By the 10th, Cindy wasn’t shrieking and yelping anymore – she was nearly openly sobbing…  It made it all the worse that every time she opened her eyes, she could see everyone watching her humiliation with horny glee.  And the knowledge that her best friends were seated barely a few feet away, and witnessing her abject shame was more than she could bare to think…

By the 20th, she was a total mess, to the point she almost did not care about her utter humiliation and what a pleasurable spectacle she was providing to the dirtballs in the bar, not to mention her co-workers and friends…  She just wanted it over.

“Finally, we’re done…” Tanya announced.  “Nice work-out…” she tapped Cindy’s reddened ass.  “Come on shameless slut, cover up your ass…”

Cindy managed to get back on her feet and let her mini-skirt drop down, still sobbing…

Tanya took a seat and leaned back:  “Now, bitch, lick my boots clean, to show you learned your lesson and know your place at my feet… And to thank me for disciplining you of course!”

Cindy paused in shame but the last thing she ever wanted was more punishment.  She dropped down on her knees, and planted her face at Tanya’s feet.  She closed her eyes in mortification and began licking the dominant woman’s boots, amid sounds of shock and amusement from her surroundings.  Tanya let her switch to the other foot after about 5 minutes…Finally, she grabbed her by the hair and pulled up her head: 

“Enough of that slut…!  Now, go to your Boss’s office for a good dictation and performance review…”

There was laughter all around to Cindy’s utter shame, Steve and Mr. Double-bacon-cheeseburger hollering the loudest.  She heard Tanya ordering everyone tequila shots as she made her way towards Charlie’s office – he was apparently already there, waiting for his just deserts…

“On your knees slut” Charlie barked as soon as Cindy entered his office.

Defeated, Cindy did as she was told – Tanya had promised a reward, and Charlie was going to get it, there was no way around it.

“That’s right slut…  On your knees.  You know how long I wanted to say that to you?  Uppity little bitch – you think you’re so hot because you’re college girl and all?”

Cindy was dying in frustration and humiliation, but Mistress’s orders were not negotiable.

“I love the way that tight body of yours stretches that tiny uniform slut – and you love to give every man in sight a raging hard cock, don’t you, cock-teasing little slut…?  Well, things will be different from now on, bitch.  You will be doing much more to keep your Boss happy from now on, now that I have a good idea on what a kinky, needy little bitch you are…You will be a perfectly obedient little employee as long as you work here, a slutty little waitress dying for a trip to my office to please the big Boss man…”

Charlie unzipped himself – “Now, slut, beg for it…  Beg to be allowed to suck my cock – and do it in the most pathetic, servile, convincing way you can imagines, unless you want me to go out there and ask your Mistress to give you another 20…!”

Hearing the clear threat, Cindy began begging at once, even as Charlie snickered and played with his manhood arrogantly, and allowed the girl to go on with her humiliating performance for a good 10 minutes before he deemed her pleas sufficient to grant her the privilege of giving him a blow-job…

By the time Cindy was back in the serving area, her belly had been filled with not one, but two loads of her Boss’s semen, and she flat out wanted to throw up, even though she knew she’d be likely be Charlie’s plaything, too, as long as she continued working at Gold’s Pub and this was already arousing her, just as Tanya would have predicted.

Everyone seemed to be in a jolly mood, as Tanya had found a way to get music started and the waitresses were busy serving drinks. 

“Well, there’s my slut back” Tanya yelled in her slight accent, and there was loud hooting all over the place.  “Did you suck off your Boss real nice, hmm?”

“Excellent” – Charlie replied as he took his place behind the bar.  He seemed worried about all the alcohol being distributed without a tab…

“Bullshit! I want one, too…” Mr. Double-bacon-cheeseburger chimed in, almost spilling half of his beer.

“Hmm -  maybe it is possible” Tanya replied to the fat man.  “Not here, of course…  But, guess where Cindy and I are heading next…”.  There was silence again.

“We’re heading to Domina’s Realm next…” Tanya announced with glee.  Cindy froze once more – it was true, going to Domina’s Realm at some point had been in their plans.  But not tonight.  And not by announcing it to the crowd here.  Domina’s Realm was an extreme bondage club, where entry was by invitation only. 

“It will be Cindy’s Big Night tonight – you folks know what a Big Night is at Domina’s Realm?”.  There was puzzled silence in the room as expected.

“Well, Cindy here will have her initiation to the club as an official club slave.  The lowly little slave that she is, she will be tied naked to the display post, and anyone will be able to use her – fuck her, punish her, molest her…  that is anyone who gets permission from her Mistress -  that would be Me!  I will make sure you guys get in, and, well, we’ll see who gets permission to play with the slave…  The Fat Man has a good start.”

Cindy wanted to disappear into thin air.  She just stood in the middle of the room, not sure how to react.

“No shit – can we come then?” Steve jumped in, evidently much to the outrage of his buddy Jack, but he hardly seemed to care.

“No college kids” Tanya replied, with a smirk. “Well, except for Cindy of course…”

“Oh, well…” Steve replied, even though he seemed quite disappointed.  But he lifted up his iPhone – “I guess I’ll have to see if Cindy will be nice to me once she sees everything I recorded on it…”.

Cindy was besides herself, but couldn’t find a thing to say to Steve.

“Now, Charlie, while you were having your fat knob polished by my slave, we discovered you’ve been hiding three bottles of Dom Perignon in the freezer!  I think you ought to open those up - in celebration of Cindy’s Big Night…” Tanya commented.

“Well, let’s see… no fuckin’ way…”

“What if Cindy serves everyone totally nude?”

Charlie was left with a hanging mouth, even as all the patrons started chanting ‘Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!’…

Steve had started jiggling his phone again.  Jack turned to the girls:  “Guys, let’s get out of here, this is really getting out of hand…”. 

Shannon and Jennifer looked at each other briefly, and ended up nodding their head ‘no’…  At the end, this was too good to pass – and Cindy had always been the haughty type, hadn’t she?

“Oh, well!” Charlie said at last.  “3 bottles of Dom Perignon, served by naked sex slave, coming right up…”

Tanya clapped:  “Good, good!  You heard the Boss man Cindy-slut…  Off with the kinky little waitress uniform…”

There was more laughter and hollering from the small crowd.

Cindy stuck her fingers inside the waistband of her mini-skirt, shaking in humiliation, and pulled it down, even as she died in dread…

…and yet she was fuming with arousal no less…

Cindy Silver Eyes





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