(M/F, Slavery)


Cindy Silver Eyes





This is no more than a poor attempt at imitation of Dana Williams’s superb stories...  Just had to make an attempt to place myself in there J

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The cannons still roared from afar, less frequent now, part of the Tacikian army surely moving towards other cities of Akatia…

The same cannons had been decimating the walls of my own city, Reina, just hours ago, every cannon shot piercing through my heart, shaking me and everyone else with a fear the kind of which we’d never imagined before.  We’d been waiting, trembling and fearing for weeks.  Still, we’d never believed it.  Akatia was strong, the Akatian military the best in the world.  We’d beaten the Tacikians, and others, many times over, we had conquered and ruled their cities for centuries.  And there had been peace for so long, peace for nearly half a century - war seemed like a distant barbaric memory my parents spoke of.  No young Akatian woman like me had lost a brother or a lover to a war with Tacikians for decades. 

But hatred had remained the same. 

I’d shivered in fear as cannons ripped through the walls of Reina.  Many of the men had been summoned to the military months ago.  My father was in the capital, serving despite his old age.  My lover, the only man I’d ever known, had been killed already at the border.  The men who were left to protect the city were no match for Taciks.

Early in the morning they finally came:  The Taciks tore through the walls, the soldiers firing and yelling and rushing through the city with glee, laughing at us, laughing at the feeble defense we managed to put up against them.  It had been so sudden, the fall of my city, there had not even been time to flee or hide.  I’d watched out the window in shocked agony as the soldiers began breaking into homes one by one, hauling people out like mere cattle, shooting boys on the streets, tearing women’s clothes at once.  There was nothing but sheer chaos everywhere, the victors’ vicious jubilation mixing with the panic and torment of the conquered…

When two soldiers broke into our home, my mother and I had no defense, not even a gun – I tried to protect us with a mere kitchen knife, only drawing laughter from the two Taciks, two ugly, dirty savages.   They were skinny, yet strong, roughed up by war.  No razor had met their young, rugged faces in a long time, and they had long, oily hair.  They grinned like hyenas.  I’d never imagined such hatred and fear possible in my heart…

Mother did what she could – she threw herself between them and me, but they struck at her like they were kicking a dog.  I attacked them with fury, wishing to Gods I could stick the knife right through their hearts – but they grabbed and took the knife away, chuckling and mocking in that beast-like language of theirs, growling of animals, nothing else…  And they began tearing at my clothes – I fought back, amidst Mom’s cries, and the pigs’ howling and laughter, but it made no difference. 

Once they tore off most of my clothes, they pushed me down on the floor…

And they took me like they wanted.

They took me like a couple of wild beasts, rough, savage, angry beasts, wanting to hurt me, humiliate me, with their fucking...

As they took turns raping me, they made my mother watch it, too.  Nothing so thrilled Taciks as humiliating Akatians.

They did not stop until a third soldier came in much later – he laughed and uttered something in the Tacik language at first, but he was firm, so the soldier on top off me got up, leaving me on the floor, soiled and used, my clothes torn to pieces, and my mother crying in the corner.

Soon after, my wrists were tied tight behind my back and I was being pushed out the door, down the stairs and onto the street, all but naked, paraded on my own street, in front of my neighbors – the panic seemed to continue everywhere.  I felt my eyes watering and my face burning in shame, all to no avail.  Even the desire to fight was gone…

Soon we were at the town square – the plundering had slowed and order was being mostly restored, now in the hands of an invading army.  There were other girls there, in the town square, all like me, close to naked and hands tied in the back – the soldier who’d been leading me shoved me towards a fat, chuckling soldier who held a cigarette in one hand and a hose in another.  Soon I was being hosed down by ice-cold water, unable to silence my shocked cries – he just kept chuckling as he pulled me by the hair and pushed me towards the other girls.

I watched a few more girls being brought to the town commons in the same fashion, crying and dying in shame, some clearly raped – they all got the cruel hosing down before being pushed to the pile in the middle.  I knew most of the girls standing around me; Reina was a small town, most everyone knew each other.   The men had picked the better-looking girls of the town and I knew I’d been one of the most beautiful girls in Reina – now surely a curse, rather than a blessing…

If there was one thing Taciks were organized about, we knew it was slavery.

We were made to stand side-by-side in a straight line, close to 30 of the prettiest girls of the town.  They were my friends, even relatives, and that made my shame all the more unbearable.  We could not even face each other.

The town commons was surrounded by more and more Taciks, but there were townspeople, too, brought there by force – mostly women, kids, and toothless old men.  There were a handful of fighting-age men, too, remnants of a broken down army charged with protection of the city.  They were all forced to watch it, for their humiliation...  I knew many of the boys who were haplessly restrained and they all knew me; I couldn’t tell who were ashamed the most, them or us.

“Akatian whores!” suddenly the town common echoed with the angry voice of a woman.  She was a Tacik, one who obviously spoke Akatian, if with an accent.  She wore something close to a military uniform and she was holding what looked like a horse-whip in her hand.

“On your knees!” she barked.  “And spread your legs!”

Too shocked and too scared to disobey, I did as was ordered, getting down on my knees and assuming the humiliating position – so did all the other girls, but some were not quite fast enough:  The Tacikian woman picked a girl by the hair; I knew her, Katrina Devi.  She was a haughty bitch most of the time, and I never liked her - still I feared for her now. 

“I am the slave trainer” the Tacikian woman screamed.  “When I tell an Akatian cunt to do something, she does exactly as she is told – instantly.  Or she is punished…” she smiled cruelly.

She barked an order to a soldier near-by, and soon soldiers were tying Katrina by the wrists to a post in front of us, leaving her dangling in the air.  They tore off the remnants of her clothes so she was completely naked in front of the townspeople and the Taciks.  Katrina’s parents and young brothers had to be somewhere in the crowd, watching helplessly, barred from us by the Tacikians soldiers, who were drinking and chuckling, watching the spectacle with glee.

Katrina first cursed and yelled, then begged and cried, but all of it was no use:  We watched her scream in agony as a Tacikians soldier whipped her a dozen times and her red-welted body dangled in the air.

The slave trainer watched it, too, in obvious amusement. 

“Understand this, Akatian whores – you disobey me, or any Tacik, and this will be your faith!” she barked. 

“Your men are either dead or prisoners.  Your men, the gutless bugs that they are, lost the war.  Your men are no match for Taciks, that’s why they have to stand there like little dogs and watch us take their women.  Akatia is now our property and everything in it, too, including Akatian whores.  The only thing you may expect now is serving the pleasure of your superiors, providing amusement to your Masters...”

“You have been chosen as slaves.  That is all you are – slaves.  I am your Mistress and you are our property!  I will train you like dogs.  And I will make perfect slaves out of you.  You will learn to obey without question.  You will learn to be perfect concubines.  You will learn to please your owners in the most intimate ways, you will learn to fuck a thousand times better than the most shameless of whores.  Your only cause of existence, the only worth of your life, the only reason we will let you and your families live is that you may serve the pleasure of Taciks…”

“Some of you – the luckier whores - will be sold to wealthy owners in Tacik Republic or will be reserved for the pleasure of commanders… Most of you, however, will be chosen as whores for our military’s brothels – so that you will be able provide amusement and pleasure to brave Taciks when they come from the front and are tired from killing your measly, weak brothers and fathers…”

“You will begin serving your owners tonight.  You will prepare and serve a grand feast for the brave Taciks who defeated your men – and after that you will be used and fucked by your new owners all night long…” she smiled cruelly.

“You!” she suddenly turned towards another girl.

It was Cecile, I’d known her forever.  She was a shy, slender, beautiful girl; easily scared, easily hurt…  She was on her knees, doing her absolute best to be pleasing, but the curtain of red hair that blocked her face could not silence the scared tears coming from her…

“You’re crying, cunt!  Slaves do not cry – Slaves always smile” the slave trainer barked.  “I’ll give you a reason to cry” she pulled her by the hair.  “This one, too” she barked at the soldiers.

And soon we were watching Cecile, having replaced Katrina, dangling from the post and being whipped by Taciks.  There were silent tears in my eyes, too; I didn’t care much about the haughty Katrina, but Cecile was the nicest girl I’d ever known.

After what seemed like an unbearably long time, Cecile’s screams stopped, and she was made to go back to her spot, her body shaking in obvious pain, but she was on her knees all the same, and she no longer dared to cry.

After two whippings, we were all shaking in fear, all desire for fighting back lost in thin air. 

“Let’s see what we got here” the Tacikian slave trainer walked by us one by one, tapping her leg with the crop.  We were all kneeling the same way; hands tied in the back, thighs spread wide, heads naturally bowed in dread. 

“Well, well, well, what do we got here!” she remarked with an evil glee when she came to Melanie and Monique Luvel.  “Twins!” she chuckled.  “I love twins…”  The two girls, daughters of the wealthiest family in town, shivered in fear.

“Oh, the amusements you will provide to Tacikian men!  You twin cunts will learn to be hot lesbian lovers for the viewing pleasure of your owners.  You will learn to fuck and punish each other in furious fashion...  In fact, tonight you will put together your first show for us during the feast…  And if you fail to put together a show that is for real, I will have you tied together and buried alive so that you can fuck each other to death!”

The terror of the girls was visible on their faces, but they could not so much as utter a word of disagreement as the slave trainer moved along.

She stopped at the next girl.  “What is your name slave?”

“Gabriela” the girl replied.  She was a distant cousin of mine.   “Gabriela Pera”.

The slave trainer leaned down and slapped Gabriela in the face with such force that almost the whole town square echoed with the smacking sound.

“Slave, you address your owner as Mistress!”

“Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry, Mistress.” Gabriela whimpered.  I could feel her humiliation from where I was.

The slave trainer snickered:  “And your name is not Gabriela anymore, you Akatian cunt!  Look at the tits on you!  From now on your name is Dumb Cow - because you got tits like a cow!  Tell me slave, what is your name?”

Gabriela gulped hard only for a second.  “My name is Dumb Cow, Mistress!”

“Good”. The slave trainer smiled.  “We’ll get you a pair of bells, too, so that every man will know when the big tittied Akatian cunt is around – I bet all the soldiers will love fucking those big cow tits of yours.  You happy to hear that, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress” Gabriela replied, giving the right answer, despite her cracking voice.

“Very well”.  She moved on, moving towards me.

“Well, what do we got here?” The slave trainer stood in front of me.  “What is your name, slut?”

“Cindy Calina, Mistress” I said, my voice full of fear.

“And you’ve been enjoying yourself, slut?”

“No, Mistress” I answered.

“Lying Cunt!” she struck me in the face, a smack as loud as my cousin had gotten.  Suddenly my eyes were filled with tears.

She chuckled.  “You’re in luck boys, I got a hot little slut here!  She’s dripping wet…”

My face suddenly burned with red hot shame and I realized it was true – I was wet.

“Here’s a cunt who can’t wait to begin serving her Masters!!” she spoke loudly, rubbing my face in it. 

Was I getting off on this?  I trembled with shame at being exposed in front of all the other girls.  

“If you want it so badly, you should beg for it cunt” the slave trainer hissed at me.  “Beg now to be used as a slave”!  And if you don’t sound sufficiently convincing and pathetic, I will have you whipped two dozen times”.

I didn’t want to be whipped.

“Please, Mistress, accept me as a slave” I whined.  “Please take me as a slave for your soldiers’ pleasure”.  There were tears in my eyes - yet I could also tell my thighs were getting wet with my juices.  “Please accept this worthless Akatian whore as a slave” I begged, desperately trying to find the sufficiently humiliating words for the approval of my Mistress.  She had me beg pathetically on and on for everyone’s amusement– I was the most pathetic of all the slaves.

“Very well” she finally cut me off.  “Let’s see how much you’ve been enjoying yourself…” she pushed the tip of the crop between my legs, playing with my pussy. 

I could only whimper haplessly.  It was just too much – I felt myself shaking, moving closer and closer to a moment of complete shame.  It must have taken no more than 30 seconds:  She drew the orgasm out of me with hardly an effort, and I moaned and shook on my knees, under the ridiculing snicker of the slave trainer and the shocked gaze of the other slave girls and townspeople.  The soldiers were laughing and mocking me.  They all couldn’t wait to get their hands on the hot little Akatian cunt who was so eager to be used and fucked.

I wanted to disappear into thin air.

“Clean my crop, slave!” the slave trainer barked.

“Yes, Mistress” I managed to say despite my shame and she pushed the tip of the crop in my mouth.  And under the gaze of everyone, I sucked on it like a cock.  There were more chuckles.

“I bet you can’t wait to have the real thing in your mouth” the slave trainer said.  “Isn’t that true, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress” I replied, not daring to contradict.

“Maybe not” she hissed this time, lifting my face up with the crop.  “I think you and I will spend a lot of time together, slave.  I think I’ll keep you for myself for a while…” she said.  “A hot cunt like you should be reserved for the commanders – but not before I supervise your training very, very closely…” she smiled. 

My eyes watered some more.  I was no lesbian, that disgusted me more than anything.  But what difference did that make?  I was but a mere Akatian slave in the hands of Taciks… 

This was my life now  the life of a slave… a life of servitude and ridicule…