(MF/F, Humiliation, Blackmail, Slavery, BDSM)

Cindy Silver Eyes




Cindy looked at herself one last time on the mirror – she almost teared up in embarrassment, but she squashed that right away.  No crying ever – that was one of the strict rules of her Master and taking another painful punishment would hardly make things better:  She’d do as he wanted at the end anyway, she knew she had no choice.

What she saw on the mirror was not a University of Miami Junior – what she saw was a perfectly dolled up Catholic schoolgirl, except of course no Catholic schoolgirl would actually be dressed up so slutty:   She wore a blue & grey plaid, pleated skirt, that was far too short to be ever allowed inside a real high school.  It didn’t even reach mid-thigh.  She had a white blouse that was at least one size too small, so that her already ample breasts pushed out the front of the blouse as if trying to break free off their fabric cage.  The slightly sheer material could hardly conceal a lacy black bra underneath.  The skirt was so short that it wouldn’t take too much effort to spot her matching black thong underneath, either…    On her feet, she wore little girlish white anklet socks and shiny black sandals, except that these were very un-schoolgirl-like at a good 4 inches.  It was an outfit that screamed “rape me..  rape me right here…”. 

Everything about her outfit seemed designed to catch utmost attention.  Dressed as this, Cindy would be nothing but a male fantasy straight out of porn magazines, walking about the Campus.  She’d arrived in the Security Office looking like any other college girl, wearing jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers – and she’d soon leave like the self-mocking portrait of a fantasy call-girl…

The excuse for such shameless display was supposed to be Halloween - often some of the students did show up in costumes to class on Halloween.  But Cindy knew no one else would be showing up dressed more wantonly than a common stripper.  She was being sent out to the campus this morning as mere amusement and fantasy material for her classmates…

“You look good enough to eat, slave…”

She turned to face her Master – he stood huge at 6’6”.  He was dark as night, but his powerful eyes shined with glee.  His strong, black muscles stretched the fabric of his Campus Security uniform. 

“So good in fact, I’m almost tempted for a second blow-job this morning…”. 

Cindy dropped on her knees at once, parting her thighs and stretching her tiny skirt.  She looked down at the floor and locked her hands in the small of her back. 

“Can this worthless slut suck your cock again, Master?” she asked, her voice dripping with fake eagerness to serve the pleasure of her Master.

This was one of her rituals – every morning Cindy made her way to the Security Headquarters of the university to provide a long, gingerly performed blow-job to her Master, which usually produced her breakfast in the form of a protein shake.  First of many such tasks to be performed throughout the day for her Master…    She’d just completed her morning duty in Master’s private office 10 minutes ago, after which he’d given her the Halloween costume she was to wear for the day… 

Bruce seemed to ponder his slave’s offering…

He was the Assistant Head of Security.  A former football player and an ex-Marine who was built like a black wall of bricks, he was in his mid-forties, but he looked a good 10 years younger than that.  The actual Head of Security was a middle-aged, fat white man, who was basically never around.  Bruce’s job had often offered him occasional perks – but the small stash of cocaine he’d seized from Cindy’s on-campus apartment had topped it all with a wide margin, no question about it…

Ever since their present arrangement had kicked off, Bruce had made one thing perfectly clear:  Cindy was nothing but a sex-slave to him.  A tool for pleasure and entertainment.   Nothing more, but a source of amusement.  He had a highly black and highly beautiful girlfriend.  He would not ordinarily come near a white little slut with a six-foot pole and he was not one of those black men who got excited at the prospect of having a white girl in their arms.  He thought white girls were good for fucking, and, by and large, little more than that… 

He had especially developed a deep contempt for the rich-bitch types he’d had to endure on campus in the seven years he worked at University of Miami.  He had no plans beyond fucking, abusing, and humiliating Cindy, to make up for past slights of her ilk, most of which he figured he must have just imagined – that made toying with his little slave no less fun…  The girl was drop-dead gorgeous, Bruce had to admit.  He made sure to enjoy his pretty, young, proud slave repeatedly… And the slightest disobedience, slightest hesitation, slightest mistake was punished with his heavy leather belt – Bruce was not the kind of man that tolerated even the tiniest drop of disobedience.  He was sure Cindy, and not to mention more than a few guys he knew at work, would be mightily surprised when he was around his girlfriend – she was black & beautiful, true, but also a fierce little bitch, too… Unlike Cindy, she’d take no shit from anyone, including – especially in fact - Bruce…

But Cindy...  Cindy would take anything... 

“On second thought, I’ll leave that to later..” he announced, looking nonchalantly at the blonde girl kneeling before him.  She was just a little bug to be toyed with.  “Off you go to class, slut – and don’t forget today’s rules…”.  The rules Bruce had given along with the costume…

Cindy swallowed hard.

“Yes Master.  I won’t forget Master.” she said before slowly rising to her feet.  She took her book bag, and hanged the straps over her back, pushing her sizeable chest even further out, and rushed out the door.

She knew there would be hell waiting for her all day… 


It hadn’t been more than 5 minutes when Cindy ran into Scott – they’d been on the same co-ed dorm floor in freshman year.  He was a fairly overweight boy with thick eyeglasses – he was a nerd basically, except that he wasn’t all that bright as far as Cindy could tell.  Her face was already turning red from her first encounter with a known figure, looking ridiculous as she was.

“Hi Scott” she said, doing her best to walk past him in hurry. 

“Wow, you look hot Cindy!” Scott said, catching up with the young woman.  Cindy was well aware that showing this much leg & breasts would be enough to lure any man in anyway; dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, how could she ever shake anyone off?

She tried to ignore more gawking comments from Scott as she walked towards her next class, yet he insisted on keeping up with her.  She was sure Scott had already had a crash on him, but she’d never encouraged it, had she?  Half the boys in the freshman class had had a crash on him, even though she was dating only the upperclassmen.  She barely listened to what Scott was saying – all she wanted was to get away. 

She was clearly getting one look after another from each passer-by – she could swear every single guy turned around and did a double-take to watch her ass sway under the tiny schoolgirl skirt, including staff and teachers...   And more than a few made a lewd comment on her appearance as they walked by – Cindy kept her head straight even as her face turned a deeper shade of red each time.  The girls’ looks seemed to vary between surprise and outraged disapproval.  But some of them did a double-take as well – Cindy wondered how many actually liked what they saw, and how many were actually lesbians - the thought made her stomach turn.  It was at times like this that her natural beauty and, in all honesty, perfectly-toned body seemed like a burden to carry.  Everyone loved to see a girl like Cindy in a skimpy, kinky outfit – and couldn’t get better than a schoolgirl uniform, could it?

At least no one seemed to make a stop and attempt small-talking, which was a relief so far.  Perhaps because Scott was still trailing him like a puppy.

“So, Scott…” Cindy said.  “My class is here, I have to split…”

She uttered a hurried bye, and started making her way towards the building without waiting for an answer.  But Scott was yelling after her: “Hey, Cindy, lookie here…!” he cried.

“What?”.  She was really getting pissed off with Scott.

“I’m afraid you’re gonna have to skip this class” Scott announced with glee.  And before she could protest, the fat boy with thick glasses had already stuck his hand in his backpack and taken out an item:  It was a shiny, red colored ruler…

Cindy’s heart sank.  Scott!  Scott had one?!  This fat little loser had a red ruler..!

“So, darling, follow me…” Scott said with renewed confidence.  Cindy looked around helplessly, knowing full well she had to follow Scott – Master’s rules were to be obeyed at all times, and there would be hell to pay if she even so much as hesitated.  But how could Scott have anything to do with Master?  She knew some people would have these red rulers today, and the thought had been eating away at her heart since the morning, even worse than her outrageous, whorish outfit – but Scott?  She’d figured Master would have given those to a couple guys from the black fraternity on campus…

She followed Scott into the small patch of woods inside the Campus, a sufficiently secluded area, though you could always run into security personnel or wanderers.

“Ok, girl… you know the drill…” Scott said, with a smirk he could barely contain.  He was somewhat embarrassed too but that was clearly overshadowed by his excitement.

Cindy hesitated only for a moment – what good was resistance?  She bent over, and grabbed her ankles, letting her little plaid skirt turn over and drop over her blouse.  Scott gladly helped, pushing it down over her waist and exposing her bottom, hardly covered with her black thong in place.  Her face burned with humiliation.  She wanted to disappear into thin air. 

“So… I gotta do this.  Just 10 strokes…”.  Cindy closed her eyes, and braised for the first smack.  It landed with a loud whap.  And it stung, its pain washing over belatedly, drawing a little shriek from Cindy.  She promised to muffle herself – the last thing she’d want on earth would be for people to come see what’s going on.

“You know that doesn’t count” Scott said almost sadly.  “You’re supposed to count…”

Cindy remembered the rules her Master had set out that morning with dismay.  What was happening to her?  Here she was, a grown woman of 21 years age, a Junior in college, up till recently highly popular and well-respected, and here she  was now, getting…spanked!..  in the middle of the campus, by a guy who’d forever had a crush on her and to whom she’d been totally unreachable till this very morning…!

Second smack landed loudly as well, with biting pain.  Cindy let out a small yelp, but she managed to follow up on it: “One!...”

“ ‘One, Sir…’ is what you’re supposed to say” Scott said with a smirk.  “But I’ll be good and count that one”.

He landed another stroke and this time Cindy delivered the full phrase after her cry:  “Two, Sir!”

Smack… Smack.. Smack..  the blows continued to land, each time followed by a shriek and a respectful count from the blonde girl.  Soon, it was 10, leaving Cindy panting with a red face and a burning bottom…

Scott walked up in front of her.

“Boy, that was fun…” he commented.  “You know, how much I wanted you…  dreamed about you…  how many times I masturbated to fantasies of you… So now, I get to fulfill at least one…  I believe you are supposed to thank me for disciplining you, no?”

Cindy had straightened up, trying to fix her bunched up small skirt.  She knew the rules, of course.  Rules prepared special for today. 

“Atta girl… on your knees…”

With a sinking heart, she lowered herself on her knees, her knee-caps landing on naked dirt. 

“Good girl…” Scott smiled.  “Time for my blow-job from little Miss Perfect…”


By the time Cindy arrived her last class of the day, German History, it was 4 PM.  She was faced with the same outraged looks, snickers, gawks and stares as usual, and after going around the Campus like a trollop all day, she still felt no less humiliated at the reactions she was generating with her disgraceful excuse of a Halloween attire.  To make it worse, she’d arrived late, taking all the more attention as she walked into the classroom with a muffled apology – her delay having been caused by the latest batch of red rulers. 

She’d been stopped by total of 9 guys with the red rulers through the shameful day – starting with Scott.  She had no idea how the rulers had been distributed, to whom and why… Many of them had been total strangers.  It had been unbearably humiliating – to be stopped by some guy she didn’t even know dangling a red ruler in front of her face, taken to a secluded corner of the Campus, to be spanked by the grinning stranger, and honoring his power over her by counting the strokes and a mandatory “Sir” for each wallop.  Only to be followed by thanking for her punishment with a blow-job, like a cheap hooker.  She’d given head to 9 different guys and that mere thought was enough make her shiver with shame. 

The worst had been the last batch of guys though – far from unknown, it was guys from the football team.  Three of them had cornered her at once, dangling their red rulers with the stupidest, widest grins imaginable.  And they weren’t like the cute ones that she sometimes dated, but big, ugly rednecks who played substitute defense and hardly ever got near the good-looking girls.  Normally, none of these brutes could come near Cindy – and they seemed thrilled at the prospect of having within their power the uppity, gorgeous blonde who would normally only acknowledge the existence of the QB or the Pro prospects… They’d each gotten a long blow-job behind the stands.  And she’d done it with her top off, in return for just one set of spankings with the ruler.  The last one, Ricky, who was more of a brute than a dumb redneck, had taken particular care to call her all manners of insults and cumm all over her naked breasts …  Memories of the last few parties seemed fresh in his mind – Cindy had refused his incessant, rude advances repeatedly as always.  But not today – today Cindy had gotten on her knees, bared her big, gorgeous tits, sucked on his hard cock like an obedient slave, and few things could have made the big brute happier…

Cindy tried to push away the fresh memory of Ricky and the rest of the guys he’d had to please all day long and took her seat even as everyone watched her with hungry, amused eyes – even professor Green, who stopped his lecture and clearly had to put in an effort to resume after watching Cindy’s firm buttocks swing under the sway of the tiny school-girl skirt.

Wheew” came a sharp whistle from the back, loud enough to cause laughs.  Cindy couldn’t help but turn her head – it was not a guy, but a girl:  Tina Syms.  Of course – Cindy had forgotten she was in this class, too.  Tina, also from freshman dorm.  She’d had the room next to her.  And Cindy had been friendly to her – until discovering she was a closet lesbian...  

She turned her head and focused on the text in front of her, trying to ignore the snickers and the looks.  She was aware there probably was not a single guy in the room without a hard-on, all aimed at her, and that thought alone was enough to make her wanna run out the classroom and go hide in her apartment, had it not been for the Master’s strict instructions…

The class just wouldn’t end – she was a Marketing & History double-major so she had to take an advanced History class; but German History was boring as hell.  She would have preferred studying Victorian times in England, but that class had filled up quickly, before she could have signed up.  Her breasts itched like crazy – the bra had stuck on her chest due to all the dried cumm on her breasts and all she wanted was to rip it open and itch.  And take a shower.  She felt dirty just from the looks she got and the acts she’d performed all day, never mind the sticky bra…

Finally, Professor Green was wrapping up and Cindy was anxious to get the hell out of the class, her shameful duties fulfilled, 9 guys’ slime deposited in her toned belly...

“Cindy, could you please stay for a few moments after class?” Professor Green said. 

“Sure…” she said disappointed. 

It was better to let everyone else leave first though…  She didn’t wanna show all that flesh again and being seated behind a desk did offer some minor level of modesty after all. Of course, everyone did take one last look at her as they exited.  A tall black guy passed by her, almost close enough to touch, and Cindy once more wondered why there had been no black guys at all with a red ruler – she had expected it.  She’d almost been sure of it – Master was always friendly with the black kids on Campus and he seemed to make no secret of his exasperation with the spoiled white kids.  So, why not offer her up to the kids he liked, as a bit of racial pay-back…?  That would have been exactly his kind of thing.  Perhaps, Cindy wasn’t good enough for the black kids.  And that was totally fine for Cindy – fantastic indeed…  She did not like to think of herself as a racist just because she’d come from a privileged background, but being the plaything of one black man was more than enough for a pretty blond girl from the upscale suburbs...

Finally everyone had left and Cindy wondered what Professor Green wanted to talk about – perhaps a warning on proper attire for a young woman on campus… she’d have to listen to it and nod her head she supposed – she couldn’t very well tell him that her Master had required her to dress like this, that she had been caught storing a ton of cocaine for a friend’s surprise birthday party and as a consequence she now had a Master whose orders she had to follow to the dot…

“What did you want to talk about Professor Green?” she asked as she stood up, all too conscious about her looks again…  She found herself evaluating Professor Green’s looks – everyone had eyed her all day after all.  He was near-obese.  In his late forties, seemed like.  A full set of trimmed beard and heavy eyeglasses covered his pudgy face.  Cindy felt sorry for his wife – he did wear a wedding ring…

“Well, Cindy, here’s what I wanted to talk about…” Professor Green dived into his black bag. 

And out came another red ruler.

Cindy remained shocked on her feet.  She could have never guessed one of her professors would be given the ruler. 

“So, I believe you are familiar with the rules, no?  I want you to bend over the desk here and grab the edge…  for your punishment…”

Cindy was at a loss for words… This was a professor, not another one of the horny guys who were supposed to be lusting after her…  Yet she swallowed, and assumed the position Green wanted.  She knew what was going to happen, and there was nothing to do.  Her ass was already on fire and she would soon face the sting once more, from none other than her German History professor…

Green leaned into to her ear before starting with the blows…

“You know this is exactly what I always wanted to do to some of the young spoiled sluts I see in my lectures – so this is the day then…”

He flexed his arm to deliver the first blow – he paused and leaned in again:

“In fact, I think you should stay after class for a good little performance review every week – I shall discuss this with your ‘Master’…  We go way back with Brucie, you see…  Next time, I want your ass on my desk, begging to be fucked…”


Cindy walked out of the classroom 20 minutes later – she was near shocked.  She’d just given a blow-job to Professor Green, and the fat bastard was determined to get much more out of her in the next week’s lecture - the thought was enough to make Cindy wanna throw up…

Tina Syms surprised her – she was waiting in the hallway. “So…” the black-haired girl smirked.  “Cindy…”

Cindy was taken aback:   Tina had been a mousy, shy girl in freshman year – and had tried to hide her lesbian leanings as much as she could.  Now she looked like a confident dyke, with a short black hair-do resembling the Mohawk style, lots of masculine earrings, tattooed forearms – not to mention the tight t-shirt she was wearing, which showed, dyke or no dyke, Tina was fit and feminine…  Cindy almost had not recognized her when she signed up for this class.  She’d almost never ran into her in the last couple years.  They totally hanged out in different circles.

“Hi…” Cindy said, looking down on the floor and doing her best to  walk past Tina as fast as she could.

“So..” she continued to smirk.  “What does it feel like to suck off a professor – especially a fat pig like that?”

Cindy froze on her feet.  Had she seen it?  Green had locked the door. 

“Guess what I’m gonna show you” Tina said and Cindy knew immediately what would come out as soon as Tina dived into her backpack.  A red ruler would surely soon emerge…

Instead, Tina took out her iPhone and dialed a number on it.

“Here” she handed it to the blonde. 

Cindy took the phone and put it on her ear. 


It was the voice of the Master.  She shivered on her feet.

“From now on till tomorrow morning, you will follow Tina’s orders like you obey mine – she is your Mistress until she returns your sorry little ass to me, is that understood?”

Cindy swallowed hard, and was silent for a moment.  What if she just said NO now and face the jail time – how much worse could it be?

But finally words came out of her mouth:

“Yes Master…  I understand…”


Tina was seated in a big leather chair in her on-campus apartment, her legs sprawled on each side.  She had one arm comfortably tucked under her neck, while she held a bottle of beer in her other hand.

She was wearing a t-shirt, but that was all.  She looked down at the big pile of blond hair buried between her legs:  Cindy at work…

Tina had made Cindy drop all her clothes and get stark naked before her as soon as they got to her apartment – for a good, long, delightful examination.  It was obvious Cindy was revolted by the idea of another woman, even of being checked out by another woman, and this alone was enough to get Tina excited beyond measure…  recalling all the mean things sexy yet straight girls had done to her, and recalling how Cindy had immediately dropped even the courtesy greetings once it was out that she was a lesbian…  well, now  Tina liked nothing better than playing with a straight girl who didn’t wanna play along…

First had come the punishment though – punishment for getting out of a full set of spankings from the football guys by whorish tactics, punishment for being a bitch to Tina in the past, and punishment to merely amuse Tina, her Mistress…

“You see this?” Tina had shown the cane to Cindy, who looked at it with her big, scared grey eyes…  It was a bright red cane.  Yet the material seemed to be flexible,  like plastic.  Just like the rulers.

“It’s made of micro-fiber…” Tina had explained helpfully – she was a chemistry major after all, unlike the little princess of sluts.  “It is designed to hurt like a bitch, but leave hardly any marks whatsoever…”

Tina had tied Cindy’s wrists together and attached them to the ceiling in the middle of her living room.  Her legs had been spread apart and chained to the floor – it was amazing, the speed with which Tina was able to turn an on-campus apartment into a mini-dungeon.  Cindy’s wrists were attached to the ceiling up and front, so she had to lean over, bending her waist at an attractive 45 degrees, and making sure her vulnerable ass stuck out to provide Tina with an easy target…  Worst of all for Cindy was that Tina positioned her right in front of the windows and pulled up the rope that held together the shutters, only to stick its handle in Cindy’s mouth.  If Cindy let go, all shutters would fly up as designed, baring the windows at once – and Tina’s apartment was situated right at ground floor, at one of the most crowded corners on Campus.  She would be left totally naked, tied in an obscene position, in front of the whole campus – that would be a million times worse than the shame of going around the campus in a kinky schoolgirl uniform all day. She could easily hear all the students coming and going, chatting and laughing right at the other side of the shutters.  If those shutters were released, Tina would have some explaining to do as well, what with a naked classmate tied in bondage fashion n the middle of her living room for all to see – but she was by now known as a kinky dyke anyhow and had no precious reputation to worry about, unlike Cindy.   Not to mention she could easily disappear inside, while dozens of people probably took cell-phone pictures of a naked and tied Cindy to retain for posterity…

So, Cindy had bitten on the ropes for life, even as she got through the micro-fiber caning from Tina, crying and screaming through her teeth, but not letting go despite the thrashing she got…  Almost to the disappointment of Tina.  She would have loved to see Cindy’s shame-filled red-face if she were bared naked in front of the whole campus, tied up like the little bitch that she was, in the middle of getting the sort of thrashing deserving of an uppity slut like her…

But Cindy had held on and the punishment had been over for an hour now – Cindy was now on her knees, kneeling between Tina’s strong thighs… and obediently eating her pussy, clumsily if diligently…  Just the idea of how much Cindy hated this activity had been enough to push Tina over the edge twice and she was not far from her third as the reluctant lesbian slave’s tongue showed considerable improvement…

Tina had explained things even as she thrashed Cindy’s tight ass:  “Did you really think Bruce came up with all this?” she’d asked half amused, half-annoyed.  “He is a just a big savage.  I was the one who knew about the coke, I was the one who tipped him, and I was the one who knew you’d do anything to save your pretty, pampered ass after that…  Even today, I was the one who came up with the red rulers – heck, I was the one who distributed them…  and I’ve been waiting for my turn while he fucked you day and night like the cheap little slut that you are…”

Tina had put on some heavy punk music while Cindy began serving her pleasure and was up to her 3rd beer already – she was still a month away from her 21st birthday, but considering everything they were doing at the moment, underage drinking seemed like a ridiculous thing to be concerned about.

At last, she groaned, and orgasmed for the 3rd time, grabbing Cindy by her blonde tassels and holding her firmly in place as her juices wetted the kneeling girl’s face...  Finally relaxed, Tina finished her 3rd beer as well and got on her feet.

“Alright slave – now go take a shower.  And put on the clothes I put out for you. 

Cindy’s schoolgirl uniform, which had caused so much anguish and humiliation all day, laid discarded on the floor… 

Cindy took a shower as she was told, realizing more and more that she had no will left to counter even Tina, let alone Master Bruce…  Tina did not bother her for a good 20 minutes and she soaked up her tired body under warm waters, caressing her skin, her thrashed ass -  it was as good as going to a spa at the Four Seasons, and she felt incredibly refreshed as she emerged from the shower, the day’s horrors behind her…

But seeing what was left to her for clothes was enough to heighten her anxiety once more – it looked like no more than a small rag…

Cindy put it on, only to discover how obscene it was…  It was a just plain, white nightie, slightly see-through.  It hung from two thin straps on her shoulders., leaving a deep, inviting cleavage, and covering only a fraction of her thighs. Her breasts pressed against the thin  fabric, her nipples clearly noticeable.  A deep cut in the back came down almost to the waist.

Tina walked in and gave out another loud whistle…  “you look totally fuckable slave…”

Cindy shivered in shame. 

Before she could protest, Tina placed a steel collar with rings on her neck.  She stepped behind Cindy and quickly pulled the blonde girl’s arms to her back and soon Cindy heard the familiar click and felt the coldness of a hand-cuff on her wrists – she was handcuffed!

“Wonderful…” Tina smirked.  “You’re ready for the party…!”

“Party?  What party?” Cindy asked in growing panic.

“Well, silly slut, tonight’s the Halloween, no?  We’re going to a Halloween party…”

“Where ?” Cindy asked in despair.

Tina slapped Cindy across the face hard.  The blonde girl shrieked and struggled to stay on her feet.

“I am your Mistress.  You will call me Ma’m for the rest of this evening.  And you will follow me like a little puppy wherever I feel like taking you… is that understood little cunt?”

With tears in her eyes and her lips reddened, Cindy whispered “Yes Ma’m..”

“Say it again – out loud…” Tina shrieked.

“Yes Ma’m!” Cindy repeated herself, nearly shouting to avoid another blow.

“Good… now, let’s put on your leash”. 

Cindy couldn’t believe what was happening as she was leashed by Tina, a long, ugly, thin piece of black leather attached to her collar. Tina calmly took Cindy back to the living room and tied the leash to the hook on the ceiling.  She left her there, pondering what was in store for her, as she disappeared to put on her clothes. 

When Tina emerged she was wearing a leather dominatrix outfit…  She stood next to Cindy and without warning planted her lips on hers, grabbing her blonde hair, and not allowing Cindy to break the kiss…  The contrast between her rough, leather outfit and Cindy’s soft next-to-nothing was dramatic enough to almost make Tina cumm once more – here they were, the strong and the weak, the one to be obeyed and the one who obeys, Mistress and slave…  How she’d longed for this…  with any girl… but with the uppity little Cindy – it was too good to put into words…

Tina released Cindy’s leash from the ceiling hook. 

“If anyone asks, you lost a bet to me, and now you are dressed up as my slave for Halloween and I as your Mistress…”

Soon, they were heading out the door – with Tina pulling Cindy’s leash, heading back thru the campus.  Cindy was dying in shame, unable to utter a word.  She kept her head down as people walked by, laughing and cat-calling and gawking loudly.  She tried to hide her face as best she could.  She was being marched through the Campus as a slave – a sex slave – and the mere thought was enough to make her wanna disappear into thin air.  She was trying to keep up with Tina - she’d also been given shiny silver high-heels with fake gems all over. 

It was a good 10 minutes before she heard someone scream “Oh my God, Cindy…!”

She lifted her head in dismay and discovered it was Linda – Linda, Stacy, and Brian.  Her friends. 

“What the hell is this?” Linda asked in shock.  “And are you not coming to Steve O’Leary’s party…?  Everyone’s gonna be there…”

“Well, not everyone…” Tina chimed in.  “We are heading to another party…”

“Really, which one?” Stacy shrieked.  “And Christ sake’s Cindy, what kind of outfit is this…  This is just outrageous…  And this… this leash… you’re handcuffed for Christ’s sake…”.

Stacy, daughter of one of the country’s top corporate lawyers, was dressed as a big hornet…  Linda was a cat, and Brian some sort of bandit.

“Go on girl… tell’em” Tina tugged on Cindy’s leash.

“I…  I lost a bet to Tina and I have to go to the party dressed as her slave for tonight…”

The two girls and the guy paused for a moment and looked at Tina in her leather dominatrix outfit, and Cindy in her soft next-to-nothings…and burst out in laughter.

“Slave?... Oh come on Cindy…”

Even as she died in humiliation, Cindy could see Brian was the one who was laughing the least.  That was because he was checking her out in total amazement…

Cindy shivered even more – nothing, not even complete nudity, could be as humiliating as this flimsy excuse for a garment…  It was simply begging to be torn away, inviting men to strip naked the little woman trying to hide behind such laughable protection and use her as they wished…

“Maybe we should head to your party too” Brian voiced his opinion, unable to remove his eyes from Cindy’s near-naked, utterly provoking form…

“Sorry big boy…” Tina smiled.  “You’re not invited… “

“That’s a shame…” 

“Well, we have to be on our way” Tina announced, and pulled on Cindy’s leash even as she began walking – her friends were left behind in pure amazement as a humiliated Cindy tried to keep up with her co-ed Mistress.


“Wait here...”

They stood in front of a freshman dorm. 

“What are we doing here?” Cindy asked.  She was awarded with slap on her right cheek.

“I told you to address me as Ma’m, have I not?”

Several people turned their heads – they were already the center of attention as they were, and the last thing Cindy wanted was to make it worse.

“I’m sorry Ma’m...” she said quietly, her head bowed.

“We are going to meet Alicia here...”  Tina replied.

Before Cindy could ask who Alicia was, she emerged:  A black girl with strong lines, dressed appropriately for the evening as a particularly cruel female pirate.  Hers was not a dominatrix outfit per se, but did match Tina’s in the amount of black leather it employed.  She also had an eye-patch, and a knife hanging on her belt, and big, towering pirate boots on.  She did look like a freshman, her 18th birthday just behind her probably – that did not make her appear any less domineering; she had the fierceness of youth all over her in fact.   And she was beautiful, Cindy had to admit, despite all the thought put into making herself appear tough and menacing – much like Tina.

“Hi ya bitch..” she hugged Tina.  And two exchanged a kiss on the lips.

Alicia then turned her attention to Cindy.  “So, this is our little bitch for tonight, huh?”

Cindy was speechless.

Alicia grabbed her leash and pulled her in, planting a wet, aggressive kiss on Cindy’s lips, ending with a bite on the lower lip.  “We’re gonna have a ton of fun with you sugar...” she declared confidently.  Besides Master, she was the first black person to lay hands on her all day despite the liberties everyone had taken with Cindy. And the fact that she was 3 years younger increased Cindy’s humiliation all the more...

Soon, they were walking again, her leash back in Tina’s hand.

They made their way towards the fraternity raw, and with each step Cindy’s anxiety was growing.  When she was finally stopped by a tug on her leash, they were in front of the huge Omega-Epsilon house. 

She stiffened:  “We’re not going in there, are we Ma’m?” she asked hesitantly, as if she knew this was improbable anyway and was scared to give her tormentors any ideas...

Tina just laughed at her reaction:  “You guessed right slave - we’re going to the Halloween party at Omega-Epsilon…”

There was suddenly pure terror on Cindy’s face.  Omega-Epsilon was the notorious black fraternity no one wanted to mess with, especially the white kids.  They were famous for wilding and confronting white fraternities.  She couldn’t imagine going to a party at the frat house of Omega-Epsilon under any conditions, let alone looking like she did…

“No, you can’t...” she mumbled.  “You can’t take me in there...”  She could already hear the loud gangster rap coming from the frat house, and it churned her stomach...  They just could not take her in there, a nearly naked white girl, tied and dressed up as a sex slave, marched among dozens of black men... Omega-Epsilon men...

She stood tall at last...  She looked at Tina:  “I don’t care... let me go... enough is enough... you can hand me over to the Police if you like...  I will take whatever punishment they give...  I will not be your bitch anymore.. or Bruce’s...”

Tina smirked:  “Well, I was wondering when you’d finally snap, little bitch...  you’re such a weakling, it took you this long...  No, coke alone is not enough to keep you in your well-deserved position I suppose...”

“But take a look at this...” Tina turned on the screen of her iPhone and showed it to Cindy: 

And the blonde girl watched the video on the phone with big, shocked eyes:  There she was being spanked by Scott.  Then blowing Scott.  Almost in a video-clip format, not the whole episodes but carefully selected bits... One by one, every last one of her shameful performances appeared on the phone, even including Professor Green...  Put together seamlessly, alternating between long-views and close-ups – often managing to hide the guys while plainly exposing Cindy as she was spanked or giving oral sex, to one guy after another, in one public place after another... ”

Alicia chimed in with a giggle:  “You know, they are showing this same video right now on the large screen inside the frat house... You’ll see it when you get in...”

Cindy looked at the black girl with unbelieving eyes...

“Oh yes – they are showing it along with some gangsta-rap...Goes well together.” Tina confirmed.  “But that video belongs to Bruce and it’ll go back to Bruce...  Those horny savages inside, they just get to watch it tonight... No harm done.  But imagine you displeased us - imagine the same video being blasted to the e-mails of everyone on campus.  To your parents.  To your grandparents.  To everyone you’ve ever known... Placed on the web, forever…”

Cindy shivered in shame...

”So, now, will you be a good little bitch again and do as you’re told?  So that, perhaps, we’ll free your spoiled little ass once you manage to graduate…”

“Yes....” Cindy replied almost enthusiastically but quietly.

“What, I can’t hear you?” Tina asked once more.

“Yes, Ma’m...” Cindy said louder.

“Good –here’s the deal slut:  Alicia and I, we love each other, don’t we babe?”

“Aha...” Alicia nodded.

“But we are both dominant characters...  We’ve both wanted to be dominant in bed too...  So, that wasn’t going to work obviously...  But now, we have you:  A little bitch that can constantly be the bottom...  Bruce will share you with us, that’s the deal... And you will serve our pleasure from now on...  As our little fucktoy, who’s always at the bottom...”

Cindy listened with growing dismay.

“Suits you right slut...  You think I don’t know you? I know you....  I know you just right...  I’ve known you since we met in the  freshman dorm.  You’re such a prim little princess, you think you’re better than everyone just because you look so hot and everyone wants to get into your pants...  But deep inside, you know you deserve to be treated like shit... like a little bitch...  I know you know that, too...  That is your real place... on your knees.  I mean what a little weakling you are – just the threat of a minor crime was enough to make you into a real-life slave...  It was enough to march you around the Campus like a little concubine advertising for sex...  You wanna be treated like a bitch...  and from now on, you will be...!”

“Well, I’d say that’s enough talk for now...” Alicia butted in.  “Everyone’s waiting...”

“That’s right...” Tina replied.  “You don’t wanna keep the Omega boys waiting, do you slut?” she asked rhetorically and pulled on Cindy’s leash.

And the 3 girls marched towards the frat house, Tina and Alicia leading, with Cindy in near panic mode, as she tried to keep up with them...

She could only imagine what was in store for her inside those walls... or for the rest of her college days…