Back at the beginning of summer vacation this year, right after finishing fifth grade; I happened to see Tom and Steve, two really cute boys from the grade ahead of me, riding their bikes towards the old deserted Jameson's house. I couldn't help but wonder where they were going, so I followed them... down to the branch of the river that ran behind the deserted house.

By the time I made it down to the edge of the river they had taken off their all their clothes except their underpants and were splashing around in the water. I stood next to a tree watching them have fun; their wet hairless twelve-year-old bodies glistening in the sun... such a beautiful sight...

After a few minutes of watching the boys plashing around in the water in their underpants a naughty idea popped into my head. I quickly and quietly picked up all their clothes; well everything but their shoes. Once I had gathered up all their clothes I stated teasing and laughing at them. It was so funny: their eyes got all big. Then after a couple minutes of teasing, it started looking like they might cry, so I took pity on them and gave their clothes back.

Tom asked if I wanted to go swimming with them. Kicking off my flip-flops, I said "yes" then pulled my pants off. I jumped into the river in just my panties and t-shirt. It was such a hot day, that the cool water felt good.

We swam and horsed around for a while. Then, when we got out of the water I noticed that the fronts of both boys' soaking wet underpants were tented out/up. I pointed at their crotches and laughed for a little while: again it looked like they were going to cry, so I stopped and started being nice to them. There was something about the way the front of their underpants were tented out/up... well, I just couldn't seem to take my eyes off them... wonder why that could be...

From the minute I got out of the water my bra felt weird. I knew it was because it was wet, and tried to ignore it: knowing it would feel normal again once it dried out.

Since none of us had a towel there was only one way we were going to dry-off before we could put our clothes back on: I suggested we should lay in the sun in the tall grass right behind the old abandoned Jameson's house. It took a bit of prodding to convince the boys that it was a good idea, but once they understood what I was saying the three of us grabbed our clothes and went.

We had been laying in the sun talking for a quite a while and my bra was still wet and still felt weird. So I sat up and turned so my back was to the boys before taking my t-shit and bra off. Steve asked what I was doing, and I told him "my bra field weird because it was wet," ten I put my t-shirt back on. When I turned back toward the boys the front of their underpants were all tented up/out again.

Deciding to have some fun with them, I asked the boys about the things poking up in their underpants. They must've known I was teasing them, 'cause they just ignored my question. We went back to our previous conversation about movies we wanted to see over summer break.

After a while our clothes had mostly dried out and we were getting ready to leave. Again I asked about the things poking up in the front of the boys' underpants. This time I got an answer: Steve said "the bulges were" their dicks then asked if I wanted to see them. Tom and Steve were real surprised when I said "yes," but Steve quickly got over it and said I'd have to show them "my thingie... between" my legs. Not expecting that; I was hesitant, but agreed. Steve pulled his underwear down first; a second later Tom did as well.

Both boys were sitting in the tall grass completely naked. After a minute or so of them saying "oh come on... " and the like, I simply pulled my panties down to my ankles and kicked them off. I was pretty sure they couldn't really see much because the bottom of my shirt was at about the same height as my crotch... but they stared nonetheless.

The three of us sat there not saying a word, just looking at each other. We must have sat there in complete silence for a good ten minutes. When we heard a car go by, all three of us nearly jumped out of our skin. We got dresses and went home.


It wasn't until after the Fourth of July that I went swimming with the boys again. This time I came with them; and, unlike the last time, we all had swimsuits. After swimming, we laid in the tall grass up near the house. When we were lying in the grass I asked us if the boys wanted "to kiss like some of the older kids" did. Steve and Tom seemed kinda embarrassed when they said they didn't "know how to." I reassured them by telling them I didn't either, and suggested that we could "all learn together."

Steve kissed me first: keeping his lips pressed against mine for a while. Then Tom kissed me: also keeping his lips pressed against mine for a while. It was pretty neat: felt good in a weird way. The boys went back-and-forth for a while, taking turns kissing me.

When it was getting time to head home, Tom kissed me again, but we lost balance and fell back onto the grass. Tom landed almost on top of me. This time while we kissed he crawled up onto me and laid on top of me. He moved his hips around a lot: kinda like he was doing push-ups. It seemed a little strange, but it felt good so I spread my legs to make it easier for him to move around on top of me... the wider my legs were spread the better it felt...

We had already agreed that Steve was going to give me the last kiss. When Tom got off me, Steve didn't even let me get up: he simply laid down on top of me, and moving his hips a lot. When we left both boys were walking funny: like they had something in their swimsuits...

After that day, we would all meet down by the river a couple of times week to swim. Every time things went pretty much the same way.


Then one day it was just me and Tom: Steve had to go somewhere. We intended to go swimming, but didn't actually do any swimming that day: we just laid in the tall grass and kissed the way we usually did. Well almost: this time Tom laid down on top of me from the start.

While Tom was kissing me, his hands wandered onto my chest. It felt kinda good, so I didn't object when he pulled one of the shoulder straps on my swimsuit down. The gentle warmth of his bare skin on my boob felt really nice. While he was feeling my tittie, it felt like something was happening in his swimsuit: the hard thing got soft...

Since Steve wasn't there; Tom was able to continue lying on top of me. He never stopped moving his hips... even when he pulled the other shoulder strap of my swimsuit down. Before long something was happening in his swimsuit again: the hard thing was back, then after a while it got soft again.

When we were leaving I noticed that the front of my thighs and swimsuit were wet, and there was a wet spot on the front of Tom's swimsuit. I asked him why he had "a wet spot on his suit, and why my suit and legs" were wet. He started telling me about what happens when a guy gets excited. I was so interesting: I just had to know more. He began by telling me about the wet stuff, how it's sticky... and how if a guy puts his dick inside a girl's cunny and squirts it in there the girl can get pregnant... I had so many questions, but Tom had to get home and didn't have enough time to answer all of them ...


We continued meeting several times a week. It just took off; we even brought an old blanket to lay on after swimming so we would be more comfortable...

Steve looked like his head was gonna explode the first time he saw Tom feel my titties...

After a week or so, I began pulling the top of my swimsuit down to my waist so the boys could feel my titties. Actually I started pulling the top of my swimsuit down 'cause I was afraid they'd stretch out the shoulder straps...


Then, a few weeks later, Steve and Tom didn't have their swimsuits, but I did. So, both boys went swimming in their underpants like they had the first time. Once their underpants got wet their boners were really obvious. I still had questions Tom hadn't gotten the chance to answer, so I started asking... After a few minutes the boys ended up completely naked.

I was in the middle of asking a question when Steve stepped forward and kissed me. Like before we dropped to the ground: his completely naked body sandwiched between my sread legs. In a matter of seconds the top of my bathing suit was down around my waist, and he was feeling my titties. Steve started kissing my nipples: my god that felt good. So good, that I grabbed and held onto his head: forcing him to keep kissing my titties. Steve thrusted his hips back and forth real hard for a few seconds, then he stopped and rolled off me. I felt this wetness and asked "what's all this stuff on my legs and suit."

I almost didn't believe what I saw when I looked down: there was all this thick creamy white stuff on my thighs and the crotch of my swimsuit. When I put my finger in it and pulled it away, it stuck like glue and left a trail across my suit onto my bare stomach... .God: it was so gross...

Once I cleaned all the stuff off with the corner of the blanket, Tom practically jumped on top of me. He did exactly what Steve had done: kissing my nipples, thrusting his hips and doing the sticky stuff all over my swimsuit and legs.

For the next couple weeks we repeated that day's events every time we went swimming. The more times the boys did the thick creamy white stuff on my thighs the less gross I thought it was... I was almost starting to like it when they did the thick creamy white stuff on me...


During the first week of August it went a bit further.

Once again Steve had to go somewhere, leaving Tom and me alone. We were lying on the old blanket and I had pulled the top of my swimsuit down around my waist, as usual.

As Tom moved around, the upper part of my swimsuit stated shifting lower. It kept moving lower and lower. After a little while it was bunched up around my hips, making it uncomfortable for both if us. Sweetie that Tom is, he pulled it down to my hips, then I moved it a little lower... Pretty soon it was down around my knees, so I pulled it to my ankles and I pushed it off my feet leaving me completely naked.

It was obvious Tom was curious of what it would feel like to have his boner next to my bare cunny... and I wondered what it would feel like too. So I let him rub his boner around on my cunny. Oh my God: it felt so good...

He kept pushing forward, every time my dick made contact with my cunny, I felt this tingling sensation... oh that felt good. He kept nudging the tip of his boner forward against my cunny. All of a sudden the white stuff exploded out of his boner... all over my cunny. It felt all warm and sticky on my cunny afterwards: I kinda liked it...


Steve and Tom did the same thing with me, a bunch of times. At the end of summer, during the week before school started they boys did the sticky white stuff all over my cunny every day. Some days Steve and Tom would do it twice! The more they did the sticky white stuff all over my cunny, the better it felt, so I encouraged them to do it...

Both Steve and Tom tried to go further, but I didn't budge. I knew that if they put their dicks in my cunny and did the sticky white stuff inside me I could get pregnant. Since I didn't want to get pregnant I never let them actually stick their dicks up inside my cunny. Everyday both of them tried, but each and every time they tried I stopped them. Not once did they ever put their boners in my cunny: not even the tips. The most I ever let the boys do was rub the tips of their dicks up and down my cunny. And I only let them do that because it felt absolutely incredible...

After that day the three of us would just get naked right from the start. It was such a thrill: we never got tired of it. The blanket got really crispy from me using the corner to wipe the white sticky stuff off my cunny. Shortly thereafter I started bringing a towel from home. One of us made sure to wash it off in the river before we went home.


The Friday before school started we didn't even make an attempt at swimming. None of us wore swimsuits... heck I didn't even bother putting on shoes or a bra.

Since I had less clothes to take off I was already naked when the boys were still getting undressed, so I laid down in the middle of the blanket and spread my legs. Tom still had his underpants on when a completely naked Steve laid down on top of me between my legs. He pressed his lips against mine, put his hands on my boobs and began moving his hips around as soon as he was on top of me. It felt great the way his boner was sliding up and down my cunny.

After a few minutes Steve kinda stopped moving his hips, and reached down between our bodies... it felt like he was trying to hold his boner still against my cunny. I felt the tip of his boner press up against my cunny an instant before he did the sticky white stuff. It felt even better than usual, so I asked what he'd done different. As he rolled off me he said he "had rested the head of his dick against my cunny when he shot."

Tom didn't even give me a chance to wipe Steve's sticky white stuff off my cunny before he laid down on top of me. He repeated Steve's actions exactly... even holding his boner in one spot against my cunny when he did the sticky white stuff...

Tom rolled off me and Steve had taken his place on top of me before I could wipe up the sticky white stuff... It felt great the way they were rolling onto and off of me... .so great that I started encouraging Steve to "do the sticky white stuff on my cunny." After a few minutes of my encouragement Steve stopped moving his hips again and held the head of his boner against my cunny when he did the sticky white stuff.

Steve rolled off me and Tom once again took his place. I was really enjoying how it felt, and I began encouraging Tom to "do the sticky white stuff against my cunny." Another few minutes and Tom had stopped moving his hips and was doing the sticky white stuff with the tip of his boner pressed against my cunny.

When Tom rolled off me I was actually surprised that Steve didn't immediately lay on top of me... he just laid there on the blanket next to me: what a letdown. "Look at it all" he said staring at my crotch. Tilting my head forward until my chin met my chest, I looked down my body. What a sight: my cunny was coated in the sticky white stuff.

"Do more sticky white stuff" I practically begged. Steve actually hesitated before laying on top of me. He must have been on top of me for nearly an hour; the whole time kissing me, feeling my bobs and titties, while moving his hips. I couldn't believe how long it was taking him to do the sticky white stuff... But when he finally did the sticky white stuff: WOW! I don't think either of them did that much at once!

Steve didn't even roll off me when he finished, he just laid there on top of me: Tom had to push him off before he could lay on top of me. Steve layed on the blanket next to me panting the entire time Tom was on top of me... not that it was all that long before he pressed the tip of his boner against my cunny and did the sticky white stuff.

I happened to look at Tom's softening dick when he rolled off me: it was coated in the sticky white stuff. Turning the other way I glanced at Steve's soft dick: it too was covered in the sticky white stuff... There was so much sticky white stuff on the boys' dicks I wondered if any of it was still on my cunny.

For a second time I tilted my head forward until my chin met my chest, and looked down my body. There was sticky white stuff all over my cunny, the insides of my upper thighs, and the rest of my crotch. Staring down at all of it, I thought it kinda looked like the sticky white stuff was leaking out of my cunny... I knew it wasn't though, 'cause the boys never put their dicks inside my cunny.


A few weeks after school started I was real surprised when I missed my period: I was pregnant. How could I have gotten pregnant? It's not like they had been pushing their dicks up inside my cunny. I never let them do that: not even once!

When I told Tom and Steve I was pregnant they were just as shocked as I was. I mean, who ever heard of an eleven-year-old girl getting pregnant...


Nickname Date Feedback
Lady Of Sin 1/2/2016 Mmm I love the word "cunny". Thanks for making me cum. Kisses
Let me begin by thanking you for taking the time to read my stories and taking the time to write me. It is always good to hear from fans...

Glad to hear you enjoyed "How'd I Get Pregnant; Nikki's Story".
A Nony Mouse 2/16/2017 Thanks for writing a fun story from the girl's point of view ;-)
HHeroone12 2/17/2017 I just love the story about preteen girls getting pregnant. I think to make it better, Nikki ask her dad about some of the things the boys were doing. Then maybe Dad could show her what her cunt was made for. Then that way she could show the right way to do things to each other.
I do have an interesting reaction planned for Nikki's father...don't wan to reveal too much...
--this guy
cats 2/17/2017 So beautiful! Few things are as lovely as a pregnant preteen. I hope she bears many children to many fathers.

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