Hello. My name is Andy. I won't bother you with a surname. Why? Because I value my freedom, and my life! I thought it might be fun for you if I wrote about my sex life, from its early stirrings, to the present. I'll also include a little fiction, just for fun, but I'll tell you what's true and what's not. Enjoy!

How far back can you remember? Primary School? Nursery? Well, I can manage to recall a lot of stuff back when I was a teenager, but not so much before that. There are some things, however, I can recall when I was just a boy. And they have had a lasting effect.

I suppose my first real sexual encounter with another human being was when I was about eight. I'd gone out to play with a friend, and we'd come across one of the older boys from the village we lived in. He was about sixteen, a man really, in physical terms. Under the pretence of going to look for rabbits, he took us to an old shed in the corner of a field, and got us to take down our shorts. This of course to us, was a bit of an adventure. You see, contrary to what most newspapers and politicians would have you believe, most boys are dead keen to get involved in anything smutty, and getting it out in front of other boys was, to us at least, quite normal! Anyway, we were quite surprised, awestruck in fact, when he undid his trousers and produced what looked to us, to be an enormous dick. Or at least it was compared to our immature ones. He then proceeded to demonstrate the art of masturbation, and after we'd tried it ourselves, he very kindly let us do it to him. Today this would be a serious sexual offence, involving a possible prison sentence for him, and inclusion in the sex offenders register.

In those days it was just boys being boys.

Sometime later, whilst helping out on a local farm, my young colleague and I happened upon a group of village women who were taking a tea break in the field they were working in. Being devious oiks, we didn't just go up to them and say 'hello'. Oh No! Not for us common socialising. We hid in the hedge and spied on them. Having finished their tea break, they all lit up cigarettes, but one of them got to her feet, and strolled over to the hedgerow we were hiding in, and to our delight, hitched up her skirt and gave us a grandstand view of her bare pussy, but also a demonstration of how the aforementioned female bit works. It also struck us as shocking that she wore no knickers.

We talked about nothing else for days.

Now, being country boys, we knew all about the birds and the bees. Or to be more precise; dogs, rabbits, cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. All of which we'd seen mating in the fields, streets, or in their hutches. Sex was no mystery, but human sex was a rare commodity that had so far eluded us.

Later, when I was twelve, my mate and I managed to talk two of the local girls into taking us to one of their houses when her parents were out. We all lost our clothes, and there was much fondling, rubbing, sucking and even licking, but no actual shagging. The pill hadn't been invented yet, and so real sex was a 'no no' unless you had a condom. We had no money, and therefore no condom, ergo, no sex. I suppose the plus side was that AIDS hadn't turned up yet either. Both girls were quite undeveloped, though they both had the beginnings of tits and a little pubic hair. Freda and Shirley were the source of many a masturbation fantasy after that, although a few years later I did get a drunk Freda to drop her knickers and bend over for me, behind the local pub.

It was shortly after the episode with Freda and Shirley, that Peter and I discovered the local gamekeeper's daughter, Janice. She was quite tall, slim, long mousy hair, slightly protruding teeth, and an IQ in single figures. She had recently developed a quite respectable pair of titties. It was (predictably) the latter that drew our attention to this previously dowdy and unremarkable girl. Out on our bikes one day, the two of us came across Janice walking down the long lonely road that led to her house in the woods.

Peter, always the forward one, offered her a lift on his crossbar, which she duly accepted. It turned out that she had been experimenting with her little brother, and had grown quite interested in what boys had. So when she found herself in the company of two boys who were somewhat older than her little brother, she was quite open to any suggestions that might be made. By the time we were halfway to her house, the bikes were abandoned and the three of us were naked behind the hedge in the field. She was somewhat surprised by the difference in size between our penises and her brother's, but she seemed to consider them quite acceptable. Janice also had no idea about condoms, pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, so the shagging, once we'd all figured out how to do it, was quite considerable! I had to wait and watch as my mate took first turn with Janice, and I guess it was when I got between her willing thighs and slid into that lovely, tight, sperm filled pussy of hers that I first acquired my liking for 'sloppy seconds'.

Hard to avoid really, when your first ever shag is when you're second in the queue.

Janice also figured in the acquisition of another of my little foibles. Having discovered this source of sexual activity, we were often to be found hanging about near the woods. And every time she saw us, the lovely Janice came out of the house and the three of indulged in a little hanky-panky. It was during one of these trysts, whilst I was busily humping Janice, that Peter decided my naked bottom may well be a source of pleasure whilst he was awaiting his turn. Not being one to waste time or words, he got behind me and started working his cock into my bum. He wasn't a big lad, if you know what I mean, so it didn't hurt, and I was far too busy with Janice to bother stopping him. Besides, it was exciting and just another bit of sexual experimentation to me. So we ended up with Janice lying on her back with me doing her, and my mate on top of the pair of us, doing me.

Inevitably Janice wanted to know what it was like, so, ever obliging; we all changed around, me under Janice doing her pussy and Peter behind her doing her bum. She later complained about there being twice the mess, and about the wet farts, but announced that apart from these two minor drawbacks, it was quite good fun. From then on, neither of us waited our turn.

One day we discovered that Janice wasn't living at the Gamekeeper's Lodge anymore. Her parents and brother were, but she had gone to live with an Aunt somewhere in the South of England.

I wonder which one of us was the father?

Now, Peter had an older sister, Jennifer. Nineteen, blonde, big and loud mouthed. One day when I was at his house, she started talking to us about sex. Did we know what it was, had we ever seen a naked girl, did we masturbate? Well, we twigged immediately that she had something in mind, so we went along with it. Yes, we'd heard about sex, no we hadn't seen a naked girl, and what was masturbation?

Always tell a girl what she wants to hear.

True to expectations, she started on us. First she wanted to see our dicks, then, as part of the deal, she got her tits out for us. And what a pair of beauties they were! Light pink nipples atop two of the firmest, largest tits a nineteen year old ever had. She said we could touch them if we wanted. She giggled and squealed enough for a netball team as we leapt on her and suckled like a couple of starving babies.

Despite the squealing and token resistance, having shed our kit, we stripped her on the kitchen floor, and, for once, I was first. However, even though the pill HAD been invented now, (this was the swinging sixties) she wasn't on it, and so demanded I pull out of her before I'd finished. At first I was a bit peeved, but she made it up to me. Much to her brother's amazement and my sheer delight, she knelt on the floor and gave me my first blow job.

Sister or not, Peter wasn't going to miss out on any action, so, as she knelt there, on the floor with my dick in her mouth, he got behind her and gave her a good seeing to from behind. His own sister! But I suppose one pussy is about the same as any other if you don't come in it. The same can be said about mouths too. I can still remember him pulling out and shooting his load over her back and it even splashing on my chest. He might not have had the world's biggest cock, but his balls certainly worked well. As for me, I fell in love with Jennifer as I came and realised she was swallowing my offering.

So it was I ended up with a fetish for group sex, a liking for recently used pussies, and quite willing to sleep with a woman AND her husband. I suppose my liking for young girls is all down to Freda and Shirley. Oddly though, even after all these years, I can't come in any girl's mouth unless I'm fantasising about Jennifer. My lovely Jennifer, whom I had the pleasure of quite a few times after that and to whom the consumption of my semen seemed to be a favourite pastime.

What a wonderful girl.

Copyright: camel.jockey1@yandex.com

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