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Dr. Leo Cohen runs a private clinic aimed at helping young ladies suffering from sexual molestation. His approach is unorthodox -- rather than remove the girl from the victimizing situation, he removes the sense of victimhood from the girl's psyche. This story might be considered mind control but everything in it is actually psychology plausible and has been applied to other (more wholesome) purposes.

Biofeedback: Prologue

Story codes: Inc, Mf (14), non-con

"In which we learn fourteen-year old Bethany Michaels, who has been subjected to unwelcome sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather, is under the therapeutic care of Dr. Leo Cohen. We also learn his methods are a bit…unorthodox."

Biofeedback: Chapter One "Afterschool Special"

Storycodes: Inc, Mf(14), oral

"In which fourteen-year old Bethany recalls the previous afternoon’s ‘session’ with her hated stepfather Don Weathers…and recalls not entirely hating it."

Biofeedback: Chapter Two "The Patient Shows Improvement"

Story codes: Inc, Mf(14), medical

"In which we learn more of Bethany's course of biofeedback conditioning treatment, and discover that her pussy -- and her mind -- are 'coming' right along."

Biofeedback: Chapter Three "Molestation Withheld"

In which Don Weathers follows the doctor's orders and denies himself -- and hence Bethany -- any sexual congress for several days. She doesn't handle it very well!

Biofeedback: Chapter Four "A Thriving Practice"

In which we wait out Bethany's sexual hiatus in Dr. Cohen's office, and observe his methods being applied other patients at different stages in their 'treatments.'

Biofeedback: Chapter Five "A Cure Secured"

In which Bethany's now-conditioned mind allows her to enjoy what her body always did... her repeated ravishment at the business end of her stepfather's selfish cock.

Biofeedback: Chapter Six "On a Mission"

In which thirteen-year old Ronni Juarez muses on her good fortune at being befriended by one of the most popular girls in middle school – Bethany Michaels. Sleepovers can be so exhausting!

Biofeedback: Chapter Seven "Social Graces"

"In which we attend a monthly gathering of The Daughter Share Program and meet some additional middle-school 'athletes.'"

Biofeedback: Chapter Eight "The Seed that Binds"

"In which fourteen-year old Bethany Michaels finally gets her wish -- her Daddys potent seed blasted throughout her now-unprotected womb."

Biofeedback: Epilogue

(coming soon)


Nickname Date Feedback
Eager Reader 4/8/2017 Another complex Stepdaddy story with a twisting (or twisted) plot. This one is quite the teaser, refering to sex we don't get to 'see'. This particular Stepdad is somewhat of an ass, but he does have potential. I suspect some of his shit will diminish as she warms up to him. Not during sex, though. That would make it boring.

I'd like to see the next chapters.
Thanks, eager! I promise, there are more twists in store! And not just the repeated unwelcome twisting of impudent adolescent nipples (but be assured, there's plenty of that, too).

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