You're such a good girl, Hannah.
You're my sweet little butterfly.
Come sit on my lap my darling,
No reason for you to be shy.

You're such a sweet girl, Hannah,
Beautiful angel divine,
Why don't you take your shirt and your pants off,
And I will take off mine.

You're such a cute girl, my sweetheart
You're my little filly so thin.
Now we're naked together,
Skin rubbing on skin.

Your nipples are beautiful, Hannah,
Like the pink buds of a rose.
I kiss and I kiss you all over,
From your head to you sweet little toes.

You're such a sweetie, my darling,
It's your turn to kiss this time.
You suck my cock, I get to watch,
A sex kitten in her prime.

You're such a big girl, Hannah!
You make me so proud of you,
You let me take your cherry,
To show me your love so true.

You're such a dirty girl, Hannah,
You're so tight my cock's going numb!
I'm going to give you my semen,
Oh Hannah take my come!

You're such a good girl, Hannah,
And this is our little secret, you see.
Big girls like to keep little secrets,
So don't tell your mommy 'bout me!


Nickname Feedback
Anonymous She is a sweet little girl we all should have one Made me cum

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