"I win!" Brooke's cousin hollered as he pinned her to her bed, sitting on her belly with his knees on either side, leaning over and holding her arms down at her elbows.

Brooke struggled to get free, but it was mostly just a mock struggle. It was just part of the play that they did when they wrestled. The truth was that Brooke was only seven, and Barry was twelve, and he was a boy. He always won when they wrestled, unless he let her win, and she never had much chance of getting away from him, if he didn't want her to.

When she stopped with her mock struggling, Barry let go of her arms and sat up. Brooke saw her chance and was about to squirm away from him, but she stopped, because right then he reached down and unzipped his pants, and stuck his fingers inside. A second later he pulled his penis out and started rubbing it with his hands.

Brooke might have been only seven, but she knew what he was doing. At least she had a good idea what it was. She thought it was a little weird that he'd rub himself, right there when he was sitting on top of her, but she didn't really mind. If he wants to rub himself, she was okay with that. It was kinda fun to watch.

After he'd sat there rubbing himself for a little while, he started moving up, so that he was sitting on her chest now. And he was sort of panting, and rubbing himself really hard. Then he suddenly sat up on his knees, up above her, and he pushed his penis down so that the tip of it was pushing against her mouth. He pushed hard enough that the tip went in between her lips. His body started shaking and he made a grunting noise. Right then, some stuff spurted out of his penis and into her mouth! Still sort of shaking, he kept the tip of his penis right in her mouth and grunted again and some more stuff spurted out.

He sat back when the stuff was done spurting. Brooke had a grimace on her face, because she really didn't like the way the stuff tasted! But he put his hand on her chin, forcing her to keep her mouth closed, and told her to swallow it.

"Swallow it, Brooke," he said. "It'll make you pretty. It'll make your boobs grow."

Brooke didn't want her boobs to grow. She was only seven! Seven year olds don't have boobs! But she did want to be pretty, so even though she didn't like the way the stuff tasted, she squinted her eyes closed and made a face and swallowed it. She noticed that her cousin was smiling big as he watched her swallow it. She wasn't sure why he was smiling like that. Then he stuffed his penis back in his pants and climbed off of her and they went downstairs to watch TV.

The next day, they were chasing each other around the house, like they always do. Brooke had grabbed his phone away from him, because he wouldn't tell her who he was snapchatting with, and he chased her all around until he finally caught her and threw her onto the couch. While they were wrestling on the couch, he reached a hand down between her legs and pinched her private parts.

"Ow! That hurts!" she whined. He sometimes liked to pinch her when they wrestled, and she didn't like it. But he'd never pinched her in her private parts before, and she really didn't like that!

After she whined about it hurting, he just pinched her down there again, even harder. That's what he usually does when she whines about him hurting her. Then he climbed on top of her and pinned her down.

"I win!"

"Big deal! You're bigger than me."

He sat up and reached down to his pants again, but this time, he didn't just unzip them like he did the day before. This time, he unbuckled them, too, and pulled them down, so that Brooke could see his whole penis. She was surprised at how hairy it was, almost as hairy as her dad's. He didn't rub it this time; instead he moved up right away until it was above her face. He leaned over her.

"Kiss my balls!" he said.

Brooke moved her head to the side, so she didn't have to kiss them. He reached down and grabbed her head with both hands and turned it back so that she was looking up at his penis again.

"Kiss my balls, or I'll wrestle you some more!" He reached back like he was going to pinch her private parts again. So she just lifted her face up and kissed his balls. She didn't like it, his hairs tickled her nose and it smelled bad, but she could see him smiling big down at her when she did it, just like he did when she swallowed his stuff the day before. Then he started rubbing himself again, and she figured, if it made him smile, she'd do it again. It wasn't that big of a deal, and she liked making him happy. He was her favorite cousin, really. And besides, his balls were sort of bouncing against her nose while he rubbed himself, which she thought was kinda funny and the hairs tickled her and made her giggle a little. So she kissed his balls a few more times while he rubbed himself.

And then he sat up a bit and put the tip of his penis against her mouth, like he did before. The time, he didn't have to force it in, because she opened her mouth a little even though she knew he was going to spurt that stuff in her mouth again. She didn't really want him to, but she was okay with it, if it's what he wants to do. And she did want to be pretty, and he said that if she swallowed his stuff, she'd get pretty. So, with the tip of his penis inside her lips, he started shaking and he grunted and his stuff spurted into her mouth.

When he was done, he put his hand on her chin again to hold her mouth closed, but he didn't really have to. She was going to swallow it anyway, because it made him smile. And he did smile, big, when she swallowed it.

Next afternoon, they were sitting in the basement watching a movie on TV. Brooke was snuggling up against him like she always does when they watch TV. After a few minutes, he reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out. At first, he just rubbed himself while they watched the movie. Brooke didn't mind, she was okay with it, if he wanted to rub himself. But a few minutes later, he put a hand on her head and started pushing her down. She knew what he wanted her to do, but she pretended like she didn't want to do it. She tried to not let him push her down, so it was like they were playing wrestling again. He put both hands on her head and forced her down.

She opened her mouth when he got her down to his penis and took the tip of his penis in between her lips. Then he held her down there really tight with both hands on her head and he lifted his hips, trying to push his penis even further into her mouth. He started moving his hips up and down, and the tip slid in and out of her lips.

"Open wider," he told her.

And she did, she opened her mouth wider, and he pushed even more of the tip in, until the whole top of his penis was filling her mouth, all the way to the thick ridge at the bottom of the funny helmet part. Then he just held her tight in place and started rocking his hips up and down, sliding the helmet part in and out of her mouth while they just sat there and watched the movie. He was breathing hard while he did it.

After a while, he told her to use her hand. "Use your hand," he said. "Stroke me!"

So she lifted her hand up and wrapped it around his penis and started rubbing it, just like she'd seen him do. He kept pumping his hips while she did it.

"Oh Brooke!" he moaned. "You're such a slut! You're a cock sucking slut!"

She couldn't believe that he called her that! She was only seven years old! She didn't really know what the word meant, but she was pretty sure that seven year olds couldn't be sluts. But she didn't mind. She thought it was kind of funny that he called her that.

"Oh!" he said, his voice shaking. "You're gonna make me cum, you little slut!" He pushed his hips up really hard, so that the top of his penis went really deep in her mouth, and he held her really tight, and he groaned, "Oh, fuck!" And then his stuff spurted out. Some of it even went right down her throat! Then he pulled his hips back, the shoved them forward again so that the top went really deep, and he spurted right down her throat again. He did this like four or five times, it was definitely the most that he'd ever spurted in her mouth before!

After she swallowed his stuff, she sat up and just snuggled up against him again and he stuffed his penis back in his pants and put his arm around her.

"What's a slut?" she asked him while they watched the movie.

"A girl that likes to have sex," he answered.

"Oh. Is that what we do? We have sex?"

"Yeah, sort of. Really, sex is when a guy fucks the girl."

"Fucks?" She giggled. It was fun to be using naughty words!

"Yeah, you know, puts his cock in her pussy. But I fuck your mouth, so that's sort of like sex."

"You fuck my mouth?" That made her giggle even more.


"So I'm a slut, because you fuck my mouth?"


"Oh, okay."

They were wrestling on her bed again, the next day. He was letting her win.

"I win!" she hollered, sitting on him and holding his arms down. He pretended to struggle to get away, which made her giggle.

"Hey," he said, "you know how people used to wrestle, in the old days?"

"No," she said. "How?"

"Without any clothes on!"

"Without any clothes on?"

"Yeah, haven't you seen pictures of the Greeks wrestling? They're always naked."

"Oh, okay."

"Com'on, let's take our clothes off and wrestle naked!"

Brooke always did what her big cousin Barry wanted to do, so when he stood up and started taking his clothes off, she did, too. His penis was standing out from his body like a little pole, which made her giggle. Except, she didn't think of it as his penis anymore. That's what little girls call it. Now, she called it his cock, since she didn't want to be a little girl anymore, and that's what he called it.

They climbed back on her bed and started wrestling naked. He reached his hand down between her legs and pinched her private parts. Except, she didn't call it that anymore, either. He called it her pussy, so that's what she called it now.

When he pinched her pussy, she did the same thing to him. She reached down and pinched his cock.

"Ow!" he said, and pinched her pussy even harder. So she pinched his cock even harder, too. Then he reached up and grabbed her nipples with his fingers and pinched them.

"Ow!" she said, and reached up and pinched his nipples, too. He pinched her nipples even harder, pulling them and twisting them. "Ow!" she said again, and pinched his nipples even harder, too. Then they wrestled some more, and he let her win again.

"I win!" she said, sitting on him and pinning his arms down to the bed.

He lifted his hips, so that his cock poked against her pussy.

"That tickles!" she said, lifting up to get away.

"Come on!" he said. "Let me do it!" He lifted his hips more and his cock poked her pussy again.

"No, it tickles!" she said, giggling and sitting up even more.

He broke his arms free. It was funny, how easy it was for him to get away, if he wanted to. Then he pushed her over, onto her back. He grabbed her knees and spread her legs wide open, then climbed in between them and grabbed his cock and started pushing it into her pussy.

"Ow! That hurts!" she said. She squirmed to get away from him.

"It hurts? You said it tickles!"

"It doesn't tickle now, it hurts."

He grabbed her knees again and pulled her back to him, the grabbed his cock and pushed it in her pussy again.

"Don't! It hurts! I don't think it fits!"

"Yeah," he said, looking down between her legs. "I don't think it fits, either." Then, sitting on his knees between her wide-open legs and staring at her pussy, he started rubbing himself. He tried a few times to push into her pussy again while he rubbed himself, sliding the tip of his cock down into her slit and moving his hips a little, until she whined that it hurt and told him to stop, and he did. But then he tried a few more times anyway, even though she always whined that it hurt. Eventually, he did it one more time, pushing the tip of his cock into her pussy slit, and started spurting his stuff.

When he was done spurting, she sat up and looked down between her legs. "You made a mess!" she said. She was all sticky between her legs from all the stuff he spurted, and the bedspread was wet down there.

"I came in your pussy!" he said. Then he rubbed the tip of his cock in her slit some more, pushing it in.

"Don't, Barry," she said. "It hurts!"

"Fine!" he said, sounding sort of mad. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth then!"

"Okay." She was just glad he wasn't going to push it in her anymore.

He climbed up on top of her and leaned over her face and pushed his cock in her mouth. She opened wide, and he started pumping his hips, and she lifted her hand and rubbed him. It took awhile, but finally he spurted some more of his stuff, in her mouth this time.

The next day was Sunday, so they had to go to church. And it was the last day that he was going to be visiting. His mom and him were flying back to Cincinnati right after dinner. After church, they went up to her bedroom.

"I wanna play dolls," she said.



"Nah," he said. "I wanna fuck."

"Okay, but afterwards you have to play dolls with me!"

"Whatever. Lean over your desk."

She leaned over her desk, and he pulled her church dress up above her waist and pulled her panties down. He started poking her pussy with his cock, rubbing himself while he did it.

"It doesn't fit, Barry," she said. "It hurts!"

He stopped rubbing himself and grabbed her hips and started pushing in harder, moving his hips back and forth. It really hurt, and she told him to stop.

"You said I could fuck you," he complained.

"But it doesn't fit!"

He pulled his cock out of her pussy slit and rubbed it up and down a bit, then rubbed it against her butthole. He grabbed both her hips and pushed into her butthole, really hard.

"Ow! Don't! That hurts!"

His only response was to push in even harder.

"Barry, stop! It hurts!"

Then he started rocking his hips and she felt his cock going into her butthole, going deeper each time he pushed his hips forward. She started crying, it hurt so much. His cock was stretching her little hole so wide! But he didn't care, he just stood behind her, holding her hips tight and rocking back and forth, fucking her butt.

Eventually, he pulled out of her butthole, and he pushed back into her pussy slit. He pushed in really hard this time, and it felt to Brooke like he was tearing her open inside, and she started sobbing. But he just kept rocking his hips and started calling her a slut again. He said she was an ass slut and a pussy slut. She nodded, even though she was crying. After a while, he grunted, and spurted his stuff into her pussy.

When he was done, Brooke stood up and dried her eyes and pulled her panties back on, and then they played dolls, just like he said they would. He wasn't very good at playing dolls.

After about an hour of playing dolls, he said he was bored and wanted to watch TV. So they went down to the basement, and she snuggled up against him on the couch. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, and pushed her down, and then he fucked her mouth while she rubbed him until he spurted his stuff and she swallowed it.

After that, whenever Barry's family came to visit, or when Brooke's family visited him, they would always wrestle naked and then he would fuck her in her pussy and her mouth, and sometimes in her butt, too. It was just part of their wrestling now, and part of what they did when they watched TV or played or whatever. Brooke got really used to it. It was just a normal thing that they did.

Then one time when she was visiting him, she was nine then, and he was fourteen, a bunch of his friends were over watching TV, and he told her that they wanted to watch him fuck her. So she took her pants off, and he did, too, and they lay on the couch and he fucked her pussy while all the guys watched. When he was done, he got up and patted one of the guys on the back.

"Your turn, Gary," he said.

So this new guy took his pants off and climbed on top of her and fucked her pussy, too. After this guy finished and another guy started fucking her, Brooke was getting a little sore, and even a little bored. But she knew that she was gonna have to let all the guys fuck her. There were five of them, including her cousin.

When the last guy finished, she was really sore and really messy. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up, and then she sat on the couch next to her cousin and snuggled with him. After a while, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and pushed her down onto it, and then all the guys watched while he fucked her mouth and she rubbed him and he spurt his stuff in her mouth and she swallowed it.

She sat up when she was done, and the guy sitting on the other side of her unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, and Barry pushed her down onto him. So she let him fuck her mouth, too, and rubbed him, and swallowed his stuff after he spurted it. Then a third guy sat down and unzipped his pants and Barry pushed her down on him. When he finished, her jaw was really sore, and she told them she couldn't do it anymore.

"The rest of you guys should jack off on her face," Barry said, "like they do in porn movies."

So the guys all stood around her while she sat there on the couch and rubbed themselves until they spurted all over her. She was really messy again! Barry said she was a cumshot slut now, and all the guys laughed. A couple of them did it again and spurted a little bit more on her.

That night, Barry came into the bedroom she was staying in and climbed onto the bed and they started wrestling. Pretty soon they were naked and he won the wrestling match and put his cock in her pussy and started fucking her.

"Did you have fun with the guys?" he asked her while he was pumping his hips and sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Yeah," she answered.

"Cool. Some of them were virgins. It was the first time they'd ever got pussy."


"They want to do it again."


"Yeah. You'd be cool with that, right?"

"Sure," she said. "Whatever." To her, it was just normal. It's what guys did to girls.

Barry didn't spurt in her pussy that night, he rolled her over onto her belly and started pushing his cock into her butthole. She pretended that she didn't want him to do it and tried to struggle and get away, and he had to wrestle her down. Once he got his cock in her butt, he started fucking her really hard, and after a while, he said she was an ass slut, and spurted his stuff in her butt. That was the first time he'd ever spurted in there, and she sort of liked it, although it was really messy.

When she got back to her bedroom after cleaning up, Barry was still there, so they wrestled naked some more and Barry won, and he made her kiss his balls, and lick them, and lick his butthole. He smiled big while he watched her lick him down there! He said she was an asshole-licking slut, which made her lick him all the more. And then he fucked her mouth. He told her she had to swallow his whole cock this time, and she tried, but it made her gag, and that made him kind of mad, so he grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat. She was gagging while he did it. He did it a few more times and then he spurted his stuff in her mouth. She swallowed it, of course. She liked swallowing his stuff. She was sure it really was making her prettier! Although it hadn't made her boobs grow at all yet.

A couple days later, Barry's friends came over again. It was the last day that Brooke's family was there, so the grown-ups were out partying or something that night. Everyone went up to Barry's room and he made her take all her clothes off while his friends watched. When she was naked, everyone took turns poking their fingers in her pussy and pinching her nipples while she just stood there.

"Too bad she doesn't have tits," one guy said while he was twisting one of her nipples.

"Yeah," another guy said. He reached out and sort of grabbed her other tit, at least where her tit would be if she had one. He squeezed it like he was squeezing a real tit. "When you get tits, will you let us play with them?" he asked her.

She smiled, a little coyly, and nodded.

"I'll suck on your tits, when you have some!" the first guy said, still twisting her nipple. "I'd love to suck on titties!"

Brooke reached up and cupped her hands under her nipples and lifted them up a bit. "You can suck on them now, if you want to."

The guy stopped pinching her nipple, and knelt down and took the sore little thing in his mouth. It felt really nice for Brooke, it made her feel all tingly when he sucked on it. Then all the guys took turns sucking her nipples while she held them up with her hands cupped under them. Some of them bit them, too, nibbling on her nub, which was really exciting and made her even more tingly, unless they bit to hard, which sometimes they did. That hurt.

Then Barry pulled his shirt off. "It's time to fuck!" he announced. All the other guys cheered and pulled their shirts off, too. He pushed Brooke down onto the bed and undid his pants. The other guys did too. Brooke was feeling pretty playful now, after being fingered and pinched and sucked for so long, so she waited until her cousin was completely naked, with his cock sticking out from his body like it always does, and then she squirmed away. All the other guys were naked by now, too, five naked guys with their cocks sticking out. Barry reached out to grab her, but she got away and jumped off the other side of the bed and started running away. Her heart was racing!

All the guys chased after her and a couple of them caught her in the hall. She squirmed away from them and started running again, but she ran right into Barry. He wrapped his arm around her neck, pinning her up against him.

"No!" she shrieked and kicked her legs, and two guys grabbed them so she couldn't kick anymore and carried her back into the bedroom. They tossed her on the bed in an awkward way so that her head was hanging over the edge, and a bunch of the guys jumped on her and held her down.

"Check this out!" Barry said, and sort of bent his knees in front of her face and grabbed her head and held it tight and pushed his cock into her mouth. But he didn't stop pushing, he just kept going until his cock was down her throat and his balls were right up against her nose, right in front of her eyes. She was gagging around his cock, but he just held her tight and started fucking her throat, pulling his hips back and pushing in again.

One guy jumped off the bed. "Fucking awesome! Let me try!"

So Barry pulled out and the other guy pushed in and started fucking her throat while everyone else held her down.

She swallowed all their cocks. Every one of them! Five cocks went in her throat! By the end her mouth was tired and her throat was really sore, but she wasn't gagging anymore. She'd gotten used to it by then.

"Hey Barry," one guy who was holding her down at the time said, while another guy was still fucking her throat, "we should tie her up when we fuck her!"

"Yeah!" Then Barry ran off somewhere to get some rope.

Brooke squirmed and kicked and punched while they tied her up, but there wasn't really anything she could do with five guys holding her down, and pretty soon, they had her legs tied tight to the bed and spread wide open, and her arms tied down, stretched out above her head. Then Barry climbed on top of her and tied a piece of cloth around her eyes so that she was blindfolded. She couldn't see, but she felt him put his balls against her mouth.

"Kiss my balls!" he commanded her. "Lick them, bitch!"

After she kissed and licked his balls for a little while, he told one of the guys to get her panties, and then he balled them up and stuffed them in her mouth.

And then, while she was blindfolded and gagged, and tied up and spread open, he fucked her. Some of the other guys climbed on the bed and knelt over her face and slapped her with their cocks and dragged their balls over her nose and mouth while Barry just kept slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. Eventually he shot his stuff inside her and pulled out and climbed off, and another guy climbed on.

"This is so awesome!" the new guy said as he slid his cock into her pussy. "It's like she's just a sex doll!"

"Yeah!" another guy said. "And we get to fuck her as much as we want!"

And they did. Brooke had no idea how many times she got fucked, or who was fucking her. It seemed like it just kept going on forever. As soon as one guy would spurt his stuff and pull out, the next guy would slide right in and fuck her until he spurted. They just kept doing this, over and over, until she was so sore and messy she just wanted to cry.

They left her tied up like that while they all got dressed and left. When they were gone, Barry sat down next to her on the bed and took the panties out of her mouth and the blindfold off.

"You okay?" he ask her as he started untying her wrists.

She nodded. "I'm kind of sore."

"Yeah. Zack said he fucked you four times!"

"Four times?!?"

"Yeah, but I don't believe him. I only saw him do it three times."

"How many times did you fuck me?"


"Oh. Well, I'm pretty messy. I better clean up before our parents get home."

"Yeah," Barry said, "but I want to fuck you again before you do."

"I think my pussy's too sore to be fucked again."

"I'll fuck your ass, then."

She giggled. "I thought maybe you were going to have your friends fuck my ass."

"Yeah? Do you want them to?"

She grinned. "Sure. Maybe next time I come to visit."

He laughed. "You're pretty awesome, Brooke."


"Get over on your hands and knees."

"No!" she said. "Make me!"

And so the cousins wrestled naked again. But Brooke didn't really put up much of a fight. After a while, she just let him flip her over and got up on her hands and knees and let him put his cock in her butt. He fucked her for a while, but he didn't finish. Instead, he pulled out and flipped her over on her back and climbed up above her.

"Not down my throat," she said. "It's too sore."

"That's okay," he said. "I just want to cum in your mouth and watch you swallow it!"

"I like swallowing it," she said. "Do you think I'm getting prettier, because I swallow so much of it?"

"Yeah, you're definitely getting prettier."

"It hasn't helped my tits grow, though. I want tits!"

"Then you better swallow lots of it!"

She open her mouth wide, and her favorite big cousin fucked her mouth again until he spurted his stuff. After he finished, he held her mouth closed with his hand on her chin

"Swallow it, little slut!"

And of course she did.


Nickname Date Feedback
Keith 3/6/2018 started well but he got more cruel and then let his friends do her.Why do guys do this??Keep her for yourself
Gus 7/18/2018 OK until the gangbang. Then it was stupid and a waste of time.

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