After the feast was ended and we'd gotten the children into their beds, and Little Crow were settled down with Flower, and Eliza and Dunlap were enjoying their time together, I went down to the river with two buckets, for to water the horses at their hobbles. Jack the bulldog and Beauty the Admundson's sheep dog came running after me, chasing each other along the way. As I scooped the buckets full of water, I saw Jack sniffing about Beauty's backside, with her standing quite willingly still, which caused me to raise my eyebrows a bit. And then indeed I could see his penis long and red, and he climbed atop her, and began his rutting. I smiled as I watched them for a bit, then walked alone now back to the horses.

As I gave the beasts there water, I saw the bishop Admundson approach.

"Hello my angel," he said.

"Hello my bishop," I responded. I must admit I felt a little strange at that moment. For the last two days I had felt such powerful feelings, and they had not left me entirely; no, they felt near as powerful within me now as they ever had. And having Eliza kiss my bottom hole earlier in the day had filled my head with thoughts of what the bishop and I do together, and my head had filled again with such thoughts later on, when he touched me upon my leg while we sat together at the front of the wagon. Now my heart floated at the sight of him and I wondered, and I hoped, that he would be wanting to do his thing with me again. Yes, I found that I liked this gray-haired kind old bishop, quite a lot indeed, and I liked the things he did to me!

He must have sensed my feelings, I suppose, for he came right up to me, put his arms around my waist, and gave me a kiss.

"You look beautiful tonight, Angel," he said.

"You look right handsome yourself, Bishop," I says.

"James left you alone to care for the horses yourself tonight?" says he.

"Yes," I answers, "he and Eliza are making love."

"A lucky man," the bishop said, "although I feel that I got the better side of the deal."

"You do?" I felt his hands move from my waist, up the front of my dress to my bosom.

"I do," he said as he began to squeeze. "There's nothing I want more than to be here with you."

I were breathing hard, such that I could barely speak. "Would you... would you like for me to suck your cock?" I asks him.

"Yes," he answers, "that, and more."

I nodded to him. I must admit that the thought of what more the man wished to do with me was making me tremble.

I knelt before him then as he quickly dropped his drawers. Both of us seemed rather anxious to be about our activities! I tried my best to please him with my mouth, but my mind weren't in it well, for I were thinking of another thing. And sure he was thinking of that other thing as well while he had his hands on my head and rocked his hips back and forth, sliding his long narrow cock in and out of my mouth. Soon I could scarce take another moment of my desire, so I pulled my bloomers off and lifted my dress and turned and presented myself backwards to him on my hands and knees. He crouched behind me and kissed my neathers, licking full along my sex as well as at my bottom hole, which I knows of course he loved to do, and he knew of course that I loved it when he did.

Then he rose up upon his knees behind me and I felt his cockhead rubbing, not at my bottom though, but at my sex, parting my folds and sliding along them until his head rubbed upon my clit, then back through my folds again. Unthinkingly, I pushed back to him, my body overcome with a desire to have him inside. He pushed forward as I pushed back, and I felt his head slip into my vagina.

"Oh my angel," he whispered.

"Bishop..." says I, " shouldn't..." My breath caught as he slid his long cock deeper in. My mind were clouded, at once with great desire and also a feeling that this was something that we should not do. But Bishop Admundson seemed to have no such concerns.

"It's fine, Angel," he whispered. "James won't mind, he likes for you to give me pleasure."

That Dunlap liked for me to give the bishop pleasure I sure knew were true. But I also knewed that Jane and I had always said that our pussies were for our husbands alone, but now another man were violating mine!

"I don't..." I said, my breath catching again as the bishop began rocking his hips back and forth, his cock driving deeper into me with each of his forward thrusts.

"Shh..." he whispered in response, taking hold of my hips. "Do what your body asks you to do." A hand moved along my buttock, a finger finding my bottom hole and pushing in.

I closed my eyes and let my mind forget about its concerns and think only on the wonderful feelings the fine man's lovemaking were giving me.

"Oh my angel," he whispered again, and he began fucking me, full strokes with his long cock, filling me deep inside while his finger slid in and out. "My beautiful angel!"

My body, which had ached so all these last two days, began to give way to carnal pleasure, and soon I felt waves of wonderful power wash over me and I let out a little moan and fell down upon my elbows, my face in the soft cool grass, and I quaked with climax. And he were feeling the same, I knows, for I felt him trembling behind me and throbbing inside me, and he let out a long, low groan.

"Angel!" he whispered in a raspy voice, and I felt my insides suddenly become wet and warm, and I knew that he was filling me with his cum. "Angel!" he said, louder now, as his cock throbbed and our bodies quaked together.

We held hands as we walked back to the wagons afterwards. Certain, I felt that it had been wrong for me to let another man be inside of me like this, and I wasn't at all sure what Dunlap would think about it when I told him what had happened. But he and Eliza were sound asleep when I snuggled up that night with them, and I enjoyed the warmth of their bodies and our closeness despite my concerns, while I felt the bishop's cum oozing out of me.

The next morning, before the train had even made it a quarter-mile down the trail, a wagon sprung a spoke, and thus the menfolk stopped our progress to make the necessary repairs. With the morning to ourselves now, Rosemary Admundson and I agreed that we both needed some bathing, perhaps for similar reasons; sure the bishop had visited her that night, after he had visited me. And so we went down together to the river. As we approached we heard some splashing, and the voices of two boys playing and chattering together. I smiled to Rosemary and indicated that she and I should crouch behind a thicket and hold our tongues for a moment, and she grinned in agreement.

Thereupon we spied Jebediah and the bishop's son Noah, as naked as the day they were born, and we could hear them speaking thusly:

"So do you get to see Rosemary naked?" Jeb asked the younger boy.

"Well, yes," Noah says, "though only when papa and she are making a baby."

"I'm jealous!" Jebediah says. "I wish I could see her naked. And I wish I could make a baby with her, too!"

I smiled over at Rosemary, who was watching with great concentration, although her cheeks were growing pink.

"You do?" the boy Noah said to Jebediah.

"I do! I think she's very pretty. Does she suck your cock?"

"Does she what?" The boy sounded shocked by the question.

"You know, use her mouth to please your cock!"

"No!" he says. "She's my mama, in a way at least. Does a mama do such a thing to a boy?"

"Marilyn is my mama in a way, and she sucks my cock!"

I saw Rosemary look over at me with her eyes wide in surprise.

"Yeah?" Noah says.

"Oh yeah! As does Jane, and Eliza, and Little Crow."

"They do?"

Jebediah grinned and nodded. "I'd love to have Rosemary suck my cock. If I were you, I'd ask her for it. I'll bet she'll do it." Rosemary's face were even redder!

"Does it feel good?" the younger asked. "I know my papa likes it, when she does it for him."

"Oh yes, so good!" I could see now that Jebediah had grown stiff, and he reached down to himself. "Way better than this!" he says, and he begins rubbing hisself.

Noah watched him closely. "I ain't never done that," he says. "I mean, not like that at least."

"No?" Jebediah says. "You gotta try it! Here..." He reached his hand out and took hold of Noah's little prick and began rubbing it. "See now? Don't it feel good?"

I heard the boy let out a little sigh. "It does..." says he. When Jebediah took his hand away, I saw that the younger boy now had a little boner of his own.

"You do it now," Jebediah says, as he went back to rubbing on hisself again. The boy joined in, and the two of them stood masturbating together for a bit, staring down at each other's little cocks whilst Rosemary watched with full fascination.

"It feels good," Jeb says after a moment, "but it don't feel nowheres near as good as with a mouth."

"No?" the boy says, his voice all shaky as he stroked away on his cock, looking down the entire time at what Jebediah were doing.

"No, it don't," Jebediah says. "a mouth is so much better! Here, I'll show you how it works." He put his hands on the boy's shoulders, and then he pushed him down.

The boy didn't hesitate in the least, but just went down on his knees in the water, still rubbing his own little boner and staring at Jebediah's.

"Open your mouth," Jeb said, and Noah did, and Jeb slid his cockhead into the boy's mouth. I wanted to see Rosemary's reaction, but I couldn't take my eyes off what the boys were doing!

"It feels good," Jebediah says, then adds, "Suck on it now, that's what the girls do, they suck on it!" He reached down and began to rub himself with his head in Noah's mouth, and a moment later he reached up and set his hands upon the boy's head, pulling his hips back as he did so, then pushing them forward. This he did again, with a bit more authority behind his movement, and his little boner were all the way inside of Noah's mouth and his pink ballsack against the younger boy's chin. Breathing hard, he held the boy's head tight in place and began to fuck his mouth with surprising aggression, little balls slapping against Noah's chin and narrow cockhead driving into his throat.

There Jebediah let out a long low groan, and I sees the boy's eyes go wide and I knews that Jeb was cumming in his mouth. From the corner of my eye I saw Rosemary, staring with her own wide eyes as she watched the older boy ejaculate into the younger.

Once he finished, Noah looked up at him with his mouth open. "'ould I 'wallow it?" he asks. "That's what Rosemary does for Pa, she 'wallows it."

"Yeah, you should always swallow. Always swallow it when I cum in your mouth."

The boy closed his mouth and swallowed, still looking up at Jebediah. "You're gonna do it again sometime then?" he asks.

"I'd like to," Jebediah said as he helped the boy stand back to his feet. "It felt mighty good."

Noah nodded to the older boy. "I ain't never had nothing come out of me like that. I mean, you know, other than pee I guess."

"I suppose you ain't old enough yet," Jebediah says. "Your cock's still a bit too small." He reached down and gave the boy a couple tugs. "But it ain't bad sized or nothing, just young. I bet it'd still feel right good to have it sucked. If you'd like we can try that."

The boy shook his head, reaching out at the same time to Jebediah's prick. "I like yours. I'd rather suck yours again."

A moment later the younger lad were down on his knees before the older boy, and even though Jeb's member were small now, he took it in his mouth.

"Rub it with your hand now while you suck," Jeb instructed, and the boy lifted his hand and began stroking Jebediah's shaft. "And touch my balls, hold my balls! That's it! Oh, you're really good at this!"

A few moments later Jebediah grunted and came again, and the boy swallowed his cum down right away after.

Then the two boys walked back to shore, and Rosemary and me scooted back a bit to make sure we was well-hidden. "You should definitely ask Rosemary to suck yours," Jeb said while they pulled their trousers back on. "Or maybe ask Jane. She'll suck you for sure."

"She will?"

"Oh yeah! She always does, she's so nice like that. And maybe she'll even let you fuck her titties."

"Fuck her titties?!?" The boy's eyes went wide.

"Yeah," Jebediah said with a big smile as the two boys finished dressing. "It's the nicest thing. You slide your cock between her breasts. I'd love to fuck Rosemary's titties, I swear she's got the prettiest I've ever seen!"

"She does, doesn't she?" Noah said, sounding awfully excited about all this.

By now they were down a path away from the river far enough that we couldn't hear any more of what they was saying. Rosemary sat in silence for a bit, but I stoods and says, "Come on, let's take our bath!"

Now she stood and we undressed and stepped into the water.

"You really do, you know," I says.


"You really do have the prettiest breasts."

"Oh!" She lifted her arms and crossed them over her chest.

"I'm sorry," I says, "I don't mean to embarrass you."

"No, it's not that," she says. "Well, it's just... What those boys did, ain't it wrong? Don't the Bible say you ain't supposed to do that?"

"I ain't sure what all the Bible says, but I don't see how what they did was wrong. Seems right natural to me, seems like they were just being nice to each other. Helping each other out."

She nodded. "I suppose..." says she.

"Girls can do the same, you know," I tells her. "With each other."

"Girls..." She looks at me with her pretty green eyes so wide! "Girls?"

"Yeah, like you and me!" I reached out and touched her belly. "I could kiss you, down between your legs, if you'd want me to."

"Oh! Um... you mean like Mr. Admundson's taken to doing?"

"Yes, like that," says I, and I move my hand down from her belly a bit, so my fingers were in her pretty strawberry red pubic hair.

"And... and you think it's not a sin, for two girls to do this?"

"I think it's not a sin at all. I think it's a good and proper thing for friends to do with one anothers." My fingers had slipped lower, touching down between her legs, but now I lifts them away. "But if you'd rather not, I understand."

"No!" she says, with some enthusiasm. "I mean, I'd like it if you'd touch me some." She took my hand and set it back on her pussy again. "And kiss me some, too, if you would want to do that."

"I do want to," I says. "And I'd like it if you'd kiss me, too."

Rosemary gave a sweet nod whilst opening her legs a bit to give my fingers room.

"So you really do these things for Jebediah?" she asks, as my fingers slipped between her warm lips. "You... you suck his cock?"

"I do," says I. I felt her little button getting stiff under my fingers.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips. "And... Mr. Dunlap doesn't mind?"

"No," I say, playing with her clitty now, "he thinks it's right and natural to do such things."

"Oh!" she says, and her body shakes a bit. I admired the way her pretty full breasts shimmied. "And Jeb also... what did he say? He fucks your titties?"

"No, mine are yet too small for that."

She opened her eyes again and looked down at my bosom. "They're very pretty, though," says she.

I smiled at her. "Yours are beautiful," I says.

She lifted her hands to hers and held them, squeezing them together. "Do you think Jebediah would want to... to fuck them?" she says.

"Oh I'm certain that he would!"

"And do you think I should offer this to him?" she asks.

"Only if you wish to," I answered.

"Do you think Mr. Admundson would mind if I were to do so?"

"I don't think he would mind at all," says I, remembering what he had done to me the night before.

"And do you think I should suck Noah's cock?" she says.

"You should only do what you want to do," I answers. I took my hand away from between her legs and took her hand and we stepped together from the water to the grassy bank.

"I think I might want to," she said as she lay down upon the grass. "Do you think that would be OK? I would like for him to feel good."

I lay down next to her and kissed her on the lips, and kissed her again. "I think that would be nice of you, if you were to do it."

I slid down, kissing her neck, and her chest, and talking her full beautiful breasts into my hands and squeezing them around my face, then taking a nipple and giving it a hard suckle.

"Oh!" she says.

"When you have a baby," I says, "she'll be the luckiest child I can imagine, to have such sweet breasts to feed her." I gave another hard suck.

"Oh!" she says again. "Mr. Admundson cums in me so often," says she, "I'm sure I'll be with child soon."

I smiles up at her, then moved down and kissed her belly. I nuzzled into her beautiful curly strawberry pubic hair, and kissed, then looked up at her. "You have such a beautiful pussy, I can see why he likes to cum inside her so much."

She spread her legs open and I moved between them and gave her swollen lips a kiss.

I licked her opening and she took a deep breath."I love..." she says with a shaking voice, her words lost for a moment amid the feelings as I licked her again. "I love the warmth, when he cums! I love how he makes me feel so full!"

I slipped two fingers into her and began sliding them in and out as I suckled on her little button.

"I love it too when he cums into my mouth!" she says, her legs shaking now and I could tell that beautiful Rosemary were about to climax. "It's so powerful!" Her voice were so breathy now I knew she were climaxing around my fingers. "It shoots right down my throat!" she says. "And I'd love... Ohhhhh! I'd love to feel Noah and Jebediah do the same! And Mr. Dunlap! And Mr. Flannery! And... Ohhhhh!"

The next part of this story is at Wildflowers (part 13). Enjoy!


Nickname Date Feedback
Anonymous 10/18/2016 Yuk gay sex has its place and that's not here. I'm sad that Blossom cheated on her husband.
Be nice, it's the first time I've ever written a boy-on-boy sex scene! And I'm sad about that, too.
Byron 10/24/2016 I'm not into gay sex, but it's your story. Do what you want. And thank you for continuing this story. Blossom is a submissive young woman, and it's hard for girls her age to resist the advances of dominate males. Her sex with the bishop is inevitable. Her body and mind aches to be used, as with many women in real life. They hunger for men to take them.
I'm also not into gay (male) sex, but it just seemed to fit nicely with the story so I went with it. I agree that Blossom's sex with the bishop was more or less inevitable. Thanks for the comment!
Anonymous 10/24/2016 Thought you should know, you have some tense conflicts in this story. You wrote it in the past tense (he said) yet slip into present tense (he says) at times. It's no biggie, just jarring when reading.
Thanks for the comment, Anon. The idea behind the story is that the narrator (Blossom) is herself not terribly well educated and so doesn't really know how to write particularly well. She often misspells or misconjugates words, and the tense fluctuation is part of her writing style. So, it is intentional. Whether or not it's any good is for you to judge, not me! :)
Anonymous 10/26/2016 You are leaving out links between the story chapters! I had to guess your naming strategy after Chapter 9.
Oh! Many thanks for the reminder, Anon. I've gone back and fixed them.
X 10/26/2016 I thought it was a great chapter. As long as you code it properly, there's nothing wrong with branching out. The newfound sexual awakening of Rosemary was interesting; I hope she acts on her urges, perhaps with the other girls too!
Glort 11/11/2016 The boy-boy addition is totally fine. Boys often experiment with sex at that age, and it fits with period setting for the series. I wish you would include more MM, bb, or Mb action in stories. It is erotic fantasy, which is the point of the whole thing. All your stories are very well done.
J Time 11/11/2016 The tense switching for me was just obviously part of an effort to endow our narrator with a period-realistic speaking style that is necessarily imperfect. This distinctive narrative voice is one of the most appealing elements of the Wildflowers series for me without a doubt. Another is the innocent way the protagonist confronts the sexual world opening up to her upon entering adulthood through through voyeurism and subsequent participation. The encounter with the dogs inspecting each other and getting ready to mate was a perfect scene setting, as she walks through the woods, meditating on sex as she is unknowingly about to be inseminated herself by the Bishop. The gay scene fits perfectly in this narrative context, and I am very glad for its inclusion. Gay sex is a fact of life, and growing up in the wild west, I'm sure very many young women were privy to just such an encounter. You don't have to be "into" bestiality to appreciate the effect it would have as you submerge yourself in Blossom's psyche and observe the act through her eyes and young, inexperienced mind, and the same logic applies to bi curious play. It is just another star in an infinite constellation of other sex acts that represent human sexuality and can be observed and admired by others. Keep it up!!!
Yes, that's exactly how I see it as well. A sort of concaphony of sexuality cascading around Blossom, and since much of it involves girl-girl play, it seems natural that some of it would involve boy-boy play as well.

By the way, I know it's been a while since my last update to this story but it is well on the way and I hope to post it soon.
topekachef 11/12/2016 Loved the part with the young boys playing with each other. I used to do the same and still love both boys and girls. Keep up the good work!
Bonaire 11/29/2016 Really enjoying this series. I appreciate the time you devote to the story and making the characters seem alive. Keep it up!

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