She is on her knees, looking up at me. Dutiful, obedient, expectant. I stand in front of her with my hands formed into fists on my hips. She unbuttons my pants and pulls them down, pulling my boxers down as well. My cock is at half-staff already, but she ignores it and goes straight for my balls. She loves balls.

She leans down further, gets underneath me, so that my testicles are hanging in her face. She looks closely at them. "God, you have big balls," she says. She kisses them, a little peck for each one, then she licks them, a nice big lick over each testicle. Then she nuzzles into them, rubbing her nose against them, and giggles a little.

She opens her mouth wide and takes a ball in. She loves to suck balls. She sucks the ball in and I pull back and she sucks harder, not letting it leave her mouth. I look down at her, watching her, and she looks up at me with her wide-eyed, innocent look, like, "I've never sucked a ball before, does it feel good?" I love watching her, she looks like such a slut when she has my balls in her mouth. She moves to the other ball, then opens even wider and takes both of them in. God, what a fucking slut she is. A ball-sucking slut.

She sits back on her heals and looks up at me. "Slap me in the face with your giant balls," she says. I step into her, lifting my cock, and swing my balls against her cheek, dragging them over her nose and mouth, then swing them against her other cheek. Her eyes are closed and her face is lifted up, and she kisses my balls repeatedly as I drag them over her mouth. Then I let go of my now-stiff cock and it falls down, slapping against her face, my cockhead on her forehead. She grins and I step back, then swing my entire member hard against her face, one side, then the other, slapping her aggressively. She smiles through the entire assault.

I step back and she looks up at me again, feigning an innocent little look. A slutty girl pretending to be innocent. Then she simply opens her mouth. Drops her jaw so her mouth is open as far as it will go and sits there, still looking innocently up at me.

I stand in front of her, my cock pointing right at her face, but I do not move. "Fuck my face," she says, then drops her jaw again. I reach around to the back of her head and pull her into me. I watch as my cock enters her mouth, and I feel the silky warmth of her tongue as she closes her lips around my shaft. She looks fabulous with a cock in her mouth. A devoted little slut, doing her duty.

I pull my hips back and watch the ridge of my cockhead slide out past her lips, then I push in again. My head is against the back of her mouth now; she knows I want to go deep and she's willing to try. With my hand still on the back of her head I pull her strongly towards me as I push into her with my hips, two counterforces working in tandem to drive my cock into her. I am too strong, she can't resist, and she has no choice but to open her throat as best she can and fight off her gag reflex.

I can feel my head burrowing into her throat and it is an amazing feeling, warm and slippery and tight. My balls are now against her chin and there is no more than an inch or two of my shaft not now in her mouth. I can see from the look on her face that she's about to gag so I loosen my grip on her head just in time and let her slide off my cock. She sits back on her heels and grimaces, swallowing, letting the gagging feeling pass. Then not missing a beat, she leans in, opens her mouth wide, and eagerly engulfs my cock again.

I stand there now, with my hands formed into fists on my hips again, and let her do her work. At first she does not use her hands, just starts bobbing her head up and down, taking it in as deep as she can, then pulling back until her lips are only a little pucker kissing the tip of my head, then sliding back down again. I watch; it is an enjoyable sight, she looks like such a slut as she happily fucks my cock with her mouth. It feels wonderful as well, her mouth is warm and tight and her tongue is soft and silky and soon my cock is tingling, a fabulous feeling that you can only get from a truly fine headjob.

She looks up at me as she works her magic, her eyes wide and innocent, like they are saying, "I've never fucked a cock before with my mouth, do you like it? Aren't you glad that you're my first?" She reaches up and starts playing with my balls, at first just feeling them, caressing them very softly, then pulling gently on them.

She sits back on her heels now, my cock sliding out of her mouth. She wraps her fingers around my shaft and begins to beat on it; it is slippery from her spit and her fingers slide easily over my skin even though she is squeezing quite tightly. She looks up at me with that innocent little look again. "Do you want to come?" she asks.

"Yeah," I answer breathlessly. She's got me very close, and she knows it.

She smiles sweetly, then goes back to the innocent look. "Do you want to come in my mouth?" she says. She opens her mouth wide, an invitation.


She leans in and wraps her lips around my head, still beating on my shaft. I can feel her making lots of spit and letting it slide down my shaft to lubricate her hand. Soon she's bobbing up and down on my cock and her hand is sliding in rhythm with her head and it is the most incredible feeling, her mouth and hand together are like a pussy, warm and wet and loving and wonderful and she keeps the spit flowing so that even my balls are wet now. She's squeezing tight with both her hand and mouth, and I reach up and grab the back of her head and she knows what that means, it means I'm about to come and I want to hold her head in place while I unload.

She reaches up with her free hand and holds my balls, squeezing them gently, milking them, still fucking me with her mouth and other hand. "Oh my god," I grunt, tightening my grip on her head as I feel my orgasm beginning. She knows what is coming but she does not miss a beat, just keeps massaging my cock and squeezing my balls, wanting more than anything to do her job. An obedient little cock-sucking slut.

Instinctively I pull her head into me while simultaneously, in counter-force, pushing towards her with my hips, and then I hold her in place like that for a glorious second as my first shot of come courses down my cock. There is nothing she can do now but wait, she has done her duty, she has done her job well and her reward, such as it is, is about to come blasting out of my cock and into her slutty little fuck-toy of a mouth.

The first shot of semen expels out of me in an amazing climax, a stream of come that seems to last for two seconds at least. Her eyes go wide as it slams with incredible force against the back and roof of her mouth. I hold her tightly in place for the second shot, smaller but still forceful and glorious, and then a third, smaller still but a good stream.

Satisfied now, I loosen my grip on her head, but the shock of the initial blasts is over and she knows her duty and she stays in place, waiting for my orgasm to subside, letting me finish completely in her mouth. Then she sits back on her heels, looks up at me with a grimace, but forcing a little smile as well, and opens her mouth so I can see my come. Then she closes her mouth, swallows, and opens it again to prove that she has swallowed the entire load.


Nickname Feedback
jerry wish that was my wife. lucky if she lets my cock in the same room with her. hope this happened 2 u and u r grateful
Thanks for the feedback, Jerry. Sorry to hear that your love life isn't all you'd like it to be, I hope things improve for you and your wife. And I want to thank you for the reminder that I should be grateful for my wife--it's important to be reminded of that, and to make sure she knows it, too. I told her this morning!

pixxx66 Very sexy story..! Glad your wife is open to sexual adventure and pleases you with he mouth, throat and swallows down her reward..! If all wives were like her it would be a better world..!!
Amen to that, pixxx66!

Anonymous Very good story. I hope it was a true one. My wife and I had a very wonderful relationship. She sucked me almost daily when we were firsdt married. In the later years of the 21yrs I had her on this earth, not so much. The oddest place that she sucked me was in an adult theater with about 5 other guys watching between us and the movie. She even sucked her boss who came over for pizza and ended up fucking her and I him. Keep up the great writing and break a pencil!
Good stuff, Anon, wonderful that you have such good memories. My dearest has never sucked me in an adult theater but she does on occasion help me out with her mouth while I watch porn videos. Which I find highly enjoyable!

Shari You are very fortunate to have her. =) This was a nicely written piece from the male's point of view. I like your style of writing very much, and I think you both are very fortunate to have each other and to be able to enjoy each other so much.

And I have to say, as a girl, I'm a little in awe of her. I have never been able to tolerate the taste of the stuff, and because of that, I just cannot make myself swallow.

I have tried, many suppose this is a light note to the gentlemen reading this lovely story :

Some girls who refuse to swallow do so because they can't stomach it. Some of those girls would dearly love to do it for you, as I would love to for my own wonderful husband, but some of us just cannot get past the taste. The one time that I was forced to swallow it, I actually puked, so as much as you would like us to, some of us simply cannot.
Shari, I really want to thank you for this comment. This is what a forum like this is all about.

You seem like a woman who really cares about making her husband feel good, and that's the most important thing and I am certain that he appreciates that. I totally understand not being able to swallow. I couldn't possibly swallow the shit myself!

Now I will give the floor over to Dr. Hailey, amateur sex therapist :-)

Here's my advice: Suck your husband's cock every chance you get. Suck it every time you make love, that way if he says he wants to come in your mouth, tell him you want it in your pussy. No guy in his right mind is going to be disappointed when his girl says she wants his come shot in her pussy! And suck it sometimes when you aren't making love, too. Just drop down on your knees and suck it for him. If you're having your period, instead of saying, "sorry, honey, it's that time of the month," say, "Sorry, honey, it's that time of the month but I'll suck you if you want." That's guaranteed to make him happy!

Talk dirty. Tell him how big his cock is and how much you like it. If you can take his come in the mouth, but just can't swallow it, ask him to come in your mouth and tell him how much you love it when he does. Spit it out afterwards and rub it on your face or your breasts, or use it as lubricant to masturbate. That way he'll know that you love his come even if you can't swallow it. And, if you can't take it in the mouth at all, then let him come on your face. Ask him to come on your face. Beg him to come on your face. And tell him how much you love it when he does.

Follow Dr. Hailey's advice and I guarantee you that your husband will not worry at all about the fact that you don't swallow!

--Dr. Hailey, amateur sex therapist
Ron Chris, another well written piece as we have all come to expect. And I wish that I could have your wife suck me like she did for you in this ode to the perfect blow job.

To Shari, who has trouble with swallowing I may have some helpful advice. I'm bi; and while I love oral sex with men, my primary interest is women. However, I have always thought that swallowing is the proper end to a proper blow job.

I got lucky on my first one, and when I knew he was about to cum, I put his cock as deep in my mouth as I could comfortably take it and began swallowing, even before there was anything to swallow. When the jizz started coming it shot/flowed right past my tongue and all my taste buds and down my throat. I hardly even knew he had ejaculated, except for the telltale residue that leaked out the end of his cock after he went soft. I was still a little queasy, but it was only from the notion of what I had done, not from the actual taste and feel of his semen.

This worked great for me, Shari. Give it a try. You can practice the pre-swallowing part on a banana or hot dog to get the idea. The throat and tongue movement during that will sustain his excitement once he gets to the threshold. Just don't go so deep that you gag unless you have mastered deep throating. Good luck.
Young Boohda 187 Dam hav a hoe like that too gorgeous lil slut for cock always suckin cock never fuckin other nigs besides me when do once whil get her checked first she acts same way cx but she's kinda crazy sometimes she has to go to mental hospitals for sometime cause she goes crazy with this dick
Sweet hoes are the best! Even if they are a little crazy, right?
newagematureman good story . i agree with some of the commenters how such a wife should be treasured. i'm a bit of a perv so would like to see the story discribe his wife sucking another guy ocasionally lovingly connecting with him through eye contact(and doesn't make her a slut) unless you define slut as i do...a (S)exually, (L)iberated, (U)ninhibited, (T)itillating woman. when your delite is to see and be a part of her being able to express her sexual feeling freely it actually takes sex berween you and your loving wife to a new level. of course it can only with unconditional love ,trust and communications at all times.

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