"It's Valentine's Day, dear," I said to my wife. "Today we can do anything you want!"

"Anything?" She had a twinkle in her eye.

Well, that explains my current predicament... On the floor, naked, on my hands and knees, a black leather studded dog color around my neck and a thick leather leash leading up to my wife's hand.

She gives the leash a yank and lifts a high-heeled shoe to my face. She taps my head with her black leather riding crop.

"Kiss my shoe, puppy-dog," she says.

I kiss her shoe and she laughs. "That's my good doggie!"

She walks around me, running the tip of the riding crop over my bare skin.

"Look at that!" she says. "The doggie has a little hard-on!" She runs the tip of the riding crop underneath, down to my cock. "Isn't that cute?"

She runs the leather tip over my balls. "Look at the doggie's little balls," she says. "So little, aren't they? I've seen bigger balls on a ten year old boy." She taps my balls with the tip of the riding crop. "I bet those balls want to shoot their sperm inside me, don't they?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

She taps them a little harder. "Do your balls need to be slapped?"

I take in a quick breath. I'm thinking, What's our safeword again? just in case. But I play along. It is Valentine's after all.

"Yes, Ma'am," I say again.

She puts a heeled shoe on the back of my neck and pushes my face down onto the floor. Then she walks behind me and taps my ass with her crop. "Ass up in the air, boy, and spread those knees open."

I do as I'm instructed.

Standing behind me now, she runs the crop over my balls. "There the little things are," she says. "Aren't they cute?"

She taps them, gently. Then again, harder. "Do they need to be slapped?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

The riding crop comes down hard, an excruciatingly painful sting pulsing through my whole body. I moan into the floorboards.

The crop comes down again, the pain is almost overwhelming. I moan again.

"Does it hurt, puppy?"

"Yes," I whimper.

"Oh, your poor little balls," she says. She reaches down with a hand and gives them a gentle pet. "But think of all they've put me through," she says. "I've had to give birth to three children, just 'cause these little guys want to have some fun in the middle of the night."

"Yes, dear," I say. I know it's true, of course.

She runs the riding crop over my balls again, then lifts it up, over my perineum and up to my anus.

"Here's another place where you like to cause me pain, isn't it?" She taps my anus with the leather tip of the riding crop.

Our safeword--what's our safeword? Shit, what is it?

She reaches over to the dresser and picks up a blindfold.

"Up on your knees, slave," she says, giving my bottom a light whack.

I get up on my knees and she ties the blindfold around my eyes. I feel the riding crop rub down my chest and belly to my cock.

"Look at that little hard-on!" she giggles as she runs the tip over my cock. "He's just so cute! He's so perky!"

She jerks the leash. "Let's get up on the bed now, little boy." I stand up on wobbly knees, feel around blindly for the bed. She pulls me by the leash a couple of feet until I find it.

"Up on the bed, and on your hands and knees."

"Yes, Ma'am."

I hear her fumble around a bit and I'm feeling nervous. What the hell is she up to? Then she's back.

She slaps my ass with the riding crop, not too hard. She slaps it again.

"Spread your knees open again, boy," she says.

Shit, she's not going to slap my balls some more, is she?

No, she isn't. She's got something else in mind and exactly what it is becomes clear in the next instant, when I feel her finger, doped up with vaseline, rubbing my anus. I feel her finger push in. I moan.

"You like that?" she asks.

"Yes, Ma'am," I say.

"You're usually on the giving end of it. I wish I had a cock, I'd teach you what it's like to be on the receiving end for a change, like you're always doing to me." She swirled the first digit of her finger around inside my anus.

"But look what I have here!" she says. She pulls her finger out and I feel something else against my anus and I know immediately what it is, it's her big purple dildo. Oh, fuck!

She pushes it in and my anus stretches wide to accommodate it. I feel a searing pain, it feels like she's tearing me open. I moan painfully into the bedsheets.

"How do you like it, anal boy?" she asks.

"It hurts," I moan.

She laughs. "Come on, you do this to me all the time. Surely you can take a little bit of what you dish out!"

I just moan in response.

She pushes the dildo in a little further. It feels a little bit better once the ridge of the head is completely inside me. I feel a strange need to defecate, and it isn't altogether a bad feeling.

"You know what you always tell me, right?" she says, pushing it in further still. "'Loosen up, bitch.' That's what you say, right? 'Loosen up, you're gonna have to take it anyway, you might as well enjoy it.'"


She pulls the dildo back, the ridge of the head stretching my poor anus open wider again. I moan painfully again, and she laughs. "You love to do this to me, you always use my ass to give yourself head."


"Oh come on, loosen up, boy. You're gonna have to take it anyway, you might as well enjoy it!"

She reaches a hand down to my cock while she uses the other hand to fuck my anus with the head of her dildo.

"God, you're so hard!" she says. "Your cock is like granite! You really do enjoy this, don't you?"

I have to admit I am sort of enjoying it, now that my ass is getting used to being stretched so wide.

"Yes, Ma'am," I grunt into the bedsheets.

She pushes the dildo in further, two, three inches now. She leaves it in, and I feel that strange need to defecate again. I push my rectal muscles onto the dildo, clamp my anus down onto it, and it feels--well, "good" isn't quite the right word, but it feels interesting.

She has now laid down on the bed and she slides between my legs, under me. I feel her warm mouth wrap around my cockhead, and she reaches up and grabs the base of the dildo.

"Fuck my face!" she orders me. I start fucking her face and she starts fucking my ass with the dildo.

"Oh my god!" I shout. "Oh my god!"

She shoves the dildo in, three inches now, maybe four, and grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me down onto her. My cock burrows into her throat--hot, tight, slick.

"Oh my god!" I shout even louder. My balls tighten, my cock spasms, my anus clamps, and I pump a giant shot of come right down her throat. My whole body is shaking as I prepare to fire the next shot; this orgasm is incredible. Fucking incredible! She holds me in place, somehow she is able to keep me in her throat, and I fire another shot right into her. Then she finally pulls her mouth off and I finish on the side of her face and in her hair.

When I'm finally done, she pulls the dildo out of my ass. Blessed relief at last!

"That little dick of yours is probably not going to get hard again anytime soon, huh?"

"It'll take a little while after that orgasm."

"Damn," she says; I can't see what she's doing, I'm still blindfolded, but I feel a leather cuff go around one of my wrists. "Maybe I should find a man who can keep it up!"

She pulls the strap of the leather cuff tight, then latches the chain to the bedpost.

A cuff goes around my ankle, then my other ankle, then my other wrist, and I am secured to the bed, spread eagle.

"Well," she says, climbing on top of me, "if I can't have any cock right now, then your face is gonna have to be my masturbation toy."

A half a second later I feel her furry pussy pushing down onto my mouth.

I start licking enthusiastically. I'm madly in love with my wife's pussy, it's my favorite thing in the world. I love the feeling of the soft curls of her pubic hair against my face. I love the way her hot lips splay open around my mouth. I love how she just flows with wetness, everything gets so unbelievably wet when she sits on my face.

And I love how she tastes, sharp and salty and sweet. God I love tasting my wife's sweet little cunt. And that taste, it gets me hard every time, and sure enough, it's working its magic now, too. My little guy is starting to stand up. "Pussy?" he says. "I want some of that!"

The wife doesn't notice him, though. She's got other things on her mind right now. She starts sliding that pussy back and forth, rubbing her on my mouth, fat pussy lips wide open. Her clit finds the tip of my tongue and she starts rubbing on it. "Oh!" she says. "Oh!" she says again.

She sits down, so that my whole tongue is engulfing her clit. She's rubbing hard against it.

"Oh my god!" she says. "Oh my god! I need cock! I need cock right now!"

She climbs off my face and I feel my cock slide in, all the way to the hilt in a half a second. "Uggghhh!" she says loudly. She sits up, my cock sliding out until only the head is inside those hot lips of hers, and then she slams back down, hard. "Uggghhh!" she shouts again.

Up, and slamming down, up and slamming down, over and over, the girl fucks me like a piston, groaning each time, increasing the speed until she is really fucking me fast and hard. Then she lets out a really high-pitched sound, "Ahhhhhh!" and she starts to shake and keeps rocking on me.

Eventually she lays down and kisses me on the cheek. "I just came," she says, giggling. "Wow, what a great orgasm!"

"Awesome!" I say.

She starts moving her hips a little bit, just gently fucking me while she lay on top of me. "Oh, it feels so good to have your big cock inside me," she says quietly, slowly fucking me.

"He's awfully happy, too!"

"Yeah? Does he want to come?"

"You know it!"

"Does he want to come inside me?"

"You know it!"

She kisses me on the cheek. "I want your come inside me," she says.

Then she lifts herself up above me, pushing down on the bed with her hands, and starts riding me like an experienced pro.

I struggle against the cuffs and chains, I want to grab her ass, I want to throw her over on her back and show her who the man in this relationship is. But I can't. I struggle harder.

She stops. "Are you trying to get loose?" she says.

"Oh baby," I say in a hoarse whisper, "don't stop now! I'm so close!"

She kisses me on the cheek. "That's too bad," she says, "'cause I think I'm done." And she climbs off.

"Oh, fuck!" I say, straining at the chains. I feel something against my mouth--soft, cottony.

"Open up, boy," she says. I open my mouth and she stuffs it in and I realize it's her panties. She's stuffing her damn panties in my mouth!

Then I feel something soft and cool on my cock and then she flicks it and I realize it's the riding crop. She's tapping my balls with it.

She slaps them a little harder. Shit, my balls hurt enough from her damned coitus interruptus, now she's going to be slapping them with the damned riding crop? And now I can't say our safeword, even if I could remember it!

She gives them a harder slap. I moan into the panties.

"Oh, you poor little boy," she says. And then she climbs on the bed and climbs on top of me. She kisses me on the cheek, then whispers, "I'm just teasing you, big guy." She reaches down and directs my cock back in her.

"There you go, is that what you want? You want some of Mama's pussy?"

I nod enthusiastically.

"You wanna come in Mama's pussy?"


She sets a slow pace, sliding up and down. I want her to go faster, I want to grab her and take control and force her to let me finish it off; but I resist the temptation. I know if I struggle again, she'll stop again. So I just lay there and let her ride me nice and slow.

Her pussy is hot, oh so wonderfully hot. Her lips are sticky and fat and wet, sliding up and down, kissing my cockhead, then kissing my balls, then kissing my cockhead again. My cock is tingling, a fantastic feeling that you only get from a truly good fuck. The kind of fuck my wife gives out.

After at least three minutes of this slow, antagonizingly slow love-making, she finally starts moving a little faster. She leans over and puts her lips against my ear and I can hear her labored breathing.

"I like having you as a sex slave," she whispers. "It's time for you to come, slave."

She's really picking up the pace now. "Muu uuuck!" I say.

"I want your sperm inside me!" she says, loudly, right as I begin to orgasm.

"Oooooh uuuccckkk!"

She rocks on me until I'm done, then lays on top of me, kissing me, as my cock slowly deflates.

"Happy Valentine's Day," she says. Only then does she pull the panties out of my mouth.

"Mommy!" I hear a voice at the door.

"Yes, sweetheart?" my wife says.

"I can't sleep! Read me a story!"

"Just a second, sweetie, Mommy just needs to get dressed, I'll be right there."

"Um, dear?" I say, still blindfolded and tied to the bed. I hear the door open and then shut.



Nickname Date Feedback
Anonymous We tried pegging for a while as part of our anal sex routine. We bought a tantus feeldoe stout. I like it because one end goes in my SO's pussy and inserting it is fun (inserting anything anywhere is fun); we also had to use a strap to support the apparatus -- vaginal grip alone is not enough. We put a condom and lube on it and then I bent over the bed while she went to work. It felt pretty good and she seemed to get in the spirit of things. I like the idea that the other end of the feeldoe is in her pussy. I'd reach back and grab her ass and make her slam in and out of me. I tried to slide my finger into her butt but couldn't quite make the reach, but grabbing her was great fun. It would be great to have a third party to increase the options. Maybe double anal.

Surprisingly taking the whole thing wasn't a problem. It did have the effect of softening my erection while we were pegging but her stroking helped and everything stiffened up after we stopped. As I said I enjoyed it. I wondered if it meant I had a strong gay side but I couldn't detect any particular attraction to men. I think I just like being anally stimulated by a naked woman.

Usually it led directly to conventional anal sex. I really love sliding my cock into my SO's butt, especially if I go in slowly as I ease past the sphincter muscle. Her butt is so warm and tight, really tight, I get horny just thinking about it. Too bad I need both hands to type. Also it's exciting to smack up against her cheeks when one of us thrusts. When she starts to orgasm her rectum is like a hose clamp and I'm the lucky hose. As I mentioned in another post I don't understand how it works for her, but it really does.
Hot stuff again, Anon. Thanks.
Anonymous 10/5/2015 greatly appreciated both the valentines day stories, especially the way in which you managed to portray & maintain a level balance of trust, love and humor that appears to exist between this couple. very nice :)

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