Pink lips glistening,
Wetness drips.
Eager stiffening,
Heartbeat skips.

Petals open;
Desires awoken;

Warm folds envelop,
Loving kiss.
Sinking embolden
Into abyss.

Now beyond mere
Permission, pleasure,

Awaiting, hoping,
Aggressive pumping;

Filled full, stretched wide,
Sets solid stride,
Pressure growing.

Accepting, ready,
Fully willing.
Throbbing, sweaty,
Release beginning.

Flowing flower,
Passionate fire.
Driving deeper,
Unleashed desire.

"More! More!" she shouts,
"O fill me please!"
Pumping proud
He gives his seed.

Shaking, quaking, then
Waves subside,
Melting; slipping out;


Nickname Date Feedback
JJ 11/22/2015 I love your stories. Stick to writing them. No insult intended :)
Oh now, JJ, anyone who has spent any time at the Chris Hailey Erotic Story site knows that me and my guest writers love our erotic poetry! For those that like that sort of thing, you won't find any better than the stuff we publish here. And for those that don't like it, I beg only your indulgence on the point. And come back often, stories are starting to pour out of these fingers! :)
HunterT 11/28/2015 I too love your stories and am not really a poetry person. That poem is actually a pleasure to read. At first, I thought I liked it because it was simple. By the third time I read it, I didn't think it was simple any more. It's beautiful. Thanks!
Thank you, Hunter!

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