Painting c2014 by Strawberry Panties

A little girl sits on a swing,
     Her feet are dangling down.
You watch her now, the pretty thing;
     Black haired and eyes dark brown.

She pumps and swings, and as she does
     Her shirt begins to fall,
And then you are in love because
     She's your pale china doll.

The wind blows 'round as little feet
     Pump hard to keep her swaying,
And then your swingset girl so sweet
     Lets you watch her fingers playing.

Dark eyes, they twinkle, they beguile;
     She's such a pretty flirt.
She gives a little inward smile,
     And slips off schoolgirl skirt.

Now little loli beautiful
     Bends knee and opens wide.
Her panties are adorable;
     She pulls them to the side.

And O! You see wee pussy dear,
     As cute as she can get,
And drops of sparkling dew appear;
     The lovely girl is wet!

You step out from your hiding place,
     Determined to have her now.
And swingset schoolgirl's blushing face
     Gives you her true love's vow.

Now little sweetheart doesn't blink,
     She doesn't mind at all,
You kiss her pretty lips so pink,
     And lift your schoolgirl small.

For just a moment it's just you two,
     Just you and lolita so fine.
The two of you are lovers true
     For a magical moment in time.

She looks at you with eyes dark brown
     As you lay her in the grass.
You gently set your sweetheart down,
     And mount the little lass.

And then your swingset schoolie sweet
     Is your little cherry lay.
Your cock enjoys her pussy's heat
     While fucking fairy fay.

Now every man who hears this song,
     Knows just what you will do.
You fill her with your love so strong,
     She accepts the love from you!

You kiss her cheek a final time,
     Pink with new-woman's bloom.
Her parting gift, a smile divine;
     Your gift is in her womb.

The little swingset sweetheart,
     She smiles, cute as can be.
Back on the swing, her legs apart,
     Cum drips from pretty pussy.

And now she knows just what it means
     To show love when she can;
And out of our most wondrous dreams,
     Spreads legs for every man.


Nickname Feedback
Anoymous I am in love
Thanks, anon! I love getting feedback on my poetry, and if you are talking about the little girl in Strawberry's painting, no kidding! I'm in love with her, too.

Anonymous Her daddy's sitting yards away
Watching as you grunt
He thrills to how your big cock moves
Inside his daughters cunt

And when you plant your potent cum
Inside her tiny ass
His own swells up along his cock
And spills upon the grass
Nice work, anon!

Mr. Longfello That was fantastic, it was beautiful and erotic, and I love that picture at the top. Who drew that, was it you? You have great talent Mr. Hailey
No, alas, I have no talents in the drawing department. But luckily I have friends that do! My friend "Strawberry Panties" drew that picture, and she also drew another one for me, even hotter in my opinion! Expect to see a poem or story accompanying that picture as well.


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