The birthday girl spun the bottle. Around and around it whirled.

There were a lot of little girls that it might point at, when it finally came to a rest. Eight little eight year old girls.

The bottle ended up pointed at an adorable little thing with dark shining black hair and eyes to match--dark and twinkling and oh so beautiful. She had a round olive-colored face and was one of the smallest girls in the room.

All the girls all squealed with delight. "AmyLyn!" they shouted, clapping.

Taisha pulled a card out of the bucket.

"Tell us the name of the boy you most want to give a blow job to."

Some of the girls laughed and cheered, one said, "what's a blow job?" But AmyLyn obviously knew what a blow job was. She looked over at Mallory with her thin brownish lips pursed in a little smile.

"Jeremy," she said in an adorable little high-pitched voice.

Girls hooted and hollered.

"You wanna give a blow job to Mal's older brother?" one girl asked, giggling.

"Yeah, he's cute!"

"He's Ti's boyfriend you know," Mallory said, laughing so hard she had to hold her gut.

"Oh." AmyLyn looked over at Taisha, a little surprised and concerned. "Sorry."

Taisha laughed. The girls' laughter was contagious. "I don't mind. You have good tastes, AmyLyn. He does have a nice big cock!"

That sent peals of laughter through the room. AmyLyn's olive face went a little red.

Taisha wasn't sure if Jeremy would want to get a blow job from an eight year old, even one as beautiful as this girl. But Taisha knew she'd sure like to watch it happen.

"OK, AmyLyn, spin the bottle!" a girl said.

She spun and it ended pointing at Bethany, a very prim and proper little girl with straight brunette hair, pulled back tight with a hair band. She had a narrow face, but her most interesting feature was an adorable little button nose.

The girls all clapped and cheered. "Bea!" they shouted.

Taisha pulled another card. "French kiss the person sitting on your right. You have to kiss for thirty seconds."

The girl sitting on Bethany's right was without a doubt the cutest girl in the room, other than Mallory of course. Jamaica was small, even dainty, and had an adorable well-kept mop of light-brown curls on her head and a chocolate-colored face with a big, full-lipped wonderful smile.

Jamaica's brown eyes went wide and her face went red as all the girls cheered.

"Mal's having a sleepover with a bunch of girls for her birthday and you wanna know the craziest thing?" Jeremy said to Taisha, about two weeks earlier. "She wants to ask you to come to her sleepover!"

"Oh, she is the sweetest thing!" Taisha said.

"You should do it! Then you can sneak up to my room in the middle of the night and we can have sex!"

"Don't you think your mom would be a little suspicious if I agreed to sleep over with a bunch of eight year olds?" Not that she didn't want to, that's for sure. Yeah, she'd have sex with Jeremy if that's what he wanted, but her main goal would be to get closer to his adorable little angelic sister.

"Yeah, I suppose," Jeremy said with a sigh.

But as luck would have it, Taisha got a phone call a few days later. "I know it's a strange request," Ms. Williams said, "but we just can't pass up these tickets and I think the girls' parents wouldn't be happy to know I left them home alone with a fourteen year old boy."

"Oh, I'd love to help," Taisha said. "It sounds like fun."

"You are the greatest, Taisha!" Ms. Williams said. "Henry--you know Henry, right? He's my boyfriend--he said he'll pay you well and we should be home by midnight or so."

After pizza and the candles and the singing Happy Birthday, while the girls were eating cake and ice cream, Taisha figured she ought to go off with Jeremy for a while. He was getting antsy, she'd been at his house a whole hour and he hadn't gotten his dick wet even once!

Boys, you know?

So they went in his bedroom and he did his business and then Taisha went back to the girls. That's when Mallory said, "Come on, we're gonna play 'spin the bottle' now!"

Taisha watched, mesmerized, as little button-nose Bethany and sweet baby girl Jamaica pressed their lips against each other's. They both started giggling and fell back, laughing.

"Come on! Tongues!" someone shouted. The girls stick their tongues out and touched each other's, and then fell back laughing again.

Eight year old girls were rolling on the ground overcome with giggling.

When people finally got settled down, Bethany spun the bottle again and it ended up pointed at Andrea, a tomboy cutie with short blond hair and a jeans jacket on.

Taisha pulled out another card. "How big do you want your breasts to be when you grow up?"

This was one of the questions that Mallory wrote. Taisha would never ask a question like that. But the girls all seemed to like it, they were all hooting and laughing and rolling on the ground again. Taisha did remember that for some reason, this was an important subject for preadolescent girls.

"Big!" the tomboy said, loudly, with a great huge smile on her face. All the girls roared with laughter. She held her hands out in front of her like she was cupping a ridiculously large set of breasts. "I want huge boobs so the boys will like me!" More eight year old girls rolling on the floor.

"You don't need huge boobs for boys to like you," Taisha said, laughing herself. "They're happy with whatever you got, so long as you let them play with 'em!"

The girls all laughed even harder.

"And if you let 'em get down your pants, then they really don't care." Taisha added. "They'll love you forever if you let 'em in your pants."

Giggling and laughing and rolling on the floor and holding guts, all around the room.

"Well I'm gonna let lots of boys in my pants," the tomboy said.

"Andi!" one of the girls said between laughs. "You're dirty!"

"I will!" She said, eyes twinkling merrily. "Boys are gonna like me!"

"Andi! You're so nasty!"

I can think of some boys that would definitely like her, Taisha thought to herself.

After a little bit more bottle spinning, the girls abandoned the game and started doing makeovers. The tomboy wasn't much interested and was sort of standing off to the side. Taisha joined her.

"No makeover for you?" she asked.

"Nah, not really my thing, you know?"

"You wanna go do something else?"

"Like what?"

"I was thinking of going up to Zach's room."


"Yeah, you know, Mallory's brother?"

"Oh, yeah, the younger brother."

"Right. He's eleven."

"Why you going up to his room?"

"You wanna know the truth?"


"I was thinking, you said you're gonna let lots of boys get in your pants, right?"

"Right," the girl said, giggling.

"Zach'll want to get in your pants, I guarantee it!" Taisha was laughing, too.

"I'd be way too nervous!" the tomboy said, eyes twinkling at the thought.

"Yeah. No, seriously, I was just thinking of going and saying 'hi' to him."


The two of them snuck out while the rest of the girls were heavy into their makeovers. They went upstairs and Taisha knocked on the door to Zachary's bedroom.

"Hey, Zach," Taisha said.

Zachary was laying in bed reading a book. His face lit up in a smile. "Hey, Ti!"

Taisha walked in, Andi following her.

"You know Andi?"

"Yeah," Zach said, looking confused.

The girls sat down on his bed with him and all three sat in uncomfortable silence for a moment. Then Taisha looked at Andi with a big smile.

"I have an idea!"


"Zach, Andi says she's never seen a penis, and she really wants to see one."

Andi was like, "Huh?"

Zach grinned. "Awesome!" He stood up.

Taisha smiled at the girl. "Come on, it'll be fun."

The girl started giggling, nervous. "OK!"

Zachary dropped his pajama pants and briefs to his ankles.

"Let's check it out," Taisha said, leaning in and reaching a hand out. She used an index finger to lift the boy's little pecker. "Check out his balls," she said.

The little eight year old leaned in close to check them out.

"Big, huh?"

The girl nodded, staring wide-eyed.

"You should touch 'em. Boys love to play with their balls, and they like it even better when girls do it!"

The girl lifted a little hand and placed her fingers under the boy's ballsack.

"Go ahead and feel 'em, explore a little. Look at him, he loves this!"

Zachary was looking down at the two girls with a big goofy smile while the sweet little girl got a hands-on anatomy lesson.

"OK, now," Taisha said, holding the little prick--now a skinny hard-on--between her thumb and forefinger, "check out the skin on the cock." She moved her thumb and finger up and down, holding the skin tight. "Give it a try."

The little girl moved her hand up from the swollen red ballsack to his shaft. She gripped the skin with her thumb and forefinger, moving them up and down.

"Cool!" She was looking at Taisha with a big grin.

"Now, instead of just your finger, use your whole hand."

The girl wrapped her fingers around the boy's little hard-on and stared pulling on it. Zachary took in a deep breath.

"Good! Now, put the head--that's the purplish part, kind of pull back the skin a bit, and put it in your mouth."

"My mouth?"

"Yeah! If you do that for a guy they'll love you forever! Right, Zach?"

The boy nodded, and little Andrea leaned down and took his head in her mouth.

"Now suck on it a little, suck on the head while you beat on his cock with your hand."

Zachary was grinning big as he stood there looking down at the little eight year old tomboy giving him head.

"Alright," Taisha said, "I'm going leave you two alone for a little while."

"Oh, man, don't leave!" Zachary said. "I wanted to..."

Taisha gestured toward Andi. "She'll do it with you."

"Yeah?" He had his hands on the back of the little girl's head now.

"Yeah, just be gentle with her, OK?"

He was grinning big now. "OK, I promise."

Taisha left the two kids alone and headed over to Jeremy's room, wanting to get some cock for herself. Jeremy, you will be surprised to learn, was more than willing to provide.

"I was wondering when you'd come back," he said. He stood up and put his arms around her and they kissed.

"The girls are doing makeovers so I thought maybe I would come and visit for a little while." As she spoke she dropped down on her knees in front of him.

Taisha loves cock. Always has. And Jeremy, he has a fine specimen. It might not be the longest dick you've ever seen, but he makes up for it with girth. His head is gigantic, a great big purply monstrosity that can't even be contained by his foreskin. And the rest of his cock is just as thick. A big ol' fatty, just like she loves.

He was at half-staff when she got his pants and boxers down, and then she just sat there and watched as that beautiful cock twitched to a full erection, that wonderful fat head pushing out of his foreskin, standing out proud and pointing right at her. If cocks could talk, this one would be screaming, "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me right now!"

She lifted her hand up and peeled back the foreskin with her thumb and forefinger, exposing the wonderful ridge of his fat cockhead. Then she lifted her other hand and cradled it under his balls. God, he has wonderful balls, they're so big and red and heavy.

She leaned in, opened her mouth just as wide as she possibly could, and took his head in.

He reached his hands down and put them on her head.

Most guys, when they grab your head, it's so they can force you to take them deep, or so they can hold them in place while they fuck your face.

But Jeremy's not like that, he's not aggressive at all . Mr Fattydick is as pussy-whipped as they come and all he was doing was just touching her sweetly while she sucked.

Oh, well, Taisha thought to herself. She really wished he'd use his fatty like a man rather than a boy, then she'd be the happiest girl on earth! But having a pussy-whipped boyfriend does have its advantages, too, of course.

She sucked him for a little while, enjoying having her mouth completely full of his big head and loving the sweaty musky taste of cock. She jacked on his dick and squeezed his balls for a while, until she finally heard him say, "Oh, fuck, Ti!" and she knew he was going to come, but she was ready for it and she took it all in her mouth.

They hung out for a little while afterwards, talking, and then Taisha figured she ought to get back to the sleepover. She said her goodbyes and started back down the hall.

Along the way, Taisha heard the noise of squeaking bed springs coming from Zachary's room. She opened the door and poked her head in.

All that she saw at first was just Zachary, naked as the day he was born, ass up in the air, pumping away. It took a moment for her to see the little girl, little Andi, underneath him. All she could really see of her were her knees, out to the side, and her arms, up above her head. The rest of her was covered by the boy, who was humping away.

Taisha stood for a moment, watching the spectacle before her, then she slipped back into the hallway and shut the door.

When she got back to the basement sleepover, the girls all asked where Andi was; she gave as noncommittal a response as she could.

"Movie time now!" Mallory announced.

They got the movie going and turned out the lights. Taisha settled down with a blanket on the couch against the back wall. She was quite happy when the birthday girl climbed onto the couch next to her and snuggled up to her underneath the blanket.

She was even more happy when the little mop-headed sweetheart, Jamaica, climbed up on the other side and snuggled next to her as well.

A few minutes later Taisha had her hand on Mallory's leg, high and on her inner thigh, and Mallory had hers on Taisha's. Taisha turned her face towards Mallory's, who looked up at her with an an angelic smile, and Taisha kissed her. The little girl immediately stuck her tongue in Taisha's mouth and they kissed and kissed, sucking on each other's tongues and exchanging saliva, and then their hands started moving, up and under waistbands and down into panties.

It's hard to say which Taisha loves more, the feeling of Mallory's smooth, bald, chubby pussy and the way she gets so wet and the way her sweet nub stands up all hard when a slick finger is sliding over it, or the feeling of the Mallory's soft little fingers poking and rubbing and twirling all over and inside Taisha's cunt.

After a couple minutes, Taisha broke their kiss and Mallory leaned her head against her and went back to watching the movie. But their hands were still down each other's pants, gently petting and playing and poking.

Taisha turned to look at adorable little Jamaica, on her other side. Oh, man, the girl had such a soft, beautiful face.

The eight year old looked up at her with the most trusting, childish look of expectation. She was obviously aware of what Taisha and Mallory had been doing a couple minutes earlier, and now she simply opened her mouth in the most inviting pose and Taisha took full advantage of it, leaning her face down and making contact with the girl's full lips.

She put her hand on Jamaica's leg, moving it up until it was on her inner thigh.

Taisha and Jamaica kissed, and Taisha moved her hand up and slipped in under the girl's waistband and down until she was feeling her beautiful immature little pussy, soft and warm and getting warmer. After a little while the girl slipped her hand down Taisha's pants, too, where she joined Mallory's fingers in a sweet, tactile exploration.

And then Taisha sat there rubbing both of the little girls's clits and kissing sweet Jamaica while Mallory slid her middle finger into Taisha's now-dripping pussy and finger-fucked her while Jamaica's fingers explored.

Taisha was so turned on that she started coming shortly after Mallory's finger slipped in, and then to her wonder and amazement little Jamaica started shaking and coming as well.

As Taisha's orgasm slowly subsided into a feeling of wonderful bliss, Mallory pulled her finger out of Taisha's pussy and lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked on the finger. Taisha noticed that several of the girls sitting on the floor around the room were staring at them, wide-eyed and gaped-mouthed.

When Jamaica's little body stopped shaking and she snuggled contentedly up to Taisha, Taisha lifted her fingers to her mouth, just like Mallory had done before, and tasted Jamaica's sweet wetness, lapping in the wonderful flavor of the little girl.

A few minutes later it dawned on Taisha that Andi still hadn't returned from Zachary's room. She climbed out from between Mallory and Jamaica, and as she stood up, she smiled when she noticed that the two girls just scooted over, right next to each other. Mallory still had her finger in her mouth, and Jamaica snuggled up against her, her sweet little head on the girl's shoulder.

When Mallory got up to the second floor, she was amazed to hear more squeaking bed springs. He's still fucking her? Damn!

She opened the door and sure enough, there was Zachary's skinny little naked butt, pumping up and down.

The boy looked over at her with a big grin.

"Still going at it, huh, Zach?"

"This is the third time!"

Little Andi's face appeared from underneath the boy and she smiled at Taisha.

"You doing OK, Andi?"

She nodded.

"Alright, well, hurry up Zach. I need Andi back downstairs before your mom gets home."

With that, Zachary started hammering the little girl like he likes to do, and a minute later he grunted as he came.

He pulled out of Andi and rolled off to the side and Taisha got a good look at the girl's hairless little pussy, red and inflamed and leaking a giant glistening wad of come. Zachary had been dumping his big loads into the girl all night and there sure as heck wasn't any more room in that tiny little pussy for any more of his come.

Andi stood up, wobbly-kneed, and pulled on her clothes. Then she stumbled alongside Taisha as they headed back to the girls' sleepover.

"Are you really OK, then?" Taisha asked the girl as she took her elbow to help the unsteady girl navigate the stairs.

"Yeah," she answered in a cute little voice. "I'm kinda sore, though. He just kept wanting to do it, over and over."

"That's a boy for ya!"

Andi giggled.

Back on the basement the movie was still going on and Taisha sat down on the floor with her back against the couch, not wanting to interrupt the two cute girls snuggling on the couch. Andi sat down in front of her, leaning back, and Taisha wrapped her arms around the girl and kissed her on the head.

"Thanks," Andi said.

Taisha smiled at the beautiful little tomboy.

It was after midnight when Ms. Williams and her date finally came home. Taisha had managed to get all the girls into their sleeping bags and the lights out and she was sitting in the livingroom reading when the two grown ups walked in.

After the usual pleasantries, Ms. Williams' date--Henry--led Taisha out to his car to give her a ride home. Once inside he took his wallet out and counted out four twenties.

"Is that too much?" he asked. "Jan and I couldn't decide what we should pay, since you had to spend like seven hours with eight nine year olds."

"It's really generous," Taisha said. She could sort of tell that he thought it was too much. Ms. Williams was probably making him pay her that much. She looked at the wad of money, and then at the man. "It's really too much."

"Yeah, that's sort of what I was thinking."

"You want some back then?" She peeled off a couple of twenties.

"No, no, keep it."

She looked at him. He was an older guy, in his forties, but he had broad shoulders and a square, masculine face. From the first time she saw him, Taisha thought he was a good looking guy.

"You're really nice," she said in as demure a voice as a girl like Taisha can muster.

Mr. Squarejaw looked at her with the sort of look she thought she might get from him.

She waited a little while to see if he would suggest anything. When it was clear that he wasn't going to, she ventured in her demure voice, "Maybe... maybe I should be nice to you, too, since you're being so nice to me?"

He had a big lascivious grin. "What do you have in mind?"

"You wanna blow job?"

He looked at her. "Fuck, girl, are you serious?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I like you, Taisha."

He pulled into a parking lot of an apartment building and had his pants yanked down to his ankles in about a half a second.

Taisha leaned over and just about gasped out loud. Holy fuck, the guy was big! He was already hard, probably so excited at the idea of getting a blow job from a teenage girl, and his dick was at least seven or eight inches long and as thick as a fucking python.

I'm gonna enjoy getting to know this cock a little better! Taisha thought to herself as she opened her mouth wide and took his big head in and started sucking.


Nickname Feedback
Anonymous bloody good... would love to have been there with all these wee 8 year olds.
poppy I love your stories, they make me so wet and juicy... just waiting to be spread wide and filled.
Thanks, poppy. This is just the sort of comment I love the most!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to jack off while I fantasize about spreading you wide and filling you up.

HOLLYWOODGIRLIE The participants seem to casual and automatized. They're kids and talking calmly even during intercourse. It's weird. There's no excitement or indication of physical or psychological enjoyment.
Yeah, I think this is a very legit comment, Girlie. I've been thinking about redoing the dialog in this story a bit. Not my best work! Thanks for the feedback.

tem Oh, wow! That was GREAT! I didn't think you'd end up using my idea, but I like how everyone got a piece in this one. I really liked Zachary hooking up Andi; there's something really hot about the idea of a 8 year old having a slightly older boyfriend, who takes full advantage of the fact that she doesn't need condoms for at least two or three years...
Thanks, tem, I definitely loved the idea of a sleepover. The second you brought it up, I couldn't stop thinking about how it would work out. Really glad you liked what I did with it! Let me know if you have any other ideas, I'm not sure if there will be a part 5 to this but you never know!

bereaved daddy While is still think your younger kids do things more quickly than is realistic, this series is a big time winner! I got harder over the activities over the youngest participants than I did the older, though I'm a little upset that our leading lady seemed to like the hard fucking and uncaring jerk experiences better than the others she had with the other boys. I spent the vast majority of Superbowl Sunday on your stories! I wasn't disappointed overall. I only hope that my "Daddy's Princess Diaries" series could get a third of the interest your stories generate.
Thanks for the feedback, bereaved. I looked for but could not find your stories--can you send me a link? I'll post it here if you do.

zoomlove The whole sires is so hot you could keep this going for some time how about some boy boy exploration but not to much?

As I was one that was introduced to sex at 9 by my baby sitter and her tomboy sister she was also my best friend it was bath night and we did it on the bathroom floor with her sisters help. god we were like rabbits after that even getting caught a few times by our mothers it all ended at 12 when she moved away.
I've never written any boy-boy stuff before. But this series would certainly be the venue to make my first effort! Might have to give it a try.

Your experience when you were nine sounds very hot. It'd sure make a good story, do you write? If so, write it up and fire me a link. If not, maybe I'll do something with it, if that'd be alright with you.

chef Nice. All 4 parts great. Will there be more?
Haven't thought too hard about a fifth part but I am soliciting ideas!

black_angel Holy fuck! God, now I'm really horny and no cocks to fill me up!
Glad to hear it turned you on, black_angel! And sorry to hear that you were left unfulfilled, hopefully fingers were a reasonable substitute?

Ice man My god, your stories are fantastic. I keep re-reading them. They never get old. The only thing from stopping me from going on is of course a tired hand haha. Keep producing these my friend, this is quality literature.
Thanks, Icey. This comment was very timely for me, when I am looking for some inspiration!

bgg dam dat is one cray cray stori
Dead_Dick Regarding the series as a whole, I'm with bereaved daddy. I was't able to suspend my disbelief that kids that young would be that precocious. Eight eight year olds of a like mind? Now if the whole cast were 2 years older . . .

Also, just a small quibble, can a blush be seen on a "chocolate colored face?"

In spite of the proceeding, I did enjoy the series. Keep on.
Ah, an erotic writer must pursue is flights of fancy, wheree'er they take him! As for the blushing chocolate face, the short answer is yes, you can find such cheeks that blush. The longer answer is that she's probably actually "mixed," which is one of my favorite styles of little girls for some reason. Thanks for the feedback!

Dannyanna Good story but I was getting mixed with all the names. I should have started at part 1
RevyTwoHand This is my favorite part so far. Hopefully you write more on this. Though I love Ti I was finding myself more interested in Andi. And was thinking I'd like to read what happened after Ti left Andi with Zachary. Maybe a short side story from Andi's perspective? I love Tomboys most of all and would love to read more about her. Honestly this was really well done.

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