"Do you think sometimes..." Twelve-year-old Ruby paused to take a sip of her hot chocolate. "...sometimes, maybe, we could 'real life cam' when my mom isn't around?"

"Oh?" he said. "You don't like it when she's with us?"

"No, it's not that, it's just..."

"Didn't you think the blowjob you guys gave me the other day was hot?"

"... when I cam, none of the guys... No, I thought it was really hot! I loved it!"

"Good! I thought it was sooo hot, myself. So did your mom."

"It's just, when I cam, I mean, when I used to cam, all the guys had girlfriends or wives..."


"...but none of them were ever there, you know?"

"Sure, I mean, obviously none of their girlfriends were there when they watched you camming."

"Yeah... But... you know... your girlfriend is there when we do it, right?"

He took sip of his chocolate, looking thoughtful. "And you like it better when it's 'one on one?'"

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, it's not really 'one on one,' there's always lots of guys..."

"But no girlfriends."

"Right." She took a big drink of chocolate, and grinned at him. "No girlfriends, except me."

Seth nodded, understanding the girl fully now. "I get it You like pretending that you're their girlfriend."

"Yeah, but... It isn't just pretend, I mean, at least not completely. Lots of the guys tell me that I'm their girlfriend. Roger used to do that."

"I understand. And I'm sure your mom will, too. I'm sure she won't mind if we do it by ourselves sometimes."

"I don't think she will either. But..." Ruby took another sip and looked up at Seth with big wide eyes. "Maybe we shouldn't tell her?" she said. "Maybe..."


"Maybe it should be secret?"


"Yeah, I mean..."

"I don't like keeping secrets from your mom," he interjected.

"...when I do it with the other guys... I know you don't... But when I do it with the other guys, it's a secret, you know?"


"Their wives would probably kill them if they knew," Ruby said, not smiling, but with a little tell-tale twinkle in her eye.


"Like Roger. I think his wife caught him."

"Yeah..." Seth looked, with a sense of wonder, at the girl. Was sweet Ruby confessing to him that she enjoys being a home-wrecker? "So you like that?" he asked her. "You like..."

"No!" she blurted quickly out.

"...that he got in trouble with his wife?"

"No! I didn't want him to get in trouble!" The girl looked a little offended.

"Sorry," Seth said, "I just..."

"It's not that at all!"

"Okay, I'm sorry..."

"It's just, I mean, I guess I just like it that guys want to play with me that badly."

"I think I get it," Seth said, finally getting it. "You like that they want to play with you so badly that they keep it a secret from their girlfriends."

Ruby nodded.

Seth grinned at her as his slow brain thought this through. "That's very naughty."

She grinned back at him. "Roger always said I was a naughty girl."

Seth polished off the last of his hot chocolate. "Ruby," he said, "would you real life cam right now?"

"Yeah!" the girl answered.

"Maybe we should do it in the TV room, in the basement?" he said. "That way, if your mom gets done shopping early, she won't..."

"Okay!" the girl said with a big excited grin. She jumped up from the table.

"...she won't catch us, and it can be a secret."

The twelve-year-old was already dashing out of the kitchen, hollering back over her shoulder, "I'm just gonna get my egg!"

"Okay! Meet you down there!"

Seth was sitting on the couch in the basement of his girlfriend's TV room when her little twelve-year-old daughter walked in. She dashed up to where he was sitting and stood in front of him, toes crossed over each other, arms behind her back, a little grin on her face.

He wasted no time. He found that he really didn't want to be interrupted by her mom, if she were to get home early. "Will you show me your panties, Ruby?" he asked her.

"Sure!" the girl answered. She tossed her little magic egg onto the couch next to him, then lifted her skirt. Seth just sat and stared at her little white panties with blue polkadots.

"I put these on special just now, when I went up to get my egg," she said, "'cause I think they're cute."

"They are." His eyes were locked on the little polkadots curving upward over her pronounced pudendum.

"The guys online like it when I wear cute panties."

"I can see why!"

She giggled, then turned around to show him her panty-clad backside. She wiggled it a bit at him, then let her skirt fall back down and turned back to face him.

"Will you show me your ass again," he asked her now, "but pull your panties down this time so I can see it naked?"

She grinned, then turned around again. She reached up into her skirt and shimmied the backside of her panties down, then lifted her skirt again and exposed her pale cheeks to him. Her ass was so skinny and small, and her hips so narrow, that they left no doubt that she was still a girl; she clearly hadn't yet started filling out in all the womanly places yet. Seth sure didn't seem to mind. His eyes were wide and twinkling with delight as they feasted on her naked rear end.

"Ruby," he said reverentially, "you have a beautiful ass."

She giggled, and shook her butt in front of him again, her thin hips sashaying side to side. Then she turned back around, holding her skirt up, her panties covering her front side but still pulled down over her ass.

"Guys are so silly!" she said. "Why do you like a bare butt so much?"

"Oh, there's lots of reasons," Seth answered with a grin.

"Tell me two," she said.

"Nah, another time," he retorted. "You need to show me your pussy now."

She smiled at him, little dimples forming on her soft cheeks and her eyes crinkling with merriment. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly began to pulled them down.

Seth watched, mesmerized, his mouth literally watering with anticipation as he watched the waistband of her panties slowly slide over her pale pubic mound. Eventually a few tantalizing little kitten curls appeared, then more, until finally she had pulled her panties down enough to expose her entire little pussy. Once again, Seth was presented with the most adorable sight he'd ever seen; Jesus she had the cutest little reddish slit between her legs. Almost immediately after she'd pulled her panties down, her skirt fell back into place, covering her sex.

"Oh!" Seth said with disappointment. "I hardly got to see her!"

She grinned. "You're just like the guys online. They always want to stare at my pussy forever!"

"She's the most adorable pussy I've ever seen."

"Really?" she asked. She lifted her skirt again.

"Uh huh," he answered, staring right at her furry kitten.

"Are you for real? You even like it better than my mom's?"

"You know I love your mom, Ruby, I love everything about her. But..."

"You like my pussy better?" She tried to shimmy her panties all the way off now, but she had to let go of her skirt to do that and eventually she just gave up and unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the ground, then pulled her panties down, too. Once she was bottomless, she reached down and spread her lips open, showing the man her dark pink insides. "You like it better than my mom's?"

"Oh god, Ruby, I think I have to start jacking off now!" was all he could say by way of an answer.

She smiled and her eyes twinkled as she watched him take off his pants. "You want to jack off while you look at my pussy?" she asked.

"Yeah..." He was already stroking his cock, staring right at her little kitten.

"That's what all the guys online want to do. They just want to stare at my pussy and jack off."

"It's the most adorable pussy I've ever seen."

She giggled. "I know, you said that already."

"I can't help it. It's the most adorable pussy I've ever seen."

She giggled again, then turned around and bent over so that her ass was facing him and he could see the reddish slit of her sex between her legs. He jacked off furiously at the sight of it. She looked back over her shoulder at him and grinned, then put her hands on her ass cheeks.

"Roger likes it when I spread my cheeks open," she said, pulled her hands apart and revealing a rosey little sphinkter hole.

"Oh god," he whispered.

She giggled, then ran an index finger over her rosie.

"He always wants me to touch my asshole."

"Oh god..."

She stood up again and turned to him. "Seriously, why do you guys like butts so much?"

Seth was panting. "It's just... I'll tell you later. Right now, I need too..."

"Tell me!"

"Ruby, will you... take your shirt off for me?"

"Um... I kinda don't like doing that," she answered.

"Why not?"

"It's just, I don't really have anything there, so I don't really like to show that off."

"I want to look," he panted. "I want to see you naked."

"Tell me why you like butts, first. Then maybe I will."

"Oh god." He had to stop masturbating, he was so close. "I just like..." he panted, catching his breath.

She started pulling her shirt up. "You really want to see?"

"...holding onto a girl's ass... Oh god yes I do!" He started jacking off again. "...holding onto her ass while I fuck her from behind."

"Really?" she said. She pulled her shirt up just high enough that her whole belly, and her lower chest, was exposed, but her nipples were still covered. "You mean, like, doggy style?"

"Yeah," he groaned. "Oh please take your shirt off, Ruby!!!"

She held her shirt right there, not lifting it any further. "That sounds nice," she said. "I've always wanted to do it doggy style."

"Ruby..." Seth panted, "I'm... I'm gonna..."

"What about anal sex?" she said. "Roger said he wanted to do that to me."

"Oh god..."

"It seems weird to use an asshole like that. What do you think? Would you want to do it?"

"I... I'm gonna..."

The little girl bit her lower lip for a moment, then lifted her shirt up over her nipples.

"Oh my god," Seth whispered, masturbating furiously as he stared at the two most adorable, delicate puffy little nipples he had ever seen. Light pink, almost cream colored, they stood up a half an inch above her otherwise flat chest. "You're breasts are so beautiful, Ruby!" he said. "You're so beautiful!"

"Really?" She looked down at her nipples. "You like them?"

"Oh god yes! They're so sexy! They're even sexier than your mother's!"

Her face lit up in the biggest smile you could ever imagine. "See? This is why I like secret real life camming! 'Cause you say stuff like that!"

"Oh Ruby it's completely true! You're the sexiest woman I've ever known!" He stood up in front of her, both hands working hard on his cock. "Ruby, I'm gonna cum now. Would it be okay if I cum on you? I really want to cum on you!"

"Yes! Please! I really want you to!"

He took a step towards her and aimed his cock upwards slightly, right at her little exposed pink nipples.

"Oh god Ruby! Oh my god!!!" And he began pumping his semen onto the girl's flat thin chest and her barely-budding breasts.

Ruby's eyes twinkled merrily at the sight of his cock, directly in front of her, throbbing with each pump; her body trembled with delight as she watched his thick cum arch out of the tip of his penis and land on her nipples, then trail down to her belly in a long viscous string. The feeling of his spurts of warm cream splashing against her bare skin made her heart race.

When he finished his ejaculation, Seth sunk backwards, down onto the couch, panting hard. The girl, meanwhile, still held her shirt up and stared down at the globs of pearl-white cum slowly oozing down her chest.

"That's my favorite part of camming," she said.

"Huh?" he responded, barely able to form a coherent thought.

"Making the guys cum..."


"Watching them..." She leaned over and picked up her egg. "...if the have their cam on, or..." She'd already turned on the egg, and, standing right in front of him, spread her kitten open with one hand, a little flash of pink flesh showing, and pressed the egg against her clit. "...ooooh... or at least when they tell me that they cum!"

Almost immediately her skinny legs started shaking and her eyes rolled up in their sockets. "Ooh! Ooooh!"

He was grinning now, overcoming his orgasm-euphoria. "You like making men cum, do you?"

"Oh yes! Oh yes! I love it!" The young girl looked like she was going to collapse in convulsions on the floor.

"God, Ruby, you're so sexy!" he said.

"The sexiest... oooh... The sexiest woman you've ever known."

"Is that what I said?" he grinned.

"It is!" she moaned, her whole entire little body quaking.

"And I meant it," he said.

With the egg still lodged against her clit and humming away like a little workhorse, the twelve-year-old girl lifted a trembling finger to her chest and wiped up a dollop of semen. She stuck the finger to her mouth and sucked it clean, and shook in a beautiful climax, right in front of Seth.

When she'd finished cumming, she took her little egg away from her clit and turned it off. Then she looked at Seth again, red-faced and smiling. "I love secret real life camming!" she said. "Let's do it together all the time!"

"Let's do," he said. He reached out and put his hands on her naked narrow hips and pulled her into him.

She climbed onto his lap, her shirt falling down now to cover her chest, her wet little kitten spread wide as she straddled his legs with her knees​ on either side of him. He sat up and slid his hands around to her ass and pulled her into him. He was already stiffening again as he felt the warmth of her girlhood make first contact with his manhood.

"Do you think..." she whispered, her words caught in a kiss as he leaned into her and pressed his lips against hers.

"What were you saying?" he asked her when he broke away, their lips less than an inch apart as he spoke.

"Do you think..." she whispered again, but this time she leaned into him and stopped her own words with another kiss. He could feel her moving her hips, settling her kitten lips onto him, and he moved his hands up to her back and held her to him.

"Do you think..." she whispered a third time, her voice wavering, "we could hook up now? Right now?"

"Oh sweetie..."

"You could cum inside."

"Oh sweetie," he panted. The girl was rubbing against him. "I would love to! But..."

"I know..." she said, with her trilling voice. "But I don't care."

"Oh god..." he groaned as she ground her pussy against his cock.

"I don't want to... oooh! ...wait until my appointment. I want to do it now!"

"Oh god..." Seth moaned, almost incoherent now. He was rock hard, and she had her pussy pressed hard against him, splayed open around his girth and rubbing hard.

"I don't care if I get pregnant!" she shouted. He could feel her trembling against his body as she gyrated her hips. "Please? Pleeeeease?!?!?"

All he could do was pant in response. He was entirely powerless to resist her.

Suddenly they heard the door upstairs open. "Hellooooo!"

"Oh my god, my mom's home!" Ruby said, her eyes going wide.

"Shit!" Seth groaned.

The girl jumped off his lap and grabbed her skirt and pulled it on. He stood up and pulled his pants back on, then looked around searchingly for the TV remote.

"We're just watching TV!" he hollered up the stairs.

They heard Jessica's footfalls on the stairs. Ruby plopped down on the couch next to Seth, and right at that moment, he noticed that her panties were still lying on the floor. He grabbed them and stuffed them in his pocket just as Jessica opened the door and walked into the room.

"Hey guys, whatcha watching? Ruby, I need some help putting away the groceries."

"Okay, Mommy, I'll be right there."

Her mom headed back up the stairs, and Ruby turned to Seth.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Oh, it's okay, baby." He pulled her panties out of his pocket and handed them to her.

"Do you think..." she said, as she pulled her panties back on, "Can I be your girlfriend?"

"My girlfriend?"

"Yeah, I mean, I know Mom is your girlfriend. But maybe I can be your secret girlfriend?"

"I would love that, sweetie."

Ruby's face lit up with a beautiful smile. "And you can be my secret boyfriend!"

"I would love that, too!"

Then Seth stood up, and took her in his arms, and kissed her. "You're the sweetest girlfriend in the history of the world," he said.

"The sweetest secret girlfriend," she corrected him.

"The sweetest secret girlfriend."

"And you're the sweetest secret boyfriend, too!" The twelve year old gave her new secret boyfriend an adorable little smile, then scampered off to join her mother upstairs.

For the next story in the tale of Ruby's new camming adventures, see Ruby Learns a New Way to Cam, Part 4: First Secret Penetration.


Nickname Date Feedback
Rudy 3/13/2017 That story sneaks up on the reader. Good job.
Tex 3/14/2017 Chris, great, hot story! You did a great job of ramping up the sexual tension between Ruby, her mom, and the boyfriend and keeping it hot right up to the eventual climaxes. I'd love to see a part 4, 5, and more, as Ruby and the boyfriend begin fucking behind her mom's back. Would love to see Ruby take a cock in her ass too; you already set the stage for that! Keep it cumming!
B 3/14/2017 In "She pulled her shit up" "shit" should probably be "shirt". In "She she'd finished cumming" "She" should probably be "When".
Thanks for the typo fixes, B.
Anonymous 3/15/2017 Fantastic, hope more are coming in the future, and soon!
Anonymous 3/15/2017 I loved all three parts great stuff had me hard as hell the entire time may be there will a part four
Stepdaddy 3/17/2017 Like this twist! Usually the helpful mother bit is so far-fetched but also removes the intrigue...this in fascinating. They are secretly hooking up behind mom's back, and one of their challenges is that they need to have sufficient ardor in reserve to "live up" to the situation in the mom-choreographed scenes.

Secret sex is the best sex. How funny that Mom may get suspicious because Seth not hard enough when openly perving on daughter.
Awesome to get a comment from you, Stepdaddy. I'm glad you like where this part went and I hope you'll like where I plan to take it in the future.
Risky 3/17/2017 Really enjoying your story line. In this day and age I suspect, well I know, that there are a whole lot more Rubys' in the world than there are Jessicas'

I recall being shocked a number of years ago when the church we were attending sponsored an "awareness" family workshop. It was cloaked in morality of course, but the point was that the kids shared with the youth counselor in groups sessions (gender separated) what the extent of their awareness and experiences were, and then met with the parents, and asked them how much they thought their kids were aware of. This was probably 20 years ago and my daughter that attended was all of 13-14 maybe. At her age I had only the most vague idea of oral sex and very little specific acts. We learned that not only were they aware, some were active. This was before internet too, so there is no doubt that my youngest was ultra aware as she was nearly 18 years younger than her oldest sister, and grew up in the age of snapchat, chat rooms and cam sites. Ruby is not an uncommon type.

Anyway, well done, hope to enjoy more!

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