[Young girl wearing tee-shirt and jeans shorts is sitting cross-legged on her bed, talking to the camera.]

So I was thinking, maybe, um, maybe I could help you masturbate?

Would you like that?

I can be your "masturbation assistant." How does that sound?

[Leans towards the camera.]

Would you like to look at my little teenage breasts while you masturbate?

I'm not like other girls who always hide them or just tease you with them, or your wife, who turns away when she changes her shirt so you can't see hers.

I'm not like that. I show mine off.

[Takes off shirt, has bra on]

I know guys like to look at titties when they masturbate. Mine are kinda small though, is that OK? They're still growing.

[Reaches around and unhooks her bra, then holds the bra cups on her breasts.]

Do you really want to see them? All the sudden I feel kinda shy.

[Gives a coy look to the camera.]

You like it when I'm shy, don't you? Maybe you should take my bra off, since I'm shy.

[Takes hands off bra cups, then hooks her finger between the cups and pulls the bra off. Holds one arm and hand over breasts to hide them, then uses other hand to pull them off and expose her breasts.]

[Sits still looking at the camera.]

Do you like them? I'm nervous, I hope you like them.

If you like them, I'll just sit here for a little while and let you look at them while you masturbate, OK? I won't look at you, so you don't have to be embarrassed, OK?

[Sits for a while, shoulders slouched, looking away from the camera.]

[Sneaks a peek at the camera.]

Is it OK if I look a little bit?

[Turns to face the camera and looks right at it, then down a bit, as if looking at something right below the camera.]

Wow, it looks really big! Can you show it to me?

[Looks wide-eyed just below the camera.]

Wow, it's so big! Your testicles look really big, too. Can you show them to me? Wow, they're so big and hairy!

[Sits back and smiles at the camera.]

Your testicles must be totally full of your sperm, huh? They're so big, it looks like they're just swollen with sperm! I bet you want to relieve them of all that sperm, don't you?

They look like they must be really heavy. I wish I could touch them. Can I touch them?

[Reaches out, under the camera so that her hand is off-screen.]

Wow, they are really heavy!

[Starts to make a motion like she is jacking the viewer off, her hand still off the camera.]

Your penis is so hard! I can't believe how big and hard it is. It's really manly. You're a big, grown up, experienced man, aren't you?

[Takes her hand away and sits back.]

Does it make you feel funny, 'cause your older than me? You're like old enough to be my dad. I don't mind, though, I kinda like it.

It's OK that you're older than me. You can fantasize about me anyway. I bet you're really experienced, aren't you? I bet you know exactly what to do with a girl like me, huh?

I need an experienced man, that's what I need. Someone who knows what to do with a girl like me. Can I be your girlfriend? Will you be my boyfriend and teach me what to do?

[Sits still and looks at the camera, smiling.]

[After a while, leans forward into the camera.]

So now that I'm your girlfriend, what do you want me to do? What do you like, when you're masturbating? I'll do whatever you like, 'cause I'm your girlfriend!

Do you want me to touch my breasts? Guys like that, don't they?

[Puts her hands on her belly and slowly moves them up, cupping her breasts and holding them up and slightly together. Holds them like that and smiles at the camera.]

Look at my breasts and masturbate. I want you to.

Do you want me to touch my nipples?

[Moves her forefingers up and lightly rubs them over her nipples.]

I like playing with my nipples. They're very sensitive, it feels nice.

I like it when guys suck on them. Do you want to suck on them?

[Goes back to holding her breasts up, hands cupped under the breasts.]

I want you to suck on my nipples.

[Leans forward so that her breasts fill the camera view, holds them like that for a while, then leans back, smiling.]

You liked that, didn't you?

I know another thing guys like is to look at boobies bouncing. You like that?

I don't know if mine can bounce. I think they're too small. What do you think? You want me to try?

[Sits up on her knees and starts bouncing a bit on the bed.]

What do you think?

[Looks down at her breasts while still bouncing.]

Is it working? Are they bouncing?

[Slouches her shoulders so her breasts are hanging down a bit, then bounces some more.]

You like that, don't you? You like watching my little boobies bounce, huh?

I hope so. I hope I'm being a good "masturbation assistant" for you.

[Sits back, smiling. Looks down slightly, as if looking at the viewer's cock. Smiles broadly.]

I see a little come on the tip of your penis! Can I... Do you mind?

[Reaches out her hand, one finger extended, under the camera view. Pulls her hand back, looking down on her finger, then rubbing her finger and thumb together.]


[Lifts her thumb and finger up to her mouth and very tentatively licks them. Makes a face, like she doesn't like the taste. Then smiles.]

It tastes funny!

[Sits back and purses her lips.]

I bet you'd like it if I sucked on your penis, wouldn't you? Do you like getting blow jobs?

[Opens her mouth wide, then lifts her hand up and makes a circle with her fingers and thumb in front of her mouth, and moves her hand forward and backward, as if jacking. After a bit, leans back a bit.]

Are you gonna come in my mouth? I know you want to, I know you like making girls taste your come. Maybe I'll let you, would you like that? I bet you would!

[Goes back to giving head again.]

Oh, you're almost ready to blow, aren't you? I can taste it!

Hold off, though, don't blow yet.

Do you want to see my panties?

[Unbuttons shorts and pulls them off. Has white cotton panties on. Sits up on knees in front of camera.]

Do you like them?

[Smiles and rubs hand over her crotch. Then sits down and spreads her legs open.]

Do you want to look at my panties while you masturbate? Look at my panties and my breasts?

[Sits still for a while with her legs spread open.]

I bet you want to look at my vagina, too, don't you?

[Hooks finger in the side of the crotch of her panties and pulls it aside enough to expose some pubic hair.]

I'm really young, though. Do you really think you should look at my vagina, since I'm so young?

[Puts panties back in place and sits back with her lips pursed.]

You're really horny, aren't you?

[Shakes her head, smiling.]

You really want to look at my little teenage pussy while you masturbate, don't you?

I don't know, I've never showed anyone my pussy before.

[Sits up on her knees.]

Maybe I'll just let you look at a little bit of my pubic hair. Would you like that?

[Pulls her panties down to expose the top of her pubic hair.]

There you go. Does that turn you on?

[Rubs her fingers through the hair.]

Maybe a little more?

[Pulls her panties down further, exposing all her pubic mound.]

Do you like it?

[Runs her fingers through her pubic hair.]

My pubic hair is really soft. You should touch it!

[Purses her lips at the camera again.]

I suppose I could take my panties off, if you really want me to. I did promise to be your "masturbation assistant," and if you really want to look at my vagina while you masturbate, then I guess I should.

[Pulls her panties off, then sits back with her legs together.]

I bet you want me to spread my legs, don't you? Just like a dirty girl in a porn magazine with my legs spread wide. That's what you want, don't you? You want me to be a dirty girl?

[Slowly spreads her legs open.]

There you go, now I'm a dirty girl.

I bet you're almost ready to ejaculate now, aren't you? Are you fantasizing about me? Are you climbing on top of me and putting your penis in my vagina?

[Leans towards the camera.]

You should know, though--I'm a virgin. You probably don't want to have sex with me, since I'm a virgin.

[Smiles at the camera.]

You do?

[Gets a serious look on her face.]

Well, you are an experienced older man, aren't you? You know what to do with a girl like me, right?

OK, I'll let you have sex with me. I'll let you be my first.

[Lays down on her back, her legs spread open.]

[Her breathing increases.]

It hurts, oh, it hurts!

[More heaving breathing.]

No, oh god, stop! It hurts too much!

Oh my god, oh my god!

[Starts moving her hips and breathing hard, moaning just a little. Does this for a little while, then lifts her head and looks at the camera.]

Are you gonna come? Don't come inside me! I don't want to get pregnant!

[Lays head back down, moves hips and moans some more. Then looks back at the camera.]

Are you gonna come now? Oh god, yeah, come! Come inside me! I don't care, I just want you to come! Come in my little virgin teenage pussy!

Oh, god, yeah, come now! Oh, yeah, come!

[Sits up and smiles at the camera.]

I hope I was a good masturbation assistant for you. I'm glad you were my first!


Nickname Date Feedback
Tina It was good!!
likesemyoung marvellous1 What a wank I had
laura very sexy story, i was wet reading it
sherilynn huum very nicely writen ! excellent !
Alphonse Oh yes. How about one for us with small dicks who like to be ordered about?
hotbeckyboo mmmm i'm wet thinking about doing it for some dirty old perv, maybe one of daddy's friends
Well now. Making my lady readers wet is my number one goal. And when they write to tell me about it, they return the favor. Thanks for the colorful comment which has had a good effect on me, hotbeckyboo! And while I am most certainly not a dirty old perv :) I would be happy to help you practice so that you are ready whenever you might encounter such a man!

Anonymous That web-cam was the best present I ever bought my daughter....
Dads who buy their teenage daughters web cams are a boon to all mankind. I, and my readers, thank you, sir.

6ULDV8 Let's produce some videos together with you as director. I'll do the casting. :-)
An excellent idea. Imagine how much fun the tryouts would be!

cocoaprincess My my you never cease to amaze me. I always cum very hard and feel extremely naughty after I read your stories. I wish I had a naughty dirty daddy ;)
Thank you so very much, cocoaprincess. It's good to hear from you again. And, I do love that nickname!

Benny I loved it. I stuck a finger in my and really blew a load. Thanks
Glad you liked it Benny and that you stuck a finger in whatever it you stuck your finger in! :)

Anonymous 10/10/2015 Do you mind if I post this to www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio?
10/13/2015 Not at all! Anon did post this to "gonewildaudio, the link is https://redd.it/3oj8cc. If you know anyone who might want to do the recording, share the link with them! I'd love to have a hot recording of this story.
RIsky 10/13/2015 Great scenario. I can picture a vid of this being a regular favorite for me, but even better is if it inspires just one young webcam girl to play this role.

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