Why does little Lucy have a pussy?
Twelve year old Lucy knows,
'Cause when her boyfriend's horny,
Pussy's where his penis goes.

And why does little Lucy have her titties?
Sweet little baby breasts?
'Cause her man, he wants to squeeze them,
So little Lucy bare your chest!

And why does little Lucy have a bottom?
A dainty twelve year old behind?
'Cause her lover likes to spank her,
And submissive Lucy doesn't mind.

And why does little Lucy have her wrists,
Tied behind her back so tight?
Because her master must restrain her,
Until she learns her lessons right.

And why does little Lucy have a mouth?
It's not just so she can talk,
'Cause when boyfriend's buddies want some action,
Pretty Lucy's sucking cock.

And why does little Lucy have a throat?
So sweet and small and tight?
'Cause her lover and his friends desire,
That she swallow cock all night.

And why does little Lucy have a face?
And such pretty eyes?
'Cause all around her, men are coming,
And she gets a sticky warm surprise.

And why does little Lucy have a womb?
A twelve year old place to breed?
'Cause when her grown-up boyfriend's ready,
He fills her baby place with seed.

Why does little Lucy have a pussy?
Sweet little Lucy don't be shy!
Spread your legs now, let the men see,
Your pretty little preteen creampie.


Nickname Feedback
jallenruf i really love how nasty this poem is. it is great form and flow. please email back for discussion.
Pederos WOW!! Your poems are just amazingly titillating!!!
Wow, many thanks, Pederos. Writing naughty poetry is one of my favorite pastimes and I'm glad you like them. I hope you also check out the poems by my guest authors. I like to think we have a pretty good collection going at the "Chris Hailey Caberet of Erotica." :)
Taffy This one's a bit more on the BD side than my I prefer, but "So little Lucy bear your chest!" should use "bare"...

I am happy to see you publishing poetry. It's a good thing. Keep doing it...
Many thanks for the typo correct, Taffy. Damn English and its stupid homonyms. Those are the hardest to catch, I think. I am very glad to have my crowd-source editors, you know, and so I think you. And glad to have another lover of "fine verse" in our midst! :)

Anonymous Bear her chest?
Black, grizzly or brown?
You are very funny, anon! Thanks for noticing my ridiculously silly mistake, I fixed it already based on the previous comment.

anonymous This poem is exactly my philosophy. I was raised a family whore for daddy, 2 older brothers and my godfather, from a preteen age. (yes they shared me with their buddies. I was a regular whore) My father, however, did not let me get knocked up. Your poem fits exactly how I feel little girls are born for. I am now 53 and cant have kids.  But the fantasy is hot as fuck.  Thanks for sharing.

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