I was laying in bed, working off my "morning wood," when I heard a creak on the stairs. My wife's brother and his family were visiting us for the weekend and they'd all left early for a day of shopping at the mall, and since I was home alone I was taking no precautions with my, um, activity. Before I even had a chance to react to the noise, my ten year old niece, Steffi, walked in through the open bedroom door. Oh, shit! I quick covered my nethers with the newspaper that was laying on the bed, but not before the girl got a good look at me sitting there with my hands wrapped around my cock and my balls out for the world to see.

"Oh, sorry," she said. She had a big grin on her face.

"Shit, I'm sorry, Steffi," I stammered. "I thought everyone was gone!"

She was still grinning. "I decided to stay home. I thought maybe you'd want some coffee." She had two mugs in her hands.

"Sure," I said, still stammering. "Just give me a sec..."

She turned around so I could pull my boxers on, then she handed me a mug and sat down on the bed and took a drink from hers.

"I'm really sorry, Steffi, I didn't know..."

"It's OK," she said, still grinning. "I know guys do that kind of thing all the time."

Sipping my coffee, my nerves settled a little. "Yeah, well," I said, not knowing what else to say or how to even finish the sentence. She looked at me over her coffee, her hazel eyes twinkling with delight at having found me in such a compromised situation. She looked, I must say, incredibly cute. She is a terribly beautiful girl, tall and thin and gangly and a vision of pre-adolescent loveliness, all legs and arms. She was wearing a cute little nightie with cartoon characters on it, thin enough that I could see, quite clearly, the shape of her puffy little nipples standing up, just barely, from her chest. And although the bottom of the shirt covered her panties, she had nothing else on, and her long tanned legs, bare and so wonderfully exposed, were causing a stirring in my aching cock, mercifully flaccid from my earlier embarrassment, but to my horror awakening again at the sight of her.

Cupping her coffee mug with both hands, she sat up "indian style," cross-legged, on my bed, such that the bottom of her nightie lifted up, and my eyes were instinctively drawn down between her legs. Now, I don't know what kind of panties ten year old girls these days are wearing, but I couldn't believe what she had on. They were little pink things, tight up against her and so small they really didn't cover her naughty parts--reddish little puffy lips peeked out from either side of the crotch.

It was inevitable, of course, that this vision caused me to get instantly hard again. She knew what was going on; she knew what I was looking at and she noticed immediately the tent that had raised in my boxers.

She grinned. "You have a boner again!"

"Yeah, sorry," I said, reaching down in an attempt to make it less visible. "It's just one of those things that happens..."

"Can I see it?"

"Huh?" I stammered like an idiot.

"Can I see it? I've never seen a boner before, I mean, not in real life at least. I mean, except for just a couple minutes ago," she grinned, "but that hardly counts 'cause I hardly saw anything."

"Steffi," I said, real adult-like and scolding.

"Come on, no one's home or anything." She uncrossed her legs while she talked, leaving her legs spread open, very obviously displaying her far-too-little panties to me. "I just want to see it."

"Oh, what the fuck," I said. The girl'd already pretty much seen my shit anyway. So I fished my shaft out of my fly and then just sat there and let her look. She stared at it, grinning broadly, while she sipped her coffee.

After a few seconds, she lay down on her side, still grinning at me. "It must be weird," she said, "having something like that."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, like, having something that big between your legs. Doesn't it get in the way?"

"It's not always this big." Although it does tend to get this way when ten year olds flash their see-through panties at me.

"I know, but still. Even when you don't have a boner it's pretty big, isn't it? Like your balls or whatever. Your balls are pretty big, too, right?"

"I don't know," I said, feeling somewhat embarrassed. "I guess."

"Can I see them, too?"

Oh, fuck. So I sat up on my knees and pulled my boxers down, then lifted my shaft up so the girl got a good view of my rocks. She was just grinning and staring right at them.

I decided right then, for better or for worse, to go for broke. "Steffi," I said, "you know what I was doing when you walked in on me?"

She grinned at me. "Yeah, you were jacking off."

"What would you think, if I did that right now? If I finished?"

A big smile spread across her face. "Yeah? Like, right now? Like, I can watch?"

"Yeah--I mean, if it's OK with you."

"OK," she said, still smiling. She sat up on her side, as if to get a better view.

The girl watched in grinning fascination as I started beating my meat, just sitting there on my knees in front of her and whacking away. As you could imagine, I was pretty much already ready to explode. "Do you," I said, a bit breathless, "want to watch me come?"


The excitement in her voice at the prospect of watching a grown man shoot off in front of her was more than I could take, and I started orgasming right then. My legs were shaking and instinctively I started rocking my hips back and forth and then pushed them forward, just as if I were shoving deep into the young girl's cunt, and the first shot of come fired out of me. I didn't really mean to come on the girl, but it was a big ass shot and she was just right in front of me so it landed, with an audible splat, right on her cute little belly. I tried to turn, to aim the next shot away from her, but it only made it worse as a really huge wad shot out of me with amazing force and landed with a long streak starting at her shoulder and down over her chest. She squealed in delight. Thankfully the next couple of shots were smaller and while a bit may have hit her, they mainly landed on the bedsheets in front of her.

"Wow," she said, looking down at her nightgown, which was soaked with come, particularly on her belly. "That was incredible!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to get it on you."

"It's OK," she said with a big smile as she was looking now at my cock, slowly going limp as the last few drops of semen dripped out of the tip.

"We should probably wash that shirt," I said.

"Yeah," she replied. And then to my amazement, she simply sat up on her knees and pulled the nightie off. She gave me a little smile as she saw me looking at her bare breasts; well, "breasts" isn't really the right word--they were just little dollops of creamy pink nipples standing up from her chest, and no more than a hint of soft flesh beginning to bud underneath them, holding the puffy nipples up just a little bit.

She used the nightie to wipe off a bit of come that had soaked through the thin fabric, then handed it to me with a coy little smile. I climbed off the bed, still bottomless, and was surprised to see my little guy already at half-mast again. I fished one of my shirts out of the closet and as I walked back to hand it to her, I was fully erect and she was grinning as she stared at my "boner."

She pulled my shirt on and I pulled my boxers on and we headed downstairs to the laundry.

"Let's make some breakfast!" she bubbled once I had her nightie in the washing machine.

"'K, what do you want?"

"Can we make pancakes?"


She looked absolutely adorable as we cleaned up after breakfast, the tails of my shirt covering her panties well enough but still giving me a wonderful view of those fabulous long girlish legs. More than once I felt my guy begin to swell again, and a couple times he made his way out of the fly of my boxers and she grinned at the sight of him.

"So," I said when we'd finished the dishes, "what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" Her eyes twinkled unmistakably, and I knew that she wanted to do exactly what I wanted to do, or at least that she'd be willing to give it a try.

But, I knew it was a bad idea. A very bad idea. Heck, what had already transpired that morning would get me five to ten, if I was lucky. Let's don't go there! "We could go for a bike ride," I said. "There's a nice nature reserve not far away and you could ride Cindy's"--my wife's--"bike."

"That sounds like fun," she said. But she sounded a little disappointed.

"Did you have something else in mind?" I asked her. Maybe my guilt would be assuaged a bit if she were the one that suggested it.

"I don't know." She gave a coy little smile, maybe a little nervous. It was obvious she wanted me to suggest something more.

"Well," I said, feeling disappointed but not knowing what else to do. "We need to make sure your nightgown is out of the wash before we go, and I need to take a shower..."

She smiled. "OK. I should prob'ly take a shower too."

I was hard as a rock as I went down to put her nightie in the dryer, thinking about the prospects of taking a shower with little Steffi. She hadn't actually suggested it but I knew it was what she meant. I didn't even try to hide my erection as I came back upstairs, and she was staring at it with her sweet little smile.

I took her by the hand and led her up to the bathroom, then started the shower. Then I took off my shirt and dropped my boxers. The young girl was staring at my rock hard cock.

"You have a boner again," she said.

"Yeah. I was thinking, Steffi, maybe we could take a shower together?"

"OK," she said, sounding nervous. But despite her nervousness, she started unbuttoning my shirt, then took it off, revealing her precious little buds again. Then she shimmied out of her little panties and the sweet ten year old was naked.

She just stood there for a moment and let me admire her. Her long legs were so beautiful, thin and tan. She had no hips to speak of, which made her look quite young, just a girl, just a little filly, and while she had her legs together, I could see the top of the cleft of her pussy and the pale skin of her little clit. She had no pubic hair, not even a little bit, she was completely bare. I raised my eyes and admired her adorable little budding breasts, such sweet little girlish bumps.

I took her hand and we climbed into the shower together. A second later, my hands were all over her, soaping up her little breasts, then "cleaning" her down between her legs. She was hesitant to touch me, so I handed her the bar of soap and led her hands down to my cock. "Don't get any in the little hole," I told her, "'cause that hurts."

It was thrilling to watch the young girl clean my penis. She was cautious and careful but obviously enthralled. She lifted my shaft and ran the soap over my balls, then I took the soap from her and she simply touched me, felt me, for a while. I reached down between her legs and started fingering her clit, and she looked up at me with a nervous little smile.

Then I moved into her, bending at the knees and directing the head of my cock in between her legs. She put her hands on my sides and looked up at me as I started rubbing her clit with my head.

"Are you gonna... Are you gonna have sex with me?" she asked.

"I'd like to, if you want to."

"Oh, man," she said, very nervous.

"It's OK if you don't want to," I said, pulling my cock away from her.

"No," she said, still holding onto my sides. "It's OK, you can, I'm just really nervous."

I kissed her on the forehead as I directed my cock back between her legs. "I'll stop whenever you tell me to."

She nodded, looking up at me with sweet wide doe eyes. This time, my head didn't linger at her clitoris; I directed him down and into the folds of her vagina. Gripping my cock tightly with one hand, I put my other hand on the small of her back to act as a counterbalance, and I pushed into her. She gasped, I pushed harder. She let out a little sound, a moan or a cry, and I used all of the force my hands could muster to push even harder into her and I felt her hymen begin to tear.

She was holding herself tight against me, her hands around my back and her fingernails digging into my shoulderblades, her little baby breasts pushed against my chest, her face pressed hard into my neck. I heard, and felt, her moan again as I pushed hard into her one more time, feeling my cockhead burrow into her, past the remains of her violated maidenhead. Then, having succeeded at taking the girl's virginity, I pulled my cock out of her.

"How are you doing?" I asked her in a whisper. "Are you OK?"

Still holding me tightly, she looked up at me with her doe eyes, big and wide. It was hard to tell in the shower, but I thought I saw little tears welling. But she just nodded.

I grabbed a washcloth and wiped off her privates. "There's a little blood," I said, "from your hymen." She just nodded again. Then I wiped her blood off my head, and directed him down into the cleft of her vagina again. This time I burrowed fairly easily into her until I felt her tight pussy clamping around my entire head, and I pushed in deeper, burrowing even further into the glorious unexplored territory of her pre-adolescent vagina. She gasped.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"It hurts," she said into my neck.

"I won't go any deeper," I said, "unless you want me to."

I felt her nod in acceptance against my neck, and I started fucking her, pulling my head out and pushing it back in, trying hard not to push in too far. Just having my head massaged by her incredibly tight vagina, tiny like a girl's little pussy, but warm like a woman's slutty cunt, was ecstasy enough for me.

After fucking her like this for a little while, I decided I needed a better angle, especially if I wanted to get any deeper into her. Besides, we were beginning to run out of hot water for the shower. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was to pull out of her, for fear that she wouldn't want me to put it back in, but I knew this wasn't going to get me off, at least not anytime soon. So I pulled out and said, "Steffi, we should go into my bedroom."

She nodded again, but this time it was accompanied by a sweet little smile, and for the first time I realized that the little girl was actually enjoying this.

We quickly toweled off and then I took her hand and we walked, naked as Adam and Eve, to my bedroom. I didn't have to tell her what to do when we got there; she climbed right onto my bed and lay down on her back. I climbed onto the bed as well and she opened her legs for me.

I entered her easily, my head forcing her little pussy open. She closed her eyes and arched her back as I started fucking her, just using my head, just passing my head in and out of her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me, breathing hard. "You should go deeper," she said quietly.

She squinted as I pushed further into her, scrunching her face as if in pain, her breath now short, in her throat.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes," she said. "Go deeper."

I pulled back and pushed in further still, and she let out an audible sound, a moan or a cry.

"Does it hurt?" I asked. I was honestly concerned that I was tearing her apart.

She nodded vigorously, but said, breathlessly, "It's OK." She was panting. "I want you deeper. I want you in all the way!"

I took this as permission to really start fucking her, to fuck her goddamn brains out. So I lay down on her, pulled back, and rammed into her as hard as I could. She let out a loud cry. I pulled back and rammed into her again and she cried out loud again. She had her arms around me now and was digging her fingernails into my shoulderblades, just like she had done in the shower.

The third time I slammed into her, I reached the full depth of her young vagina, my cock head ramming into her cervix. No more than three-quarters of my shaft was in her. She cried out again.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

She had her face buried into my neck again and I felt her nodding. I wrapped my arms around her and I held her tight, we held each other tight, as I started fucking her, very hard, very aggressive, giving the young girl one hell of a thrashing. Each time I pushed in, my cockhead slamming into her cervix, she cried out, muffled now with her mouth right against my neck.

It did not take long for me to come. I slammed into her as far as I could, my cockhead against her cervix, even pushing through the thick, warm flesh so that the tip of my cock was peeking into her sweet little immature womb. I held myself there, deep inside her, and I exploded, firing a huge and wonderful load of come directly into her uterus. She cried out, and I cried out as well, and I pulled back and slammed in again, into her womb again, and fired another load. Finally I was completely drained and I just lay on top of her, both of us holding tight to the other, my cock impaling her completely, both of us panting.

I kissed her as I pulled out, and she was looking up at me with her sweet little smile, a pained but wonderful expression, like she has just discovered what sexual pleasure really is.

We cleaned up the mess we'd created and I got her nightie out of the dryer, and then we went for the bike ride I'd suggested. It was a wonderful time; we stopped for lunch at a little place by the nature preserve. When we got back from the bike ride, the family was home from shopping.

"Did you have fun?" her dad asked her.

"Yeah!" she said with a big smile.

Steffi and I never had sex again after that day. The next time I saw her, she was a beautiful, womanly teenager, and although she gave me a secret little knowing smile, we never had a chance to be alone, so I never found out if she'd be willing to have sex with me again or not.


Nickname Date Feedback
JJ Nice story thanks
Anonymous Fiction I know but I never quite get it doing something that hurts a child by ramming a dick as hard as one can in a virgin cunt.
Thanks for the feedback, Anonymous. I understand your point, but I thought I did decent job of making sure it was completely consensual and, while the sex eventually was rough (and I confess I often like rough sex in my stories!), he was pretty gentle with her at first, I think!

Ron Just like nearly all the writers of underage sex stories, you attribute dialogue, thoughts and actions to your young character that are well beyond her years. I realize this is fantasy, but it doesn't help the fantasy to be jerked out of it with unlikely events.
Thanks for the feedback, Ron, your point is definitively well-taken. I agree that Steffi is unrealistically sexually receptive for a ten year old. It is difficult though, as I'm sure you know. I've done better, I've done worse! However I do take issue with one thing you say: You refer to dialogue that is "well beyond" Steffi's years. I gotta disagree with you there. In my experience most writers of this sort of fiction err in making the children too stunted in their language ("pee-pee" instead of "vagina," that sort of thing). I like my lolis to be smart, so if you're expecting a kid that doesn't know the correct word (words) for penis, or can't otherwise hold a normal conversation with an adult, then my stories definitely aren't for you!

Lil'K incredible story, love the delicate and rough combo, really did it for me. Bravo
Bernie Fantastic story. Lovely. Great stuff, thanks. Keep up the good work and anything else that might come to hand.
bob Would love you to do a story like this but with some consensual spanking of the butt. Maybe even have the girl ask for a paddling because she had read about it. She ends up shyly enjoying the sting.
Great idea Bob. I'm going to work on that one!

Abu It is a successful story,I like your narrative,and the simple language you treated the story with.I would like to see more seduction from the male,and more blushing from the innocent little creature.. By all standards you did a nice job. Thanks.
bill Good story a stroking good time lol. And much like u did I gotta disagree with Ron. Back in the day, digest magazines allowed stories (whether true or not ill never know) of underage sex. One of my favorites was the retelling of a story set in the 1950s of a girl who was 9 at the time with her 12 year old female cousin. They were in the family's barn hayloft & the older girl was teaching her little cousin how to masturbate. Then the older girl's 19 yo older brother caught them. The 12yo said she had already had sex with a neighbor boy & if her brother wouldn't tell on them they could have sex. So they did. Of course the 9yo said she couldn't fully take her older cousin until she was about 11 or so. According 2 all she said it was a true story. So yes a 10yo could easily take an adult penis if done right.
bratovichc The story is exciting from beginning to end. But I would have liked if the small Stefie had 5 or 6 years old. More exciting would be if little were younger.
Anonymous Did you get her pregnant? That is one of my fantasies to knock up a under aged girl.
Anon-kun Nice story man. Was this inspired by something? Or did you write this for someone? Because Steffie doesn't strike me as a typical american/british abbreviation for Stephanie.
Ron Chris, Please don't put words in my mouth. I did not suggest using "pee-pee" in place of "vagina" nor do I welcome any other suggestion you have that is intended to degrade my commentary. If you hang around playgrounds as I do you will not hear eight-year-olds speaking as Steffi does, nor any others who are as precocious as the few child actors we see in film. Apparently my point was not "well taken." You further devalue your argument when you claim that most writers err in attributing more juvenile language than their characters ages. You don't read much do you? Take the criticism; learn from it; move on.
Sorry we got off on the wrong foot, Ron. I didn't mean to suggest that you came up with the "pee pee" vs. "vagina" example, but rather that that's one thing I see a little too much of in loli fiction. (BTW, Steffi is ten in the story, not eight; there is a world of difference both physically and intellectually between a ten and an eight year old).

Lorna I think your writing is excellent and realistic. I had a sister who spoke and thought like that at 8 yo, and I am pretty certain I did too at that age. There seems to be a male phobia of little girls who can express themselves in polysyllabic words. Lorna
Thanks so much for your kind words, Lorna, and for your supporting comments on my opinion about girls' language. Like I said, I like girls in my stories to be smart above all else. Smart is sexy even in loli fiction!

Brody Pretty good story. Actually rather hot! 1) regarding the "dialogue too mature" sort of thing. Maybe. I've had that argument thrown at my stories too. (Look up "Ginny" for example.) But I (and a few others) would far rather have something a little too mature than something a little too immature. Most writers have no clue how to pull off writing dialogue for a youngster. If you hang around playgrounds as Ron mentioned, you will never hear how some children can communicate with adults. I've been blessed to hear a lot of children speaking to adults. Some of them (even at age 10) can border on grownup sounding--not all the time, but sometimes. 2) Typos. Yep. there are a bunch here, but in general I wasn't distracted by them. Should they be fixed? Yes. Eventually. (And maybe I'll fix mine eventually too.) 3) You really need to have another chapter! You end with "...although she gave me a secret little knowing smile..." And that just BEGS to have at least one more rendezvous. I mean, don't uncles visit more than once? :-)
Anonymous Thanks for such great perspective! Just discovered your writing, also Dancing In The Sunshine and First Nude Blush. Am looking forward to lots more of your work!
mother_of_two I came 3 times in reading your story! Amazing!
Man do I love this kind of comment, mother_of_two! I just about came reading your comment! I hope you found similar enjoyment with some of my other stories, too.

Big papa Wow I started to read little steffi I could no even finish it before I blew my load wow
Awesome feedback, Big papa! Thanks! I love knowing that people enjoy my stories this much.

Uncle John Good story. I do agree with the idea of another chapter, not too far in the future ( perhaps months) after Steffi has had time to mentally process what happened. Perhaps after she's done some internet research and has some things she'd like to try? On the subject of maturity level of Steffi's language, as the father of 4 daughters I can tell you that most 10 yo girls are quite capable of having conversations concerning sexual subjects on a higher level than most adults imagine. Eavesdrop on a group of preteen girls looking through moms old Cosmo magazines and you may be surprised at some of the comments you'll hear ( I once overheard an 11yo friend of one of my daughters wonder aloud about the size of a boy band members "cock"). You'll most likely never hear adult level sex talk from preteens if they know an adult can hear them.
peterbensonxxx Absolutely loved the story. Will have to read more.
Tom Wow that was a cool story, I hope there are more stories or will be MORE stories in the future.
Anonymous2 Loved the story. I never have understood why so many writers include penetration of the cervix in their stories. If a penis is long enough to push against the cervix, it rolls aside (up really) and the back of the vagina stretches to accommodate the extra length.I know these stories are fantasy, but don't stretch reality to far. Also, please keep writing while I search for more of your stories.
Thanls for the kind words Anonynous2. I'll confess I know next to nothing about the cervix except that when my head bumps up against it during sex (I mean, I think that's what's happening!), it feels wonderful. That's what I'm attempting to capture here. If my anatomical description is wrong at least my head is in the right place. Tee hee.

Anonymous you do not say if steffie had an orgasm. the nicest part of sex is getting your partner to enjoy it
Anonymous I realy came good from little steffi getting her first insest cock.i can feel it deep in me like my first insest
jooses thank i just clean up my board wooooooo
geeman121 Hi I loved the story Is it possible for an 8 yr, 9 yr,10 year old to have an organism ? I didn't think so ? I knew a little girl once who loved to straddle her uncle's lap and wriggle for ages on his bonar.
hiya i came before you did in the story. and i amd stroking now. loved the penetration of the piece.
my favorite kind of feedback. So glad you liked it hiya!

geofred great cum-inspiring story.Agree with Bratovitch .One woman I knew said that she had sex with her father aged six. He was so gentle about the preliminaries that she enjoyed it. a man's penis can penetrate the cervix of only very young girls, which is one reason why the fantasy of cumming directly into a little girl's womb is so exciting.
Anonymous there is no way a penis can open the cervix and penetrate the uterus. aside from that the story was very good.
JoJo Love your stories, all of them. I look at asstr everyday looking for new ones. Would it be possible to include anal in your stories? I believe there is a brief anal episode in the stories with the young punk girls. Thanks!!
Thanks so much Jojo, glad you like my stories. I promise I'll try to work some anal into some stories soon! It's out of my "comfort zone" as a writer, but that's all the more reason to do it, right?

carefull_father I enjoyed this story very much! Had me aching for release the whole day. Would you please write another where a/the 14 girl(s) is the seducer?

Keep them cumming!
bereaved daddy Good story. I am with the slight minority about the youth's language, and I've been around girls that age a lot in competition and social situations. But I am admittedly in a more conservative community which has a serious misunderstanding about children and sexual situations, so I attribute my surroundings and local attitudes to my perception of the issue. I find it difficult - admittedly due to my biases - to believe a 10 year old first timer would really be as fond of such a rough first experience as Steffi would, but I'm a different kind of writer on the subject. There is much more to like about your story than to protest about. And the vast majority of the above readers seem to support that fact. I look forward to more of your tantalizing stories.
Barbie I just love pedo stories; especially if they are well written as this one is.

I am also a writer but my stories all involve mature women and preteen girls. If you, or any of your readers enjoy that genre, you can find my collection of stories at Lesbian Lolita.com. My pen name is Barbie Doll.
Thanks so much for the kind word and the suggestion. I've read some of your stuff before, I just love Lebsian Lolita! Great site, great writing. Readers, here's a link to Barbie Doll's stories. Pay her a visit!

botero2012 amazing story tks
Bb Nice story. But what happened to flower pedals series
Thanks Bb. I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to when you say "flower pedals series." Are you referring to the story The Flower, that I published under the pseudonym Chris Jorgenson on Loliwood Studios? I've never thought about turning that story into a series. I think it is pretty much just a stand-alone story. Or, are you referring to something else?

HUBBY You can feel the head of your penis sliding past the uterus rather than through the little hole in it. The woman might not feel comfortable when that happens.
Thanks, Hubby. Yep, I got the anatomy a bit wrong in this one! A little suspension of disbelief is required I suppose, but hopefully it's still hot! :)

leo120 I may be late, but for the person who ask if an 8,9,or 10 year old can orgasm: the answer is Hell Yes!!!! I am living proof. I'm 28, and I've been masturbating since i was 7. (Its a long dirty story.):-)
You know that's a long dirty story I want to hear, leo. Check for an email from me and/or post it here again!

LadyOfSin It's been awhile since I've cum to your naughty Lolli stories, Chris. This is absolutely my new favorite. I was instantly wet when she showed him her panties. I came 3 times wishing I was her. My pussy has never felt so tight. Amazing job as always.
Wow, Lady, how wonderful to get a comment from you. Thanks for making my day--and for making me hard as a rock! Hope all is well with you and you know your adoring fans await your writing with great impatience!

Anonymous Chris, it's disgusting that you are posting your own stories to Readers' Favorites at ASSTR. You even include faked reviews written as if they were from readers. After seeing you do this for quite some time I've grown very annoyed at this deceptive practice. Grow up.
Thanks so much, Anon! Unfortunately, you dropped this pearl anonymously, so I can't ask you why you imagine I am doing such a thing.

Readers, I am vexed. Help me out here, please flood me and my guest authors with your comments, reader's favorite postings, and reviews. Critical or plauditory, all feedback is welcome! Anon thinks you are make-believe! Although, of course, Anon himself might just be a figment of my obviously overactive imagination.
manu I and my wife have read you story twice.
Thank you so much, manu! I edited out the rest of your comment for publication, but I enjoyed it a great deal and would love to ask you questions about it, if you'd be interested. Leave another comment with your email this time and we can talk further.

flash Great story. I'm a fan of your style. Thanks for the literature.
Brody I seriously doubt that Chris makes up his own reviews. I know he didn't make up mine (and I've dropped a couple on him before). I enjoy reading his stories and this one is a very delightful trip into Sensual Land. Lots of good build up and a great pay off. So keep up the good work, Chris. Ignore the nay-sayers.
Thanks, Brody. Always good to hear from you! And folks, Brody is not a figment of my imagination! :)

Dana 1/21/2016 From Steffi's eyewitness experience of the guy's solo stimulation in the beginning of the story to cleaning up the mess at the end, this story is really exciting. I don't know enough to comment on the anatomical stuff, and maybe it does get a little too rough, but there's great build-up, great details, making you one of the best, Chris!
tropical angels 1/22/2016 In my experience, Chris Jorgenson / Hailey has no need to self-promote his work. It does it all on its own..... P.S. Its SO WARM in the tropics I encourage those who can, to ..leave the Polar Vortex to the bears (not Pedo-Bears ..they're here already !), and come on down ..
And you come on up here for some pretty northern ladies and some ice skating my friend! :P
simone 11/8/2016 First a great story had me wet and playing

second I started my sex life early 10 with my dad by 11 he had introduced me to my first K9 lover who used to go second after my dad, my dad never went through my cervix but Sam our Lab always did,after my daddys sperm soaked and softened my cervix. some will tell you it cant happen and that if it does a girl gets no pleasure from it, they[re wrong in fact now I am older if I am going to have a multiple session with my dogs (I have 2) I often take Misoprostol to soften my cervix,

A female doctor and K9 I fuck with told me that for some girls have a reaction to human sperm is very akin to using a dilator drug,

Anyway I got used to it as a young girl and love it.
lovelicken 11/9/2016 Great story. Reminded me of my 12 yo niece. Not exactly the same circumstances, but close enough for a great cum. Thanks for your detailed, adventurous and imaginative stories. Please keep up the great work.
Wombat 11/12/2016 Girls can masturbate and have orgasms at a very young age. I asked a carer at a day-care centre when my daughter was 11 months old. She laughed and told me that all the girls do as they go to sleep.
Paul 3/28/2017 Wow.I blew my load to that. Your stories are great. Got me looking at my grand daughters in a new light. Fantasy only. They feature in my masturbation fantasies now.
Paulxxx 4/2/2017 Wow. i blew a heavy load in tribute to that story. Wish she had been here with me. Her puffy breasts bald pussy would have been cum splattered. Love to read another story where he sodomises her. Full descriptions too. The head of his penis entering her tight spincter. Her tight anal passage gripping his cock. His cum filling her bowels
You seem to have the story almost written already, Paulxxx! Go for it, there's more than enough fun with a Little Steffi to go around!
missy 5/7/2017 I have my favorite authors here and Chris is definitely one of them I love his stories and thanks for this story too oh yeah and all the orgasms hehe .... I grew up (from a very young age) in a very loving way and his stories bring back so many beautiful fun memories ... Thanks again Chris
Thank you, too, missy, for sharing your memories with us. I'm glad my stories bring back fun memories. If you ever feel like sharing yours in more details, feel free to drop a line!
kputana 5/12/2017 Ohhh man,,, I am cumming reading this hot story....I would like that Steffi was younger...ten years is good but...if Steffi had 4-5 or 6 y.o this story would be more beautiful, exciting, hot. Congratulations.
Big Sal 5/15/2017 Just like Ron's comments, I agree if her character sounds more like a teenager vs preteen. but good never the less
SP33D3R 5/16/2017 Excellent story! Can't believe how hard this made me. I will definitely be looking for more.
mister 5/19/2017 A great story that was well written. I truly wish it was better known just how much talent is writting stories of these types.
tokyomans 5/22/2017 Great story! Well written and hot.Write more about young ones getting fucked!

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