"Well, Thomas seems to be getting along well with you," the man behind the big oak desk said absentmindedly as he paged through a document that sat on the desk in front of him.

"Oui, Monsieur... Yes, sir. He is a very good boy."

"Yes, he is." Mr. Fredrickson shuffled through a few more papers, then looked over his reading glasses at the black girl who sat very straight in her chair in front of him. "And the other children?"

"Oh they are fine, too, Monsieur... Sir... Mr. Fredrickson. They're very nice."

"You can call me Henry, Josefine. I'd prefer it."

"Yes, sir, Mr. Henry, sir."

He looked crossly at her for a moment. "And your name, Josefine. It's quite pretty."

"Thank you, sir... Henry..."

"May I call you Josie?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good." Josefine felt her dark cheeks grow warm as she sat before the man's critical gaze. "This clothing," he said, waving his hand dismissively in her direction. "Is this your school uniform?"

Josefine looked down at her outfit, a simple white blouse and gray jumper. "No sir, I'm not in school at the moment. This is..."

"Not in school?"

"No sir."

"You seem like an intelligent girl. Why are you not in school?"

"I have eighteen years, sir."

"Yes, of course, but then you should be at the university."

"Yes, sir, as soon as I have enough money, I will go."

He nodded. "Study business. It's where all the jobs are. Your clothing is too formal. Loosen up a bit."

"Yes, sir." Almost involuntarily, she lifted her hand to the collar of her blouse and unfastened the topmost button. This brought a smile to the man's otherwise stern countenance.

"Much better, Josie," he said. "Here in the States, you'll find we don't stand much on formality." She tried to smile at him. "Now, this is my office," he said as he swept his hand through the air. "Feel free to visit me here, when I am in, but it is very important that you understand that my office is off-limits to the children. They are not to disturb me when I am working, nor come in here when I am out."

"Yes," Josefine said, remembering not to add "sir" this time.

"This is why I mention Thomas specifically," he continued. "We've had many au pairs, Josie, but none of them have to been able to control the boy. He is a very active child, and always wants to play catch, or go fishing, or climb trees." He looked squarely at his new au pair. "Do you fish, Josefine?"


He made a disgruntled face and returned to the papers on his desk. "Do you play baseball? Or climb trees?"

"I... I... I can climb trees."

"Well, find something to occupy his time, would you? I can't have him bothering me all day when I'm working."

"Yes, sir, Henry, sir."

He looked at her again. "Is there anything else then, Josie?"

"Um, no, sir."

"Okay then. Dismissed."

"Yes, sir." She stood, curtsied in the direction of the man behind the large oak desk, and showed herself out of the room.

Dear Diary, Josefine wrote in her native French, here carefully translated to English by your thoughtful and hard-working erotic story writer,
Mr. Fredrickson is so nice! He always asks if I am comfortable, and instructs the staff to make sure I feel at home in their house. He calls me "Josie," and has told the staff and children to do the same. Mostly, he's away for his work. Being a CEO takes so much time! But when he's home, he sits in his office doing work and does not like to be disturbed by the children. At these times it is my job to make sure the children behave, and if they do not, he scolds me and I must hang my head. He can be very stern!

The Fredrickson's home is huge! It is like the size of a grand palace back home! And it looks out over the bay. I am sure they are very, very rich. The children have an entire floor of the house devoted to their rooms, and I sleep in the cozy attic space above them. It is a very nice clean space and I am most happy there. There are three children in my care, Mary is the youngest, a darling child of three, Anna the middle, at eight years, a very bright child whom I adore. Thomas is the oldest. He is ten years old and quite a handful! I already spied him sneaking up the stairs to my room to peek while I put on my nightgown. The little rascal! There is no lock on the door to the stairwell, and my room is open at the top of the stairs with no screen or other protection from prying eyes. I'll need to be cautious around this boy!

Mr. Fredrickson also has two older children by his first wife, but they are adults and do not live in the house with us. He is older than Mrs. Fredrickson by many years, and is quite distinguished in his looks and manners. He has gray hair about the temples and flecks of the same color in his brown hair, and he always dresses so sharply! Fine tailored Italian suits are his favorite wear when he meets with others, although he dresses more casually when he is not working. He plays tennis and asked me if I play, and when I told him I do, he promised to take me to their clubhouse with him for a game. I do look forward to that! He had some men over for luncheon today and he invited me to dine with them. Mrs. Fredrickson was out and I felt like I was playing the lady of the house for these men! Mr. Fredrickson was very kind during the luncheon, asking me questions about my schooling and my friends at home. He wanted particularly to know how many boyfriends I have! That was such a very personal question that I began to wonder if he wished to set me up on a date with one of the younger men at the luncheon. I wouldn't mind, even though they all were much older than me, but in my opinion, none of them compare with Mr. Fredrickson. He is much handsomer and more gentlemanly. Oh and also he asked me to call him Henry. I keep forgetting!

I'll write more soon!
Josefine "Josie" :)

The next morning, Mrs. Fredrickson had brunch in the breakfast room with several ladies. Josefine was not invited to join them, but Mrs. Fredrickson sent the maid to find her and inform her that she was to present the children to the ladies. This caused a flurry of activity as Josefine readied them for presentation. It was simple to get Mary, the youngest, ready; she loved to play dress-up, and all that was needed to get her to wear a pretty gown was to pretend it was a game. Anna was harder; she preferred jeans or shorts, with sneakers and a tee-shirt, and could not understand why Josefine cared how she dressed to meet a few of her mother's boring old lady friends. They eventually compromised on capris and a blouse and a pair of sandals.

But Thomas, he was such a handful. He refused to cooperate when Josefine tried to comb his unruly hair, and was very much opposed to putting on a suit, and only seemed to accept the idea once she had praised him for his fine good looks. He also claimed to not know how to tie a tie, and so Josefine tied it for him. She felt rather self-conscious as she leaned over the boy and he simply stared down her blouse, which she wore now with the top buttons unfastened as Mr. Fredrickson had told her to do. She thought about telling Thomas that it was very rude for a young man to stare at a girl's bosom like he was, but on the other hand, she found that it held his attention enough that she could finally get his tie finished and his hair combed, and so she did not mind too much.

Mrs. Fredrickson was not very pleasant during the time that the children and Josefine were in the breakfast room. She had many critical things to say, both about the children and especially about Josefine's appearance.

"Josefine should take a lesson from Enrique in how to properly apply her makeup, yes?" she said to her lady friends as they sipped their mimosas.

The ladies all agreed, murmuring about what a brilliant talent Enrique was as.

"She wears so much eye makeup," Mrs. Fredrickson continued, "and rouge. I don't know about the customs for a black girl in France. Perhaps there it is 'fashionable' for such a girl to do herself up like a whore. But here in the Hamptons..."

Josefine was ashamed to have Mrs. Fredrickson make such a disfavorable comparison about her, and in front of the children, no less! In front of young Thomas! She swore that she would wear less eye makeup from that day forward.

"No doubt," another of the ladies said, "the girl came here to find a rich boy to marry." The lady laughed, and the others joined her, and tipped their champaign glasses to their mouths, then held them in the direction of the maid to have them refilled. "I swear," the lady continued once she had a full glass again, "I've seen it so many times. I've told my agency repeatedly that I want a sweet quiet girl from a northern country, not one of these sluts with their exotic looks and fancy Mediterranean accents. Our boys don't stand a chance against such a girl. And once they've knocked her up, she's got her claws in them for life."

"Good point, Mildred," an older blue-haired woman said. "You there," she spoke to Josefine, "are you on the pill? Probably not," she said disdainfully to the other ladies before Josefine could answer. "She's probably Catholic. You should make sure she's on the pill, Sandra. You owe it to the boys in town."

"The other thing these au pairs do," another lady said in a quieter voice, while the others leaned closer to hear and the children fidgeted from increasing boredom. "They go after our husbands." The ladies all nodded in agreement. "It makes them feel special, to have grown men lust after them."

Mrs. Fredrickson glared over at Josefine. "What are you still doing here, girl?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am." Josefine curtsied. "I'll... I'll see about going to this man Enrique that you mentioned, ma'am, and..."

The ladies laughed. "Enrique charges far more than a working girl can afford," Mrs Fredrickson told her, "and I'm certainly not paying for you to consult with him."

"Yes ma'am, I mean, no ma'am. I'll make sure to wear less eye make-up, ma'am."

"Good, do that." The woman waved the girl off with a shake of her hand. "And button up your shirt, for god's sake. No one wants to see your tits hanging out like that."

Wide-eyed, Josefine grabbed the neck of her blouse with one hand, gathered the children up with the other, and ushered them out of the room.

Dear Diary,

I caught that rascal Thomas sneaking up the stairs again tonight! He was sitting just below where the steps curve around, watching through the slats in the railing. I don't know how long he was there or what he saw. He's very sneaky. Not that I really care, I think it's funny that he goes through all this effort just to get a little peek. Maybe next time, I'll let him see what he wants. Maybe that'll be enough for him and he'll knock it off.

After the ladies' brunch this morning, I took the kids to the beach. That was beautiful and a lot of fun. At the brunch, Mrs. Fredrickson told me that she didn't like the way I do my makeup, so when we got back from the beach, I went on the internet to find some makeup tips from Americans, so that I could look more respectable. It didn't help. Most of the tips seemed to be things that Mrs. Fredrickson would like even less. So I just tried my best.

At dinner, Mr. Fredrickson asked me why I had my shirt buttoned up to my collar again. He reminded me that family dinner at their household was not a formal affair. He then asked if I changed something else about my appearance. Maybe the way I wore my hair? I told him that my hair hadn't changed, but that I had heard that my makeup wasn't appropriate for a person in my position, and that I had done it differently. This he labeled "hogwash," and asked me who it was that told me such a thing. I looked to Mrs. Fredrickson for support, but she ignored her husband's question and only said that she liked the way that I looked now. Again Mr. Fredrickson declared this "hogwash" and told me to go back to my previous ways. Now I'm not sure what I should do. Which of the two should I obey, and which should I disobey? It's so very confusing!

Thankfully, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrickson are away in the morning for a trip overseas, and I will be alone with the children for three nights, with only the butler and the maid and the kitchen staff to look after us. I'm nervous about this, but it will be nice to not have to worry about the two of them for a while.


The next morning, Josefine decided that she would follow Mr. Fredrickson's advice, rather then his wife's. Mrs. Fredrickson could be most unpleasant, but this was insignificant compared to her husband's stern countenance, which filled Josefine with a sense of dread, but also with a desire to please him as best she could. And so, before meeting the family for breakfast and seeing the parents off on their journeys, she put on her makeup in the usual way, and she left the first few buttons of her blouse unfastened. With one of her more shapely bras on underneath, which pushed her breasts together and held them up, the effect was exactly what she had hoped. Mr. Fredrickson was certainly pleased, and paid a good deal of attention to her during breakfast.

Once the parents were away, the children and she played outdoors. Thomas taught her how to catch and throw a ball, although she was not good at it and he often laughed at her efforts, but not cruelly.

After dinner she put the girls to bed and readied a bath for Thomas, then went up to her room to get ready for bed.

Dear Diary,

The Fredrickson's have left on their trip, leaving me here with their children by myself. Everything has gone well; everything except that rapscallion Thomas. As I suspected he might, he once again sneaked up the stairs to watch me change for bed, even though he knew that I had already drawn him a bath.

As I had planned, I pretended that I didn't know the boy was there, and gave quite a show this time! I faced in his direction as I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off, then pulled my pants down as well so that I stood before him in only my bra and panties. Then I unfastened my bra and freed my breasts. I spent a little time massaging them, because I thought he might enjoy watching this. Then I dropped my panties and was completely nude! I sat down on my bed, facing him, and spread my legs so that he could have a fine view of my pussy. Eventually I pulled on my nightgown and I heard the pitter-pat of his feet as he sneaked back down the stairs again.

I hope that this will satisfy his curiosity, and he will stop his inappropriate behavior now. But if not, then I think the embarrassment he suffered a few minutes later should be enough! Since it was his bath night, I waited a few minutes after he'd sneaked away, and then went down myself to make sure that he was in the bath. Unhappily, I found the tub still unused. Assuming that he'd forgotten his bath and gone straight to bed instead, I went quickly to his room and opened the door. There I saw him sitting on his bed, naked! With his little pecker in his hands, stroking away merrily! He was startled by my sudden appearance, and quickly covered himself, but not before I saw that his willy was quite stiff, standing up three or four inches from his body. Restraining my laughter as best I could, I told him that I expected him to be in the bath as soon as he was done. His face was bright red, but he agreed, and I left him alone again.

I must admit to feeling a little prideful that my striptease from earlier in the evening had proved such an inspiration for him!


At breakfast the next morning, Josefine wore her blouse unbuttoned even lower, and situated herself so that her bra was pushing her breasts up in a very shapely manner. Thomas barely took his eyes off of her chest for the entire meal, nor for the whole rest of the day as they played games outside again. Josefine found that she enjoyed the boy's longing looks, and she took every chance she could to bend down in front of him, or to press her breasts against him from behind.

After she'd put the younger children to bed that evening, she was strangely disappointed when he did not sneak up the stairs to watch her undress again. Perhaps she actually had satisfied his curiosity, or perhaps he was too embarrassed at having been caught in the act of self-pleasure the night before. Or, perhaps, he was down in his bedroom even now, stroking on his little pecker as he thought his naughty thoughts about her. This idea piqued her curiosity, and she decided to go downstairs and find out.

Dear Diary,

Today was mostly dull, and I have little to report except for the events that took place just an hour ago when I went downstairs to see if Thomas might be doing the same thing tonight that I had caught him doing the night before. I knocked on his door and asked if I might come in. He agreed, and I found him already in his cute Spiderman pajamas, with the bedcovers pulled up to his chest. I sat on the bed at his feet and asked him what he was doing this evening. He said he was reading, and I did see a book laying nearby on the bed. I suppose I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't thinking his naughty thoughts of me, so I asked him why he hadn't sneaked up the stairs tonight to watch me undress, as he had done most every night since I arrived.

This question made him very flustered and red-faced. When I told him that if he had, I would have let him look again, he could only gulp with embarrassment and nervousness. I sat up very straight on his bed, hoping to accentuate my bosom beneath my nightgown, and told him that if he'd like, I would let him look again right now. It was quite adorable, how he gave a little nod. But then I added that if I do let him look, I must insist that he do again what I'd caught him doing the night before. He stammered something in reply, but before he could finish, I'd already pulled my nightgown off. He just sat there staring at my naked boobs. I pulled the bedsheets off of him and told him that I wanted to watch him stroke himself, and in a state of mesmeration, he pulled his pajama pants down.

His little pecker is so cute! It's completely bald. He doesn't have any pubic hair at all. And he has two little balls that are held tight against his body in a very small, pink, and wrinkly sack. And he was already so stiff! His cock was standing up straight into the air! He wrapped his hands around his boner and started stroking and continued staring at my chest. I gave him quite a show! Cupping my hands under my breasts and holding them up, then pinching my big brown nipples. When the boy started moving his hips in rhythm with his hands and breathing harder, I climbed between his legs and told him that I wanted to stroke him myself. So I took his skinny little boner in my hands and started rubbing. He begun squirming almost immediately, and I dropped one hand down and pulled on his little balls while I gripped his cock tight, with my fist thumping up and down. I started whispering little things to him, about how I wanted to watch him cum, and soon he was lifting his hips in the air, pumping them in rhythm with my hands, and he let out a cute little groan and suddenly a bit of fluid shot out from his hole. It landed about half-way up his belly. I kept stroking him and a second later another little shot squirted out, and then another, the last one barely more than a little dribble that made his tiny pink cockhead all wet. His cock continued to pulse in my hand as I held it, although no more liquid came out.

I leaned over him and gave him a kiss, right on the lips, and told him that I felt it was very manly for him to cum like this. Then I pulled my nightie back on and left his room.

All things considered, it was a nice way to end a boring day!


The next day was rainy, and Josefine and the children had to occupy themselves indoors. The younger children wanted to play hide and seek, but Thomas said he'd rather play video games by himself. However, when Josefine suggested that she and he might hide together, and the younger girls should seek them, he seemed to like this idea.

"Come on," she said impatiently to him once the game had started, dragging him along by his hand into his father's office.

"But we're not supposed to go in here," he objected.

"Exactly!" Josefine said conspiratorially. "That's why it's the perfect hiding place! The girls will never find us!"

"But..." Thomas continued his feeble objection as she ushered him into a closet. She shut the door and stopped any further words from the boy with a kiss on his lips. She could sense his nervousness, and it excited her, and she reached down and took his hands and lifted them to her breasts.

Dear Diary,

I have only a moment to write while the children are having a snack in the parlor, but I just have to tell you what happened this afternoon!

We were playing hide and seek, and Thomas and I hid together in the closet of Mr. Fredrickson's office. He was so nervous to be alone with me in the dark! I put his hands on my breasts and he squeezed them so enthusiastically! I pulled his head into my bosom and held it there for a moment, and reached down to his cock with my other hand. What do you suppose I discovered there? His pecker as stiff as a metal pole of course! What could I do, other than to sink down on my knees and free it from its confines, and once his pants and undies were at his ankles and his little boner right in my face... well, you know what a girl will do in such a case!

I've never had such a little dick in my mouth before. It was easy to fit the entire thing and I loved the way the soft sack of his pink balls felt against my chin. I sucked and bobbed, and in little time I had the poor boy squirming and groaning, and then spurting his little load of cum into my mouth. It was the easiest blowjob I've ever given! And his spunk tasted very sweet! A little salty, but not bitter like a grown-up's at all. I found myself wondering why I haven't been giving blowjobs to ten-year-old boys my entire life!

Gotta run! I hope to write more later today!

Josefine and the children continued to play hide and seek the rest of the day, and every time that she and Thomas were alone, he immediately put his hands on her breasts and his face in between them. She loved the attention that the horny little boy gave her, but a few times, she had to restrain him, when he played with her titties right in an open hallway or the parlor, where members of the staff might happen by. But when they were reasonably concealed, she let him play all he wanted. And he certainly wanted to play a lot!

After she'd put the younger children to bed and retired herself to her attic bedroom, she was hardly surprised to hear the pitter-pat of the boy's feet coming up the stairs. He did not hide this time. He strode purposefully into her room, ready to play some more.

"Do want to watch me undress again, Thomas?" his pretty black au pair asked him in her seductive French accent.

He nodded vigorously.

"What about you, then?" she asked. "Will you undress for me?"

He nodded vigorously again.

Dear Diary,

Oh what a day! Young Thomas couldn't keep his hands off of me! Nor his face from between my chocolate bosom!

But when he came to my room this evening after I'd put the girls to bed, things got very interesting indeed. At my suggestion, we undressed together, until both of us were completely naked. He looked so cute! He's a tallish lad for his age, I think, and skinny, and very pale (at least compared to me! :) He has no hair on his chest, nor under his arms, and as I've already mentioned, none at all above his cock nor on his adorable little pink ballsack. His willy was of course hard as a pole again. Does this boy ever not have a boner? Not that I've ever seen! I've known some horny men in my life, but Thomas Fredrickson may well win the prize for the horniest of them all!

He wanted only to get his needy hands on my bare breasts again, and while he fondled and squeezed and played, I took his pecker in my hands and stroked him. With the lights on in my room, it was easy to see the contrast between his pale cock and my brown hands, and the same between his hands and my breasts. When he leaned in and set his face between my bosom, it was nearly more than I could take. I got so wet! I had to leave his cock alone for a moment so I could squeeze my tits around his cheeks, then help him turn his face so that he could find a thick dark nipple-nub and begin to suckle. And oh, how he suckled, like a hungry baby at my breast! And how my heart raced at the feelings his sweet mouth sent shuddering through my body! I found myself as needful for him as he for me, and I helped one of his hands between my legs.

He certainly knew little about what he found down there, but I could hardly care. His finger pushed into me, and that was all I wanted. Wantonly, I threw myself onto my bed and pulled him down on top of me. The poor thing was very confused, although I'm sure he must have known what I wanted, it's just that he had no idea how to give it to me. But he is hardly the first I've bedded with, nor even the tenth, so I knew just what to do and helped him into his place and felt his little pecker slide into my cunt, already open and soaking wet. I immediately took him to his full length, but he hardly filled me at all. Once in, he simply lay on me, his face so very red! It was fun to see the contrasts of our bodies as they joined together, him smaller than me, and so very pale compared to my dark skin. But as much as I enjoyed the sight of us, and the feeling of his hardness inside my cunt, I wanted more. I wanted, I must confess to you, his cum.

But the boy had no idea how to proceed from here, and while I took ahold of his skinny hips and tried to show him how to fuck, he could not find a proper rhythm, either hardly moving at all or slipping out entirely. So I felt it necessary to take control, and I flipped him over onto his back and smothered his face between my ample chocolate tits and began rocking back and forth on his cock. It took no time at all for him to begin squirming underneath me and I felt the little pulses of his ejaculation as he filled me--well, at least, tried his best to fill me :)--with his minuscule shots of cum.

I cleaned his little cock afterwards with my tongue. It never got limp at all! So I sucked and stroked him once again and he lasted longer this time, but when he came, only a little dribble oozed out of his hole. But that was enough for me, a little treat, a little taste of his sweet-tasting boy-spunk.

Oh Diary! I think I will enjoy very much being an au pair for the Fredrickson this summer!


Three days later, Mr. Fredrickson summoned Josefine to his office again.

He looked up from his work when she entered.

"Hello, Josie," he said.

"Hello, Mr... Henry," she replied.

He smiled. "You look quite fine today, Josie." His eyes focused in particular on her brown cleavage. She was glad she'd thought to undo another button on her blouse before she went to him. "You seem to have a healthy glow. Have you been getting sun?"

"Thank you, sir," she said. "The children and I have been outdoors whenever the weather allows. Thomas and I play with his... play ball together, I mean to say."

Mr. Fredrickson smiled. "I want to compliment you on how well you are doing with the boy. You seem to keep him very occupied while I'm at work."

Josefine felt her face flush with heat as she thought of indeed how occupied she has kept the youngster, every night before bed, and often during the day as well. "Yes," she said. "I find that he and I get on quite nicely."

"Good. You've managed to do with him what no other au pair we've hired has done. But I do have one concern."

"Yes, sir?"

"Josie," he said, "did any of my children come into my office while my wife and I were away?"


"I found the door to my closet ajar when I returned, and Mrs. Harold swears that neither she nor any of the other staff came into here."

"Yes, sir."

"You remember that I expressly forbade any of my children from playing here."

"Yes, sir."

He looked at her with his stern gaze for a moment, waiting it would seem for her to say something more. "Josie," he said finally, "I'm pleased that you are not playing the tattle-tale. I don't care which of my children is the guilty party, nor do I hold them accountable for the breach."

"Yes, sir," she said.

"I hold you accountable."

"Yes, sir," she said yet again.

"We will discuss this further another time," he said, with his authoritative countenance. "You are dismissed."

"Yes, sir." She rose and curtsied and left his office.

Dear Diary,

Where do I start? I haven't got any idea how to tell you what transpired this evening. My head is still abuzz with it!

After I put the youngsters to bed, Thomas came to visit me, of course, as he has for the last several nights. He and I were once again naked together on my bed, and he was on top of me. He's gotten a little better at this position, not slipping out as often and able to get it back in quickly when he does. The two of us were making enough noise that we did not hear the foot-falls of Mr. Fredrickson as he climbed the stairs. Imagine my horror when I saw him standing above us, watching his ten-year-old son gyrating on top of me!

He said my name quite loudly, and the boy's eyes went wide at the sound of his father's voice. He quickly slipped his little pecker out of me and jumped off the bed and pulled his pajama bottoms on. This had the unfortunate effect of leaving me completely naked on the bed with my legs wide open while Mr. Fredrickson stood looking down at me.

He asked what the devil was going on, of course, and I couldn't say anything. I couldn't even move, I was so terribly afraid! He said he came to discuss the matter of his children in his office, and now he finds this! His au pair fucking his son!

What could I do or say? I assumed that he would fire me straightaway, and send me home to France in embarrassment, if not to jail. Thomas stammered something about how it was not my fault, that he was the one that put me up to it. I thought that was a sweet lie on his part, and I suppose not entirely without some truth to it.

Mr. Fredrickson patted his boy on the shoulder, then turned to me and asked me what I thought he should do about the situation. I had no answer and simply lay there, naked, spread, and wet. He stepped forward to the bed and put his hand on my knee. Then he said some things that I hadn't expected to hear from him at that moment. He told me that I was a fine young woman, with a beautiful body. He complimented his son's taste and ability to attract a woman. He said that he did not wish to fire me. I eked out a meek thank you. He then told me to turn over and lift my ass into the air, and when I had done thus, and he brought the palm of his hand down on my buttocks, quite hard! He spanked me repeatedly while his son stood watching. Then he told young Thomas to do the same, and the boy slapped my ass with almost as much gusto as his father had. I was so humiliated! To be spanked by my employer, and by a ten-year-old boy! While his son spanked me, Mr. Fredrickson disrobed. Then he told his son to step aside, knelt behind me on the bed, and sunk his man-sized cock into my cunt.

Oh can you imagine how it felt for me? To have such a manly member driving in and out of me, after so much time spent with Thomas's little dick? I was pulled and stretched in ways I never imagined possible by Mr. Fredrickson's aggressive fucking. And the things he called me while he fucked me! I blush to remember them! He said I was a whore, a slut. He said that I was his little black fucktoy and he'd have me every day, whenever he wanted, and if I said no he would send me back to France on the first freighter leaving New York Harbor. When the stern, powerful man eventual orgasmed inside me, I felt it good. Oh goodness, I felt it good! He came so much more than his son! He left me drooling cum down my legs.

"There you go, Thomas," he said as he pulled his clothes back on. "She's yours for the rest of the night." He slapped me on the ass again. "I don't want to hear that you told my son to stop, or that you turned down anything he might ask you to do. Do you understand me, Josie?"

I could only tell him yes, of course.

Thomas did fuck me for quite some time afterwards, and what's more, he insisted more that once that I turn over with my ass in the air so that he could spank me. Alas!

I think I'll sign this entry,
The little black fucktoy of the Fredrickson household

Josefine's final diary entry of the summer went like this:

Dear Diary,

Wow, what an adventure this summer has been! I'm exhausted! As the other au pairs in the Hamptons like to say, "You're overworked and underpaid, and you earn most of your money on your back with the man of the house on top of you." :)

Speaking of which... Mr. Fredrickson called me into his office one final time before I left for Paris. He had me get on my knees, then stood before me with his hands on his hips. I unfastened his pants and took his big thick pale cock into my mouth. While I bobbed and sucked and stroked, he petted my hair and called me all his favorite things, his mistress, his lover, his slut and his whore, and of course his favorite thing of all to call me: his little black fucktoy.

He stopped me before I made him cum, and had me stand and take off my shirt and bra. He held my breasts, squeezing and tweaking and fondling. I swear he likes to play with my titties almost as much as his son! Then he had me take my pants off and lean over his desk, and he spanked me. Hard. He likes to spank hard! :) And while he spanked me, I had to confess what a naughty girl I'd been all summer! How I let my employer fuck me whenever he wanted and cum inside me, and let his ten-year-old son fuck me too.

Once he'd reddened my ass enough for his prurient desires, he spread my cheeks and put the tip of his finger against my anus. He teased me with it for a moment, just rubbing gently, before he finally pushed it in. While he finger-fucked my ass, he told me that he liked my holes. And I told him that all my holes belong to him. It's a little game we like to play. :)

Then after he finished with my asshole, and slapped me a couple more times, he drove that wonderful cock of his into my pussy. Oh, Mr. Fredrickson is so powerful! He really knows how to take control and get exactly what he wants. And when he cums... well, I'm getting flustered and hot even now, writing about it! I've never had a man who makes me feel quite like he does.

When he was done, he had me sit on the chair in front of his desk, naked, with my legs spread open and his cum leaking out of me, while he sat down himself at his desk to work.

"Well, Josie," he said to me. "I must say, you are the finest au pair we've ever had."

"Thank you, sir."

"Did you enjoy the summer?"

"Yes I did, sir, very much. Your house is so beautiful and your children are wonderful."

"They are, aren't they? So you will come back, next summer, when your school term ends?"

"Yes, sir, definitely."

"And bring the baby with you?"

"Oh, yes, sir!" I patted my belly.

"If he's a boy, what will you name him?"

"Henry, of course, sir, after his father."

"You take good care of your health, for our child's sake, and I expect you to do well at your studies. I won't have my money being wasted on tuition for a girl who only wants to party."

"Yes, sir, I'll make you proud, I promise."

"I know you will, Josefine." His eyes lighted on my breasts for a moment. "You know, that child will be awfully damned lucky, getting to feed on those beautiful brown tits of yours."

"Thank you sir." I cupped my hands under them and lifted them for him.

"Now, go and find Thomas, I expect he will want to spend some time saying goodbye to you as well."

"Yes, sir." I stood and dressed. "And sir?"


"I'll miss you."

He smiled at me and nodded, then dismissed me from his office one last time.

Young Thomas did indeed have many things he wished to do with me on our last night of the summer together. Mostly, he wanted to play with my tits. I swear, titty-play is his favorite thing about sex! Like father, like son, I suppose. And he likes it even more now that I'm with his father's child and my tits have grown full and warm. He squeezed and kissed and nursed for a half an hour at least, until my nipples were sore from the attention and his needs were finally satiated.

And then he fucked me, lying on top of me and riding me skillfully now. The boy is becoming a man! I swear that his cock has grown thicker and longer during the summer. Perhaps when I return after my school term is done, he will even have some hair? Maybe the next child I have will be his! His ejaculations have certainly increased in volume, although they are still quite small, especially compared to his father's. But still, remarkably, the boy stays hard after he cums, and so when he came inside me this time, he just kept going! He had multiple orgasms, although all except the first were dry. Eventually, the poor thing was exhausted, and he fell asleep on top of me with his cock still in my cunt.

Oh! I've got to run now! The limousine is waiting to take me to the airport! I will write more when I return after my school term is done, for another wonderful summer in the Hamptons. Goodbye!

Yours forever and always,


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Anonymous 2/15/2017 You are by FAR one of my very favorite authors in this realm of writing! BUT, I felt the need to send this to you! The phrase is not WONDERING EYE but WANDERING EYE, meaning the fellow's eye WANDERS toward other females.

You may not understand what a writer such as you does for a person in specific situations such as mine. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006 and I'll bore you as little as possible to make my point. I was age 49 and had a live-in lover ('a total beautiful sex hound beyond belief' Penthouse Forum stuff) that was 21 at the time, so that may indicate where my interests lean...ha ha!

After a year or so I discovered, quite easily that she had lied to me concerning a drug-related issue and I kicked her out (I had children living with me)....SO, since then, I have stopped the 'social scene' in all ways, fearing that my health would only diminish any sort of relationship possibly developed.

So, I masturbate with stories and view photos! :)

Thanks for reading, if you did. Allow me to again add, I LOVE your WORK!
A million thanks for the typo correction. How embarrassing to have a typo in the story summary! It was good to get that fixed right away. Also, many thanks for your testimonial. I hope your health is holding out and that your masturbation continues to be rewarding! :)
DragonBlood 2/15/2017 Great story. The ending though quick didn't feel rushed, it felt like it provide a nice ending, rounding out the whole story.
Thanks, Dragon. As you probably know, the most common critique that I get from readers is that my endings are rushed. So it wasn't without some concern that I finished this one off the way I did. But to me, this is an excellent example of how I like to write a story, and why my endings might sometimes feel "rushed."

I could have kept going with this general plot and included days or weeks or months of more sex between Josefine and the man and the boy. But to what end? How does this move the balls? (hehe) At some point it needs to either escalate--maybe invite more men and au pairs for a big ol' orgy that would be totally out of character for the story, or it just becomes very repetitive. How many times can a guy write "he spanked me and then fucked me" before the reader starts thinking, "hmm, haven't I read this already? Like fifteen times?" In my mind, it's much more literarily enjoyable to build the story to a climax (rising action where first the boy is jacking off, then the girl is giving him a handjob, then a blowjob, then sex; each of these ramping up the level to the climax when the man catches her and fucks her). At this point the "plot" of the story (such as it is) is complete and it needs to have the standard "falling" action where loose ends are tied up, pregnancies explained, plans for the future described, and the limousine riding off into the sunset.

That's my literary theory of erotica at any rate!
DragonBlood 2/17/2017 You could have even take out the line "Josefine's final diary entry of the summer went like this:" and it would have been better (IMO) because its pretty well implied by the entry that it's her final entry for the summer.

I feel that the reason this ending is quick but not rushed is that it ties up the two plot lines, makes you feel as if the main character has grown, and it provides more then a terse "oh this is the end". It shows us how it ends, instead of telling us. The ending of "The Best Pussy of my Life" tells us how it ended instead of showing. Does that make sense?
Thanks for the reply to my reply, Dragon. I see your point and will ruminate upon it further. As to the line you didn't like, about her final diary entry, the sole reason I included it (and thus disagree with your point) is that each of her diary entries in the story is separated by some sort of "regular" text, and I think it would have been odd to have not set this one out the same way. I supposed I could have done the old "------" to indicate a timeskip or something.

Cheers and have a good weekend!
Oric13 2/16/2017 A fun, relaxed and overall excellent story. I enjoyed it a lot.
Ron 2/18/2017 "shuttering" should be "shuddering,"
Thanks for the typo fix, Ron. Much appreciated.
Sven 3/1/2017 Sometimes it is Fredrickson and other times it is Hendrickson. You might want to make it the same throughout the story. Other than that small issue it was a very good story.
Many thanks for the correction, Sven. I've updated it now!
AMae 3/24/2017 Thanks Chris! Another hot story. Sequel(s)? Pointing out the contrast of the skin tones always does it for me. As a black female, looking down and seeing the pale hands of my bf grasping my brown hips as his white cock slides slowly into me...mmm, the visual...
Thank you so much, AMae, you know your opinion matters a lot to me!

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