"Hey, look at this!" A boy picked up a cell phone that was sitting on the bleachers where he and his buddies were cooling down after playing kickball during gym class.

"Let me see that, Bobby," his buddy Danny said, grabbing the phone away from the boy. "It's probably Jennifer Montgomery's, I saw her sitting here texting during class. Mr. Johnson kept telling her to get off her butt." He pushed the button to open the screen.

"We should go find her and give it back," a boy named Mike said. "Or at least give it to Mr. Johnson."

"Nah. Let's check it out first," Danny said. "Maybe she has some 'interesting' selfies on here."

All four of the boys crowded around, looking at the screen.

"Shit, she has a security code," Pete said.

"Try 1-2-3-4," Bobby suggested.

Danny punched in the numbers. "Nope, didn't work." He punched in some more numbers. "Hey, there we go! 9-8-7-6 worked!"

The boys all crowded even closer.

"I think we really should just give it back to her," Mike said, even though he was watching closely as Danny pulled up the photo gallery.

"Holy shit," Pete whispered.

"No kidding," Bobby said.

"This is gold, man! Gold!" Danny whispered, looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. He stuffed the phone in his pocket.

"Hey, give it back! I found it!" Bobby said.

"Nah, I'll keep it," Danny replied. "We should go over to my house after school and upload these pictures onto my computer."

"I think we should just give it back to her," Mike said. The boys climbed down from the bleachers and started walking to the locker room. "Isn't it a bad idea to have these kind of pictures? Like, isn't it a crime or something?"

"No way," Danny answered. "We're only twelve. They won't charge twelve year olds with anything. Besides, she's the older one. She's an upper classman, right?"

"Yeah, she's a freshman. She's fourteen," Mike said. "I sorta know her, 'cause she lives a block away from me."

"So she'd be the one that would get in trouble, not us, right?" Danny said.

"Why would she get in trouble? It's her cell phone."

"If we get caught with the pictures, we can just say she sent 'em to us," Danny answered.

"Oh... I suppose..."

"Hey, that gives me an idea..." Danny said.

"What?" all the boys asked.

"We'll all meet at my house after school, OK? We'll talk about it there."

The boys sat on the bed in Danny's bedroom, watching as he plugged Jennifer Montgomery's phone into his laptop and pulled up the pictures. The first handful were pretty selfies of her face.

"God, she's beautiful," Mike said. The girl's blue eyes were glimmering and she had a sweet smile. The little freckles on her cheeks seemed to light up in the picture, and her shoulder-length blonde hair was shining.

"Mike-y has a crush!" Pete said in a sing-song voice. Mike punched him in the shoulder.

There were a couple pictures of her posing in her school uniform, the crest of arms of St. George's Preparatory Academy lifting up from the left breast of her sweater, held aloft by an ample teenage bosom underneath. In the next picture, the sweater was gone and her white blouse was untucked from her blue and grey checkered schoolgirl skirt.

"Here we go!" Danny said excitedly, quickly clicking on the next picture.

The blouse was unbuttoned now, and opened, showing off a pretty pink bra that held up two beautiful round breasts.

"Oh my god," the boys said in whispered adoration. One or two had their hands on their crotches, rubbing themselves.

"I hope we get to see the bra come off," Bobby whispered.

"No kidding." Danny clicked the next picture; now the blouse was gone and the girl was posing in nothing but her skirt and her bra.

"Oh, wow," the boys all whispered. She looked beautiful, her belly flat, her breasts firm and round and pale beneath the pink laced bra. She was smiling sweetly with her freckled cheeks showing a shy pink blush.

There were a couple more pictures of her like this, all similarly beautiful, but Danny didn't pause long to look at them. He kept right on going until there was a picture of her with the skirt off, too, posing in a little pair of panties that matched the bra. The lace of the little pink panties revealed that she had a patch of light blond hair between her legs.

"Oh yeah, this is getting good!" Danny said, pulling up the next picture. Now her bra was unhooked, hanging loosely from her shoulders. Danny quickly clicked the next picture and the boys were treated to the most beautiful sight you could ever imagine, beautiful Jennifer Montgomery, completely topless! Her breasts were perfectly round grapefruit sized teenage sweeties that were firm and high on her chest, an adorable pale creamy-white, each topped with light-pink nipples that stood up another half-inch above her tits.

"Jesus Christ," a boy whispered. All four of them were rubbing their dicks through their pants now.

Danny clicked "print," and a copy of the picture spit out from his printer.

"You printed it?" one of the boys said.

"Yeah, this is gold!" Danny answered.

"What are you gonna do with it?"

"We're gonna show it to her!"

"Show it to her?" the other boys said. "Are you serious?" "Why?"

"Well," Danny reasoned, "she's gonna want to get her phone back, right? And I bet if we ask, she'll give us a 'special reward' for finding it. Don't you think?"

"A 'special reward?' Like what?"

"Use your imagination, dickwad!" Danny said.

"I don't know," another boy said skeptically. "You think so?"

"You know who Jennifer's dad is, right?" Danny continued. "What's his name, like, Harold Montgomery I think, whatever. He's like a politician or something. He's always on TV talking about the evils of teenage sex and the internet and stuff."

"Yeah..." the other boys all agreed.

"Well, if Jennifer knows that we have these pictures, I bet she'll do anything to make sure people don't find out about them. She'll freak if she thinks we're going to show people these pictures!"

"Seriously?" Mike said. "You're gonna blackmail her?"

"Nah, I'm sure she's a slut, I mean, look at her! I'm sure she'll do stuff with us, just for fun..."

"She doesn't look like a slut. She looks beautiful."

"Mike-y has a crush!" Pete said again, and got another punch to the shoulder in response.

"...The pictures are just like insurance, you know? In case she doesn't want to."

"What kinda stuff do you think she'll do?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know," Danny said.

"Maybe she'll strip for us?"

"Oh yeah, but it's not gonna stop there," Danny said. "I plan on going all the way with her!"

"All the way?" all the other boys said, their breath caught in their throats at the thought of having sex with beautiful Jennifer Montgomery.

"Oh, and also, I found a bunch of sex toys in my parent's bedroom," Danny said. "Maybe I should bring some over to your house this weekend for your sleepover, Mike, and we can call her and tell her to come pick up her phone?"

"What kind of sex toys?" Mike asked.

"You know, vibrators, handcuffs, stuff like that."

"And you want to use them on Jennifer?"

"Sure! Why not?"

"Hey Danny," Bobby said, pointing at the laptop screen. "Look, there's a video, too!"


The boys just sat and stared as the beautiful fourteen year old girl twerked to a rap song, her plaid skirt shimmying along with her ass. After dancing a bit, the girl turned around to face the camera., swaying her hips and running her fingers sensuously through her shoulder-length blond hair.

"Oh, man!" Pete said. "She's like a stripper!"

"Totally!" the other boys agreed.

"Do you think she's really going to strip?"

"Yeah! Check it out!"

The girl's hands slid down her shoulders from her hair to the front of her blouse and she started unfastening the buttons. Soon the shirt was open and she danced for a bit like that before shrugging it off her shoulders, showing off a black lace bra. She turned around and twerked some more, then reached around her back and unhooked her bra. The bra fell off, and she turned back to face the camera with her hands covering her tits. A second later, she opened her hands and revealed her naked breasts.

"Oh my god," someone whispered. She danced some more, her beautiful firm tits shimmying and bouncing to the music. Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet and now all she had on was a matching pair of black lace panties. She pulled the front of the panties down, showing her bare pussy to the camera.

"Look at her pubes," Bobby said, staring at the little blond curls nestled between her legs. "God that's sweet!"

None of the other boys said anything, but it was obvious they all agreed.

After that, the girl put the panties back in place and picked up the phone and turned the video off.

There was complete silence in Danny's bedroom for a long minute as the boys just sat and stared at the blank computer screen.

"Well," Danny finally said, unplugging her phone from his computer. "Now we've totally got her. Check it out, she's got the Facebook app on her phone." He clicked the app. "Already logged in and everything! We can tell her we're gonna post this video on Facebook."

"You're gonna post it on Facebook?!?" Mike asked.

"Nah, we just threaten to post it, you know?" Danny answered.

"Oh!" Bobby said, all excited now. "You mean, like, we tell her that if she doesn't do stuff with us, we'll post the video?"


The boys high-fived each other.

"This is going to be fucking awesome," Danny said.

"I'm gonna take off!" Mike's brother, Julian, yelled down the stairs to the boys, who were sitting in Mike's bedroom in the basement of his house, watching pornos on the computer and eating pizza. "Don't do anything stupid! See ya later!"

Pretty much all the kids that went to St. George's Preparatory Academy were rich. But Mike was super rich. His dad was the CEO of some big local company and his parents were always flying off to the Bahamas or somewhere for his dad's business, leaving Mike home alone with his brother Julian to watch over him. But they probably felt a little guilty about leaving the boy on his twelfth birthday, so they agreed to let him have a sleepover with his three best friends so long as Julian was around. But Julian was in college and went out to parties every weekend, so the boys were pretty sure they'd have the house all to themselves. And sure enough, they did!

The four boys sat with grins on their faces as they heard the tires of Julian's Porsche Boxster squealing down the road. Danny immediately took the cellphone out of his pocket and pulled up the number for Jennifer's home telephone.

"Montgomery house," a voice said on the other end of the phone line.

"Hey, is this Jennifer?"

"Um, yeah... Who is this?"

"Danny Hanson."


"Danny Hanson, from school."

"Um, OK, uh... What grade are you in?"


"Seventh grade? Why... Whadda ya want?"

"I think we've got something that belongs to you," he said. "We found your cellphone in the gym."

"You did? Oh thank god!"

"Yeah, you should come over and get it."

"Right now? It's kinda late. Where do you live?"

"We're having a sleepover at Mike Preswinski's house."

"Oh. That's just around the corner from my house. You should bring it over here."

"No," Danny answered. "You should come get it."

"Really?" Jennifer said, her voice changing to a saccharine-sweet tone over the phone. "You'll make me go out in the dark, when you could just bring it over for me?"

"Seriously," Danny said, "you should come over here. We've got something we want to show you."

There was a pause on the other end of the line. "Um... what?"

"Just come over, we'll show you when you get here."

There was another pause, and then a wavering voice. "OK..."

"Come quick, you won't want to miss this."

"I'll be there in a sec."

Jennifer looked quite pretty, as far as the four twelve year old boys were concerned, when she showed up at Mike's front door a few minutes later. She was wearing a loose-fitting football jersey and a pair of sweatpants and some pink tennies, but her golden hair hung loose around her pink face, blushing from the quick walk on a cool evening.

"Where's my phone?" she said in a calm and somewhat demanding voice.

"Come on inside, you might want to look at these," Danny said, holding up some sheets of paper.

"What the fuck? Just give me my phone, OK?"

Danny held up one of the printouts of her standing in front of the camera in nothing but her panties.

"Oh my god..." she said, her eyes going wide. She stepped into the room and reached out to grab the pictures from Danny. Mike closed the door and locked it.

"We got all your pictures downloaded to my computer," Danny said as he let her take the printouts out of his hand.

"And the video," Bobby added.

"Oh my god," she said again, looking at the pictures.

Danny held up her phone. "I'm ready to post your video on Facebook. You want me to do that?"

"Oh my god!" she said, louder this time, her voice wavering. "Give that to me you little freak!" She lunged at him.

He stepped back. "Nope. I think I'll post the video first. It'll be posted on your account, too, so everyone you know'll see it."

"No! What the..." She started lunging at the phone again, then stopped herself and looked around the room at the four seventh graders, her eyes getting wide. "What do you guys want?"

"We want you do us some 'special favors,' for finding your phone."

"What?" she said. "What are you talking about? What kind of favors?"

"I was thinking you should start by stripping for us," Danny said, "like you do in the video."

"No fucking way! You're a bunch of perverts! Give me my phone!"

"Posting..." Danny said with a grin, holding his thumb poised over the screen of her phone.

"NO! My dad will kill me if he sees that video! I can... I can give you a reward, I got money back home. How about that?"

"We don't need money," Danny told her.

"Um... Well..." she hesitated for a second. "I'm sure we can figure something out.."

"Yep," Danny said. "Like, for starters, take your clothes off."

"I can't do that! I'm not that kind of girl! There must be something else, come on, please?"

"Danny, maybe we should just give her the phone," Mike said.

"Nah," Danny answered. "She's gonna strip, aren't you, Jennifer?"

The fourteen year old girl gave Danny an exasperated look. "You're serious?"

Danny nodded, grinning.

"And... so, if I take my clothes off, you'll give me my phone back?"

"Maybe," Danny said.

"Fuck." she said. "You guys are a bunch of fuckheads." And she started pulling the football jersey over her head. The boys all ogled her gorgeous tits behind a bulging white cotton sports bra. Then she reached down and slid her sweatpants off. "There!" she said, standing in front of the boys in just her bra and panties and her pink tennies. "Happy? Now give me my phone!"

"It's a good start," Danny said. "What about the rest?"

"No way. No fucking way. This is all you get."

Danny held her phone up and looked at the screen. "I'm ready to click 'send,'" he said.

"Oh god," Jennifer whined. She grabbed the bottom of her bra and quickly pulled it over her head

Four twelve year old boys just stood and stared at her beautiful bare teenage tits. They were even more spectacular in person than they were on her cell phone! Round and full and bulging with excited young teen sexual awakening, topped with delicate pink nipples standing up into thick little nubs.

"Now come on guys," she said in a pleading voice as the boys stared. "You've had your fun, now you can jack off for hours. Come on!"

"See now," Danny said, "that's the problem. We're tired of jacking off, aren't we guys?"

The boys all nodded.

"What, you think I'm going to give you guys hand jobs or something? You're crazy."

"I'm thinking of something better than a hand job, Jennifer. But first..." He picked up his backpack, unzipped it, and reached inside. "Oh, this looks like fun!" he said, pulling something out of the bag, two clamps that were attached to each other by a chain.

"Wha... what is that?" she stammered.

"Nipple clamps!" Danny said with an evil smile. "Here," he reached them out to her. "Put 'em on!"

"Are... are you serious? No way!"

"OK, we can put them on for you if you want. Bobby! I'll grab her tits, you put 'em on."

"No! What? Wait..." She pushed Danny back as he advanced on her. "Just... just give them to me."

He handed her the clamps and she looked closely at their rubber-coated tips, then opened one of the clamps and set it against a puffy pink nipple. She grimaced as it closed over her teat.

"The other one, too," Danny said.

"Oh man," she whimpered again, then clamped her other nipple, too. "It hurts," she said.

“That’s the point, I guess,” Danny said with a smirky smile.

"Can I take them off now?"

"Nah, we'll leave them on for a while. Now make your titties bounce!"

Jennifer's face went red and she gave him a disgusted look, but she started hopping up and down, her firm teenage breasts bouncing and the metal chain hanging from the nipple clamps swinging and clattering along.

The boys all watched with huge grins.

Danny looked into his bag again. "Oh, here we go, this is next!" He pulled out pretty leather collar with a little silver bell and the word "slave" embroidered in purple on it.

Bobby looked in the bag, too. "Oh yeah! There's a leash, too!" He pulled out a long strip of black leather.

Jennifer apprehensively eyed the collar and the leash. "I just want my phone," she said. "Why don't you just give it to me and let me go home?"

“Yes, yes, you'll get it later," Danny said. "We're not finished yet.” He reached out and grabbed the chain that hung between her nipple clamps and gave it a little tug, which pulled her nipples out and stretched her breasts into a funny conical shape. The boys all laughed as the girl's face grimaced with pain.

"Stop it!" she said, pushing back at him. "That hurts!"

He grinned as he pulled the chain again. "Just hold still while Bobby puts the collar on you."

Bobby stepped up and fit the collar around her neck, latching it tight. Then he clicked the leash into place.

"Awesome!" Danny said, letting go of the nipple clamp chain and taking the leash in his hand. He pulled on the leash. "Com'on, slave, downstairs!"

A minute later, Jennifer was sitting on the edge of Mike's bed and looking around at the four twelve year old boys that were standing in front of her.

"So what are you guys gonna do?" she asked, sounding like she was on the verge of tears. "Are you gonna rape me?"

"No," Bobby said. "We just want a reward for finding your phone."

"I know, but I took my clothes off, just like you wanted. And I put these things on--" she pointed at the nipple clamps "--and they hurt like hell!"

"You wanna take them off?" Danny asked her, moving in front of her at the same time.

"Yeah, I do."

She reached up to the clamps, but Danny grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her hands away. "No, not yet," he said. "You gotta give us blow jobs first."

"What?" she said. "Gross! I'm not giving a bunch of seventh graders blow jobs!"

"Why not? You've probably given a million blow jobs, haven't you?"

"What? No!"

"What about the guy you made that video for? You've probably given him lots of blow jobs, right?"

"No! I didn't show that video to anyone!"

"Sure you didn't," Danny said, standing closer to her so that his hard-on, standing up inside his pajama pants, was right in front of her face.

She looked at his crotch, then looked up at him. "Look, I don't know what you guys think about me, but I'm not like that. I swear I'm not!"

"But you have given blow jobs before, right?" Danny said.

Jennifer made a face. "Maybe a couple."

"Then it's no big deal, right?" Danny started pulling his pajama pants down.

"Fuck," she said, looking at his little four-inch pecker as it sprung loose from his pants. "I'm taking these stupid nipple clamps off first. And you don't get to cum in my mouth or any of that shit." She freed her nipples from the clamps; they looked distorted and pinched. "You each get five seconds, and then you gotta give me my phone."

"Maybe," Danny said, pushing his little cockhead against her lips. "But you gotta try hard for it. More than five seconds, that's for sure!"

She opened her mouth, and his head slid in. The boy let out a little groan as his cock experienced a girl's mouth for the first time in his life. The other boys stood wide-eyed, watching as Danny started rocking his hips back and forth. "Come on!" he said. "Suck! And use your hand!"

The girl lifted a hand to his little cock and started stroking.

"Yeah!" the boy groaned. "There you go!"

"Hey Danny," Bobby said, "let the rest of us have a turn, too!"

"No way, not yet!" Danny answered. "You'll get your turn!"

Bobby looked at the other boys and shrugged his shoulders, then he picked up Danny's backpack and started rummaging through it.

"Oh, check this out," he said, "a magic wand! I've seen girls use these in porno movies." He pulled the wand out of the bag. "Here," he said, handing it to Jennifer.

She pulled off of Danny's head. "No fucking way," she said.

Danny was already pushing his boner back in her mouth, his hands on her head to hold her in place this time. "Fine," Bobby said. "I'll use it on you, then."

"Nuh nuh," she said around the cockhead that was in her mouth again, but Bobby was already kneeling in front of her as Danny moved a bit to the side to give him room. Bobby grabbed her panties and started pulling them down.

"Nun hun!" she protested. But Bobby had already pulled her panties over her ass, then down her legs, and they fell to the floor. He took hold of her knees and spread them, and though she resisted a bit, he managed to open them, and the boys were presented with their first real look at her adorable fourteen year old pussy, sweet blond curls dusting over damp reddish lips. Bobby turned the magic wand on and set the bulb against her glistening pink folds.

Almost immediately, her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she moaned around Danny's cock. Instinctively, her legs spread open wider.

"She likes it!" Danny said, renewing his hip movement with vigor.

"She does!" Bobby answered.

"Nun nuh!" she mumbled, but her protest was clearly in vain as her legs started shaking while the wand buzzed against her clit.

Bobby reached his other hand in between her legs, his index finger exploring her wet folds, then poking into her vagina.

"Wow, she's really wet!" he said. He slid his finger back and pushed it in again. Her legs shook even more.

"Oh fuck!" Danny suddenly shouted. "Oh fuck yeah!" He pushed his little cock even further into the girl and his legs shook with hers. He held himself inside her and unleashed a stream of his cum into her mouth. "Ohhhh!" he moaned as he filled her with his twelve year old semen.

When he finished, she pulled off of him and looked up at him with a grimace.

"You 'ittle 'ithead!" she said, gurgling around his cum. She spit it out into her hand. "I told you you couldn't cum in my mouth!"

Danny just laughed. "Come on, swallow it!"

She looked down at the cum in the palm of her hand while the other boys were all taking turns sliding their fingers in and out of her vagina, commenting to each other about how wet and warm her pussy was. "Gross!" she said. "No way am I swallowing it! I need a drink of water to clear this taste out of my mouth."

"OK, I'll get you a drink of water... right after you drink my cum!"

She looked up at him, her breath labored and her legs still shaking from the magic wand and the fingers poking into her. "You're sick," she said. But she lifted her hand to her mouth and licked off the cum, then closed her eyes and swallowed it. The next second, Bobby was standing in front of her with his pajama pants at his ankles.

"My turn!" he said.

"Wait, what about my drink of water?" She looked over at Danny, who just laughed.

"May as well wait until you've swallowed everyone's cum first," he said.

"Oh god!" she said. Then she opened her mouth and Bobby's little boner slid in. He let out an excited growl as he felt her tongue, warm and wet, slide along the underside of his head.

With Bobby's cock in her mouth, Danny took over with the magic wand, holding it tight against her little clit and sliding his finger into her. He pulled his finger back out, then held it up to his face. He gave it a lick.

"You taste good!" he said. He turned to the other boys. "Come on, let's get a really good taste of her!" And he bent down and put his face in her cunt. She groaned around Bobby's cock as Danny's tongue licked her pussy lips and dragged over her clit. Her legs started shaking.

"I think she's cumming!" one of the other boys said. "My turn now!"

"Nuuhh!" she moaned as the second boy took his place down between her legs. She clamped her knees around the boy's head just as Bobby grunted and a big shot of his boy-cum filled her mouth.

When he was finished, she looked up at him with an almost pleading expression, but both he and Danny said, almost in unison, "Come on, swallow it!"

She made an uncomfortable face and swallowed Bobby's semen down.

"Your turn, Pete!" Danny said, and the next boy was already pulling his pajama pants down.

As Jennifer Montgomery started giving her third blow job of the evening, Danny looked over at the other two boys. "Hey," he said with a grin, "if she likes having our fingers in her pussy so much, think how much she'll like having our cocks in there!"

"Nug nuh!" she said, and she tried to close her legs, but she was too late. Danny was already kneeling between them and pushing his cockhead into her. She pulled off of Pete's cock and quickly moved further back onto the bed. "No way! That's not part of the deal!"

"Bobby!" Danny shouted. "Where's her phone? it's time to post that video on Facebook!"

"Fine! Just post it then! I'm going home." She started crawling off the bed.

"Danny," Pete said, "back off, dude! I want her to finish giving me a blow job!"

"Yeah, Danny," Mike said, "don't ruin it for the rest of us."

"You guys are a bunch of wimps," Danny said. "You saw how much she was cumming when we were using the magic wand, right? You know she'll let us fuck her eventually!"

"I was not cumming!" Jennifer protested, sitting up now in the middle of the bed.

"Sure you weren't," Danny said with a grin.

She gave him a snarl. "Look, just give me my phone back, OK?"

"Come on," Pete said to the girl. "First you have to finish up my blow job!"

"Yeah, and mine, too," Mike said. "You don't get your phone back until you've given us both blow jobs, right, Danny?"

Danny shrugged his shoulders.

Jennifer let out a long sigh. "Fine. Let's just get this over with. You should lay down on the bed, it's easier for me that way."

"OK!' Pete said with an excited grin. He climbed onto the bed and lay down, and Jennifer knelt between his legs, crouching down and taking his cock in her mouth again. Meanwhile, Bobby was looking through Danny's backpack. "Hey, what's this thing?" he said, holding up a funny looking toy--a rubber thing with two pointed tips that almost touched, but not quite. There was a button at the bottom and when he clicked it on, in started humming.

"Some kind of vibrator, I guess," Danny said. "Like a vibrating egg, you know? But more intense?"

"Cool!" Bobby climbed onto the bed behind the girl and pushed it up between her legs as she knelt over Pete.

"What the fuck?" she said, pulling off of Pete's little cock. She turned her head backwards in Bobby's direction. "What is th... Oh my God!" she moaned, right as the little tips of the funny toy made contact with either side of her clitoris. She shuffled her knees a bit, without even meaning to, to let Bobby have better access to her clit.

Mike was rooting around in the bag now, anxious for his turn in the girl's mouth. "What are these thing?" he asked, pulling out a hard black plastic string of beads.

"Oh!" Danny said, "anal beads! Check it out!" He reached into the bag and pulled out a tube of lubricant, then took the beads from Mike. He coated the beads in lube and climbed onto the bed behind the girl, where Bobby was holding the vibrator against her clit.

By this point, Pete was so desperately in need of relief that he started jacking off, and as Jennifer groaned and shook from the vibrator, she opened her mouth and engulfed Pete's cock again. Bobby and Danny spread the girl's ass cheeks open, one cheek in each of their hands, and Danny squirted a big dollop of lube over her cherry-pink asshole, then pushed the first narrow bead into her. The boys could hear her groan again and her legs shook even more.

"Oh fuck!" Pete hollered as he started cumming, and when his first shot of semen hit Jennifer in the back of the mouth, Danny pushed the second of the beads, slightly thicker than the first, into her little pink rosie. The girl made some sort of a grunting sound and it wasn't clear whether she was in pain from the beads--the third one now, then the fourth!--or if she was enjoying them, along with the cum being shot into her mouth and the toy vibrating around her clit. Eventually Pete finished unloading and she collapsed down onto his stomach, still up on her knees with her ass in the air and his cum drooling out of her mouth. She was moaning and moaning, her whole body shaking with orgasm.

"You fuckers," she gurgled breathlessly, "get that thing out of my ass."

"You seem to like it!" Danny said, now sliding two fingers into her cunt. "Cool! I can feel the beads!" He started finger-fucking her, at the same time pulling the beads out and pushing them back in.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned, shaking uncontrollably. Mike quickly pulled his pajama pants off now and climbed on the bed. She had her face to the side, pushed up against the bed, and she opened her mouth wide for him.

Danny looked at Bobby with a big grin, then pulled his fingers out of the girl's cunt and pointed down at his erection and then pointed at her pussy. Bobby grinned, too, and nodded.

Danny climbed behind her ass, taking the vibrator from Bobby and keeping it hard up against her clit, and slid his cock into her hot fourteen year old vagina. As he entered, she let out a long moan around Mike's cock.

"The slut likes it!" Danny said as he started rocking his hips back and forth. "Oh my god you guys have to do this! It's so awesome! I can feel the anal beads rubbing against my cock!"

It didn't take long for both of the two boys to cum, Mike down her throat and Danny into her teenage womb, filling the girl full at both ends with twelve year old sperm. Danny did his best to keep the vibrator on her clit and her entire body shook with another climax while the boys unloaded into her. She collapsed down completely onto her stomach when they were finally done, panting, a pool of cum by her mouth and another between her legs, the anal beads still sticking out of her ass.

While the girl just lay there, glassy-eyed and breathing hard, Danny quickly climbed off of the bed and went back to his bag. "Here, Bobby," he said as he pulled a couple of rolled-up items from his bag. "These go under the bed, like this--" holding onto one end, he rolled the other end under the bed to where Bobby was standing. "And these are cuffs," he said, holding his end up, "for her wrists and her ankles."

In a second, they had her wrists cuffed and the straps pulled tight, her arms spread wide.

"What the fu..." she managed to say as the boys were strapping her ankles down as well. "Wait...!"

"Pete, get the ball-gag out of the bag," Danny ordered. "We don't need her to be talking now."

The boy looked into the bag and pulled out a black leather strap with a big red ball affixed to it. "This thing?" he said, holding it up.

"Wait... I don't..."

By now, Danny and Bobby and her secured tightly, stomach-down on the bed with her arms and her legs spread wide, and Danny took the gag from Pete and pushed the ball into her mouth. Her eyes were wide as he buckled the leather straps behind her head. Spittle started flowing out of her lips around the large red ball.

"There we go!" Danny said. "Now we'll get no more back-talk for the rest of the evening." Then he pushed a pillow under the girl's abdomen. "That gives you a better angle for her pussy, Bobby," he said. Bobby had to push the anal beads all the way into her ass so that he could lay down on top of her back, and then he started rutting away merrily, pumping his hips up and down as he lost his virginity inside her hot used pussy. After a few minutes of vigorous humping, he drooled onto the young girl's back and let out a long enthusiastic moan as he dumped the second load of cum inside her teenage womb that evening.

"LOL!" Danny said as Bobby climbed off of her, pointing at her pussy. "Look at all the cum dripping out of her! We better plug that up!" He pulled a jack rabbit vibrator out of his bag.

"Awesome!" Bobby hollered, and he spread her pussy lips open as his friend slid the dildo deep into her, making sure the little bunny vibrator was up against her clit before he turned it on. The toy had a life of its own, humming and buzzing, the dildo spinning inside her first one way, then the other, the beads around the shaft massaging the inside of her vagina while the vibrator stimulated her aching, overused little nub. Almost instantly she started moaning into the ball gag, saliva flowing out around it, and her legs started shaking uncontrollably.

"Here, we should use this, too," Bobby said, pulling a long narrow vibrator from the bag. Danny knew just what his friend had in mind, and latched a finger through the plastic ring at the end of the anal beads stuffed deep into her ass. He pulled them out slowly, watching each bead force her sphincter open as it left. The girl moaned into her ballgag with each passing bead. Bobby was right there with the vibrator when the last of the beads popped out, and in it went until all that was left outside her ass was the base of the vibe. Then the two boys started dildo-double-teaming her, pulling both the dildo vibe and the humming and buzzing jackrabbit in and out in perfect rhythm. The girl moaned and groaned and shook and squirmed, each wave of pleasure wafting through her body, followed immediately by the next, growing in intensity and frequency until they melded together into one long, sustained, nearly unbearable climax.

When Bobby finally pulled the vibrator out of her ass, the two boys stared at the gaping open hole that once was a puckered pink little rosebud.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Danny asked.

"Yeah!" Bobby answered.

Danny took the first turn. With the jack rabbit dildo still deep inside the girl's pussy, still spinning and humming and buzzing on her clit, he positioned his cockhead at the open hole of her ass. The girl groaned yet again as he slid his dick into her.

"Oh, man!" the boy moaned as he rocked his cock in and out of her bum. Jennifer had her eyes closed and was moaning around the gag.

"She likes it, Danny!" Bobby said. "Look at her! She likes it!"

"Oh god, her ass is so tight," Danny groaned.

"Let me have a turn!" Bobby said.

"OK," Danny said, pulling out of her and getting out of his buddy's way. Bobby positioned his twelve year old cock against her sphincter and pushed in.

"Oh my god!" He shouted as her ravaged asshole slid down the length of his cock. "Oh my fucking god!"

Jennifer moaned again. "She totally does like it!" Danny said. "Don't you, Jennifer?"

She opened her eyes and looked at him, but then she closed them and moaned into the gag as Bobby pulled his cock back through her anus and pushed in again.

"Hey, what about us?" Pete asked. "We get a turn, too!"

"I know what she needs from you guys," Danny said. "A little DP!"

"DP?" Pete said.

"Double penetration, one in her ass and one in her pussy. You ever done DP, Jennifer?"

Her eyes were still closed, but she shook her head "no."

"But you want to, don't you?"

She opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment, barely able to focus, her body shaking through another long, sustained climax from the dildo in her pussy and the cock in her ass. She moaned again, closed her eyes, and nodded.

"Sweet!" Pete said, and turned to Mike and gave him a high-five.

"We'll need to untie you, so you can be on top of one guy while the other one is behind you," Danny said to the girl. "You promise to be good?"

She nodded again, while Bobby, wanting to get every last second of her bumhole that he could, just kept riding her ass nice and hard. The other boys unstrapped her from the bed, and finally Bobby reluctantly pulled out of her and extracted the jack rabbit dildo from her pussy as well.

"Which one of you wants to be on the bottom?" Danny asked the other boys. But Mike was already climbing on the bed and laying down, and Jennifer climbed right on top of him. His eyes were dancing with delight as she reached behind her and directed his little twelve year old virgin cock into her pussy, and immediately she was sliding back and forth, rocking away on him.

"Ohhhh," the boy moaned, reaching up and grabbing her tits that hung in front of him, "it feels... so good.. Jennifer! Ohhhh!"

"Let's go, Pete!" Danny said. "Your turn!"

The boy climbed behind her as she slid back and forth on Mike's cock, then pushed his into her anus. She let out a long groan into the gag, saliva drooling out around it and dripping down onto Mike's face. He lifted his head and licked the drool away from her mouth, then kissed her. "You're so beautiful, Jennifer," he said. She looked at him, her eyes glazed but with maybe just the glimmer of a smile now? And she renewed her vigorous fucking of his cock as Pete rode her anus hard.

"Awesome," Danny laughed. He picked up her cell phone and started filming.

Both boys were breathing hard now, and a minute later they started exploding inside her while Danny caught it all on video. Pete popped off first into her ass, pumping her bowels full of cum. Then the girl lay down completely on Mike, riding him to orgasm while cum oozed out of her anus and onto his balls, and he filled her pussy again with twelve year old sperm.

"I can walk you home, if you want," Mike said, after she'd finally managed to clean up a bit and put her clothes back on.

"Mikey has a cru-ush!" the other boys chanted, giggling.

He punched a couple of them on their shoulders, but Jennifer gave him a sympathetic smile. "I'd like that."

"Tell your friends they're a bunch of assholes," she said when they got to her house.

"OK," Mike answered.

"But..." she looked at him with a little smile, "Maybe someday... you and I can, you know, hook up again or something?"

"Really?" Mike said, a big grin on his face and his eyes going wide.

"Yeah, just you this time, though. None of your asshole friends, OK?"


"Text me," she said, holding up her cell phone that she'd finally gotten back from the boys. Then she gave him a little kiss on the cheek and disappeared into her house.


Nickname Date Feedback
Anonymous 10/7/2016 Very good!
KC 10/7/2016 I listened (text 2 voice app on phone) while driving to pick my 14 year old daughter up frpm school. I don't usually get this turned on from ASSTR stories but now I'm rock hard. I see my daughter and she'll be getting in my car in a minute. Really bad day to just wear mesh shorts without any underwear but maybe she won't notice. But if she does. ...
The guy 10/8/2016 This was amazing. Ending was a little weird but ill take it.

I want more this like.
Anonymous 10/9/206 well done Chris.. always a fan of your stories, but this one takes the cake.
10/17/2016 OMG-1 of your best-we need more adventures between Mike & Jennifer thank you
Bill 10/18/2016 Awesome... Absolutely deserves a follow-up, maybe later when she's finger fucking herself on webcam being watched by Mike, her father could walk in and not realising that she is filming could decide to punish his daughter... But after a few slaps to her naked ass only turn her on further, Jennifer persuades her dad to give her what she really needs.
Mr Mac 10/24/2016 Hot, hot, hot... I would have liked the ending to last a little longer, maybe her asking Mike to do her one more time before she went in the house. I agree, need at least one follow-up if not more, maybe she gets pregnant but father thinks it's his... all in all, I enjoyed the story.
jdancarter 10/25/2016 Damn that was hot. loved it
critterhere 10/24/2016 well done there need a part 2 if its possible ok
Anonymous 10/27/2016 What a great story

Idea for a part two:

She calls Mike up frustrated a couple of days later to hook up as she has been unable to cum since "that evening" they have sex normally but she still can't get off. They figure out that what she needs is the feeling humiliation she had then. They go on a series of kinky sexcapades - golden shower, sex in public places, bondage at the risk of being exposed eg under her school uniform, being naked in public, exposing herself to strangers, filming things (anonymously?) and posting them online etc. Then Mikes friends find out what they have been doing (maybe they catch them at it?) and take up the challenge of pushing her further and further (e.g. Sex with animals) But keeping it with her enjoying it.
Les 10/28/2016 This was good, apart from the ending. It might have been more interesting if you'd ended it by:
- letting them tell her they had photoed / videoed most of what had gone on between the 12's and her (adding that the 12s were unidentifiable) and made it clear that more cost would be asked for later and then slung her out
- actually sending copies to......boyfriend / daddy / other. I would prefer Daddy being anonymously informed with a soft sample and a threat to send to her school for ruining chances of her school future unless daddy came over and fukt his daughter. That could be a never ending theme
- blackmailing her into a black ghetto niggas group and making a few bucks so they could buy childish toys for themselves, remote controlled aircraft / other
- the group going into business, making her a porn star and becoming rich

It could be a morality tale of just where mobile computer phone technology is taking us - hot damn !!!
jqheart 10/31/2016 Very nice! Very hot story. It makes me wish I was 12 again!
Bre 11/1/2016 This story is superb! Amazing erotica! Thank you for sharing this!
Botte 11/26/2016 Great story and continue with your bondage-stories. I hope it will be more parts about Jennifer. Maybe she will go back and challenge the guys again dressed up in tight top, miniskirt and knee high heel boots with high heels to show the boys that she can handle more than they can think of.
There might be a bit more bondage coming in the future, but my tastes generally run to the very light bondage (see for example the "Hand-tied" stories). I rarely go as far as this, but it is fun, isn't it?
Anonymous 12/8/2016 I loved this! The ending is what really sets it off, it goes from a full rape story to some sort of weirdly sweet hook up story. Maybe as a sequel ideas, she's got friends who might like more assertive guys, so she invites her girlfriends over for a sleepover, and her boyfriend Mike and his friends crash the party...
Spike 1/11/2017 Loved this story, partly because it reminded me of something that happened in my own schooldays when a busty 16yo female friend foolishly agreed to take part in a game of strip poker with three younger boys. Anyway, very hot!
Doc 1/28/2017 Absolutely fantastic! Thank you
FunLovJon 1/29/2017 That was Great Story. Please keep it going. more blackmailing to the point that she cant go without being used & abused. turn her into a real cum whore.
Oric13 3/9/2017 Very erotic. I enjoyed this one a lot.
awesome 3/18/2017 is there a part 2 coming?
Probably not, I'm afraid...
Bill D 4/26/2017 Great story, nice ending. You write so well!

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