I first saw Maggie when an unruly gang of teenagers, about eight of them, were hanging around in the alley behind my house. Now I don't consider myself to be all that far from my teenage years myself, although I'm just past 30, I didn't want to seem too "adult." But I still wanted to find out what these kids were up to behind my garage, so I grabbed the garbage and headed for the trash can in the alley.

A couple of the teenagers were smoking, but most were just standing around talking or sitting on the ground. When they saw me coming, one of them turned and hollered into my neighbor's yard, "Hey, you ready, or what?" They were just waiting for one of their friends, and they wanted to make sure I knew that's all they were doing. So I wasn't too worried about them any more.

After I tossed out the garbage, I turned to walk back into my house. Right then, she caught my eye. She was sitting on the ground with her friends, leaning against my neighbor's garage. When I looked at her, she stared right back at me and we made eye contact for what seemed like an eternity.

She was a young girl, probably not more than fourteen years old or so. But she was beautiful, in a "punker" sort of way; her hair was medium length, died jet black, her skin was alabaster white, her eyes were a striking blue. She was wearing an old black cardigan, a white tee-shirt, and a long, baggy, black skirt.

As I broke eye contact from her mesmerizing stare, she smiled at me and her bright eyes twinkled in the late afternoon sun. I thought a lot about this girl over the next couple of days. Her penetrating eyes had burned their image in my brain.

It was a cloudy evening two days later when I saw her again. Sitting in my kitchen, I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I got up and looked out the back window, and there she was, standing in the alley staring rather blankly at the back of my house. The wind was billowing her black hair around her face, and every few seconds she reached up a pale, small hand and brushed the hair out of her eyes. She was dressed in a tight black sweater and black jeans.

Wanting to say something to her, I opened the back door and stepped out onto the deck. She quickly turned her head away and started walking down the alley.

"Hey," I yelled. "Wait!"

She stopped and turned to face me as I scrambled out into the back yard. "What's your name?" I asked.

"Maggie," she said, cautiously walking toward me. "Well, Margaret, but everyone calls me Maggie. What's yours?"

"Ron. I saw you a few days ago, with some of your friends, didn't I?" As I walked toward the alley, she continued towards me and we met next to my garage cans.

"Yeah, we were waiting for Linda over here." She gestured to my neighbor's house.

"Hey, it's kind of cold out here. You want to come in for a cup of tea or something?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, brushing the wind-blown hair out of her eyes, not hesitating for a moment at my offer.

Inside, I quickly made a pot of tea and we sat down on the couch. We had a great conversation, talking about the hip bands of today and the ones from yesteryear. She was impressed with my knowledge and musical tastes, and I was impressed with hers.

Gradually, we moved ourselves closer together on the couch until our gesturing hands were sometimes touching each other's leg or arm. Then, at one point, she interrupted me by grabbing my hand and pulling it down until it came to rest on top of her leg. As she held my hand down and started talking, I wrapped my fingers around her hand and held on tightly for a few more minutes as we talked. Then, during a lull in the conversation, she leaned her head against my shoulder, and I instinctively turned and pressed my lips into hers.

I guess, as I think back on it now, I really had expected her to object to my little kiss, to slap me and run out of the house. But she obviously didn't mind; almost immediately her lips were parted and her little tongue flicked out and lightly touched my lips. I took this as an invitation and cautiously ventured my tongue into her mouth.

Obviously, Maggie had made out like this before, because she certainly knew how to French kiss! As we sat and kissed, our tongues just beginning to touch each other, to explore in a tactile flirtation, I moved my hands over her back and through her hair. Only now did I begin to realize how much her young body had to offer.

I was surprised at how petite she seemed to be, much shorter than me, maybe 5' 2" or so and probably only 100 pounds. Her beautiful, white face had a hint of sadness behind it, but also an equally strong hint of interest, of sexual awakening. Her small breasts were effectively hidden behind the black sweater she was wearing, but I could just make out their contour. They were not much bigger than little peaches, probably just beginning to blossom, and they were held almost flat against her chest by her constraining bra. Her waist and hips were thin and girlish, which perfectly matched her slender legs and small feet.

After we had kissed for a number of minutes, my heart was racing and my groin ached from the pressure of my growing erection. At one point we paused from our embrace to catch our breath, and I was surprised when Maggie sat up and stretched, arching her back, accentuating her young bosom. As she turned to look at me, she ran her fingers through her hair and interlocked them behind her head, her elbows straight out to either side of her head. She smiled seductively at me, her back still arched, and her deep breaths caused her little bosom to swell out towards me, then retreat, then swell again.

I couldn't help myself; I had to touch them, I had to touch her little jewels. As I lifted my hand, she made no sound, only ever so slightly biting her lip, and when my finger came into contact with one of her breasts, she closed her eyes immediately and moaned, almost imperceptibly. I reached up my other hand and began to fondle both her breasts, feeling their softness and their diminutive size. With each caress, the young girl arched her back even more, her eyes still closed, occasionally letting a soft moan escape her mouth.

I kneaded her bosom for a number of minutes, and she continued to sit with her hands behind her head, elbows out, her back arched and her young breasts standing out as best they could. Finally, I decided I had to be more bold, and I reached down to the bottom of her sweater, grasped the hem with both hands, and pulled it up.

Rather than object, as I expected, Maggie lifted her hands high into the air, allowing me to take the sweater off more easily. I lifted it over her head and off of her, and now she sat before me wearing nothing above her waist except an adorable little bra. She immediately put her hands back behind her head and arched her back again, staring seductively into my eyes with her baby blues, smiling slightly and blushing as I gazed at her young, beautiful body.

Her youngish bosom was swelling out of her small bra; the elastic of the edges of the tiny cups seemed to be cutting into her mounding flesh, which proudly stood out towards me as she arched her back.

Almost instinctively, I reached up with both hands and firmly grasped her little breasts. They heaved in my hands as I held them; I could feel Maggie's heart beating, fast and hard, as my fingers felt their way around her breasts, the soft skin, oh so soft, where her breasts began to rise above her chest, their wonderful, almost conical shape, the feeling of her small but hardening nipples peeking up through the satin fabric under the palms of my hands. As I felt her wonderful little globes, she continued to smile at me and to stare deeply into my eyes.

Then I slipped my fingers under the tight elastic on the top of her little cups. As my fingers crept down, I could feel how soft her skin was, even softer than before, and my groin was aching, pulsating. I had to see her! So, with my fingers now strategically hooked under the elastic of her cups, I pulled them down, and her little breasts popped out. They were the most plump, perfect little tits I could have possibly imagined. I hadn't seen anything this beautiful since I was fifteen years old in the back seat of my father's car.

Maggie's small bra, pulled down under her breasts like this, helped to prop her tits up, so that they were almost pointing skyward, proudly poking out and facing right at me. Their soft, milky undersides were whiter even than the pale skin of her face and hands; completely white and unblemished, save for a little mole on the underside of her left breast.

Her nipples, oh my god her nipples! They were small, unbelievably light pink little nubs, erect and fabulously beautiful. They topped her girlish bumps like darling little buds on an crabapple tree, young and pink and just beginning to bloom; they were like tiny dollops of the sweetest light-pink frosting you've ever tasted, softly gracing the top of the world's most adorable little white cupcakes. The nipples stood up proudly from the plump skin of her tits, puffing out as if they wanted to call attention to themselves, as if they were crying out to me to take their delicious pink skin into my mouth, to taste them, to suckle on them forever.

I looked up into Maggie's eyes, and I noticed that her smile had been replaced by a nervous frown, and her eyes, though still staring directly at me, were wide and perhaps a little frightened. I realized that, although the young girl had made out before, this must be the first time that she had ever had her naked breasts exposed.

"You have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen," I told her, in all honesty, staring directly at them.

"Really?" she said, smiling slightly again.

"Oh, yeah, really." I stared hungrily at the plump little gems standing out from her young chest.

"You mean it, or are you just saying that?"

"Oh, I mean it."

"But they're too small, aren't they? I mean, they'll get bigger, but..."

"Small and gorgeous. Small doesn't mean a thing to me." I continued to stare at the wonderful tits so fabulously displayed in front of me, and Maggie continued to show them off for me, her hands behind her head, elbows out, back arched.

"You're too nice, Ron," she said. "Thanks."

"No," I said as I leaned into her, "thank you." I leaned my head down until her left breast was right in front of my face, then I lifted up a hand and carefully placed the first knuckle of my index finger under the small breast and lifted it slightly, so that her incredible little nipple was facing right at me, right in front of me. I marveled at it's beauty, all the little bumps and creases, the light pink skin. Then I carefully fit my lips around it and kissed it lightly, then took it into my mouth, feeling its pink and puffy skin against my tongue.

"Oh," I heard Maggie moan in a high-pitched tone. She moaned over and over, occasionally even squeaking, or almost squealing, an even higher-pitched sound. Her breath was labored as her lungs lifted her breasts up and down in front of my face, but I never let go of the nipple in my mouth. I could tell that she had never had her breasts kissed before, and that the young girl was greatly enjoying the experience. She continued to hold her chest high with her back arched and her hands behind her head.

After I had enjoyed her left breast for a minute, I lifted my head up and looked at her. She wasn't smiling anymore, but was looking determinedly at me, her eyes no longer wide but focused, staring at me, her breath coming in loud, short gasps. This was one very excited young girl, I could tell. I leaned over to her right breast, examined the nipple closely as well, trying to memorize it's little bumps and nubs, then took it into my mouth. Immediately, as my lips closed around it, Maggie moaned aloud.

I enjoyed her right breast for another few minutes, until I lifted my head up again. "Maggie," I said breathlessly, looking into the blue eyes that seemed like they had just experienced their own little bit of nirvana, "Would you... would you like to give me head?"

Her eyes stayed focused on me; her expression hardly changed. "Sure," she said, without hesitation. "But... I don't really know how."

"I can tell you, if you want."

"Yes, please. I'd like that."

"Well, first, you should get on your knees between my legs," I instructed her.

Before I even finished talking, she was kneeling in front of me, sitting back on her heels and looking up with a coy, demure expression. I stood up to take my pants off, and her attentive blue eyes followed my face, never breaking their eager stare.

I quickly kicked off my shoes, unbuckled my pants, and pulled them off. Wearing only my boxer shorts, I sat back down in front of Maggie. She was still staring excitedly, but now her attention was focused on the bulge in my shorts. Then, right in front of her face, I pulled my underwear down and kicked it off to the side. My full erection stood out prominently, and Maggie just sat back on her heels and stared at it, her blue eyes wide with excitement and surprise.

"Wow!" she said, not breaking her stare. "It's huge! I never thought it'd be so big."

I just sat there smiling, watching the young girl's inquisitive, arousing expression. My erection was proudly pointing right at her face, and I positioned myself on the front the couch cushion so that my balls were hanging down beneath my stiff penis. After an extended moment, while Maggie just sat and stared at me, I finally said to her, "Do you want to touch it? You should, go ahead and touch it."

She reached out a tentative hand and cautiously wrapped her fingers around the girth of my penis. Her fingers were small, and colder than I expected, but it was exciting to feel her touch on my aching cock. She just continued to stare at it, wide-eyed with amazement.

"You can touch it more than that, if you want. It won't break." She looked up at me and smiled at my comment. "You can touch my balls, too," I added.

She looked back down at my cock and started moving her fingers, feeling it, from the top to the bottom. She gingerly reached down and touched my balls, which moved excitedly from the coldness of her small fingers. "Oh, yeah," I said, quivering with the excitement of the young girl's touch. "Oh, Maggie, it feels great when you touch me. Do you want to make me come with your hands?"

She looked up at me again. "I thought you wanted me to give you head," she said, disappointed.

"Oh, if you'd rather give me head, I'd love that."

"I would."

"Okay then, you should put it in your mouth."

"I don't think it'll fit in my mouth, Ron." She was staring wide-eyed at it again.

"Just the tip of it. Just the top." She leaned over, her dyed-black hair obscuring my view of her face, but I could see one of her young little tits, still exposed, hanging down, as she directed the tip of my penis into her wide-open mouth.

I moaned as the tip of my penis ventured for the first time into her warm mouth. "That feels so great! Now, wrap your hand around my cock, and pretend that your mouth is your pussy, you know, move my penis in and out of it." She started following my instructions, bobbing her head up and down, the tip of my cock slipping past her lips and into her mouth, where it was lightly caressed by her tongue, then out, then in again.

"Oh, yeah, that's it. Now, use lots of spit. Your pussy gets really wet, you know. So your hand, my cock, should be really wet. And just let your hand slide up and down, yeah, like it's just a part of your mouth. Like it's a part of your pussy. That's it!" I said breathlessly. "Oh yeah, that's it!" She started moving her entire hand and mouth over my cock, using her spit as a lubricant.

"Oh god Maggie, that feels so good! Now, touch my balls. Just lightly touch my balls!" She did as I commanded, continuing to stroke my penis while she fondled my sack. "Oh! Deeper, Maggie, deeper into your mouth!" I was getting extremely excited.

She opened her mouth wider and bobbed her head down lower, letting the entire cap of my penis into her mouth. As she did, her teeth dragged along my sensitive skin. "Ah, no, no teeth, Maggie. Less teeth!" She quickly opened her little mouth absolutely as wide as she could.

I started moving my hips in rhythm with her strokes, pushing myself into her, testing how deep I could get inside her without her teeth causing me too much pain. As she continued to work her magic on my cock, I reached down, under her arms, and cupped her little tits in my hands.

Each time she took me into her mouth, I would press my hips toward her, pushing into her, and I could feel the tip of my penis sliding down the roof of her mouth, wedging sweetly into the back of her tongue. Then she would pull her head back until only the very tip was still in contact with her lips, then she would bob down and my cock would go in to the roof of her mouth again. Her spit was constantly flowing out of her mouth; the entire operation was getting very wet, spit running down my cock and onto my balls.

After Maggie had sucked on me for ages, I could feel an orgasm starting to well deep inside me. I let go of her breasts and wrapped my fingers in her hair, cradling the back of her head in my hands. Finally I reached the point of orgasm, and I stayed there, without coming, for what seemed like five minutes, although it was probably more like five seconds.

Maggie continued to rock up and down on my cock as I clinched my eyes and tightened my grip on her head, wrapping my fingers even more tightly in her hair. My whole body tensed as I waited for the young girl to finally complete my orgasm, as I waited for those last couple of strokes that would take me over the edge.

Eventually, I could hold back no longer and I felt the first gush of come exploding out of my cock, and I rammed into her mouth as deep as I could, not caring any longer about her teeth dragging against my skin. My strong hands held her head in place; even though she tried instinctively, in vain, to jerk her head back, my fingers, tightly wrapped in her hair, prevented her from moving any more than I allowed.

In fact, using my strength, I even managed to pull her head in towards my hips a little, allowing me to get even deeper into her. With the tip of my cock buried deep between her tongue and the back of her mouth, I waited for one final, glorious moment, just a split second, really, but it seemed like forever, tightly holding Maggie's head in place while I braced for my orgasm to finally be consummated.

And then I shot the first glorious load of my warm, salty fluid deep inside her mouth, down into her throat. Maggie tried to jerk back again, sputtering and choking with surprise at the force of my ejaculation and the taste of my come, but I held her tightly in place as I pulled my hips back, then shoved myself into her again, this time strongly and forcefully pulling her head in towards my hips.

She resisted less this time, not jerking her head back as I entered her, but then I shot another load of come and she started gagging and choking and tried to jerk her head back again. Still I held her strongly in place, pulling back and pushing in again, holding her tightly with my powerful hands and fingers wrapped in her hair, and unload another shot of come.

Finally she sputtered and wheezed and gagged as come streamed out of her mouth, down her chin, onto her hand that was still holding my cock. I released my grip on her head and hair and she pulled back, letting my cock leave her mouth. As she gagged, gobs of semen erupting out of her mouth with each cough, I continued to come, striking her forcefully in the face with every pump. She closed her eyes tightly, mouth wide open with come dripping out of it, as I pumped shot after shot onto her young, beautiful face.

Then, it was over. I just sat there, my spent, hard penis twitching right in front of her. There was come everywhere: in her hair, on her face, gobs of it dripping off of her chin and onto her breasts and jeans. It was all over me, too, all over my legs, my cock, my pubic hair, all over the couch and the floor. When she had started gagging, the stuff just spewed everywhere out of her mouth.

She leaned back on her heels, opened her eyes and looked at me with her fabulous baby blues. I had no idea what she was thinking at this moment; I knew I had been a little rough with her. But then, much to my relief, she started smiling, and then both of us started laughing. "Wow," she said through her laughter, "that was incredible! I can't believe how much you came! Is it always like that?"

"Yeah, but only if the person giving me head is really good at it!"

"You think I was good at it?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Well, maybe we should try it again someday," she said, smiling mischievously.

"I think we should," I answered, smiling back at her. She reached down and pulled the cups of her bra back over her sweet, diminutive tits, and our little interlude was over.

We both got cleaned up and I walked her to the back door. She stood up on her tip-toes to give me a kiss goodbye, and after a long, wonderful kiss, she said, "See yah soon, Ron."

I couldn't wait.


Nickname Date Feedback
DragonBlood 2/10/2017 I remember reading this back in 2013, is was a great story then, still a great story now.
Thanks Dragon. I'm glad you liked it, then and now.
db 2/21/2017 Hey Chris,
Long time no see on this classic story maybe you need to make a separate section called classics and this would be the first one in it.
Not a bad idea!
Rich 2/23/2017 Erotic story. Had me breathing hard thinking how nice it is.
js 2/24/2017 still a great story - how about part 2 when she comes back for more :)
MrLumpy 2/25/2017 An oldie but goodie, Chris. Don't remember that you ever wrote a follow-up, but would be great to see this continued.
No, I never did do a follow-up. I sort of like just leaving them with the promise of more. I'm a tease I guess! But maybe I need a new series, after First Fellatio; First Intercourse. Maggie would certainly enjoy that!
BG88 2/25/2017 Very detailed story. Made me feel the as if it's real.
ray 2/27/2017 Tech problem. The top few inches of the page keeps going on and off -- pretty distracting. Otherwise, nice story.
Hey, ray, I'm sorry your having trouble with the story. I'd love to know what browser you're using, and what OS. The site is designed to work with handhelds, and has a banner at the top that is supposed to disappear when you scroll down, thus giving more "real estate" to the handheld device so the story is easier to read, and then reappear when you scroll up. What you are describing seems to be a problem with the banner appearing and disappearing when it isn't supposed to be (unless maybe you are scrolling up and down when this is happening?). Also, it shouldn't be covering a few inches. On a handheld, if you open up the menu (by clicking on the little button with the three dashes), the menu doesn't disappear automatically. I've never been able to get the script to make it disappear. So if this is what is happening, click on the menu button again and it should disappear and stop covering half the screen.

Anyway, many thanks for the comment!
Anonymous 3/13/2017 Love your punk girl stories! (Still would love to see more of Jessica from Kelsie and the Punker Girls.)

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