"Whatcha gonna do to me, John?"

"I'm gonna come on your face, Cali. I'm gonna to leave big long ropes that go from your chin to your forehead. Several of them."

"Sounds gooey."

"Yeah? You want it?"


"You like it?"

"Oh yeah! 'Cause it comes from you."

"So that's what you want me to do? Come all over your face?"

"I want you to do whatever you want to do."

"I'm almost there... Lean your head back."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, there you go. This way I can give you a couple nice shots across the face!"


"Oh, baby, you ready?"

"Um hum."

"Ohhhh! ..."


"Ohhhh! ... Aggghuh..."

"Oh fuck! What a mess!"

"Wait a sec, a couple more drops!"

"Oh man! I'm fucking covered the shit!"

"Yeah, sorry, sweetie. I'll get you a towel, OK?"

"No way! I'm gonna wear it, just like you always say you want!"


"Yeah, I just gotta get it out of my eyes, though..."


"Wait, let me have that finger, John. Ummm, tastes good!"

"You're such a naughty little thing."

"You know it babe. You ready to go for a walk?"

"You're really gonna go for a walk with my come on your face?"

"Sure! That's what you said you wanted, right?"


"Look at that guy, John. He totally noticed!"

"Yeah, look at him stare at you."

"He's so jealous of you, babe. He wishes he had a girlfriend who'd take it in the face and go for a walk afterwards!"

"You know what, Cali? I think you kinda like doing this."

"I kinda do! I wasn't so sure at first, but it's fun. I like showing everybody that I'm yours, that you made your claim to me."

"Yeah, you like being marked by me?"

"Definitely. It's like I'm saying to the world, 'Look at me, I'm John's girl, I wear his manhood on my face.'"

"Hey, check out how that lady's staring."

"Yeah! Watch this! ... Mmmm, that tastes good!"

"Did you see her eyes go all buggy? That was hilarious!"

"Yeah... God I'm really horny! Can we go back to your place? My fingers got a date with my pussy."

"I was thinking the same thing about my tongue."

"I'm gonna have the happiest pussy on Earth!"


"You're so beautiful, Cali."


"You have such a beautiful pussy, Cali."


"Yeah, I'm totally in love with your pussy."

"Ahhhh... She's yours, baby."


"Yeah, all yours, huhhh, she belongs to you."

"Damn that's hot."

"I'm totally serious... Ahhhhh... Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh yeah! All yours, John, she's all yours!"

"You're so beautiful, sweetheart. The most beautiful wonderful girl in the world."


"That was fucking hot, Cali."

"Thanks, babe. Once I catch my breath I gotta go take shower. I gotta wash this dried-up come off my face."

"Why don't we take a shower together?"

"Bend over now Cali. Oh yeah!"

"Ohhhhh, John, I love your big fat cock!"

"I love your little pussy, Cali!"

"Fuck me hard, John, make me like it!"

"Cali, I'm about to come, I better go get a condom."

"Screw the stupid condom! Come inside me!"

"Oh Cali!!! Oh fuckkkkk!!!"

"Thanks sweetie. I can't believe you let me do that!"

"I love the feeling of your hot come filling me up. I just can't get enough of it."

"You're the greatest, Cali. The greatest."

Author's note: For the additional Cali stories, see:


Nickname Feedback
CH Kitten I love your writing, another wonderfully erotic minimalist piece sketching in the story to let us imagine it as vividly as we want - and I definitely want.
That's an awfully hot comment, CH Kitten. Thanks for the kind words!

Mandy Candy Very nice. Love this series. with her being at the early stage of puberty, how about at some point she gets in an argument with her mother because her mother is suspicious of her (whether its tattle tale signs on laundry day or a neighbor seeing her walking with him and her face covered) and she storms out and has rough naughty rebellious hard core reckless sex because she's pissed at mama. Its your story Chris U decide just thinking about a little teenage attitude ;-)
Jeez Mandy I love the way you think! Keep your eyes open for the next Cali story, which I believe will have just the sort of rebellious teenage attitude that you are looking for!


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