It is comforting inside the young girl's womb. Nurturing, motherly, protective.

It is dark, and warm, and moist.

There is a foreign liquid in her womb. The foreign liquid is full of sperm. And the sperm is alive with activity, and so is her uterus, pulsing and contracting to guide and propel the undulating sperm into her Fallopian tubes.


"Hey Cali! What's up?"

"Hey, John."

"You look upset. Did you and mama have a fight again?"

"Well, yeah, we did, but that's not why I'm upset."

"Oh, what's up?"

"I'm late."


"Yeah, you know. My period."

"Oh. Shit."

"I know. I should prob'ly take a pregnancy test, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

"But... I don't have any money. I can't even afford the bus to get to the drug store."

"Oh, um... Let's see, I don't have any cash, and I gotta run to work. But tell you what, I'll text Chris, he'll come over, OK?"


"Hi Cali. John told me to pick up a pregnancy test..."

"Yeah, thanks, Chris."

"So, your period's late?"

"Yeah. So, what do you do with this thing?"

"Um, let's see, looks like you just pee on the stick."

"Oh, OK. See you in a second then."

"Wait , I'm coming too."

"What? Why?"

"For moral support."

"Sure. I guess if you want to watch, well, whatever."

"No reason to be shy, Cali, I seen it all before, you know."

"Whatever. So, I just kinda sit on the toilet and pee on this dumb thing?"

"Says you wanna get a good stream going..."

"'Stream'... That a funny word."

"...and then put the stick in the stream."

"OK. So..."

"Nice! You got a cute little 'stream' there, Cali!"

"You're gross, Chris. OK, so now what do I do with this thing?"

"You put it in this cup and wait five minutes."

"Five minutes?"

"Yeah. And that's just about exactly enough time."

"Enough time for what?"

"To take care of this hard-on I got from watching you pee."

"You are so gross, Chris!"

"Come on, the big guy needs a little love."

"OK, come here."

"You're the greatest, Cali!

"Thanks, Chris."

"Oh fuck Cali, your mouth feels so good!"


"You ever use your throat, Cal? You ever give a throat job?"

"Nuuggg Uggg."

"Just swallow it, Cal. When I push it in, swallow it down, and it'll go right in."


"There you go Cali! Oh fuck!"


"Oh baby! Oh, yeah! Take my come down your fucking throat Cali! Ghuuunnnnhhh!"

"So, looks like the five minutes are up now, Cali."

"That totally hurt my throat, Chris."

"Sorry, babe, it felt fucking good for me!"

"Yeah I could tell. Hey, look at at that, a solid line! That means I'm not pregnant!"

"Sweet! We should celebrate."

"Yeah! You should take me out for a malt!"

"Good idea, Cali. Let's go!"

"Didja like your malt Cali?"

"Sure, it was good."

"So should I take you home?"

"Nah, take me to John's, I'll surprise him when he gets home."

"He's not gonna be home for a few hours yet, right?"

"That's OK, I'll read a book or something."

"Hey, I got an idea..."

"I know what you're thinking!"

"Yeah? What do you think, you up for it?"

"I don't know, John'll be pissed if he catches us."

"No he won't, he likes sharing you."

"Yeah, maybe you're right."

"Of course I'm right. Besides, you want my cock, don't you?"

"It is a nice big cock."

"I know I want your little pussy."

"You got a condom?"


"I think John's got some around here..."

"Fuck the condom, Cali, I'm going in bare."

"Alright, but... Ohhh!"

"Yeah you like that, huh, babe?"


"I gotta slow down, Cali, or you're gonna make me come!"

"You better not---- come inside me..."

"Whatever. Turn over on your hands and knees now, girl."

"There you go Chris!"

"Yeah! God you have such a tight little pussy, Cali!"

"That's 'cause---- I'm only---- thirteen."

"What a hot little girl!"

"Ohhh, fuck me---- Chris---- Fuck me!"

"I'm just about to come, Cali, you want me to pull out?"

"NO!!! Fuck me Chris!!!"

"You're such a come whore, Cali! Take it, bitch!"

"I want it!---- Give it---- to me!!!"


"Ohhh, yeah!"


"Oh, man."

"There you go, Cali, you got your load, didn't you?"

"I can't believe I let you do that!

" "I know! Com'on, spread your legs, I wanna see your creampie."

"Oh, god, it's so embarrassing!"

"There it is! How cute is that? Little Cali Creampie! That's what us guys call you, you know."

"Oh man!"

"Well, I prob'ly better go, OK?"

"OK, see ya, Chris."

"See ya, Cal."

"Hey, Cali!"

"Hey, John."

"Watcha doing here?"

"Just wanted to... uh... to be here when you got home from work."


"But I think I kinda fell asleep, huh?"

"Yeah... And, you got no pants on?"

"Yeah... 'Cause I wanna, to celebrate, you know."

"Yeah? I got your text, cool that your not pregnant."


"So you wanna celebrate?"


"I'll grab a condom."

"Nah, don't worry 'bout it, John."


"Yeah, why not? I wanna celebrate!"

"Oh, baby, you're sloppy already!"

"I know, I been thinking about you."

"I thought you were sleeping."

"I was---- dreaming---- about your---- cock!"

"Oh, babe, you're getting it for real now!"

"Yeah---- I am----"

"So you really gonna let me come?"

"Sure, babe!---- Go for it----"

"Oh, Cali, you're the greatest! Oh, baby! Ohhhhh!!!!"


By the time the young girl has gone to bed for the evening, her Fallopian tubes are swimming with sperm. Hundreds of thousands of sperm. More are in her womb, still struggling to find their way, more still are stored safely in the mucus of her cervix, carefully nurtured by her loving body and awaiting their turn. As she sleeps that night, the sperm in her Fallopian tubes are disappointed. There is no egg for them to fertilize that night.

But the next morning, as the young girl goes about her day, without her even realizing it, the feathery ends of one of her Fallopian tubes dance softly over her ovary, coaxing a ripening egg. Come, egg, it says. Come, it is time.

The egg comes.

The Fallopian tube is full of sperm, even more now than there was before, sperm from the initial charge--the vanguard sperm--but now also sperm from her womb, and some of what was nurtured in her cervix; sperm from both of the men, filling her Fallopian tube.

While the young girl sleeps the next night, the sperm find the egg. It is inevitable. They surround the young girl's egg, millions of sperm, each drilling, burrowing; arrow-like heads playing their role in the final penetration of the sexual act.

And then, one sperm breeches the egg's barrier..


Nickname Date Feedback
Tim Next chapter's title: "Mommy Cali"?
Mandy Candy YESSSS I been waiting for the next Cali story for ages it seems like its my current favorite one. Thank you so much for doing this. I cant wait to find out whos sperm won. Or it would be crazy if she had twins one johns and one chriss lol. love reading this series.
Twins... Wow, great idea! Mandy, I do like the way you think, you know that. Give me any more ideas you have for the next story, too, I haven't really come up with anything further than Stepdaddy's suggesting that all the guys "fuck that baby into her," something I definitely plan on!

Mandy Candy I agree with Step daddy to fuck that baby into her. But since she conceived when she was supposed to get her period, maybe we should keep it real and have this period show up but not the next one. since the first egg would of missed the bullet but not the next one or two are the ones that are nailed...
Loving it like always Mandy. I edited your comment down for space but I kept the rest of it for consideration upon the next story. And don't worry about "stealing my story," heck, you deserve co-author credit on half of the Cali stories! :)

Jemini Actually, if she has already conceived, it is not possible for her to have her period too. That would result in an instant miscarriage in the embryonic state.
Thanks for the comment, Jemini. I edited down your comment for space, too. I think you may have misunderstood Mandy Candy's suggestion, though--she's on the same page as you--the egg would fail to implant because of Cali's period. Which then forces your poor overworked erotic writer (LOL!) to have to write yet another story in which the gentlemen's sperm meets with her egg, this time succeeding.

Anyway, I kept the rest of your comment locally to help me with subsequent Cali stories, so thank you!

Brian Great story. Can't wait to find out what her mother's reaction will be. After all, she did tell Cali to use condoms. I think Cali and her mom will have a big time argument over this, and Cali should move in with John.
Mama's going to be unhappy, that's for sure. And every time Cali and Mama argue, you know what Cali does--straight to the guys for some comfort in the form of sexual intercourse!

Byron In many ways this story depicts how girls actually get knocked up. It's hard for them to resist getting filled up after they lose their virginity. That's how nature works. I also like the pacing of this story, and the final paragraph. And it's good to see the comments from female readers. Thanks for sharing your stories. I know it takes time and creativity.
It's definitely awesome to get so many comments from female readers. Interestingly, many of my lady readers respond most favorably to the Cali stories. I'd like to think it's because there's a certain amount of realism in them--that girls really do crave to have come shot inside them. I've certainly known a lot of girls that fit that description!

I also think females respond favorably to the "dialog-only" aspect of the stories. It gets tiring even for us males, to read endless graphic description of girls' sex parts. I imagine it is even worse for the girls themselves. But I've also heard from some girls that they love the fact that the stories let them use their imaginations. Imagination can be very erotic, and I suspect this is more true for the ladies than the gentlemen (although it is true for both).

Tina You write so brilliantly about us girls,not only our emotions,but also about the inner workings of our bodies.

1 I fell pregnant when I was just 14 and the way that tiny sperm changed my body was just amazing.By the time I was 16 my figure,including my breasts,were back to normal and you'd never know I'd had a baby.
Thank you so much for your kind words, Tina. Leave your email next time, I'd love to learn more about your experiences!

dark Hope this continues and that she does get knocked up.
Jason How could I have missed this great series, and your back catalogue of stories (working my way through them now !). I'm into pregnancy and lactation too, so looking forward to future entries in this saga !.
Thanks, Jason! There will be more Cali stories, some day, and there is pretty certain to be a good underage pregnancy/lacation story coming out of my story mill here pretty soon! Keep checking back.

Whiz 10/11/2015 Seems a little wrong to have her ovulate when she's already said she's "late".
10/14/2015 So the timeline's a little off! Sue me! :) I will say in my defense that she's only thirteen, maybe she's not entirely regular yet?
Heathcliff 1/23/2016 John rebels against Cali's mom insisting she have an abortion. In spite of her threats, once she finds out who the perv perp is, But then his father instinct takes over. Suddenly he feels very protective of Cali and 'their' babies. As he has a good job he convinces Mom (who has other interests anyway) that he can take care of little Cali and her.... Oh, my! She is going to have twins! And guess what, as ultrasounds later tell, a boy and a girl.

I have long had the fantasy about a series on having a half-sister twin--or from the half-sisters viewpoint (I love your stories from the girls viewpoint)! I Lack the discipline though. The girl is from from John's friend, the boy his--and a chip off the old block. The story series could continue for decades, may 100 years as John and Cali's in-bred offspring run to several generations of retards! When they are really old a gray, they sit in their porch swing watching 100 or more naked children and adults running around in their front yard, jumping in the pool, and running to and from the swimming hole they can see from their porch, many copulating right there on the grass or in the pool.
J 3/23/2015 What a great series! Can't believe I just stumbled upon it.

Wouldn't it be great if, with Cali now pregnant, she gets some of her friends to join in the fun? One might get knocked up because she thinks it's cool, one might be naive and not realize the danger. Cali could trick or coerce one of her friends (lost bet, party game that goes too far?). I think it's equally hot if the beg to get knocked or beg not to.

Hope you have the opportunity to add more chapters to this excellent series!
notsooldpervert 6/14/2017 Love the series. I agree that the timing was off, but the end scene could just be foreshadowing. Start the next story with her saying something about wanting to be with John alone this time since he's been sharing her with his friends every week for the last month. I like the twins idea, but they should both be girls.

Maybe when mom finds out, she gets kicked out and goes to live with John. She can invite 2 or 3 friends over for the weekend, and he can invite 12-20. We can watch all of the girls get gangbang creampies. Might be hard with the dialog only format.
Yes, dialog-only gets very difficult when there's more than a couple of players. But a good idea!
Cheers and thanks for the comment,

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