I was twelve years old, half a boy and half a man, when the stuff in this story happened.

A new family had just moved into the neighborhood, and they had a boy my age, and it was pretty cool for me to have a new buddy. At this point, I don't really even remember his name, but I'll call him Jerry. I think that might have been it.

His kid sister, though, I'll never forget her name, or anything else about her, as long as I live.

She was Julie, and she was nine years old.

I was a tall kid. By twelve I was already five and a half feet tall, and while I was more of a nerd than a sporto, the rapid upward growth had kept me quite trim. Still, I was certainly over 150 pounds. In comparison, the boy I'm calling "Jerry" was a pipsqueak. Actually, most of my friends were pipsqueaks compared to me.

My size was a sure indicator that I'd already had that surge of testosterone that boys experience around that age. In fact, much to my horror, I was suddenly having to shave or I would get these annoying random hairs on my chin and upper lip. The armpits were suddenly hairy, too, and would get really smelly if I didn't take a shower once a day, which was a dramatic departure from my usual bathing habits. And my cock, well, in about a year I'd gone from my first ejaculation to having a big beast hanging between my legs, covered in hair and ready to pop a boner at the least provocation, or no provocation at all. And I quickly learned that I needed a daily cum or the balls would seriously start to ache.

This presented a problem, though, since I was basically a twelve year old kid trapped in a grown-up's body. Hell, in the span of just a few months, I'd gone from not particularly interested in girls (unless they played video games) to wanting them sexually in a pathetic and desperate way. Which, understandably, doesn't appeal much to a twelve-year-old girl, who at this point in her life is mostly interested in finding out how much her body can attract the attention of more mature males. To turn me on, all she had to do was walk in the room. Where's the challenge in that?

So, the solution to this dilemma seems obvious enough to me now, but it never occurred to me then. Even when little nine-year-old Julie walked in the room the first time, I still didn't occur to me.

Julie and her older brother Jerry were only in town for the summer. Their dad had a contract at the local university or something like that, and their family rented a house down the street from me. Jerry and me hit it off like boys that age will do; he liked to ride his bike and the two of us would tear around the neighborhood all afternoon, then spend the evening in my basement playing video games and talking about girls.

It wasn't until half-way through the summer that I met his kid sister, one morning when we were hanging out in his kitchen drinking cokes and she came walking in, still in her pajamas. I wasn't sure why, but right then I thought that she was the cutest damned thing I'd ever seen. She was wearing Disney princess pjs and her hair was all messy from having just woke up, and she was rubbing sleep from her eyes. I sat up nice and tall to make sure I looked as presentable as possible, smiled at her, and said, "Good morning."

She dropped her little fists from rubbing her eyes, looked at me in shock, then turned and ran out of the room.

Jerry laughed as she fled the scene, but I didn't. I thought she looked like an angel.

I saw her again, under better circumstances, a couple days later when Jerry and I stopped by his house for a snack. She was sitting on the couch, reading a book.

"Oh! Hi!" I said to her. She lowered the book and I saw her face go red. Jerry paid her no mind at all, just kept walking into the kitchen without even bothering to introduce us to each other. But I stopped and stood there looking at her. She really was an angel, curly blond hair that hung to her shoulders, pale skin that was obviously prone to blushing, beautiful icy blue eyes.

"Whatcha reading?" I asked.

"Um," she said, her face going scarlet, "it's, uh, called 'The BFF Bucket List.'" She held it up for me to see the cover.

"Cool, is it good?"


"Hey, we have ice cream!" Jerry hollered from the kitchen. "Come on, Rich!"

I shrugged my shoulders at the girl. "You wanna have some ice cream?" I asked her.

"Okay," she said, putting down her book and standing up. She smiled at me. Jesus what a sweet smile the girl had.

As we headed to the kitchen, I realized just how small she was. She must have been more than a foot shorter than me, and less than half my weight. I know that should've cooled my jets a bit. I mean, she was just a kid, right? But I suppose at that point, I hadn't thought much about anything like that. I just thought she was cute, that's all. The fact that my cock had grown two inches in the last minute probably didn't mean anything much to me. He had a tendency to do that.

But my ability to ignore my body's reaction didn't last much past the first bowl of ice cream. The way she looked at me, always smiling and blushing, always giggling at everything I said... She made me feel older, more mature, like a guy that a girl might look up to. And I liked that, a lot.

The next day was a Saturday, and I made a point of going over to their house even though I knew Jerry was at soccer practice. When she answered the door and told me that Jerry wasn't home, I did my best to play the smooth operator with her.

"I know," I said. "I didn't come over to hang out with him."

That won her over, big-time. She was pretty easy to win over, I suppose.

We sat on the couch in their basement, playing video games. But mostly we just talked, which consisted primarily of me going on about anything that interested me, and her just sitting and looking dreamily at me, nodding along and smiling. I knew pretty much when Jerry and his mom would get home from soccer practice, and for some reason I really wanted to be out of the house by the time they got home, so I eventually had to excise myself from Julie's angelic company.

"Hey," I said as I stood to leave, "Jerry and me were talking about hiking up Montgomery Hill tomorrow. You should come with us!"

"Okay!" I remember how big she smiled when she said that. I remember walking out of her house that day thinking, I have a girlfriend! I guess I didn't really know if she saw it that way, but I hoped that maybe she did.

I don't suppose Jerry was all that happy about having his kid sister along on the hike. They got along good, but I imagine he quickly figured out that there was some mutual interest between her and me and that he was destined to be a "third wheel" on this hike and maybe even for the rest of the summer. I gotta confess, though, I didn't really much care what he thought. He and I had been hanging out a lot lately but it's not like he was anyone all that important to me and I was happy to throw him under the bus in a heartbeat in favor of his sweet little sister.

She and I walked close together as we hiked up the hill, hanging back about ten feet behind her brother and giggling together a lot. Man I bet Jerry was annoyed with us!

Half-way up the hill, I told her I had to pee. She giggled and said, "Okay!" We hung back a sec until her brother disappeared into the woods ahead of us. Once he was out of sight, I unzipped my fly and reached in and dug around to pull out my cock. I was standing about three feet in front of her, and I didn't turn away from her and she didn't turn away, either. She just stood there looking at my penis hanging out of my fly and watching my pee start flowing out, right in front of her. I was enjoying having her watch, and I wanted to give her a good show, so I lifted my dick with my thumb and forefinger and my pee rained out in a nice big arch.

When I was finished, I gave myself a couple of shakes. She giggled.

"Why'd you do that?" she asked.

"I don't know, just shaking it off I guess." She giggled again. "You wanna try it?" I asked her.

Her eyes got kind of wide and she stepped towards me. She reached her hand down and took my cock between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a shake. She giggled. I could feel myself starting to get hard between her fingers, and by the second time she gave me a shake, I was already twice as thick and twice as long and it wasn't really a shake, there wasn't much floppiness to it any more. Just a stiffening cock bouncing up and down. She was staring at it with a look somewhere between surprise and delight.

"What are you two doing?" Jerry's voice suddenly interrupted us.

Both of us looked over at him, with little Julie still holding my cock between her thumb and finger.

"Nothing!" she said, quickly taking her hand away.

Her brother was staring right at my erection, which was in his full glory now, sticking out of the fly in my pants. He furrowed his brow in a confused expression, then just shook his head and said, "Come on."

For a while, Julie and I just acted like nothing had happened. We kept up with Jerry and the three of us walked together and nobody mentioned it at all. A half hour later, we made it to the top of the hill. We hung out there for a little bit, then Jerry's like, "Let's go explore some."

Me and Julie were sitting together on a bench they have up there, and we just sort of looked at each other for a second and then I was like, "We'll be there in a sec."

Jerry looked at me and rolled his eyes, and Julie sort of looked at me and smiled and I could see her blush a little bit.

"So," I said, once Jerry had walked away, "do you, like, have a boyfriend? Back in Milwaukee?"

"A boyfriend? No!" she answered.


"I mean, I've never..." she stammered. "I've never really had the chance, I guess."

I nodded. "So, like, if you had the chance..."


I smiled, and she went very red. Then I reached over and put my hand on her skinny little knee, and she put her little hand on top of mine. In about a nanosecond, we'd both turned our faces towards each other and leaned in together at the same time, and we kissed. I'm not sure how long we just sat there kissing but I know I didn't ever want to stop. She tasted so wonderful! I'd kissed a few girls by then but none of them tasted anywhere near as wonderful as Julie.

"Rich!" we heard her brother shout, "Com're! Check this out!"

That ended our little kissing moment. "Coming," I shouted back. I smiled at Julie and she smiled back and we stood up together. I took her little hand in mine and we walked, with a skip in our step, down to where her brother was. I thought that we should probably let go of each other's hands before we got there, but she didn't seem to think the same and she gripped tightly, our fingers interlocked, like she wanted to make sure that I knew she thought it was okay.

We explored the old shacks up there for a bit with her brother, and whenever we'd let go of each other's hands for some reason, we quickly reached back and took them again. I was feeling giddy, light as a feather. I had a girlfriend! A real live girlfriend! The fact that she was only nine years old didn't faze me at all.

We fell behind Jerry again as we started down the hill. When he was out of sight I turned and leaned down and kissed her again, and she was all beaming smiles and we held each other's bodies tight together as we kissed some more. My hands explored, taking liberties that I had never taken with a girl before. I guess I was a quick worker, you know? I'd always been this way with girls my age, going straight from the first kiss to whatever petting they would let me get away with. It hadn't worked out very well for me up to this point. Mostly they just pushed my hands away, and didn't give me an opportunity for a second try.

Maybe I sensed that Julie was different. Maybe I figured that she was too young to know better. Or, maybe I just did what I always did. Regardless, while we stood there holding each other and kissing, my hands slipped down her back to her skinny little bottom, giving her a squeeze. When she didn't object, I slid my fingers down between her legs. She didn't push them away; oh no, not at all! In fact, she did basically the same thing to me, a hand gliding down my front to my crotch, where she could no doubt feel my painfully hard erection. My fingers were trembling as I let go of her little rear and reached around and fumbled with the zipper on my pants. When I finally got it down, her cool little fingers reached inside my open fly.

She explored a bit, her fingers fumbling now, trying to pull out my cock. I reached in and helped her, and once I was free, she wrapped a little hand around me and started tugging.

"Like this?" she asked, looking up at me.

"Yeah," I answered, barely able to breathe.

She stepped back a bit, so she could see, staring down at the long member that stuck out of my pants. We were both panting with excitement at this point. She tightened the grip of her little fist around me and pumped away while both of us looked down at my cock, watching.

"What are you doing?" we heard the incredulous voice of her brother loudly ask. He was standing not ten feet from us.

"Go away!" Julie answered him crossly, looking up and glaring at him.

"Yeah," I said, my voice wavering. "We'll catch up in a sec."

But he didn't go away. He just stood and watched.

Her annoyance with her brother's presence seemed to inspire the girl. Maybe it was defiance I suppose, or maybe, looking back, I wonder if she really wanted to demonstrate her new-found skill to him. But regardless of her motives, she gripped me even tighter and tugged with even more enthusiasm.

It wasn't hard, back then, to make me cum. I'd pop off at the least provocation. So whether or not she was talented at giving hand wasn't really much of a factor, and after another minute of heavy breathing and wide curious eyes, my cock lurched in her hand and I ejaculated, shooting big streams of cum into the air that landed on the forest floor three or four feet in front of us.

"Wow!" she said when I was done. She lifted her hand away from me and looked at the cum that had gotten on her fingers, then lifted them to her mouth and licked a little of it, smiling up at me. "Wow," she said again.

Feeling rather sheepish, I looked over at her brother as I stuffed my cock back in my fly. He shook his head. "Can we go now?" he said, sounding annoyed.

"Yeah," I answered. "Sure."

As we followed him, Julie licked her fingers again.

We played video games at my house that afternoon. Well, he played and I tried to follow along. Julie sat on my lap and we kissed and touched each other in ways that you really shouldn't do in front of other people, especially not the girl's brother. I figured it was annoying him, and I didn't care. I just wanted him to leave, so we could be alone. If he wasn't going to take the hint, that's his problem, right?

As the afternoon wore on, we got more intimate. I'd long since tossed my controller to the side and Jerry was playing by himself while his sister and I played a different game. I slipped my hands up the front of her shirt and played with her flat little nipples, rubbing them between my fingers. In response, she turned to straddle me, facing me, reached down and unzipped my fly again.

By now, Jerry had set down his controller, too, and was watching his sister tugging on my cock again. I'm not sure if we didn't notice that he was watching, or just didn't care.

I liked the way she used her cool little hand a lot, but there was something else I wanted her to do. I'd always fantasized about getting blow jobs, but I'd never had one yet. Honestly, I've never even been close. I wasn't sure if she would want to do it, and I didn't want to ask, for fear that her answer would be "no." So instead, I pulled my hands out of her shirt and put them on top of her head and started pushing her down. She responded favorably, and soon she was kneeling on the floor in front of me. I pulled her face into me and my cockhead bumped against her lips. She understood what I wanted, and opened.

I'd never felt anything as miraculously wonderful as the warmth of her mouth. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but it hardly mattered. She just tugged on my cock with her little fist while the tip of my head was in her mouth and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever felt in my life.

After a minute, I noticed that Jerry had stood up and unzipped his fly. His cock was sticking out and he was stroking it while he watched. I have to confess, it looked like his was about half the size of mine.

He took a step towards us. "Hey Julie," he said. "Me, too!"

His sister pulled off my head and looked over at him with an expression somewhere between surprise at seeing her brother standing there stroking his little dick, and what I now suppose was interest at the same. At the time, it didn't occur to me that she was at all interested. I'd never heard of brothers and sisters doing this kind of thing together.

"Com'on," he repeated. "Me, too!"

She didn't need much convincing. I suppose maybe she really did want to include him in our fun? I didn't know much about their relationship, and when I look back on all of this now, I figure they'd probably already fooled around a bit together, at least so far as to show each other their naughty bits and maybe touch each other some. It'd explain why it was so easy for me to get her to go along with whatever I wanted, and why she was so free with me while her brother just stood there watching. That's what makes the most sense, as I look back.

At any rate, she kept her little hand wrapped around my cock and she turned towards him and he took another step forward, and she open her mouth and wrapped her lips around his head. She easily got his entire head in her mouth without even really trying, it was probably half the size of mine. She lifted her other hand and started tugging on his little boner while she continued tugging on my much larger one.

After a bit she came back to me and took my head in her mouth again. This time she opened wider and got my whole head in, too. Oh my god it felt so good! Her mouth was so warm! Her lips were locked nice and tight around my shaft just below the crown of my head, and while I didn't realize it then, I now know that she was sucking and licking inside her mouth. Meanwhile, down on her knees in front of the two of us, she continued to tug on both our cocks. The warmth, the wet softness of her tongue and the inside of her mouth, was more than enough to get me off, and after only a couple more seconds, I exploded.

Since she'd seem me cum a couple hours earlier, I suppose she had some idea what to expect. But I don't think watching it happen is much preparation for having it fire down your throat. Regardless, the girl managed to take a couple big shots in her mouth before she pulled away, and I finished on her face. Without missing a beat, she turned to her brother again, her mouth still full of my cum, and took his head in. I could literally see my cum drooling out the sides of her lips as she held his head in her mouth and tugged away on his cock.

When he came, she didn't pull off. She took his whole load. Although, I imagine, it was a much smaller load than mine. I suppose she swallowed after that? I don't know, because she ran off to the bathroom to clean up.

The next day, I was awfully damned excited to get together with my little girlfriend again, and I'm pretty sure she felt the exact same way. Unfortunately, though unsurprisingly I suppose, so did her brother. He seemed quite anxious to piggy-back on our little love affair, and the asshole didn't seem inclined to give us a moment alone together.

I went over to their house to invite her to go to the park, but I couldn't figure out a way to get rid of Jerry, so all three of us walked down there together. He brought along a frisbee and we played a bit, and after that, we climbed some trees that were off in a secluded part of the park. Eventually, all three of us were sitting on a big branch of a big old oak tree, about fifteen feet up, Jerry with his legs swinging over one side and me leaning back on the main trunk of the tree with my legs over either side of the branch. Julie was sitting in between us. I put my hand on her knee and she turned to face me and straddled the branch. I reached out to her with both hands and she scooted down to join me.

You can probably guess what we did from there. If your guess is "made out like horny schoolkids while her brother pretended to play video games on his phone but was actually watching us," you'd be pretty much right. He seemed especially interested in watching when we were petting each other in intimate ways, which we did plenty of from almost the start. Like I said, we were horny. Good god, I sure was.

Eventually Jerry's like, "Hey Rich, let's go over to your house and play video games." I sure wasn't in the mood for video games, and I doubt he was either. But I was definitely in the mood to get over to my house, where I hoped my new girlfriend might give me another, and now very badly needed, blow job. I wanted to tell Jerry to fuck off and go to his own house, but Julie piped up before I could think of how best to say it.

"Yeah! Let's do!"

Her enthusiasm got the better of me, I'll admit, and I helped her climb down out of the tree.

Back at my house, I tried to play it cool, and Jerry and me actually did play a video game, and I actually did get into it a bit. But the girl didn't make it easy. She was all over me, sitting on my lap and kissing me, so I gave up on the game and gave in to her. Jerry didn't mind, I'm sure he knew that the sooner I got to work with his sister, the sooner he'd be getting a blow job, too.

I slid my hands up her shirt while we made out, petting with those sweet nipples again while she stroked my cock through my jeans. I decided I wanted to see her nipples this time, so I started pulling her shirt up. Her reaction was precious. She just sat back and lifted her arms in the air so I could take the shirt off completely. Which, of course, I did.

Those nipples were the damn sweetest things. I still fantasize about them even today. They were light pink, a little stiff from having already been played with, but otherwise completely flat against her chest. There wasn't even a hint of breast growing underneath them. I leaned in, and she sat up tall, and before I started kissing them I noticed her brother staring, the video game completely forgotten.

I'd kissed a couple nipples by that point in my life, having had a little success with some of the looser girls at school, but none of them compared to Julie's charmers. These were soft and sweet and tasted like candy, with tiny little nubbins that I could barely coax to stand up my mouth. My cock was throbbing painfully as I enjoyed them, and when I finally managed to come up for a breath of air and I saw her face, red and shaking with excitement, I suddenly realized that I didn't just want a blow job that afternoon. I wanted to go all the way with my little nine-year-old girlfriend, and I could tell that she would let me.

I was all business after that. Hands down to her shorts, I unbuttoned them and started pulling them off. She jumped up off my lap and yanked them down herself, and she was in nothing but pink polkadot panties and a little pair of socks. The panties were snug against her body and revealed perfectly the shape of a delightful girlish pubic mound. Beneath the mound, the polkadot fabric was pulling up inside a little slit.

I reached a hand out to pet the beautiful panty-clad sight before me. As I began gently stroking her, she leaned over and unbuttoned my pants. She tugged at my waistband and I lifted myself up a bit and helped her pull them down. Then we both dropped our underwear, and we were naked together.

She climbed onto my lap, her legs spread wide as she straddled mine. I now had a perfect view of her tiny pussy, pale puffy lips rising up from between her legs, a shock of pink that was the slit between them. I noticed, too, that her brother was standing next to us now, looking down between our legs.

"Jeez, Rich," he said. "Your cock is big! It's a big as a grown-up's!"

I not sure I liked much having a guy comment on the size my cock, but mostly remember feeling proud, a feeling that Julia only helped to increase, since she took my shaft in both hands and was staring down at my cock, too. "I know," she said. "Isn't it amazing?" She lifted my shaft so she could get a good look at my balls.

I reached out and ran a finger down her pink slit. It was the first pussy I'd ever touched in my life, and I was totally in love. Holy shit it was so soft! And it felt so warm! She started rubbing my shaft with both hands, and I ran my finger up and down, pushing in a little deeper and feeling the velvet-soft miracle of the flesh inside.

After a minute of heavy petting, I reached down to my cock with my free hand. I put my fingers on top of her hands that were still tugging away, and pushed my shaft down so that my head was touching her puss. Once again, the little thing didn't objected all. In fact, she adjusted her hips a bit in response, to give me easier access, and I started rubbing my head along her slit, with her still stroking my shaft with both her hands. The heat of her insides coated the tip of my cock, and I was so excited now that I was shaking.

"Do you think it will fit?" she whispered, as I tried to push my cockhead a little deeper into her slit. My heart was pounding so hard I could hardly breathe.

"I'd like to try," I answered. My voice sounded very distant. I think because my ears were ringing.

"Okay," she said. She reached down to her pussy with one hand, the other one still holding tight to my cock. Both of us were staring down between her legs, in fact all three of us were, since her brother was standing right there too and watching everything. She put her thumb and forefinger on her pussy lips, on either side of my cockhead, and then spread them open. I couldn't see inside her because my thick head was in the way, but I had the perfect view of the tip of my head pushing into her little pussy. I had the overwhelming sensation of a kiss. Like her mouth, in a way, warmth and wetness. She pushed forward with her hips and I pushed forward, too, and now half of my head was disappearing between her lips.

"It's supposed to go deeper, right?" she said, a little confused by the mechanics of it all, looking down between her legs and still holding her lips spread open.

"Yeah," I answered, my voice cracking. "It's supposed to go all the way in."

She pushed forward again and I pushed, too, but we didn't get much further.

"I don't think it's gonna fit," she said with a sound of disappointment.

"Maybe it's your cherry?" I suggested.

"Oh, yeah, maybe," she answered. She lifted my shaft away from her opening and spread her lips even wider, trying to look inside. Now I had a beautiful look inside of her myself. She was giving me an anatomy lesson in full graphic detail. Strange glistening pink flaps of skin spread down from a pale little button to a tiny hole that hinted at darkness deep inside. It didn't look like I could possibly fit into that hole. I didn't know it then, but looking back on it now, I suppose that hole was a little opening in the membrane of her hymen.

"Maybe... maybe I should lie down," she said, "and you should be on top?"

"Yeah," I answered breathlessly. I didn't think I was going to fit, but I sure as hell wanted to try.

She climbed off my lap and lay down on the couch and spread her legs wide open. As I knelt between them, she reached down and spread her lips, and the two of us both held my cock and directed it down to her opening again. This time my head went a little deeper, so that most of it was wrapped inside those strange warm flaps of skin and only the ridge of my crown was still outside. My head was so sensitive right then, tingling with excitement at the feeling of the silky soft flesh inside her.

"Yeah," she said, her words sounding like they were caught in her throat. "That's... that's my cherry." I pushed in, but didn't get any deeper. I heard her take a sharp breath. When I relaxed my hips a bit, I felt my head slip back, just the tip of it still inside those silky flaps of skin. I didn't like that, I wanted it back inside, so I pushed in again. Now I felt the tiny opening spread a bit around the tip my cock. I relaxed, let my head slip back, and pushed again.

"I think..." she said, voice cracking, "I think you have to push harder."

We were both still gripping onto my shaft as I relaxed again, then pushed in, much harder this time, lifting up on the tips of my toes and holding myself above her with my free hand on one side of her. This caused most of the weight of my large frame to be focused entirely at the tip of my cock. She winced, closing her eyes tightly, and I felt the little open get wider and the tip of my head push through, and now my crownridge was inside her lips as well. My whole head was in! It felt so wonderful! Hot and soft and tight! I relaxed and pushed again, even harder, and she arched her back and groaned and that little opening tore away and my tip pushed in. I was in! I was inside her! My cockhead was enveloped in the most amazing feeling, soft warm tight flesh gripping to it.

I kinda had the hang of things now, with the relaxing and the pushing, but now that I was actually inside her, my head didn't slip out when I relaxed, so I had to pull my hips back a bit to get it to slide out, and then I pushed in again and this time I went even deeper, my head sliding in until all of it was inside and her lips were an inch up my shaft. God she was so tiny. She was so tight. It felt like my head was being squeezed. And Jesus she was so hot inside her!

I pulled out again, and when I pushed back in this time, I went really deep! Maybe three inches in now! And when I pulled back now, my head didn't leave her at all, it stayed inside, just sliding back in the slick warm flesh, but still enveloped entire inside her. I pushed in again, and then I just started doing this, pulling back and pushing in, my cock sliding along inside her tiny vagina, and I knew then that this was it, I was having sex! I was fucking Julie! I was fucking my nine-year-old girlfriend!

Only a few strokes later, I was as deep as I could go, my head bumping against the end of her vagina each time I pushed in. My cock wasn't even three-quarters of the way in.

At some point, Jerry had fished his little dick out of his pants, of course. He walked over to the front of the couch, standing at his sister's head. While I was merrily sliding in and out of the tightest thing I'd ever experienced in my life, he bent his knees down and she turned to face him and opened her mouth, and he slid his cock in. So Jerry got his blow job while I got my pussy.

Like I said before, it wasn't hard to get me off back in those days, and I wasn't inside that tiny cunny for more than a minute or two before I felt that overwhelming feeling of orgasm starting. This was the strongest I'd ever felt in my life and I moaned as my whole body started shaking, and my cock got even longer inside the little girl and I rammed in deep as the first shot exploded out of me. Holy shit it was huge. Unbelievable. My balls were super-charged. And it was just the first one; I reared back and slammed in and shot another, and another, fuck I probably pumped in her ten times before I was finally done. It really was one of the finest orgasms I've ever had in my life.

When I finished unloading, I pulled out and climbed off of her. She was still sucking her brother's cock, but he pulled out of her mouth, too, and dropped his pants and kicked them off. Then he climbed onto the couch between her legs, his hard little dick swinging.

"Wait..." Julie stammered, her eyes wide. "I don'..."

"If you don't let me," he said, "I'll tell mom and dad what you guys just did."

"You... you wouldn't!"

He didn't answer whether he really would tell on us or not. He didn't need to. She was entirely open from the hard fucking I'd just given her, and his cock slid right inside. The shithead lost his virginity to my girlfriend! To his own sister!

Once he was in, she didn't try to make him stop. He had the advantage of having already seen the two of us fuck, so he had some idea of what he should do, and he just went right to work, hips pumping and cock sliding, and I swear it wasn't a half a minute later that he pulled out of her, all smiles, already done.

Julie climbed off the couch when he'd gotten up and hurried on unsteady legs in the direction of the bathroom. She had a hand cupped between her legs, I suppose to catch the cum that was dripping out of her.

"That was awesome!" Jerry said, his little satisfied pecker going soft. He lifted a hand for a high-five, which I returned without his enthusiasm. I was worried about her. I was hoping that she was okay. So I followed her into the bathroom.

When I got there, she was sitting on the toilet, looking at her hand that she'd had cupped between her legs. There was a little pool of cum in her palm, and a little blood.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She looked up at me with her beautiful ice blue eyes and nodded. "I just have to pee," she said.

"Yeah, me too."

"Oh... Here..." She spread her legs wide and scooted back on the toilet seat. Grinning, I lifted my cock between my thumb and finger and aimed at the opening she'd given me. Right as I heard her start to tinkle and saw a dribbling flow of pee come out of her, I started peeing, too.

Now I'll confess I've never been very good at aiming. I think it was unintentional, at first, when my stream splashed against her pussy rather than making it into the bowl. She was looking down, her eyes glistening and her mouth open in what looked like a little smile. Emboldened by her reaction, I lifted my cock even more, so that I was peeing on her belly.

"You guys are so weird!" I heard her brother say from the doorway as my stream subsided. Julie giggled. She unrolled some toilet paper and started wiping herself off. "Com'on, Rich, let's play video games!"

Jerry had already put his clothes back on, so I did the same when I got back into the room, and he and I sat down and started playing. A couple minutes later, Julie came out of the bathroom, still walking a little gingerly. She didn't bother with her clothes, she just sat down on the couch next to me, buck naked, and snuggled up against my chest. She was still naked two hours later when we heard my mom come home from work, and she barely got dressed fast enough to avoided getting caught.

The next afternoon, it was her and me and her annoying brother again, down in their basement playing video games. She was wearing a pretty summer dress this time and just looked so beautiful. Angelic. I have to admit, I was really falling for this girl.

Jerry and me were sitting on the couch and she was laying next to me on her side, with her head on my lap, watching the TV screen and cheering us on as we killed zombies or whatever we were doing. When the game got to a "cutscene" and I had a moment to spare, I put my hand down on her little ass, feeling those sweet fleshy globes. In response, she lifted her leg, like she wanted to make sure I knew that I could touch her wherever I wanted. And as you can imagine, I did, slipping my hand down between her skinny thighs. She gathered her dress up to her waist so that I was petting her panties. I rubbed my fingers along the shape of her chubby lips, and I could feel their warmth. Lord did this ever make me hard. I noticed that her brother was sitting there watching. Again.

Once the game started up again, I didn't have a free hand to spare. But as she lay there watching, she reached her own hand down and started rubbing, and Jerry and I just sat there, playing the game, while she diddled with herself. Eventually we got to another cutscene, and I reach over, under her ass, and our fingers met down there and together we rubbed and petted her sweet baby pussy through her tight cotton panties. At some point she pulled the hem of the crotch down over her pussy, and my fingers were in direct contact with bare skin now. I wasted no time in pushing my middle finger into her slit, and she let out a breathy gasp as I penetrated her. Her fingers stated dancing hard on her bare clitty, not that I knew what she was doing; I'd heard about clits of course, but I had no actual idea about where they are or how one ought to play with them.

But I sure loved the way it felt to push my finger into her fuckhole. She was just so amazingly warm, and already getting wet, and tight as you could ever imagine. I knew enough now to know that I ought to slide my finger up and down, in and out, and so I finger-fucked her, nice and deep, and she moaned so sweetly while she kept diddling with her clit.

And of course, her brother just sat there watching.

Unfortunately, the cutscene ended and I had to get back to the game so I pulled my finger out of her. But she just kept right on masturbating, and in less than a minute I felt her body start to shake underneath me and she was moaning in the sweetest little high-pitched voice. Her head was still on my lap, and I suppose she could feel through her cheek how hard my cock had gotten. As she climaxed, she turned her head so that her face was up against me and she opened her mouth over my cock through my jeans. She was shaking hard now, and I could feel her biting, clenching down on my cock while she came.

She took her hands away from her pussy and spent a moment catching her breath. Then she lifted her fingers to her mouth, and, just laying there with her head on my lap watching the video game, she put her pussycum-covered fingers in her mouth and tasted herself, sucking her own wetness.

After she'd sucked her fingers a little bit, she took them out of her mouth and put them on my crotch and traced the outline of my erection through my pants. When I scooted down on the couch, hoping she'd put her hand down my pants, she looked up at me and smiled, then moved her head up my belly a little bit, reached down, and unbuttoned my pants. Once my fly was open, she lifted up the waistband of my undies and looked inside.

A few seconds later, she started shimmying my pants and underwear down, to get a better look. I lifted my ass to help her. Once they were down, she lay her head on my belly and just spent the next five minutes closely examining my cock. After just staring at it for a minute or two as it lay prone against my belly right in front of her, she lifted her fingers to my head and squeezed it, looking in my pee hole, then lifted my shaft to look at its full length. She reached her other hand out and combed her fingers through my pubic hair, then slid it down and around to explore my balls, wrapping her hand underneath them and lifting my ballsack so she could see them better from where she lay. She examined each ball with her fingers, feeling its shape, and rooting around a bit between my balls to feel the furthest extent of my erection through my scrotum.

Satisfied now with an anatomy lesson of her own, she stuck her sweet little pink tongue out as my cock lay prone on my belly again and my head was right in front of her. She licked my peehole, and giggled when my cock lurched at the warmth of her tongue. She licked the hole again, it lurched, and she giggled again.

Then she sat up a bit and licked the underside of my head, then dragged her little tongue down, licking the full length of my shaft. When she got down to my ballsack, she just kept right on going, licking down my scrotum. I slid down even further on the couch and spread my legs, and when she got to the bottom of my sack, she went lower still, to my taint, then pushed between my cheeks and I felt her warm wet tongue flick over my asshole. Both me and Jerry had given up completely on our video game by now and we were both just watching her licking. She moved back up, over my ballsack and all the way to the underside of my head again, then back down, down over my sack to my taint, then licked my asshole again.

When she started back up this time, she stopped at my balls, pressing her mouth into my sack and nuzzling into it.

"Hey," Jerry said, "do it to me now!"

She didn't miss a beat. "Not now," she said, her voice muffled with her mouth still pressed against my scrotum. "Maybe later." Then she lay her head and looked up at me, smiling, a cheek on my balls with my shaft in front of her face.

Well, I knew what I wanted to do now, that's for damned sure, and so did she of course. I reached back down to her ass and started trying to pull her panties off, and she got up off the couch and pulled them down herself. Then she climbed onto my lap and straddled me again, just like she had done the day before.

When she lifted her dress to show me her lily-white pussy, and sat up a bit on her knees above me, it was Jerry, the weirdo, who reached out and lifted my cock up to meet her slit. I suppose I wanted to push his hand away, I mean, come on! Get your hand off my cock! But at that point Julie had spread her pussy lips and sat down a bit on my cockhead, and my mind was lost somewhere else. So brother and sister helped my find my mark that day. Which, I guess, fits pretty well with everything else that we had done.

Julie lowered herself onto my cock and all three of us watched my head disappear into her.

"It fits!" she shouted excitedly.

"It does!" both her brother and I answered at the same time. The moron still had his hand holding my cock, even though his sister pulled up and pushed down and my head disappeared further into her. I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away and glared at him.

"Jeez, sorry!" he said. "I was just trying to help."

Julie giggled, pumping again. "He likes your cock," she said. "He told me!"

I didn't have time to process the information, because at that point my cock reached bottom and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of the soft mucusy flesh deep inside her, kissing my cockhead. Her entire insides were so soft, and warm, I was in heaven!

Then she leaned over and lay down on me and kissed me, and started sliding up and down on my cock. I reached down and grabbed her skinny ass cheeks, one in each hand, and my fingers moved down, and between, until I found her little anus. When I rubbed it, she moaned, and when I pushed my finger into it, she groaned. Then I started finger-fucking her asshole with the tip of my finger, never getting any deeper than my first knuckle, but she moaned and moaned and her body started shaking. I myself was in dire need of a good cum at this point, and her shaking and moaning caused my cock to lurch unexpectedly and suddenly I was cumming, shooting sperm into her little nine year old womb, and she was cumming with me, too.

Then the little thing just lay on top of me, with my cock still inside her, and a silly little smile on her face.

Eventually Jerry started whining about it being his turn, and while I would have preferred it if she'd told him to fuck off, she eventually did climb off of me and lay down on the couch and spread her legs for him. He complained that he wanted to be licked and stuff, like she did for me, but she told him that she didn't want to do that right now, and so he just climbed on her and did his thing.

A couple days later, Jerry and me had a sleepover at his house. Holy shit, I was looking forward to this, can you imagine?

One thing that Julie and I loved to do for each other was just sit there and let the other one look at our sex organs. We did a hell of a lot of that all summer long. So there we were in their basement watching Netflix, and she had her nightgown hiked up to her waist and her panties on the floor and I was laying with my head in between her legs, just staring. She was holding her pussy lips open and I had a little penlight flashlight, and could see really deep inside her. God, that was so hot. I loved the way her pink lips spread open, forming a little portal, or entrance, or maybe "funnel" is the right word. I realized that their entire purpose seemed to be to funnel my cockhead into her vagina. This realization was very exciting for me!

I reached out to touch them. They were just so adorable, so pink and sweet and darling, that I wanted to know everything about them. My fingers soon discovered what I suppose my cock already knew, that they were amazingly soft to the touch, and very loose. I flicked my finger across a flap of the skin and it jiggled. I did this again and again, enjoying the look and feel of it, and she giggled and whispered, "It tickles!"

Then I allowed her little funnel-lips to direct my finger into her hole, pushing into her wonderful warmth, pulling back, pushing in again. God her pussy was such a fascinating thing to a twelve-year-old boy! So beautiful, so lovely, so sexy.

And yet, up until this point, I still hadn't touched her clit. I'd seen the pale little button at the top of her lips, where the pink flaps of her funnel met, and I suppose I knew or at least could have guessed what it was. But it wasn't until she reached her own fingers down and began twirling them over that little button while I finger-fucked her that I understood what what its purpose really was. At this point I reached my other hand up and my fingers joined hers, twirling and flicking at her button. She almost instantly began breathing hard and shaking. Then I felt her vagina suddenly clench around my finger and she took in a sharp inward breath and let out a loud moan. Her legs quaked around me and I watched in fascination as wetness suddenly gushed out of her, around my finger and down into the crack of her ass, and her pink funnel-flaps quivered, and she arched her back, and her legs shook around me.

"Holy shit!" I heard Jerry say.

"Yeahhhhh," Julie moaned in response, slowly coming down. She took my hand and pulled my fingers away from her clit. "It's too much," she said breathlessly. "It tickles too much!"

I still had my finger buried in her pussy, all the knuckles of my hand soaking wet from her girlcum. And that's when I noticed the smell. I suppose I had noticed it before, but at this point it was just an overwhelming experience. That orgasm had filled the room completely with the smell of her sex. And oh my god, I loved it! It was the most wonderful thing I've ever smelled. Suddenly, I had an unthinking desire to taste her as well, and I pulled my finger out of her and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked her girlcum off of it, and I wanted more, so I pressed my lips right against her pussy. She moaned, and arched her back again. She almost instantly started cumming, more liquid flowing out of her, and I hungrily lapped it up.

"Oh god," she whispered as she came down again. "Oh god."

Finally, I sat up. She was smiling at me, her face bright red.

"I think I need to pee," she said.

"Okay," I answered, moving away from her. I wasn't surprised at she needed to pee, I needed to, too! We'd drank a lot of coke that evening!

"Watch me?" she said, pulling her panties back on. It wasn't so much a question as a request. Or an invitation.

"You can't do that," her brother said. "Dad's probably still awake. He'll notice."

I knew he was right. Their house was pretty small, and the only bathroom was upstairs.

"I know!" Jerry said. "I dare you to go outside! Then we can watch!" I was suddenly very glad that there was a door from the basement to their back yard!

His sister giggled. "Okay!"

"And I dare you to take all your clothes off!" he said.

She giggled again. "Okay, but then we have to go in the woods."

We sneaked out the back door just as quietly as we could, and the three of us scampered quickly into the woods behind their house. Once we were reasonably sure no one would see us, Julie quick dropped her panties and pulled her nightgown off and squatted. It was a little dark to get a very good look at her sweet naked nine-year-old body, but it was a pretty sight nonetheless. A couple seconds later, a stream of yellowish liquid begin to flow from her pussy. Both Jerry and me stood there and watched. She must have had a pretty full bladder, because it took awhile for it to trickle down to nothing.

When she finished, the little naked girl looked up at me. "Do you need to go?" she asked.

I did, really badly. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to, though, because my cock was awfully damn hard right then. But I was willing to give it a try. So I fished my cock out.

"Wait!" she said, sitting up on her knees, "I get to hold it!"

She reached out and held my cock between her thumb and finger, and I had to concentrate really hard to get it to start, but finally it did. It felt so good! I needed to go so badly!

Once it was going, my cock softened a bit and it started flowing in a big stream. Julie giggled as she lifted my cock to make an arch, then waved it back and forth. As it rained through the air, some of it splashed right on her belly. This made her giggle even more and she aimed it right at herself. I was still going pretty good at that point, and her belly and chest were instantly wet with my pee. She lifted my cock again, and leaned forward a bit with her eyes and her mouth shut tight, and just as I was starting to loose a little of the volume, she let it splash on her face.

I was so turned on at this point that I grabbed my cock away from her and started stroking it before I'd even finished peeing. I swear it wasn't ten seconds later, the pee having stopped by then, when I exploded. I aimed my cock right at her face and pumped my cum right on her while she giggled and giggled.

"God you guys are so weird!" Jerry said.

Julie picked up her panties from the ground and wiped her face off as best she could, then wiped off her chest and her belly and her pussy. Then she pulled her nightgown back on and we went back in to watch more TV.

Julie and I fucked like rabbits the whole rest of the summer, I'm sure you can imagine. I swear I must have gotten pussy from her nearly every day for the next two months, and sometimes several times a day. I always tried to make sure her annoying brother wasn't with us, because whenever he was, he always fucked her after I finished. It bugged the hell out of me. But, frankly, Julie didn't seem to mind. He was always quick about it. Sometimes I even wondered if she liked it more with him than with me.

We lost touch after the summer ended and they moved back to Milwaukee. I've always wondered. Do you think the two of them kept fucking when they got back home? I'm sure he wanted to, and I'm sure she would have let him. So I imagine they did. Who knows, maybe they're still going at it, even now.

If so, then he's a goddamned lucky bastard. But I can't complain I suppose. I got the best pussy of my life when I was twelve years old. And that's a pretty fine thing.


Nickname Date Feedback
HappyMom 1/27/2017 I love the story that shows that a young girl can enjoy sex with the right person. I reminds me of my much younger days.
Anonymous 1/28/2017 In "barely able to breath" "breath" should be "breathe". In "so did the same" the word "I" should probably be inserted after "so".
Thanks anonymeditor! It is very appreciated.

Also, many thanks to Jane at Coffee Time (http://www.asstr.org/~CoffeeTime/CoffeeTime.html) for her help and corrections on the size of the boy (I exaggerated a bit at first! :), And to her daughter Rachel, whose story Honeymoon Cottage provided inspiration for this one, especially in the area of watersports!
Tex 1/29/2017 A very hot story and, as usual, very well written! I loved the pee games and hope you incorporate them more in your stories. Not to detract from the story's excellence, but I would have loved to see you explore the girl's brother's apparent bisexuality with Rich a little more. But that's picking nits. Keep these amazing, erotic stories coming (cumming)!
Yes, I definitely should have pursued the implied bisexaulity of the boys a little bit more than I did. I guess that was part of my goal, but it didn't make it past the cutting floor. I had envisioned a scene where the boys wrestle naked for the girl, and both of them get hard and maybe things go from there. But I couldn't get it down on "paper" quite right and abandoned it. As far as pee games in my stories, I don't think you should anticipate them on a regular basis, it's not a big kink of mine, but sometimes I like to include it. Off the top of my head, I can think of only one other story that I've written that includes any watersports. I will take your advice to heart and consider adding it more often.
DragonBlood 1/29/2017 Great story. The end felt a bit rushed though.
Thanks for the feedback, Mr. Blood. I'm curious what would have made the story seem less rushed to you? I could have just kept going with additional sex scenes throughout the summer, but I felt that would just be repetitive. I'd sort of covered all the bases I wanted to cover, you know? There wasn't really much of a plot other than "we fucked like rabbits." :)
Alvo Torelli 1/29/2017 Great story Chris! Very enjoyable and erotic. Very well written. Thanks!
Emerson 1/29/2017 very good story, reminds me of a couple of my friends twins Sherry and Terry, we all fucked her and we were about 11 or 12 the good old days but not forgotten.
13 again 2/2/2017 Outstanding! And while I agreed that the end was a bit rushed, it kind of fit the way things had to end in the story. It doesn't sound like a story though, but more like a documentary of a real life event.
Anonymous 2/5/2017 good one
Meto 4/19/2017 Very erotic especially the watersports pieces. I could picture it as I was masturbating.
Admiral Cartwright 4/21/2017 I find myself agreeing with Tex; I was hoping for at least one scene in which each boy explores his first cock. If I'm honest, Julie's deflowering was way too easy, too. That said, this was a very pleasant little diversion and a fun, horny read. Thanks for sharing it.
Shadowneya 4/22/2017 I loved the story. The plot was well placed and it played out wonderfully. It is refreshing to see that someone still has the art of writing still... It seems so forgotten... And it seems well spirited too.
Woody 4/23/2017 Beautiful story, I loved it, I loved Julie's character, not so sweet and innocent me thinks, Rich seemed mature but naive, very well written. but, I have to agree with DragonBlood, and then, it's not just you, It's so many erotic authors. We are introduced to the Players, the Scene and the Situation, a slow build-up then some wonderful sex happens in great detail and then... "that was the last I saw of her/him". there's never any final goodbye's, no keeping in touch and hooking up later in life, there's very rarely a happy ending. It's like, most authors want to put a lid on it before it escapes. I would like to see an ending that has been given as much care as the introduction. I hope this makes sense.
Bill D 4/26/2017 Thanks for sharing. What a great, fun story.
snglmom 4/28/2017 Makes me long for those days again very nice story
Monaco 5/27/2017 So loved this story.

If it wasn't for the Netflix and video game reference I would say this took place in the 60's-70's, hanging out with all the other kids of the neighborhood, where being a young teen boy you felt you were behind your peer group if you didn't already have had sex by that age. Having a girlfriend meant you two were having full on sex. Thats what it was like back then.

The pee scenes weren't as bad as you warned but to me they didnt add anything to help an already very hot story.

And finally as your commenter Mom says, I to am glad you let Julie have a few of her own orgasms. Us boys were terribly self centered at that age and as Jerry and Rich demonstrate we didn't last long. So sorry to all our partners we left high and dry, with us oblivious to what we had done, or forgot to do...
stoney1939 4/3/2017 great story,was wishing the little brother would have got to suck his cock just to try it.
Alexander 11/25/2017 I liked "Best Pussy Of My Life" because of the brother and boyfriend both having sex with girl. Something about the lascivious nature of the girl trying to satisfy both is sexually compelling. Secondly the sexual exploration between the young boy and girl was very realistic, and third the hinting of sexuality, without describing it, as well as the brother's bisexual interest without going into detail was good writing.

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