vivianlee77: Hello

rankamateur: Vivian! I thought you had to work!

vivianlee77: She does, this isn't her.

rankamateur: Who is this?

vivianlee77: I'm Penny her daughter.

rankamateur: Oh hi penny

rankamateur: Does your mom know you using her computer?

vivianlee77: No

rankamateur: Oh

vivianlee77: So you're Craig, right?

rankamateur: Right

vivianlee77: Mom talks a lot about you

rankamateur: Yeah?

vivianlee77: I think you're her favorite online guy

rankamateur: Really?

vivianlee77: I'm planning a surprise birthday party for her

rankamateur: OK

vivianlee77: Wanna come?

rankamateur: When?

vivianlee77: Saturday, 8 PM

rankamateur: Sure, I'll be there!

vivianlee77: Chill you know our addy?

rankamateur: Yeah

vivianlee77: Sweet

vivianlee77: I looked at mom's pictures

rankamateur: Really

vivianlee77: You have a nice cock

rankamateur: glad you like it

rankamateur: you got any pictures of you?

vivianlee77: Like naked selfies?

rankamateur: Sure

vivianlee77: I got tons

rankamateur: Send a couple my way sweetheart

vivianlee77: You know how old I am?

rankamateur: I don't care if you don't care

vivianlee77: Why would I care? I send my pictures to older guys all the time

rankamateur: I like you Penny

vivianlee77: Gotta go see ya Sat at 8 Be nice and maybe I snapchat you some selfies

rankamateur: I'll be nice See ya


vivianlee77: Hi there

BrianPlayin: Vivian!

vivianlee77: This isn't Vivian, she's working. I'm her daughter Penny

BrianPlayin: OK. Hi Penny

vivianlee77: Hi!

BrianPlayin: What's up?

vivianlee77: I think my mom really likes you

BrianPlayin: Yeah?

vivianlee77: She talks about you all the time.

BrianPlayin: She does?

vivianlee77: Yeah I think you're her favorite online guy

BrianPlayin: Sweet!

vivianlee77: I looked at my mom's pictures

BrianPlayin: Yeah?

vivianlee77: You have a nice cock.

vivianlee77: Hello?

BrianPlayin: Okay...

BrianPlayin: How old are you, Penny?

vivianlee77: 18

BrianPlayin: Your mom said you were 14

vivianlee77: Yeah

vivianlee77: How old are you?

BrianPlayin: Old enough to know that fourteen year olds shouldn't be looking at pictures like that.

vivianlee77: Sorry.

vivianlee77: So I'm having a surprise birthday party for mom on Saturday. I know she'd love it if you came

BrianPlayin: Saturday?

vivianlee77: Yeah, at 8.

BrianPlayin: It's a long drive.

vivianlee77: She'd love it if you came, I know it.

BrianPlayin: OK

vivianlee77: Really?

BrianPlayin: Sure

vivianlee77: Awesome! See you then? YOu know where we live?

BrianPlayin: Yeah, I do. See ya then.


PennyTent: Hey Jerry

Flotsam: Penny!

PennyTent: How's it going

Flotsam: Good

PennyTent: They're both coming

Flotsam: Yeah? I knew it! I'm going to drop the bottle of wine off today, I'll leave it on the porch

PennyTent: Awesome

Flotsam: It was a bitch to recork that thing

PennyTent: Worth the effort though!

Flotsam: I hope so!

PennyTent: I know so

Flotsam: Well your mom is pretty kinky

PennyTent: ikr I couldn't believe it when I read what you guys talk about

Flotsam: :)

PennyTent: Your pretty kinky too

Flotsam: You know it! but what about you? Sneaking out late at night to be with the boys

PennyTent: I'm so pissed that she grounded me. That's why I agreed to go along with your weird idea you know

Flotsam: We'll teach that bitch!

PennyTent: Yeah!

Flotsam: See you at 7:30 Saturday make sure she's ready for me

PennyTent: See ya then


"Penny, you made all this just for me?" Her mom looked out in awe at the dinner laid out on the dining room table.

"I did! Do you like it?"

"It's wonderful that you thought of me. I was worried that my birthday would be a complete bust." Penny's mom looked at her for a second. "You do know you aren't getting ungrounded for this, right?"

"I know, Mom. Jeez."

"Sorry," her mom said. "I really am very happy you did all this for me."

"And here, look at this!" Penny took out a package that she had hidden under the table, a bottle wrapped in gold with a big silver bow. "I found this on the porch today!"

She handed the bottle to her mom, who looked at the little card hanging off the silver bow. She smiled. "Jeremy, you bastard!"

"Who's Jeremy?" Penny asked.

"Just a... a friend, I guy i met online." She tore off the wrapping paper and looked at the bottle. "Chateau... Whatever, I don't know French. I'm sure it's a wonderful wine. He's got good taste."

"Yeah? You like this guy?" Penny got up to get a wine glass and a cork screw.

"Oh, he's nice."

"Good! You want me to open it?"

"No, I'll get it." Her mom opened the bottle and poured herself a glass. She took a sip. "That's delicious!" She took a big drink. "You wanna try a little? It's very good."

Her mom handed her the glass.

"Just a little taste, missy," her mom said. Her voice was stern but she was smiling.

Penny lifted the glass to her lips and took a tiny slip. She didn't need her mom to tell her to just drink a little bit of it. Whatever it was that Jerry put in the wine, he told her it was strong. He said it was an "aphrodisiac." She'd looked the word up on the internet, even though she was pretty sure she already knew what it meant.

The wine did taste really good, though. Way better than the horrible stuff that all the guys from school always try to loosen her up with. She took another little sip.

"Penny," her mom said in her stern voice, reaching out for the glass. Once the woman had it back in her hands, she took another big drink. "Oh, what the hell, it's my birthday, and it's a really good wine. I'll pour you a little bit of your own if you get yourself a glass."

Penny jumped up and ran to the kitchen. She figured that a little bit more wouldn't hurt, right?

Her mom drank three glasses of that wine while they ate dinner, and Penny drank her little half a glass. Even that was enough to make her head feel sort of light when she got up to get dessert, a couple of fancy birthday cupcakes that she'd spent a lot of money on. She stuck a candle in one of them and lit it. When she got back into the dining room, her mom was pouring herself another glass of wine, and then poured the little bit that was left in the bottle into Penny's glass.

"Be careful, this stuff is strong!" her mom said. "I'm already feeling it!"

After they finished the wine and the cupcakes, Penny looked up at the clock. 7:30! Perfect timing!

And right then, the doorbell rang.

"I wonder who that could be?" her mom said as she stood up. She stumbled a bit and put her hand on the table, then walked unsteadily to the door.

Penny smiled mischievously to herself and started clearing the dishes from the table. Mom's about to learn her lesson for grounding me!

"Jeremy!" she heard her mom say when she opened the door. Penny looked up and saw her give the man a sloppy wet kiss, right on the lips. Jerry was looking over at Penny and his eyes were twinkling.

"I'm sorry," her mom said, "I already drunk all the wine you gave me! If I'd'a known you were coming I would've..."

"It's OK, I thought you might," the man said as he walked into their living room. He produced another bottle that he'd been holding behind his back.

"Oh you sweetheart!" her mom said with great enthusiasm. "Although, I feel like... I think the first bottle was enough!"

"One bottle is never enough, Vivian," Jerry said. The woman giggled.

Penny dashed into the kitchen again and grabbed a couple new wine glasses, then grabbed the cork screw and set them down on the coffee table in the living room.

"Thank you Penny! Jeremy, this is my daughter, Penny. She's being so sweet today! She made me a birthday dinner."

Jerry looked over at Penny. She could feel his eyes checking her out, and it made her smile. She's always loved the way old dudes look at her. "Good to meet you, Penny," he said, "and that's awfully sweet of you to make your mom a birthday dinner."

She raised her eyebrows at him, checking him out, too. He was pretty good looking, all things considered. Short sandy hair, chiseled face, nice and tall. Mom has good taste in guys, that's for sure. "I just want my mom to be happy," she said in a syrupy perfect-daughter voice.

"Well then," he said as he opened up the bottle of wine, "we have the same goal for tonight."

Penny's mom giggled flirtatiously and sat down on the couch as he handed her a glass.

Penny cleared off the rest of the table and went into the kitchen and to start doing the dishes.

"I don't know what's come over me," she heard her mom say. "I'm just..." She lowered her voice a little, but Penny could still hear what she was saying. "I'm just really horny!"

"Just like every beautiful young woman ought to be on her birthday," Jerry said. Penny had to smile as she heard her mom giggling like a love-struck schoolgirl. The guy's a smooth operator, that's for sure! Then she heard Jerry add, "I got something you can play with, if you're feeling horny."

"Yeah?" her mom said in an excited whisper.

When she didn't hear them saying anything else for a little while, Penny decided to sneak a peek around the doorway. Sure enough, her mom was bent over Jerry's lap, her head bobbing up and down! Jerry smiled at Penny and lifted his wine glass up in her direction in a little toast.

Watching her mom giving the guy head made Penny feel pretty horny too. She wished she could see better. She wanted to get a good look at Jerry's cock. She knew from his pictures that he was pretty well-hung and she would love to get a real-life eyeful of it. When she went back to the kitchen, she looked at the clock. 8:00! Perfect timing again!

And right then, the doorbell rang again.

"I'll get it!" Penny yelled. When she went into the living room, her mom had pulled off Jerry's cock in response to the doorbell, and Penny finally got to check out his nice solid member. He only had his fly open, and the thing was sticking out of it at least six inches, big and thick and shining with her mom's spit. Wow. Penny was enchanted by the sight of it. It was even more impressive in real life than it was in the pictures. And it was obvious, too, that he was just sitting there with it sticking out so that she could get a good look at it, before finally stuffing it back in his pants and standing up to greet the newcomer.

Penny opened the door and a man standing on the other side said, "Hello, Penny?"

"Yep! Welcome!" She gestured for him to come into the house.

"Craig!" her mom shouted when Penny showed him into the room. She stumbled a bit as she walked over to greet the new arrival.

"Happy birthday, Vivian!" The man held a box of chocolates out to her.

"Oh aren't you sweet!" she said. She inelegantly tore the chocolates open and plopped one in her mouth, then took out another one and pushed it into Craig's mouth, who looked a little surprised by the woman's forwardness.

"Ohb," she said through the chocolate in her mouth, "Thib..." a big swallow, "...this is my friend Jeremy. Jeremy, this is Craig. And this is my daughter Penny."

Craig nodded at Penny, then walked over and shook Jerry's hand, after which Jerry gestured to the couch to invite the newcomer to have a seat.

Penny rushed to the kitchen to get another glass of wine, and by the time she'd returned, her mom had already plopped herself down on the couch between the two men and had her hands on both of their legs, giggling as she slid her fingers high up the men's thighs.

This is gonna get fun, Penny thought to herself as she headed back to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

Again the silence attracted her attention. She could hear a little bit of hushed talking between the two men, but nothing she could understand from so far away. So she sneaked a little peek around the doorway. And there was her mom, bent over again, this time sucking Craig's cock.

Craig was looking at Jerry with his eyes a little wide.

"Just go with it, man," Jerry said. He was reaching down around her mom's waist, starting to unbutton her pants. "I'm sure you know, this is like her biggest fantasy--getting shagged by multiple guys at the same time."

Penny had to smile as she watched her mom lift her ass in air to help Jerry remove the pants.

"Yeah," Craig said, his voice light from breathlessness due to the woman's cocksucking skill. "She's got a lot of kinks, huh?"

Her mom's butt was bare now, and Jerry gave it a nice slap. She heard her mom moan in response amid the sloppy sounds of her head-bobbing on Craig's meat, and then Jerry had his pants off and Penny was watching his skinny muscular ass pumping back and forth, flexing in a very sexy manner, as he knelt behind her mother and held onto her hips and rode her. Oh God, Penny was so turned on! She slipped her hand down the front of her pants. Damn, her panties were soaked! She'd never felt them this wet before!

While Penny masturabated and watched the fantastic threeway taking place before her, she wondered why the last of the guys she'd invited hadn't arrived yet. What was his name? Oh, yeah, Brian. The goody-two-shoes who told her she was too young to look at pictures of his cock. Where is the fucker? He's like half an hour late now. And what's he... Ohh! Tingles shot through her body. What's he going to do when he gets here? Sure, mom's got three holes to fuck, but that's gotta be kind of hard to pull off in real life, don't you think?

Penny, of course, knew exactly what she wanted Brian to do when he showed up. She might only be fourteen, but she has holes that need to be filled, too, right? How is it fair that her mom is getting two holes filled and poor little Penny's getting none? And she knew that despite all his holier-than-thou goody-two-shoes BS, he'd fuck her if she offered her pussy to him. I mean, come on, what grown man would turn down a fourteen year old pussy? Especially one that was dripping wet like hers! The fucker better show up soon because DAMN WAS SHE HORNY!!!

And right then, the doorbell rang again.

"I'll get it!" Penny shouted.

"I hope you do!" Jerry said, grinning at her from behind her mom's ass. Penny grinned back at him. I like this Jerry dude, she thought to herself as she opened the door.

"Brian, I assume?" she asked the man standing at the door. He was cute! Damn her mom had good taste in men!

"Yeah... Penny? Sorry I'm late." He reached his hand out in a gentlemanly handshake, and Penny had to smile when she returned the gesture. Her fingers were still soaked.

"No problem, the fun's just begun," she said. "Come on in."

When he walked into the living room, Brian stood dead in his tracks, gape-mouthed, as he stared at the two men on the couch with Penny's mom, one with his cock out of his fly and getting a nice suck-off, the other behind her bare ass and grinding his cock in her cunt. But Brian's mouth was about to drop even a little bit further, and his eyes get a little bit wider, because Penny was so damn horny now she didn't even bother to say anything more to him. She just dropped down on her knees and started unbuttoning his pants.

Penny might not be as experienced as her mom at giving head, but what she lacks in skill she more than makes up for with enthusiasm. She pulled back Brian's foreskin and wrapped her sweet teenage lips around his thick head, and when she gave it a good solid suck, the man lost any and all objections he might have raised, stopped in his gasping throat. A second later, Mr. Goody-two-shoes had his hands holding tight to the sides of her head and he was rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his fine specimen of manhood in and out of in her mouth.

"You must be Brian," she heard Jerry say. "Welcome to the party!"

"Uggghhh," was Brian's answer. Penny loves it when guys groan while she's sucking their cock. It makes her feel so turned on! So she slipped her hand down her pants again and Jesus she was soaking wet. Goddamn she needed some cock in her cunt!

She pulled her mouth off Brian's big cock and stood up. She looked over at Jerry, still ramming his meat into her mom, then she looked back at Brian as she kicked off her shoes and started unbuttoning her pants.

"How do you want me?" she asked him, looking right in his face. Her pants hit the floor. "On my hands and knees? Or do you want to do me missionary?" Her panties joined her pants on the floor. "Or I can ride you like a cowgirl, if that's what you want." Her shirt was off now, and then her bra. She looked back over at Jerry and sure enough, the horny bastard was checking out her little striptease act while he pounded her mom.

Brian was sure checking the striptease out, too, staring at her wide-eyed and even more gape-mouthed than before. He didn't answer the question, though... He just stood there staring like an idiot.

It was Jerry, in fact, who answered. He had already pulled out of her mom and was standing up. "Hands and knees, Penny," he said. As he started walking to her, Craig stood up as well and climbed around to her mom's backside and helped himself to a little sloppy pussy.

Penny watched Jerry's cock, hard as a steel beam, sway hypnotically as he walked. "I thought you'd never offer," she said, and she dropped down on her knees and elbows.

Oh, it was fantastic to feel Jerry's beautiful cock slide into her fuckhole. He was already all lubricated from her mom's cunt, and Penny was soaking wet herself, so he just rammed it right in and started fucking her. Yeah! Oh yeah! This was exactly what little Penny needed. She'd never had a cock as big as Jerry's, nor a man as skilled as him, and it was fan-fucking-tastic. He grabbed her hips, filled her full of man-meat, pulled back and slammed his cock into her again. Oh yeah!

"Craig," she heard him say to the man fucking her mom, "you up for some fourteen year old anal? You know this girl wants to get double-teamed tonight!"

"I've never..." she started voicing objection to Jerry's plan.

"And Brian," Jerry interrupted her, "get your cock over here and stop her goddamn mouth from talking!"

Damn, Penny'd never had two cocks stuffed in her before like this, once the newest member of the orgy had kicked his pants off and knelt in front of her face, grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling her onto his throbbing fuckstick. And Penny was enjoying it immensely. Jerry's fine specimen was slamming in and out, filling her full, stretching her wide, while at the same time she was gagging on Mr. Goody-two-shoes thick knob. He seemed to be getting into the act quite happily now, as was Penny herself, slurping and sucking and sliding her lips up and down his meat.

Even though our little freshman sweetheart was having the time of her life, she was a little freaked out when she saw, out of the corner of her eye, the last of the three men pulling out of her mom and climbing off the couch. His cock was dripping wet and pointing menacingly right at her as he walked across the room to where she was down on her hands and knees.

Penny had known for at least a year now that it was only a matter of time before she lost her anal virginity. Some guy would do it to her, no doubt about it, and she was willing. But seeing Craig's big cock swinging from side to side as he joined the other two... Well, that was a little intimidating.

"Alright, Penny, cowgirl time now!" Jerry said, and he pulled out of her. If she'd had her mind on anything other than how disappointing it was to have that beautiful cock leave her aching pussy, she'd have probably tried to put an end to this. But as it was, all she wanted was to get Jerry's meat back where it belonged, so she lifted her leg in the air as he climbed down underneath her, not letting go of the big head that was still ramming in and out of her mouth.

Jerry slid his cock back inside her and she practically came right then from the sheer joy of being filled full and stretched wide again. She felt his hands grab her ass and pull it open. "There you go, Craig," he said. "Party time!"

The man wasn't gentle as he entered her anus. He just kind of leaned over her, grabbed his cock, and pushed his head right into her little virgin ass. Luckily he was well-lubed from the time he'd spent with her mom, but it was still searingly painful for poor little Penny nonetheless, and she let out whatever sort of moan she could around the cock that was lodged in her mouth. He pulled back and her little hole begged for mercy but he just shoved right back in again and it didn't take long, no more than a few overpowering thrusts of his hips, and he was in balls-deep.

The pain finally began to subside a bit as she began to get used to the violation, and she was able to concentrate on how amazing it was to be so full. Both Craig and Jerry were holding her hips and pushing her back and forth, making the fourteen year old do all the work, while Brian had a tight grip to her hair and was shoving his cock deeper into her throat than her boyfriend ever even dared to try. She was so lost in the ecstasy of it all that she hadn't even noticed her mom, buck naked now as well, joining her on the floor. Brian pulled out of Penny's poor abused mouth and shoved it into her mom's, who swallowed it down eagerly, and he started fucking both of their faces--first her mom's, then Penny's, then back to her mom again.

The girl was really starting to enjoy the triple-teaming when Jerry spoke up again. "Alright, gentlemen," he said. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting close to cumming now. What do you say we cover these ladies' faces in cum?"

"Oh yeah!" Craig said. "Exactly what I was thinking!"

It was a blessed relief that Penny felt when the man pulled out of her anus, and she climbed off of Jerry and the two men joined Brian in front of the girls. Penny and her mom were on their knees now and three cocks were aimed right at them. Brian was still going mouth-to-mouth, Penny to mom, and Jerry joined in, using Penny's mouth whenever it was available. But when Craig tried to shove his head into her, she held her lips clamped tight. Ass-to-mouth was not her thing. At least not yet.

Jerry laughed at Penny's resistance and pointed over at her mom. "Vivian'll do it, Craig." And so the man turned to her mom, who opened wide, of course. Daughter-to-mother ass-to-mouth was right in her wheelhouse it seems. Meanwhile Penny did her best to keep up with the other two men, who were taking turns filling her mouth.

Craig, the over-enthusiastic bastard, was the first to blow his wad. He let out a long low groan and pulled out of her mom's mouth and started spewing, a big thick stream hitting her mom's nose and cheek as he swung his hips to make sure the last of the shot splatted across poor Penny's face. By the time his second shot fired out, enormous and hot and thick and hitting her right in the eye, Brian had lost his cool as well and he hit her square on the nose himself. He let her have the entire shot and turned to her mom for his second offering. Both of the men finished, coating each of the ladies in their jizz, before Jerry finally let loose his raging torrent of man-seed, a load far larger than either of the first two. It seemed to Penny like he just aimed it right at her and pumped and pumped. Shit, isn't he going to give her mom any of it? No, he wasn't. His was for little Penny, and little Penny alone.

When he finally finished, the girl was completely covered. Cum dripped off her nose and her chin and her eyebrows and she had one eye shut tight, where she had taken a direct hit from Craig. She felt Jerry push his cockhead against her mouth.

"Time to clean me off, little bitch," he said. She stuck out her tongue and licked, cleaning his cock like a good little girl. She looked over at her mom and saw her doing the same for Craig. For some reason, this was an incredible turn-on for Penny and she joined in, licking Craig's pole along with her mom. When Craig pulled his cock away from them, there was nothing more for Penny's tongue to do but start in on her mom. Their tongues touched, flirting, and then they started licking cum off of each other's faces.

"Nice!" she heard Jerry express his approval. "Now, Viv, you're poor daughter hasn't had a good cum herself yet. Don't you think she deserves one?" Her mom looked up at him and nodded. "On your back, Penny," he said to her. "Legs open."

While Penny lay there with her mom's face in her pussy, making sweet motherly love to her daughter's clit, Jerry stood above her, still hard as a rock. The guy must have taken some Viagra or something. And he started beating off above her again, and when her mom's tongue brought her to an earth-shattering orgasm, he rained more of his cum down upon her. Not nearly as much as the first time, but enough that Penny went from a sticky gooey mess to an even stickier gooier mess.

"Welp, see ya later," Jerry said as the men made their exit. "Happy birthday, Viv! I hope you had a good party!"

Her mom gave them a feeble wave from the couch, where she was sitting now, still buck naked and still dripping with cum. Right about then, Penny heard her phone buzz. She dragged herself to her feet and checked it out. A text from her boyfriend.

Ronnie: Hey baby you gonna be able to sneak out tonight?

Penny: One sec

"Mom," she said to the woman who sat on the couch, looking dazed. "Am I still grounded, or can I go out tonight?"

"Um..." Her mom could barely form the words at this point.

"Just say 'ungrounded,' OK?" Penny said.

"Ungrounded," her mom answered.

"Thanks! I love you mom! I gotta go get ready!"

Penny: Ronnie, meet you at the corner in fifteen minutes!

Ronnie: sweeeettt!!!


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Maracorby 11/30/2015 Quite enjoyable. Excellent pacing. Thanks for writing this story.
Anonymous 2/23/2016 please continue.
Anonymous 2/28/2016 Great story = had a lovely wank reading it. I hope Penny took her b/f home to fuck her mom

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