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Thanks for taking the time to check out my stories. I appreciate any and all feedback, and you can contact me using the form below.
As you're probably well aware, this website is intended for adults of 18+ only. If you don't fit that requirement, I ask that you back out now.
My stories contain sensitive material that isn't suitable for children, and amongst many who are adults, is considered highly tabboo. Please be respectful of your own sensitivities, and of my requests, and view at your own risk.

I write for a few reasons, perhaps the largest being my desire for a creative outlet. Day in, day out, I contribute to society in the best ways that I can, hardly ever taking time to cultivate my own interests. I'm using this website, ASSTR, as a way to stroke my creative shaft, as it were.
As it so happens, I also have sexual fantasies that are unachievable in reality. I cannot live out my deepest desires in reality, but I can vicariously live them out in text. I hope that the fusing of the two, my sexual interests and my desire to improve my writing skills, will coalesce into something palatable and beneficial to not only myself but to you, the reader.
As you read what is contained herein, I do hope that you read with a critical eye. I hope someday to take my writing to the next level, as it is something that I am truly passionate about, and the best way to acheive that is through criticism. Help me to improve the readability and sensuality of my works, and you'll reap the rewards of your minimal efforts.
I don't want this project to be a passing interest. I've had plenty of those in my life, and I'm quite sick of the dead ends. I want to be the very best, like no-one ever was. Goddammit.


The story of Tessa chronicled here is realization of a sexual storyline that I've been developing in my, ahem, personal time. The characters are wholly original, or at least I hope they are. I haven't purposefully ripped them from any other particular work.
I don't know how far that I want to take her story, but I do hope to keep it fresh while it lasts. I'll kill it if it gets stale, that's a promise. I think she's fascinating, relateable, and cute. My desire is that you feel the same.

She's really cute, I promise.

I plan on creating a spinoff storyline involving Faye at some point, as she's adorable as well. I think the two are different enough that the stories wouldn't contain too much overlap, so it's a definite possiblity. We'll see.
Enough, enjoy.

Tessa, Chapter One (f, ff, rom, mast) - This chapter involves the budding sexuality of a young fourteen year old, Tessa. Tessa is a small, quiet, pale redhead with an uncomfortable attraction to her best friend, Faye. This entry is about how she interprets those feelings, and subsequently acts upon them. (Hint: It involves masturbation, and lots of it.)
Personally, I find this entry to be a bit rushed. Perhaps I'll go through one day and edit to my pleasure, but as it stands, it serves as a good starting point for her story.

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