Zinnia's Zippers
Mg ped inc father/daughter oral swallow

Short Story #16

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

November 7, 2017

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Main Character:

Zinnia (Zin), Female, 9
- Daughter of narrator
- 4'5, 75lbs, golden-brown skin, hazel eyes, very long sleek black hair

"Hurry, Daddy! I need to pee!"

"I know, Zin, I'm hurrying," I said as patiently as possible to my nine-year old daughter as I carefully sat the groceries on the counter. With a crunch, I managed to settle them without dropping anything and rushed behind my daughter as she went into the hall bathroom.

Zinnia squirmed just in front of the toilet and waited for me to help her with her fly. I knelt down, slowly slid the zipper of her jeans down all the way. As soon as it was in the fully-opened position, Zinnia unbuttoned the top of her pants, slid them down to her thighs with her panties along for the ride, and plopped herself down on the toilet seat, her urine quickly flooding out. My daughter sighed with relief.

It was nothing I hadn't seen a thousand times over the years, and it was always a moment I looked forward to any time my daughter wore her jeans. The acrid smell of her urine filled the room as I stared at her small, thin slit parted just enough to let her pee spray out, drops sliding down her puffy, hairless labia.

When she finished, Zin shook herself back and forth a couple of times, the last drops of her urine letting go, and then she rushed a tissue square through her immature vulva, dropping it into the water. Zinnia grinned and said, "All better." She waited as she always did for what came next.

I slowly slid my hand down between my daughter's legs, taking my time to feel the heat there. Her vulva was still slick from pee, but also somewhat from sweat, and, I dared hope, the juices of arousal which her prepubescent body was starting to produce. I slid a finger between her labia and she shuddered.

Leaning down as she scooted forwards on the seat, I sniffed my daughter's crotch, the smell a mix of fresh urine and little girl scent. My tongue darted out to clean her hairless flesh and I moaned my enjoyment against Zinnia's immature pussy. Her flesh was warm and a bit salty, bitter from the pee, but savory-sweet just inside the folds. I cleaned her slowly, taking my time to make her quiver with my tongue, her fingers balling into fists on top of my head. Her light moans and her deep breathing were music to my ears.

She'd never yet orgasmed, though I'd tried many times. Her clit was tiny, almost never erect or swollen. Perhaps the day would come when her body had matured enough to enjoy our play even more, but it was not this day.

I leaned back and stroked her little clam a few more times, patting it and smiling at Zinnia. My daughter grinned back and slowly closed her legs, then stood and pulled her panties and jeans back up. She fastened the button and waited for me to finish the job.

I ran my hand between her thighs and over her jeans, gently pressing the crotch against her smooth little slit just beneath, then took hold of the zipper and pulled it back to the top.

Zinnia beamed, her hand soon sliding over my jeans and grabbing hold of my zipper. "Can I practice again?" she asked with delight.

I purred my appreciation for her idea.

- - -

Zinnia's mother was a Native American woman from the Southwestern US that I had unprotected sex with a grand total of one time about ten years earlier. I'd met her at a reunion dinner for my high school class. A friend of a friend, she and I clicked quickly and started dating, using condoms until that one time we didn't. Two days after the night Zinnia was conceived, I found out that her mother was involved with a ring of cocaine dealers. The police arrested her and she ended up delivering out daughter while serving time for fraud and manufacturing illegal drugs. Needless to say, I had no trouble obtaining custody.

So Zin had me and though she sometimes asked about her mother, and I answered her honestly when she did, she seemed a very happy little girl her whole life. Zinnia was cheerful and fun, always smiling and laughing and being silly. She made my life much easier and more enjoyable.

Zin looked a lot like her mother as she got older, and by nine, her hair was down to her butt, often left to hang free, sleek black and soft to the touch. Her skin, somewhat less dark than her mother's, was a golden brown, warm and light and gorgeous. Zinnia's eyes were hazel and had a way of sucking you in if you looked at her. She was quite beautiful.

My daughter had no major problems in her life, all in all, but there was one issue that just never seemed to work itself out. For whatever reason, Zinnia was unable to make herself use zippers. From four or five years old, she had some sort of mental block, it seemed, and no matter what we tried, she could never do more than take hold of the thing. She froze, becaming visibly anxious when prompted to pull it up or down.

I took her to therapists and psychologists. No one had any ideas which worked. Zinnia simply could not work a zipper. Think of the old Met's catcher Mackey Sasser trying to throw the baseball back to the pitcher, and you have some sense of the issue. Except, in Sasser's case, he eventually made the throw after two, three, four aborted attempts. Zinnia simply could not do it no matter what we did.

She wore clothes to school which had no zipper as a result, and any time she was away from me, it was the same. Sweatpants or dresses, leggings, pajamas, whatever it was, it couldn't have a zipper. Even her jackets were slipped over her head and arms.

But Zin loved to wear jeans, and the ones she picked out were always tight ones. I never told her how arousing it was to see her little bubble butt pushing out the backs of those faded-blue denims, but even at five or six it was clear that my daughter had a fantastic ass.

She could wear jeans when I was around since I'd always been there to zip and unzip. It started as nothing more than that, but before long, I found myself unable to stop from staring at my daughter's immature pussy, eventually touching it and tasting it. I hadn't penetrated her, not even with a finger beyond the tiny entrance to her vagina, but the temptation was always there.

Thankfully, I kept from doing so because we'd developed a game of sorts. It started out somewhat innocent enough, though from the first attempt I knew it was arousing to me. We decided to see if she could work someone else's zipper. Naturally, the only test subject was me.

At first, it was just as unsuccessful as attempts on her own jeans. She froze and couldn't continue. But with some effort, 'practice' as we called it, Zinnia eventually was able to unzip me and zip me back up. It had no effect on her own zipper, but the more she practiced, the more I enjoyed letting her do so.

By the time she was seven, I purposefully went without underwear so that when she unzipped me she might see my cock. I even showed her how to be careful of catching the skin underneath.

At one point, she unzipped me and my cock unfolded itself right out of the opening. "Whoa!" my daughter exclaimed. Right then, we had the first version of 'the talk,' and I gave her a young-girl synopsis of what things were called and where they went and how babies came about. Zinnia was fascinated and wanted to know more.

So, the next time we practiced, not long before her eight birthday, I told her part two, the explicit version that few parents are so understanding as to give their children. I explained about oral sex, telling Zin that when I licked her hairless genitals, that was oral sex, and that girls could also do something like that with boys. Of course, Zinnia just had to know the details.

I taught her to suck me, gently at first, and then, with more practice, she was able to make me cum. Zin never took me very deep, usually only a couple of inches at most. She had a small mouth with pursed, beautiful lips. True 'dick sucking lips' if ever a young girl had them.

Zinnia choked the first time I shot a load of semen into her throat, but my daughter was no quitter and we practiced more until she knew how to hold her breath and keep her tongue in the right position so that when her Daddy said "I'm cumming!" she was able to wait until he finished. Zin even swallowed without being asked.

- - -

"You can practice any time you want, Zinny," I said, switching to the pet name I used for her when we were intimate, "You know how Daddy likes that."

She purred, "Uh-huh...Mmm..." My daughter's lips slid slowly over my glans and I spurted a small jet of precum against her tongue. "Mmm..."

Zinnia hummed when she sucked me, always a silly little aimless tune that only she knew, but it was the grandest symphony to a father being sucked to completion by his own nine-year old daughter. "Hmm-mmm... mmm-mmm-mmm... Mmm-mmm-ohmmm-ohmmm..."

I ran my fingers through Zinnia's sleek black hair, swiping it out of her face and behind her shoulders as she hummed, my knees bent slightly to keep my cock low enough for her to easily slide her lips up and down the head. "Oh, Zinny... Daddy loves it when you practice on me..." She had one hand wrapped around the base of my penis, just like I'd taught her, and she used it hold me just where she wanted. Her other hand was caressing my sagging, hairy nutsack, her fingers gentle, teasing the seed out as she blew me.

Her suction was light but focused. I could feel the head of my dick swelling just inside her lips, and I knew Zinnia could feel it, too. Her tune changed to a more urgent one, "Mm-m-m-m-mmm-mmm-m-m-m-mmm... Mm-m-m-m-mmmmmm-mmmmm-m-m-mmmm..." I began to carefully push my hips forward, just a little. Zin couldn't take much of me inside her mouth, so I let her do most of the work as my muscles began to strain and I felt my load boiling up from my balls.

"God... Zinny... Suck Daddy's cock... Mmm... Ohhh... Suck Daddy..."


"Yeah, Zinny... Oh, yeah... So close, Sweety... Daddy's so close..."

My daughter pulled back just long enough to breathe deeply and reply, "Shoot it, Daddy... Shoot it in my mouth...," then she lowered her lips down past the ridge of my cock and started sucking again. "Mm-m-m-mmmm-mmm-m-m-m-mmm... Mm-m-m... Mm... M-m-m-mmmm..."

My thighs flexed and I strained, my daughter's tongue moving along the tip of my dick, "Oh, God..." Zinnia hummed and sucked and I shuddered into orgasm. "I'm cumming! Ohhhhhhhhh... Ohhhhh... Oh... Zinny!"

I heard her gasp at the first spurt, as she always did, then she held still while my penis throbbed thick cum against her tongue. My daughter's mesmerizing hazel eyes watched mine as she stared to swallow even before I'd finished ejaculating. "Oh, Zinny! Swallow Daddy's cum... Good girl... Swallow all of it... Ohhh..."

My cock became sensitive and I pulled back, two slippery strands of milky semen trailing away from Zinnia's lips, the rest quickly flushed down her throat as she grinned a cummy smile. "I tried to get all of it," she beamed, flushed and sweaty, cum slowly leaking down her chin.

I used a finger to collect the sperm, then slid it up her skin and into her mouth. Zin purred as her lips closed around and she cleaned the last of the sticky load with her tongue. I pulled my daughter to her feet and kissed her forehead as she wrapped her arms around my waist. "I love you, Daddy..."

"I love you, Zinny..."

I felt her fingers on my groin as she gently tucked my dick back into my jeans, then very slowly, using both hands, brought my zipper up to the top position. "I did it!" she said proudly.

"You did great, as always," I assured her. As I held her in my arms a moment, I added, "And one day, if you practice enough, you'll be able to zip yourself, too." As much as I wished my daughter could overcome this strange little challenge, I secretly hoped I'd always have to be the one to draw down Zinnia's zippers.

The End

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Anonymous 29 April 2018 Great story. Even if it had been written less good I'd call it great because asstr shows page after page after page with just gay stories. I am not prejudicial at all but when there's almost nothing left for people who don't get excited by that avalanche of gay stuff one begins to feel more and more irritated. The least they could do is to color storytitles about boys/men blue and those about girls pink. But I'm afraid the a of asstr stands for autistic so it will never happen. This used to be a grat place but.... (rating: 10) To be fair, what you were seeing in late April, 2018, was the fact that author access to ASSTR was broken (and would be until July 5, 2018.) However, the Nifty Archive was getting listed in the Recent lists through another mechanism, so all that was showing up was the stories posted there (which are predominantly gay male stories, though not solely).

ASSTR could definitely use some modernization, but it was such a struggle just to get the FTP access restarted that I don't have much hope for such things. Anyway, glad you liked this story!
Anonymous 9 March 2018 Nice story. Many thanks!
Anonymous 27 February 2018 (rating: 10) lovely story Thanks!
Bigmess 3 January 2018 Great short story. I love your tales. I also think Rude Ralph’s comment was classic! (rating: 8) Thanks, Bigmess! And agreed :)
ron 4 December 2017 omg i loved this story would soo enjoy being this guy with his daughter Thanks so much, ron! Zinnia is a lovely little doll, isn't she?
rude ralph 26 November 2017 chase, I found your tale a little wanting, and in need. sorry but the action of the plot, and content was veg and had issues. so I couldn't offer any more then an eight. where it could be a ten plus.

now if you wanted too hit that mark try something like this ? baby girl, come practice, we need too get you too learn the right way too learn. how are you ever going too do it right, if you don't.

I know daddy, and will try real hard too get it right. I know baby doll, that's what I'm here too help you with. daddy will have you taking right in no time.dad took his time, and many willing try's at teach his daughter the rights and wrong of being daddies girl.

it took daddy too long too teach her the issues at hand, he loved playing daddy. and had no issues with teaching the girl how too be a pedo's dream . old dad, has been a pervert since he was ten, when his cousin who was eight sucked his dick, in their tree house. he tried to enjoy older women, and at twenty eight, he still just couldn't get over the thought of fucking with children. by the time he was fifteen he had sex with every girl in his family in one way or the other. most enjoyed their play time. only one had issues and that was because her mom was a slut, who wanted too sell her daughter's virginity, too some scumbag that would never show her the love she was so badly needed. the young ten year old had been abused, and was so in need of someone too care what she wanted.

yeah I know it does take a little plot reconfiguring, but it could run a long way too play time. there could be old uncle frank, who gets a visit from his wife's sister, who was going too leave the girl with her sister for the summer.

unknown too the girls mom, uncle frank was a closet pedo. and loved little kids. he liked too teach them the love that came from love not abuse of an uncaring adult. the girl found that she liked too spend time with uncle frank more then she could have hoped for. he taught, her the joys of playing with herself, and others. how too ask for what she wanted from her uncle. the girl while living with her mom, had been beaten for not following her orders, the way she wanting them followed. uncle showed her love by touching her with loving touch's not pulled or pushed, or hurt by an adult, it took uncle close too three months too get her too ask if her would rub her legs, that had scares from her moms beating. she found that she liked his touch's, and before long she wanted too spend all her time with him. he took time for her too play video games, with her and he even showed her how too win them. when she won he would hug her, or give her a kiss on her lips. before long she was asking him too rub her back, then her legs, she asked him too help her dress, or take a bath, she just loved her uncle franks attention . then a month before we was due too return too live with her mom, she crawled in to his bad late one night. she had watched him mate her auntie. she came too his side of the bed, and lifted the covers. the smell of their sex was alluring. she seen that they were naked.

she removed her nighty and panties. she moved next too him, and cuddled he put his arm over her protectively. she craved that loving felling. as the night ware on, she felt uncles body and she found that his dick was getting hard. she found her hand touching his dick. she started to rub him. she ducked under the covers, and started too suck his dick head. trying too copy what her auntie had done not an hour earlier. uncle had a very big dick, it was the same size of her arm. she later found it too be nine inches long and four inches around. she thought it was the size of a soda can. frank woke, too the feeling of someone sucking his dick. feeling she wife at his back, he knew it wasn't her. he slowly opened his bedside draw, and taking out his lube. he squeezed, and finger full. and started rubbing his visitors butt. before long he had three knuckles stoking in and out of her tiny asshole, the girl loved it. the move he stroked, the deeper she would suck. he wanted too cum, but he wanted too fuck who ever was sucking his dick.

he pulled his finger out, and tried too remove his dick from the mouth. he wife, told him not too stop. she had been awake the hole time. watching her sisters daughter get naked and crawl in to his side of the bed. she whispered too the girl on what too do. as he heard his wife telling not too stop, he felt her thong push into his asshole. driving his dick forwards, deeper into the girls throat. he pulled back allowing the girl a breath. then driving forwards again slowing building momentum. he had resumed fingering the girls butt. making her want more. he slit his fingers so that they were touching both her holes. the girl was cummings and she needed more. he removed her from his dick, and pulled her up to lay next too him. he heard the girl thank him. he kissed the girls head. and went too sleep again. he woke later that night ,hearing his wife tell the girl that before long she will be able too fuck his dick too. she thanked her auntie for sharing. uncle smiled, at the thought. the next day, he and his wife talked. she told him that she wanted him too teach her, every thing he could. he asked her why she was doing that. she told him that she had fucking her dad since she was six years old, and so were her sisters. she told him that she knew that he like kids, in a sexual way too. that she had no problem, with that either. she said; hell I hope you can teach all the kids the love that you have too give . he kissed her and went off too lay in the pool with the other five kids.

over the next five years, uncle frank had indeed fucked his nieces, even knocking a few up along the way. he even showed some of the nephews, the joys of male loving. those that wanted to learn that is. those that didn't they wanted the normal ways of a man. some learned three became abusive too women. they found that their lives were never the same as they were as children. many visit their great uncle frank. too learn the ways of a loving family.

now if you can play nice, and have fun. who knows what life has too offer.

the kind word, and loving and tender touch. the golden rule, verse's the hard word gets no reply.

so be kind rewind. if at all possible.

thanks again....
Um... Uh... Er... I... I don't know how to respond to this... So... You want me to replace the story I wrote with the one you wrote? Um... no... but thanks for reading...
Meester 25 November 2017 This story isn't ended. It would be nice to continue with it your way of writing is very good to read thanks and keep on going Thanks for reading, Meester!

I may return to Zinnia's story one day, but I don't really intend to at this time. It was just a quick vignette to drop into her world and enjoy a nice moment in her life which didn't require me, as the author, to spend the usual amount of time explaining things or coming up with extensive background for the events to have come from. I like, sometimes, just being able to visit a lovely young woman like Zinnia without the hours, days, weeks of preparation I usually need to make a scene like this feel right.
younglover 20 November 2017 Love it. Any toddler stories? Thanks! No, I don't write toddler stories, no interest in doing so, sorry.
kputana 20 November 2017 I really like that Zinnia is a very hot little girl and enjoys the forbidden sex with her father. That is important.Congratulations Thanks, kputana!
JonQuis 19 November 2017 Something different, interesting story Thanks, JonQuis!
pedo girl 14 November 2017 more stories to make me cum hard please I'll do my best!'
pedoboy 14 November 2017 Made me cum twice, well done Glad you enjoyed!
def 8 November 2017 Daddy and very young daughters are my favorites.Best for me is 6 yearsold,long blonde hair and lingerie if you could put this combination in one of your well written stories it would be appreciated. I admit that I have a hard time writing stories with characters that young. Eight is already below my comfort level, though I have written a couple of stories like that. I doubt you'll see anything with a six-year old from me any time soon.
Anonymous 8 November 2017 Excellent story. A believable story. Thank you so much!