Peyton's Pajamas Mf inc grandfather/granddaughter anal creampie oral swallow

Short Story #13

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

October 24, 2017

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Main Character:

Peyton, 14, Female
- glasses, beige skin, 5'7, 130lbs, bleach-blonde hair past shoulders

I've lived my entire adult life with a secret. No, not one of those secrets that, if found out, would bring the police crashing through my door. A secret of the mind, a preference that I could tell no one about. Almost no one. At sixty-five, I'd had this secret buried deep inside me since I was fourteen or fifteen, but only when I hit my twenties did it really become something worthy of hiding.

I have an attraction for girls in the mid-stages of puberty. Hebephilia and ephebophila were the two terms which described what I felt for the supple, blossoming teens who frequently caught my eye. As a teen myself, there was no issue. I enjoyed relationships with girls as young as fourteen and those through eighteen, but only after I had aged out of those high school years did I notice my lack of attraction for anyone beyond that age.

I met my first wife when I was twenty-three and she was fifteen. We dated in secret for almost three years before we married when she was eighteen. It got difficult quickly when her goals and mine didn't align and we divorced after only twenty months.

My second wife was fourteen when I met her, me then twenty-seven, but we did nothing but talk until she was sixteen, which was the legal age of consent in my state. Like my first wife, we married after she turned eighteen.

Despite my attractions which primarily focused on girls under twenty, and more strongly, those in the high-school age, the marriage lasted until my wife died of breast cancer at thirty-two. She was the only one who shared my secret, the only one I ever told about my attraction to girls too young for me. With her help and a lot of wonderful fantasizing during our sexual moments, I never was tempted to act on those urges again. At least not until my granddaughter visited me one weekend not long after my sixty-fifth birthday.

My second wife and I had two kids, a son who married his high school sweetheart after they graduated from college, and a daughter who was gay and lived with several different partners before settling on the one she'd spent most of her adult life with. My son and his wife had three kids, all girls. The youngest is Peyton, and it was Peyton who gave me the chance, despite my age and our blood relationship, to enjoy my deeply held secret fantasy one more time.

As a widower, I had spent several years doing nothing more than getting by. I worked until I was sixty-three and then retired with modest savings and no hobbies worth pursuing. I spent the next two years masturbating. That's not much of an exaggeration. I had nothing but time, and my cock, on my hands, and, honestly, it was a very enjoyable time well spent. I watched porn that featured older men much like me having sex with barely legal eighteen or nineteen-year olds. I never dared look for anything illegal, and I'm glad I wasn't so tempted as to pursue such things.

I read a lot of stories, though, erotic tales of older men and young girls, many of them incestuous in nature. Those really turned me on a lot. I'd never much had a serious interest in incest, never more than a passing thought about my own daughter or any of my granddaughters, but stories about such encounters really got me going. I jacked off hundreds of times over those two years, and with increasing frequency, those fantasy themes began to draw me in, and my granddaughters sometimes featured prominently as I ejaculated.

One of those stories was called Illegal, Illicit, and Intoxicating by an author named Renpet. The story featured a grandfather and granddaughter developing an incestuous relationship. I often thought about Peyton as I read Intoxicating, imagining it was me getting to do those things with my youngest family member.

I purchased one of those full-size pleasure dolls which was on the short, petite size. I bought a variety of lingerie and wigs and accessories so that I could dress her up to match whatever fantasy I'd had in my head that night. Let me tell you, that doll, whose name changed with my fantasies, was more enjoyable than one might think. Sure, it made no sounds, held no realistic smells, wasn't warm to the touch, but her tits were soft and pliable and small, her vaginal opening was easily warmed and felt tight and silky, her small anus even tighter. I came often in that doll and I can tell you it was a fantastic, safe way to play out my hebephilic scenarios. Sometimes, I dressed the doll with a blonde wig and called her 'Peyton.'

My son and his wife split up when Peyton was thirteen, and my youngest granddaughter stayed with him. Her older sisters were off to college and generally not around, so Peyton got to enjoy being a sort of only daughter in my son's house for a while. She thrived on it, so I heard, and was developing into a very outgoing and confident young woman.

But I rarely saw my son or my granddaughters. They lived in Germany where my son was stationed with the US Army, and I didn't travel too well, so it was only every two or three years that I got to see them.

Peyton was fourteen when my son planned to come visit me for a couple of nights before being reassigned to a base in Texas. At the last minute, my son's orders were delayed such that he would not be able to stay with me during his trip back to the states, but he sent Peyton on ahead to visit me for two nights before flying out again to join her father at their new home.

I hadn't seen Peyton since she was ten, and boy, let me tell you what a difference those years made. At ten, my granddaughter was pretty enough, but flat as a board, both top and bottom, still a young girl, nothing of direct interest to me except as substitution in my fantasizes reading stories like Intoxicating. But she was pretty and it was obvious even then the girl would be quite the looker once puberty started.

I waited outside the security gates for her to arrive from her long flight and almost didn't recognize her. Peyton had grown taller by many inches, probably five-seven. Her straight, silky, bleach-blonde hair was radiant, kept loose over her shoulders, bangs cut and slightly curled over her forehead. Her skin had a slight tan, a light golden color on her forearms and face. She wore rounded glasses which rested on her thin nose, and it was really the freckles which dotted her cheeks which made it clear this was my granddaughter. Those were distinctive and, against her fair complexion, added a beautiful splash of color on her skin.

She wore a loose t-shirt, but even with that covering her top, I could see her breasts pushing out the fabric. The bra underneath did little to stop her tits from bouncing and swaying with each step. The shirt hung down just below her waist, covering only the very top of the blue yoga pants she wore. The tight covering left little to the imagination, a hint of my granddaughter's cleft and an obvious thigh gap were very arousing, and I'm sure I wasn't the only dirty old man who noticed. I was, however, the only one related to Peyton, and I was all too aware of my dirty thoughts as Peyton spotted me and waved.

She had a backpack slung over her shoulder which she shifted as she approached. “Grandpa Jim!”

“Hello, Peyton! It is so wonderful to see you at last!”

We hugged and I was very aware of how my granddaughter's blossoming breasts squished against me. The hug lasted less time than I would have liked, but longer than many I'd shared with the girl earlier in her life. Peyton was smiling as she stepped back, and I could see the pale-red lipstick, eyeliner, and other cosmetics which had doctored her appearance. It made her look older than fourteen, but I could still see the youthful softness around her eyes and lips. I rarely popped a boner outside my house, but by the time Peyton's arms had returned to her sides, I was at full attention. My god, was my granddaughter beautiful!

I led her to my car in the short-term parking and asked her questions about her new home in Texas. Peyton wasn't exactly thrilled to be leaving her home and friends in Germany, but she admitted that it might be nice to try something new for a change. Texas wasn't at the top of her list for places to live, but she was willing to give it a chance.

In the car on the way back to my home, I couldn't help noticing just how tight Peyton's blue pants were on her thighs. She held shapely curves, tantalizing just below the fabric, and once or twice, when my granddaughter shifted and her legs spread, I could just make out the indentation where her cleft would have been. My boner returned each time I caught such a wonderful sight.

I kept my perverted thoughts to myself, long used to keeping my secret. I wasn't going to do more than steal a look or two at my granddaughter while she stayed with me. When I had opportunities, I'd jack my dick thinking about her, that I was sure, but I was never going to go beyond mere voyeurism.

I stopped at a fast food restaurant on our way home and Peyton needed to pee. While I ordered, she went to the bathroom, and when she returned, I couldn't help wondering how well she'd wiped, whether her panties now smelled of her urine. Perhaps that scent was already there from her long flight. I had to stand at an odd angle to keep my hardon from being obvious as I waited for our food.

Peyton walked over to fill her drink and I caught sight of her ass for the first time. Goddamn, my granddaughter had filled out! In the blue yoga pants, Peyton's backside was curved, rounded, jiggling just a bit with each step. The tights formed an obvious indentation between her buttocks, causing them to appear slightly parted and open. I could only imagine Peyton's tight young holes which were just barely hidden from sight. I pictured them in my mind. Pink, soft folds of her pussy between her thighs, blonde pubic hairs, a tight, wrinkled pink or reddish anus tucked just above. I wondered if she smelled sweaty or aroused. My mouth watered to imagine what her flesh might taste like.

But, again, I was fantasizing a thing I would never experience, and that was okay with me. I'd lived in my head for many years, and having my granddaughter fueling my orgasm that night would simply be an amazing bonus thrill.

I drove us home with our meals and set up Peyton in my small guest room. She wanted to shower, so I sat out on the patio reading a novel. It was already late evening and the excitement of the day had me wanting to get to bed soon and relieve myself thinking of my granddaughter.

Peyton came outside and said, “Gonna eat with me?”

I turned and nodded. My granddaughter wore top-and-bottom cotton pajamas which were rather thin. White, with small, random stars and moons and galaxies, the fabric was semi-transparent. Peyton's tiny pink nipples and the shadows below her breasts were easily seen. I dared not look lower. “Y-yeah, on my way,” I replied trying to swallow my arousal.

We ate at in the living room where I put on a baseball game, the Padres at home against the Diamondbacks. Peyton piped up, "Oh, nice. I love Arizona!"

"Didn't know you had become a fan," I replied.

"We got feeds on the base of a lot of sports, and a couple of my friends were from Arizona, so I kinda adopted the Diamondbacks."

"So sorry you're going to miss them," I told her,"but I bet you make new friends quickly."

Peyton shrugged. She hunched over, eating her burger over the footstool, her legs spread. Each time she leaned back to chew or talk, her nipples were light-red circles under the fabric of her pajamas. And when I dared to look lower, the darker patch below revealed my granddaughter's hairy Mons Venus with only thin, white cotton to hide it. I longed to sniff and touch her there. She answered me after swallowing, "Yeah, it sucks."

"Did you have a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?"

My granddaughter frowned. "Yeah... boyfriend, but we broke up a couple of months ago. Long story."

"Ah, well I don't want to bring back something you'd rather not talk about."

Peyton finished her meal, then leaned back in the chair. It was one of those recliner types with soft, padded arms. Instead of pulling the lever and reclining, Peyton brought her legs up and hung them over the sides of the chair. One can only imagine where my eyes were drawn.

The thin fabric in the crotch of Peyton's pajama bottoms was worn. Several dime and quarter-sized holes opened up within the cotton. Light blonde hairs. Thin, pink labia. A hint of my granddaughter's barely hidden vagina. Oh my God! I was so hard that I shifted my legs to the side and wrapped one over the other.

"He cheated on me," she said after a moment of contemplation, "with a friend of mine."

"Oh, dear," I said in my best sympathetic voice. Honestly, the only emotion I felt right then was intense arousal, my eyes sticking to where Peyton's legs were spread and offering me an intimate view of the most private parts of her body.

She didn't seem to notice that I couldn't look away from her barely-covered genitals and explained further, "It sucked so bad, too, because she knew about us and that we'd been together for a while. I definitely won't miss either of them."

"Well, I'm sure when you are ready, you'll find a nice boy in Texas who will be lucky to be with you."

Peyton smiled, "I hope so."

She shifted and moved one leg from the chair arm, blocking the arousing view of her young crotch. I could still see her pink areolae, though, and that was more than enough to keep me hard.

"Are you dating anyone, Grandpa Jim?" my granddaughter asked, finally looking at my face again.

I shook my head, "Nah... not since your grandmother..."

"That sounds sad..."

I shrugged, "Oh, it's not too bad, really. I get by. I find things to keep me busy now. It was work for a long time, then, these last couple of years, I've found other ways to be distracted."

"Like what?"

"Err," I stalled for time, "uh... the stock market. I play the stock market."

"Oh," Peyton said, clearly disinterested and not letting me so easily change the subject, "but don't you want to date again?"

"Maybe... if I met the right person. Maybe..."

"Okay," she replied, her legs together in the chair, rocking slightly side-to-side. It made my granddaughter's young breasts jiggle and the result was that her nipples grew visibly erect. "I like having a boyfriend, myself. Even though he was an... ass," she paused to see if I could say anything about her mild curse word, then continued, "I still miss being with him."

"What did you two do for fun?"

"Oh, you know," Peyton said, smiling with a light blush on her beige cheeks, "boyfriend-girlfriend stuff..."

"Ah," I replied. That single sound offered no glimpse into the arousing thoughts which swept into my head with Peyton's words. "That's fun, I seem to remember..."

Peyton watched me a moment, then looked down at her hands, "Yeah..."

"Did your dad know... about you and your boyfriend... doing stuff?"

"Yeah," my granddaughter replied, "he made me get an IUD cause he didn't want me to get pregnant..."

"Sounds reasonable... guess that means you weren't using condoms?"

She shrugged, appearing less uncomfortable than I would have expected by our conversation. "In the beginning, yeah... but after a while... no..."

"He was your first, wasn't he..." I said without asking a question.


"Those are the ones you'll always remember, but trust me when I say the pain, the loss, that all fades, especially after you find someone new to have fun with."

"Thanks, yeah, I know," Peyton replied, leaning forward over her thighs and bringing her arms in tight to her chest, "it just sucks..."

"Well, if there's anything I can do while you're here, just say it."

"Thanks, Grandpa Jim," she smiled, "You always were pretty great to me."

- - -

I went to bed before my granddaughter and when I pulled my pants down and looked at my underwear, there was a huge, sticky spot where my cock was drooling precum all afternoon. I pulled out my pleasure doll and stripped off the clothing she wore, then pulled a blonde wig out, the hair not too different from Peyton's.

I put it in the center of the bed and opened her legs, lubed up her vaginal opening, then slid my raging cock inside after the internal warming patch had brought the silicon up to temperature. "Oh, Peyton," I whispered, "You are so tight and wonderful. Beautiful, sweet, Peyton. Take me inside of you... take Grandpa Jim into your body and let me fuck you so good..."

The doll stared straight up, no reaction to my words, of course, but the dirty talk fueled me and I told her, "I love fucking you, Peyton... I love fucking your fourteen-year old pussy... Do you like it inside your pussy? You are so amazing and sexy. So beautiful. I love you so much... I love fucking you, Peyton. I love your little pussy. I love your little tits. Do you like having Grandpa Jim inside your little pussy, Peyton? Do you want Grandpa Jim to cum inside you, Sweetie? Can I cum inside your tight fourteen-year old pussy?"

It didn't take too many thrusts to start filling 'Peyton' with my cum. I heaved several times, unloading, sweating and panting, calling my granddaughter's name as quietly as I could.

I rolled off to catch my breath and my heart nearly stopped.

My door was open and in the entrance to my bedroom, my granddaughter stood in her pajamas, face a look of surprise and horror. She stared at me, her eyes caught mine, and then she pushed herself off the doorframe and disappeared down the hall.

My god, was I horrified with myself! I couldn't believe I'd been caught. She must have opened my door on her own, there was no way I hadn't closed it. Although... Living alone, I never closed my door. Had I forgotten that? Could my mind have missed that detail? I was getting older, and I'd had some memory issues the past few years, had I really not thought to shut myself inside my room? Oh, God!

I was too scared and worried to even attempt to talk to Peyton. I didn't know what to say, how to say it, or even if it might make things worse. Was she fearing her safety? God, I hoped not. I would never have touched her. Never. It was all just a fantasy, an escape. I wanted to tell her so, but my body was shivering and I think I might have been in a bit of shock. I didn't even get up to close the door and hide my naked body and my sex doll, currently named 'Peyton' and still dripping my cum from her vaginal opening.

- - -

I slept not a wink but I didn't get off the bed except when I had to pee badly somewhere around five in the morning, and by then, I was up for the day. I was wired on the dread of facing my granddaughter that day. What could I say to her? How could I explain? She hated me and I had hurt her. It was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

I heard her leave her bedroom and go to the bathroom a couple of hours later and the pit in my stomach became a gaping wound. I felt sick.

Peyton came into the living room where I was sitting quietly. I didn't try to make eye contact. She sat down in the same chair she'd been in the night before. My granddaughter said nothing for a while.

"I think you forgot to shut your door last night..." her voice came to me from a distance.

I nodded weakly.

"Did you mean what you said? About me?"

"Huh?" My confusion was genuine.

"When you told that... doll... that I was beautiful," Peyton said evenly.

I looked up at last to see the expression on her face. It was even but soft, none of the hatred, the sadness, the anger I expected to find. Peyton wore the same pajamas as the previous night, and with her legs spread open somewhat, hints of her pussy and private hairs were easily visible. I groaned and tried to look from her crotch, failing badly.

"I... Yes..."

"How long?" she asked, watching my reaction, "how long have you used that doll to fantasize about me?"

"A couple of years..."

I saw her do the math. "Since I last saw you, then... Hmm..."

Remaining silent, I managed to finally draw my eyes away from my granddaughter's barely-concealed crotch.

"Is she always me?" she asked. Only later would I realize how mature a question that was for a fourteen-year old.

"Not always, no..."

"But other girls my age..."


"Have you... have you ever fucked someone my age?" she asked, her tone softening, her eyes softer than before.

"Only when I was a young man... not in many decades..."

"Grandma Jane..."

"Yes... when she was sixteen..."

Peyton shifted her legs but didn't close them. I looked back to notice that my granddaughter's little pink nipples were once again hard.

"So you like fucking girls my age, then..."

"I do..."

"But you haven't in a long time... so that explains the doll," Peyton stated, then added, "Doesn't explain why me, though..."

"Because," I told her honestly, "you are beautiful. You are so very sexy. I'm sorry," I said, shaking myself a moment, "No, I should not have said that... I'm very sorry..."

"It's okay," Peyton assured me, "I like to feel sexy..."

Her legs shifted again, once more draping over the padded arms of the chair. My eyes moved quickly between Peyton's thighs. An unmistakeable wet spot was visible just where my granddaughter's fourteen-year old vagina was nestled against the fabric. I shuddered at the sight.

"Did you really mean what you said about wanting to fuck me? Was that real?"

I felt the lump in my throat and couldn't say a word at first, then managed to admit in a low voice, "Yes..."

"Well," Peyton said, her legs rocking, shifting the holes in her pajama bottoms slightly from side-to-side, the wet spot growing bigger by the second, "I might like that..."


"You heard me, Grandpa Jim," Peyton laughed, "I know you did..."

"But... but... I can't!"

"You pretended to last night," she replied, "I know you want to... and I want to, too..."

My pecker did my thinking for me from that second onwards. I stood in as smooth a motion as a reasonably in-shape sixty-five year old man could stand, then walked to my granddaughter. "Are you sure?"

Peyton nodded, "Yeah..."

I offered my granddaughter my hand. She grinned and took it, and I pulled her to me for a kiss. Her mouth tasted minty and clean, her lips so soft and wet. Peyton moaned at first contact and I wrapped my arms around her, letting my hands drift over her back and down to just above her cleft. Her hands were on my back, too, and together, we shared our kiss as my boner pressed against my granddaughter's stomach.

She stepped back and smiled, a thin line of saliva hanging between our lips. "Mmm..." she purred.

"God, Peyton... My God!"

"I liked that, too..."

I took her hand again and led her directly to my bedroom. We kissed again while standing, my hands soon running over her round, soft buttocks. I squeezed and caressed Peyton's ass, enjoying the firmness and pliability a moment before sliding a finger down the indentation between her buttocks.

Her hand found my erection and my granddaughter stroked me through my slacks. I nearly jizzed at first contact.

I eased Peyton onto the bed and parted her thighs, sniffing the rich air above her barely-covered crotch. A heady mix of arousal and youth met my nose and I inhaled more closely to enjoy a stronger hit. I reached under Peyton's ass and pulled down her pajamas until they were off her feet. My granddaughter spread her legs again and my jaw simply dropped.

Peyton's Mons Venus held soft, light brown and blonde hairs, trimmed just enough to keep it neat. Below, my granddaughter's prominent clitoris had risen up, the hood pushed back, the pink, hard flesh throbbing slowly with Peyton's heartbeat. Her slit was thin and brilliantly pink, almost white-pink, so light that I couldn't believe my eyes. Her labia were lightly hairy, slender and appeared wet, one slightly over the other, opening slowly. As I watched, Peyton's vulva spread wider and my granddaughter's vaginal opening was revealed, more of the light pink flesh inside. Just below, Peyton's light-red anus was a small dimple between her buttocks, blonde hairs there sparse and lovely.

I dove down to inhale against my granddaughter's pussy, then ran my tongue all over her slick flesh. She moaned, looking down at me as I watched her face. Peyton's cunt tasted of dry wine and raspberries, lemon and fresh cream and fresher sashimi.

I lapped up every inch, Peyton's moans beginning to fill my ears. "Oh... Oh... Oh... Mmm..." I used my fingers to part my granddaughter's labia, dipping my tongue between and into her fourteen-year old vagina. Slickness awaited me and I sucked down everything she offered. I tickled her anus with my pinky and when she didn't resist, I pressed it inside her ass a couple of inches.

Peyton's body tensed but she pushed against the penetration, taking my smallest finger deeper into her butt. I slid another inside her cunt, my tongue flicking her clit. "Oh... Oh... Grandpa Jim... Eat me... Eat me... Mmm... Mmm..." Peyton quivered and writhed, her hips jerking randomly, pushing her vagina and asshole up and down my fingers. "Grandpa Jim... Mmm... Grandpa Jim... Oh... Oh... Oh-oh-oh-oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Oh-oh-oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhh..."

Peyton's orgasm was my favorite thing in the world. Her pussy and anus clenched around my digits and I fought to keep them inside as she came. She rode my face and fingers for almost a minute before slowing, her moans becoming softer and less insistent. My granddaughter looked down at me, her blonde hair askew, her eyes glazed and half-open, her lips parted as she caught her breath. "Talk to me like you did the doll..."

The words flowed so easily because they were the truth. "Your pussy tastes like heaven, Peyton. Pure heaven." I lapped her again, tasting her swollen flesh, the pink folds so silky and soft, her light hairs tickling my tongue as I swept through my granddaughter's slit. "I could eat your pussy forever and be the happiest man who ever lived..."

"Mmm... Mmm..."

"But what I want most of all," I told her between licks, "is to put my penis inside you..."

"Do it..."

That was all I needed. I rose and shed my clothes quickly, my pecker hard and throbbing, precum leaking from the tip. Peyton drew her knees up, spreading her thighs wide, her ass rounding towards me, opening the view of her beautiful little light-red anus. It looked so small compared to her pussy, and my granddaughter's pussy was very small.

I pulled Peyton's butt to the edge of the bed and stood in front of her. "I've wanted this for so long, Sweetie... so long I've wanted to fuck you... to fuck my own granddaughter..."

She moaned even before I pressed my cock against her opening, but then sucked in her breath and moaned in pleasure as I sank my moderate length deep inside her fourteen-year old cunt.

"Uhhnnn..." I groaned in pure bliss, the heat of my granddaughter's pussy radiating into my penis. I felt stuffed into her, squeezed, the tight hole barely letting me sink in, the slick walls of her silky channel allowing me to slide past, but just barely. "God, Peyton... Oh God... Your pussy is amazingly tight... so tight..."

I pulled back and thrust in again, a whole new wave of pleasure washing over me. Quickly, I reached for the pajama top and yanked it from Peyton's body. Her modest breasts were firm but soft, Peyton's areolae puffy, her tiny nipples pink and hard. I caressed them as I started to fuck my granddaughter faster.

"Uhnnn... you feel... so good... Oh, God... Peyton... Your pussy... is so good..."

"Fuck me, Grandpa Jim... Mmm... Fuck my pussy..."

I groaned at her words, already swelling and straining. How could I hold back? How could a man like me, a man who loves girls Peyton's age, keep from coming as soon as he sank his cock into a girl like Peyton? His own blonde adorable granddaughter?

I couldn't hold back and I doubt anyone else could have, either. "I'm coming... Uhnnn... I'm coming in your... little pussy... oh, God... Peyton... I'm coming in... your... pussy!"

Peyton, breathing heavily and panting through an open mouth, looked into my eyes when she purred, "Fill me up, Grandpa Jim... Fill my pussy with your cum..."

My cock burned as I ejaculated inside my granddaughter, my body jerking, waves of bliss, pure bliss, vibrating through me, centered on my cock and spreading all the way to my fingers and toes. My hands grasped Peyton's thighs where I held her legs apart as I pumped my seed into her little cunt. Five, six strong spurts gushed out of my penis and into Peyton's tight vagina.

I throbbed with relief, aglow in my pleasure. Sweaty and trembling, I slowly pulled back. Peyton held her legs up just long enough for me to watch my cum rush out of her opening and slide down over her tiny anus.

I slid onto the bed and kissed my granddaughter.

One thing I've always been lucky about was strong erections and short refractory waits between them. As Peyton and I kissed and my hands slid to her young breasts, my cock was soon bobbing again, and though there was still sticky, wet cum on my length, I was eager to continue fucking my granddaughter.

Peyton looked down and saw my erection, then giggled, "Wow... that didn't take long..."

"It's all because of you..."

"Because I'm sexy..."


"Because I'm fourteen..."


"Because I'm your granddaughter..."

"God... yes..."

"Mmm... well, good. Cause... I want to do it again..."

"Will you suck me first?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Peyton grinned at me.

I flopped onto my back and my granddaughter quickly sank her soft lips down my length. I groaned, momentarily numbed from the full sensation as I recovered from my orgasm, but I was hard and her mouth felt so warm that I was soon moaning in pleasure again.

I positioned her so that we were in a sixty-nine, her legs straddling my head. She pushed her hips down and I lapped the cum still leaking from her fourteen-year old vagina. I was never much for eating my own cum, but out of my teenage granddaughter's pussy? You bet I ate it.

The position pushed my nose against Peyton's anus and I instinctively inhaled. Her scent was light but meaty and just a touch ripe. I shuddered as I sniffed her odors, wondering if she had ever had anal sex. I remembered how she'd let me finger her asshole earlier and knew that she might be open to trying it with me.

Peyton's body began to tremble over me, and as I lapped her cunt up and down, I started to move higher each time, soon taking her tiny anus under my tongue. I tickled it and then circled the closed hole. She shuddered but never moved away, so I pushed my tongue against the ring. It gave slowly, collapsing in gradually before it finally opened. Peyton moaned, "Ohh... Mmm..."

I ate my granddaughter's ass and never wanted to stop. The fact that she was sucking my dick was a miracle. Licking Peyton's light-colored asshole was a whole bigger thrill. I worked a hand up between us and managed to slide a finger along my granddaughter's clit. Her back arched at first contact. I buried my tongue inside her anus, circling the fleshy ring, and using quick motions of my fingers, I brought Peyton to a shuddering orgasm over me.

She moaned loudly with my cock between her lips, "Mmmmmmmmm... Mmmmmmmm... Mmmmmmmmm... Mmmmmmmmm... Mmm... Mmm... Mmmmmmm..."

Her humming as she came and the taste of her butthole sent me over the top again. "Gonna cum in your mouth... Peyton... Uhhhhnnn... Uhhnnn... Uhhnn... Uh-uh-uh... Uhhnhhnnhnnhnn..." I filled my granddaughter's mouth with cum, surely a smaller load but no less powerfully spurted. I felt her still as I unloaded, her tongue held against the top of my dick, my sperm shooting against the back of her throat.

She pulled off me and I heard her swallow. She didn't move her hips, though, letting me continue to slowly lick her dripping wetness and the tiny pink asshole just above. Within minutes, she rode my face to another climax before collapsing beside me on the bed, giggling.


"This is so much fun!" Peyton exclaimed.

"So much fun," I agreed, "I can smell your pussy and ass on my face... and I love it more than any scents in the world."

"Mmm... I've got your cum in my mouth and my pussy, Grandpa Jim... Bet you never thought you'd hear your own granddaughter say that, did you?"

"Not in my wildest, most wonderful dreams."

"So," she said, turning towards me as I caressed her hip and idly massaged her Mons Venus, "how do I compare?"

"To whom?"

"To your doll..."

"Peyton, there is no comparison. None. And to no living person, for that matter. You are simply heaven to me. Pure, sweet, sexual heaven... I could die right now and I'd forever be the happiest man who ever lived."

"Well," my granddaughter said, "don't go doing that... I was kinda hoping we could spend the day like this... though I am getting a little hungry. Not sure why, I just had a bite to eat," Peyton added, grinning, a small smear of my sperm on her chin.

"Me too, though I would be willing to eat your pussy so long I would gladly die of starvation."

"Hmm... I get sore with too much, unfortunately. I'm close now... I'm really sensitive down there, and you're much bigger than my boyfriend was, so you kinda stretched me..."

I smiled and stroked her furry pussy, "I'm not lying, Peyton, I've never fucked anyone who felt so perfect. There's no one in the world I'd rather be inside of than you."

"Then let's go eat so we can come back and fuck some more."

- - -

Though we'd been up early, we spent almost six hours in bed that morning before taking a break. Even after rising to go eat, Peyton and I ended up making out for a long time, doing nothing more than kissing and stroking and lightly fingering each other. Lunch was a slowly drawn affair, our legs shaky and tired from our activities. I was so thankful for my regular exercise with the doll. It left me in decent shape to fuck a young, energetic fawn like Peyton and not feel exhausted. I knew I was good for at least one more go.

Before we slipped back to the bed room, we rested together on the couch after our lunch. Peyton fell asleep against me, and soon, I was out, as well.

- - -

I woke to the sensation of warmth on me. My eyes opened and I remembered that morning's events. I'd fucked my own granddaughter! My pecker rose instantly at the fresh memories. Beside me, Peyton was curled up with her head in my lap. I stroked her hair and cheek, then down her arm, then moved a hand to her breast where I cupped her and caressed her. She moaned in her sleep but didn't rise.

I slid my hand down between her legs. She was still wet there, perhaps leaking more of my cum throughout the day. I stroked her slit slowly, gently, remembering her mention of soreness. Her clit rose when I brushed it and I carefully circled it. Peyton moaned again, her body stretched slowly, and her eyes opened into slits. "Hey, Grandpa Jim... Mmm... that feels good..."

"I couldn't help myself..."

"Please," my granddaughter said as her hips started to roll slowly, "help yourself..."

I pawed Peyton's young pussy a while, stroking her gently, enjoying how soft her pubic hairs felt, how her slit spread wetness along my fingers. I drew them from Peyton's crotch and swept them along her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked her own juices, then purred as she sucked them lightly.

I felt strong for the first time in years. Happy. Sure, I knew this would all end in the morning when Peyton had to leave for her home in Texas, but in that moment, that late, lovely evening with Peyton's legs spread and her wetness on her tongue, I wondered just how much she might be willing to do with me. "Have you ever had anal sex, Peyton?"


"You know what it is?"

"Yeah. But I never let my boyfriend do that..."

"No interest?"

"Not with him..."

"But with me?"

She giggled, "Yeah... Okay..."

My granddaughter rose from the couch and I had her kneel on the cushions, her arms bracing against the backrest, her lovely ass upturned, legs spread. I knelt and nuzzled along her slit, tasting her again. I lapped Peyton's cunt, her flavors richer, saltier, now that she'd let my cum soak into her flesh. I cleaned her, enjoying the hint of her urine mixing in. I must have spent another twenty or thirty minutes eating Peyton's pussy.

Then I moved higher and lapped her asshole. As when I'd done it in the sixty-nine, Peyton's body tensed and pushed against me. My tongue slid inside her tight ring, the taste of ass heavier and more sharp. I didn't care. It was the taste of my granddaughter's ass. It was intoxicating. I licked and licked, using my tongue to spread saliva on and into her anus, opening it slightly.

I slipped a finger around her tight, wrinkled folds, tickling her wet flesh, then pushing it slowly inside. Peyton tensed again but didn't resist. I slowly stroked in and out of her asshole, helping it relax and dilate. Soon, I was ready to have the ultimate gift she could give me.

"I'm going to fuck your shit hole, Peyton..."

"Okay..." she breathed.

I paused only to realize how beautiful this was. My own granddaughter was on her knees, braced, her anus wet and open, waiting for me to penetrate her. To sodomize her. God, I nearly came at the idea.

I held Peyton's waist with one hand, then guided my erection to her butthole. I slid the tip in and pushed. The fourteen-year old grunted and groaned as I slowly worked into her tight opening. And, boy, was she tight! Her asshole barely opened wide enough for the head to pop in. She let out a short screech and I felt her anus clench. I slathered more saliva on my length and pushed again.

Slowly, very slowly, Peyton's young asshole let me inside. Her bowels were squishy and hot, almost burning my cock which was already raw from fucking my granddaughter earlier that day. "I'm inside your shit hole... Do you like it in your shit hole?"

"Oh... Yeah... Fuck my shit hole, Grandpa Jim... Fuck my dirty shit hole..."

I couldn't believe the words coming out of my fourteen-year old granddaughter's mouth, but here she was, moaning that she wanted me to fuck her ass, and I sure was going to do so.

I began to thrust in and out of her fourteen-year old anus, the thrill of Peyton's age, of her relationship with me, adding urgency. But I wanted her to enjoy this as much as I was. I reached under her body and found her pussy soaking wet again. She moaned as I circled her erect clit with one hand while holding onto her hip with the other.

Peyton began to grunt and tense and arch her back as I pushed deeper and deeper into her bowels. The smell of my granddaughter's ass hit my nose and I throbbed a hot spurt of precum into her butt. "God, your ass is so hot... so hot... I'm fucking your ass, Peyton... Grandpa Jim is fucking your dirty little shit hole..."

"Uh... Uh... Uh... Ohhh... Ohhhh... Fuck my shit hole... Fuck my dirty shit hole... Ohhh... Ohhh... Oh-oh-oh... Ohhhhh..." Peyton began to orgasm while I sodomized her. I felt her anus squeeze tight, then open wider, then squeeze tight again. She pushed against me and nearly forced my cock from her ass, her body jerking and slamming back down my length.

My penis was getting slippery, messy, the odor of Peyton's bowels growing heavier. I gripped her hips and begun to really plow her. I was in overdrive, bellowing out my pleasure, driving myself into my granddaughter's body in rapid, punctuated thrusts. I was raw and so was she. The smell was intense, the sounds of her grunts were mating cries, driving me onward. Peyton took my penetration better than I could have imagined, better than any fantasy I'd had about her, and I'd had more than a few. There were sticky, squishing noises coming from our rutting as her opening and my shaft grew messier.

It took much longer than my others to arrive, but when I'd finally reached the point of near exhaustion, my cock burning, and, I was sure, Peyton's asshole on the verge of pain, I surged inside her. "I'm cumming in your ass, Peyton. Uhnn... Uhnn.. Uhnn-uh-uh-uh... Cumming... in... your... uhgn... dirty... shit.. hole... Uhhhhhnnggg... Uhhhnggg..." Boiling, burning, spasming throbs of pleasure exploded into me as my cock twitched and jerked and fired hot semen into my granddaughter's messy rectum. I ejaculated in long bursts like a man much younger than my years. I drove into Peyton, over and over spurting my seed into her ass, only stopping when my penis became so sensitive that movement felt like torture.

I let go of Peyton's waist and held still, feeling her anus randomly twitch and try to close around me. I squeezed out drops of my cum, wanting all of it to be left in my granddaughter's butt. She looked back at me, smiling, panting. "Wow... Grandpa Jim... that was intense..."

"Mmm-hmmm... Amazing, Peyton... Unbelievable... Simply... You're the best lover I've ever known..."

"And you are my best... by far... Hey... you gonna leave that in me all night? I'm not complaining, but... I really need to take a shit now..."

I laughed and pulled back, my cock messy with cum and her waiting bowel movement. Peyton shuffled off quickly on weak legs and I went to the master bathroom to take a shower.

- - -

It was another night of no sleep, but this one was the opposite of the last. Peyton and I were too weary, raw, and sore to fuck again before I had to take her to the airport, so we cuddled and kissed and touched each other all night long. I knew I'd pay for it later, but could you blame me? My dreams had come true and I wanted to spend every second with my granddaughter before she left. I told her that I loved her, that I wished we lived closer to each other. She said the same and we promised each other we'd get together again soon.

I'm old enough to know 'soon' rarely works out as expected. I doubted my little granddaughter would ever share intimacy again, and though that hurt a bit, I knew how fortunate I'd been to be able to spend that one, magical day with Peyton. She shared everything with me. Every fantasy I'd ever had of her was replaced by memories of real events.

When I dropped her off at the airport and hugged her goodbye, I planted a kiss on her lips. She smiled at me and said, "Thank you, Grandpa Jim... this has been the best weekend of my life."

"Mine as well... I love you with all my heart, Peyton."

"I love you, too, Grandpa." She leaned forward and giggled in a whisper, "And my pussy and shit hole are still really sore. I'll think about yesterday everytime I sit down today..."

I laughed and kissed her cheek. "You've made this old man's fantasy come true. Thank you."

"I enjoyed it as much as you, you know," Peyton said, shouldering her bag, "and to think, I almost believed you hadn't noticed the holes in my pajamas..."

I laughed again, "That was intentional?"

She shrugged and turned to leave. "Maybe. I'm just saying I didn't go out of my way to put on something which was less... tempting."

The End

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