Melissa's Medicine Mg ped inc father/daughter oral creampie

Short Story #9

From the imagination of Chase Shivers

October 16, 2017

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Main Character:

Melissa, Female, 8 (5 - 7 in flashbacks)
- Pale-beige skin, 4'1, 60lbs, silky straw-blonde hair

"Daddy," my eight-year old daughter Melissa said quietly, waking me in the middle of the night, "I'm scared."

I flicked on the bedside lamp. "What's wrong, Kiddo?" I asked, groggy.

"Bad dream..."

"Aww. Climb up here with me."

I turned onto my side and rested on an elbow as Melissa slid into bed. She curled up against me and I held her waist with her head against my shoulder. I softly stroked her back and swept her shoulder-length straw-blonde hair out of her eyes. "All better. Nothing to be afraid of."

"It was scary. Monsters chasing me everywhere. I couldn't find you..."

"Aww," I said again, "Well, Daddy's protecting you now. You're safe."

"Thanks, Daddy."

- - -

I don't remember exactly how I came to call what we did together as her 'medicine.'

It had started when she was five. Her mother left us when Melissa was only two, and I'd raised her on my own ever since. She was a bedwetter until a few months before she started kindergarten, so she wore diapers to sleep. I usually changed her myself and it wasn't intentional when one day I was wiping my daughter's privates with a wet wipe and I heard her giggle and saw her hips writhe. I did it again and her body tensed.

I can't say why I kept doing it. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was incest. That my five-year old had no idea what was really going on. But I replaced the wipe with my fingers, drawing them over her freshly-cleaned little bald slit, the pink flesh puffy, hiding the inner parts completely. I moved my fingers higher, finding her adorable tiny clit, just the tip of a pen in size. But I swear it was erect. Hard to the touch despite the small size. I rubbed it gently and Melissa began to tremble, her mouth open and her breathing quickening.

I dipped my finger through her slit, teasing out a bit of the moisture inside, then circled her clit again. When Melissa cried out, "rrrrrrrrrr... rrrrrrrrrr... rrrrrrrrrmmmm... mmmmm... Mmmmmm... Mmmmmm...," her body quivering, I knew she was having an orgasm.

I had no idea little girls could cum. No clue. But watching Melissa's climax, an orgasm I'd given my daughter with my own fingers, hooked me completely. I started to do it regularly when changing her. Somewhere in there, I started referring to it as giving her medicine, and the phrase stuck.

I brought my daughter to hundreds of orgasms over the next couple of years. She loved cumming, always so happy afterwards. I introduced different medicine when she was seven, licking her bald, puffy cunny for the first time, and that, too, Melissa adored. She came just as easily from my lips and tongue as from my fingers.

When she turned eight, on her birthday, after her friends had left, she said the phrase to me for the first time. "Daddy, can I have my medicine?"

God did that turn me on!

We went to her bedroom, her bed low to the floor, and I spread her legs, me kneeling on the floor. I ate my daughter's pussy and secretly jerked off. After her orgasm, and before my own, she noticed my hand moving and said, "What are you doing, Daddy?"

"I... I'm giving myself some medicine..."

"Oh, I didn't know you could have medicine."

"Daddies need medicine, too."

"Oh," Melissa said, "can I give it to you?"

I nearly spurted right then. I held off, though, and said, "I'd love that."

So, I taught Melissa how to stroke my cock. It didn't take much with her little, gentle fingers moving up and down my shaft for me to cum. She was delighted and surprised when my cum shot up into the air and then splashed down on my stomach and her fingers. I even convinced her to taste it. She didn't hate it, but she said it tasted odd.

From there, it wasn't long before Melissa was able to suck me, too. Sometimes I even came in her mouth, though more often than not she pulled back and I shot my cum against her cheek.

A couple of weeks later, she gave me her virginity. My god, was my daughter tight! I barely got two inches inside her, stretching her tight, bald cunny as far as it would go. We rutted very gently as she got used to the sensations and I came inside her in just a few seconds.

- - -

It became a regular part of our lives, and so, a few weeks before her ninth birthday, Melissa woke me in the night because she'd had a bad dream, slid into bed and my arms, and then told me, "Daddy, I need my medicine."

"Mmm... okay, Melissa. Do you want me to use my fingers this time? Or my mouth? Or my penis?"

She thought for a moment. "Your fingers then your penis." I loved hearing my eight-year old daughter say the word 'penis.' I was hard as a rock.

"Okay," I replied. I held Melissa against me, letting go of her waist and spreading her legs beside me. I pulled up her nightshirt and began to run my fingers over her soft, smooth pubic mound. She breathed softly against my neck.

Her slit had always been very puffy, and in recent months, she'd begun to get wet on her own. Slickness was just inside her little folds as I explored her, spreading her wetness around her bald, pink flesh. I felt her shudder lightly.

I dipped a finger inside her vagina and felt it clench. Melissa was so tight that one finger was all I ever attempted. My penis was thicker, of course, but that had been something we'd had to slowly work up to. She still couldn't take more than about three inches inside her, but believe me, it was the most glorious three inches a man could ever experience.

I moved two fingers around Melissa's little clit. It was hard, as usual, and my daughter's hips rose to meet my hand. She started her sweet, lovely grunting that said she was enjoying being touched. "Uh... Uh... Uh... Uh... Mm... Uh... Uh... Mm..." Melissa's grunts and moans were the most luxurious music in my ears.

I never moved fast or urgently between Melissa's legs. Slow and deliberate was how it felt best, for both of us. I was gentle, careful, ensuring that each inch of her slit was lovingly caressed.

Melissa's grunts grew a little more urgent, though barely more than a whisper, and that was always a signal that she was about to cum. "Uh... Uh-uh... Uh-uh... Uh-uh... Mmm-mmm-mmm..." Her body quivered and shook as she came, her thighs opening wider and her ass rising from the bed. "Uh-uh... Mmm-mmm-mmm... Uh-uh-uh... Uh-uh-uhhmmmmmmm..."

Nothing made me happier than bringing my daughter to orgasm.

She relaxed against me and I let my hand rest, cupping her hairless little vulva.

"Still want me to use my penis?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Will you suck on me first?"


Melissa crawled out of my embrace and got on her hands and knees as I turned onto my back and pushed back the sheet. My erection stood straight up. My daughter wrapped her little hand around the shaft and slid her lips over the tip.

I groaned in pleasure. Melissa's mouth took even less of me inside than her vagina, but it was utterly amazing. She gave me the slowest, gentlest blow jobs I'd ever had. Just the tip, honestly, but she moved her lips and tongue in motions created by genetics to milk seed from a man's body.

Hard and ready to give her another dose of medicine, I slid up to sit on the edge of the bed, and Melissa turned, facing the headboard, waiting on her hands and knees for me to penetrate her.

I slid behind her and put my hands on her small, soft buttocks. Melissa's ass was tiny compared to my hands. I squeezed gently. The sight between her thighs was angelic. Pure, blissful, pleasure-inducing beauty. Her slender cleft opened wider between her buttocks, a tiny, pink hole barely visible there. Further down, my daughter's puffy slit looked so small. The wetness there shimmered as she breathed, her labia parted only slightly, hinting at the lighter pink flesh inside.

I moved up closer and rested my penis along her cleft, then used a hand to move it lower, brushing past her little anus and nestling the tip just inside her puffy folds. I pushed in slowly, exquisitely slowly. Every tiny movement brought new pleasure into my body. Melissa's little vagina stretched around my cock as I carefully penetrated her. I heard her suck in her breath.

I throbbed a jet of precum inside my daughter's cunny, still just the tip inside her. I pushed a little and Melissa's tight grip barely let me move deeper, just a little deeper. The heat inside my daughter's vagina was intense and radiated into me like sunlight on a hot summer beach. Melissa held still, letting me open her with my cock, the process taking long minutes until her cunny was stretched as far as it could go. I was only about three inches inside her.

I began to move, drawing back. Melissa shuddered. I moved back in, my daughter's tight hole barely yielding. Back out, the suction from her vagina milking my seed. I could feel it already rising up. In. Back. In. Back. "Oh, Melissa..."


"Oh Melissa..."

"I need my medicine, Daddy..."

"I'm almost there, Sweetie. Daddy's so close..."

"Shoot my medicine inside me, Daddy..."

"Oh, Melissa..."

With exquisite, burning, slippery flesh, my daughter's cunny tightened further, clenching, truly milking my cock.

"Oh, Melissa... Daddy's so close..."

"Shoot my medicine, Daddy... I need my medicine..."

I felt it burning up my shaft, Melissa's vagina twitching as I slowly pushed back inside her. I felt her cervix give a little and her hole let me pass just a half-inch deeper than ever before. I groaned as I came in my daughter's bald, puffy pussy. "Oh, Melissa... Oh, sweet girl... ohhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhh... Oh... Melissa... ohhhhhhhh..."

I flooded Melissa's little hole, cum spurting out around my penetration and splashing against my pubic mound. It was one, long, burning, intense ejaculation, my seed filling her completely. "Daddy's shooting in you, sweet girl... Daddy's shooting your medicine..."

"Mmmm... Daddy... Mmm..."

I held against my daughter, my cock twitching as it drained every drop I had inside her. More of my cum was outside of her than in. I pulled back and felt another jet spurt out when Melissa's vagina clenched as if to hold me inside longer. My dick came free and semen flowed freely from my daughter's raw, pink gape. A tiny gape, to be sure, and one which was quickly closed within her shiny, puffy labia.

"Mmm... Daddy... Mmm..."

I crawled to my side and Melissa nestled in my arms.

"Better?" I asked her quietly, kissing her forehead.

"Better. I love getting my medicine, Daddy. I wish you would give me medicine all the time."

"Mmm," I purred, "Me too, Melissa... Me too..."

She was quiet a moment, then whispered, "Daddy?"

"Yeah Sweetie?"

"Will you give me medicine again tomorrow?"

"I'd love to, Melissa," I said, kissing her lips, "I'd love to."

The End

Comments on Melissa's Medicine:

Author Date Comment Chase's Response
Rick 18 August 2018 Absolutely stunning story, i do have to critique a bit though... While it may be a minor annoyance, i was a bit upset we didn't get a more in depth description of Melissa, but i feel like that also leaves it up more-so to the readers imagination, but other than that, beautifullly written, and a cum worthy story for sure! (rating: 9) Hi Rick, and thank you for the comments! Yes, I deliberately left Melissa without a ton of descriptions in the text itself so that the reader can imagine what they like in the short story. I do include a brief description of her just above the story, where she is described as "Pale-beige skin, 4'1, 60lbs, silky straw-blonde hair" to set up the basics. But the short stories I write are often something like this, a very minor description of the character and then left open for the reader to fill in the details.
Jim 15 July 2018 Beautiful loving story,well written,thanks (rating: 10) Thanks, Jim!
Anonymous 12 July 2018 Oh how I wish I was still a little girl I really loved those days such a great story and thank you for bringing back wonderful memories (rating: 10) My pleasure, Anon! I'm glad I was able to bring you back some lovely memories!
Anonymous 12 April 2018 That was beautiful Thanks!
Anonymous 11 March 2018 A father giving his love to his daughter is the purest kind of love. I love the tenderness of this story. Nothing forced only pleasure for both of them. (rating: 10) Thanks so much!
stvie Corner 27 February 2018 God this was a great story. Made me want to cum on little Melissa too. (rating: 9) Glad you enjoyed the story!
Alexander Martin 11 February 2018 I appreciated your the story and am writing to thank you. I like stories about the gradual, gentle grooming of a little girl into a sex kitten. Thanks, AM!
Anonymous 2 February 2018 Hot little girl, she need more cum (rating: 6) Sorry to disappoint!
Anonymous 31 January 2018 I love your story. It reminds me so much of me and my Uncle Dan. I love it. (rating: 10) Thank you so much! I hope Melissa's story brought back happy memories for you!
Mothtoaflame 31 December 2017 That story was so hot! I especially loved the description of when Melissa was on all fours and awaiting her father's cock. It made me unload some of my own "medicine". (rating: 10) Thank you, Mothtoaflame! So glad I could inspire you to such pleasure :)
john 26 December 2017 very erotic....just never thought of it as "medicine!" (rating: 10) Thanks, john!
Ladybug 14 December 2017 I have 4 grown daughters, and when they were that age they were so inquisative, always wanting to see what i was doing, even in the bathroom taking shower. I had to lock the bathroom door. I've always thought of what would have taken place if i let them in, and what my wife would do. I came many times thinking of my wife letting me love them as Melissa was loved. keep it up, i knowi will. (rating: 10) Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'm also glad that you didn't do anything more than fantasize about your daughters. That way, no little girls get scarred for life, and the wonderful fantasy of "what if?" remains intriguing and arousing for all time.
kputana 20 November 2017 ohhh beautiful love story. I need a girlfriend like that Thanks, kputana! Hopefully you can find a girlfriend of legal age who can fantasize with you!
Anonymous 19 October 2017 Beautiful story with melissa Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!
anaanab 7 November 2017 love it (rating: 10) Thank you!
Jim 17 October 2017 I just finished reading your short story, Melissa's Medicine and it was awesome; I only wish it were longer. It was very erotic from start to finish. Sensual feelings referred to as medicine couldn't have been better. Using those intimate feelings in such a loving and acceptable way by referring to it as medicine, made the story that much better. Looking forward to your next short story. Thank you. Many thanks, Jim! Yeah, I agree, something about having a sweet girl talk about 'her medicine' is very erotic. That's what led to me writing the story in the first place, the idea of a daughter asking for her medicine and getting her daddy's loving touch in reply.

I may write another Melissa story at some point, but for now, I'll let this one stand on it's own.

So glad you enjoyed it!
Tony 17 October 2017 I have read a lot of your stories and this is the best (most erotic) yet 71, I got a huge erection and oiled it off to a sweet cum. I could almost feel the slowness of Melissa's father caressing her ... she/s so juicy that she deserves (me too) at least a couple of extensions of this first story .... Thanks so much for the compliments! I thought Melissa's story turned out pretty good. Just a short moment in time captured for your enjoyment. I might add another story about Melissa at some point, probably another very short moment in time.

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